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tray ceiling designs

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  • hopelessGC
    04-13 05:27 PM
    Well done

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  • hopelessGC
    04-13 05:27 PM
    Well done

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  • jgh_res
    06-19 04:33 PM
    Are you sure he is not going to mess up ur case because u filed using a different law firm against his wishes.

    You only can answer the above question. If u think there is a possibilty that he will mess it up, Dont go with a different law firm.

    Talk to him and see what he needs.

    I do have copy of labor approval but I donot have copy of job description that they filed for labor. I also have copy of 140 approval.

    I don't think I can get letters from HR (there are couple of people who handles everything from getting timesheets to posting payslips) as they very loyal to my employer.

    Then I guess my only options are
    - give it a try to file through another attorney with paystubs and without employer letter.
    - forget about $5000 and proceed.

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-21 04:26 PM
    :D This is so true of Desis. Atleast the illegals have the guts to openly conduct a rally.

    It's ridiculous how some Desi minds function. I mean they seem to think "Kuch na Kuch to anth aayega hi, this cannot last forever". Arre bhiayya, if we dont do anything to end this, how is it going to end??


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  • eastindia
    04-22 09:36 AM
    H1Bslave you have no idea what you are talking about. Find me a single Senator who is opposed to illegals and favors legals. By Legals I mean H1Bs like you and me. Ask that Senator if he supports H1Bs completely.

    Or find me a bill that opposes illegals and fully supports legals ie; H1Bs like you and me.

    This is a challenge for you.

    I hope your slave mentality has enough wisdom to answer rather than asking your master who has exploited you so much that you have lost your rational thinking.

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  • transpass
    08-07 11:46 PM
    Congrats suresh..it's good to see Dec 05 getting approved..best option would be to get your wife here on F1..Some of the schools required only TOEFL ..after coming to US get married again in US and apply for 485..if she is currently working in india..u can try L1 too....ofcourse for H-1B u need to wait for one more year..i don't think US embassy in Chennai will get to know u got married unless she tells them..there is no fraud or anything in this..i believe it's like..don't ask, don't say..ur not cheating anyone..trying to find a small loop hole for a very good reason..


    you have to disclose whether you are single or married. If you wanna do it go ahead, but don't give some bad advice to others...it's not your life...


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  • GKBest
    07-16 11:50 PM
    Plus if the news is what we expect (ie july applications will be accepted), think about what that will do to the people who cant file in time by the end of July. There application will FOREVER be Unavailable.

    I am not saying the announcement tomorrow is a bad thing. I am just not very excited

    The story of my life the last 6 years has been one delay/backlog/retrogression after the other.


    Be happy that you were able to file considering that you only spent 6 years of waiting. Think of the others who are waiting for more than 10 years.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-04 05:38 PM
    actually Gotcher has a very valid point. USCIS creates rules based on their need and 'flavor of the month'. They should be open with their practices. We can then calculate the time it will take to get out of this mess.

    Once FBI name checks were a great deal, now they are ok to issue GCs in the interm, thousands were screwed in the process. Some times it is FIFO sometimes it is received date, sometimes it is something else. There are thousands whose professional lives are hanging at the mercy of these rules and arcane methods of functioning.


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  • chumki
    12-17 07:13 PM
    Changing jobs after 180 days of I-1485 pending/ I-140 approved.

    Simple question:

    1. Should I file AC-21 Memo with USCIS or not?

    2. What are the risks of filing AC-21?

    Note: I am working on EAD in Texas and my Labor was at IL but similar job.

    3. Does Ac-21 always trigger a RFE and/or Interview?

    4. What are the advantages of filing AC-21?

    Please advise.

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  • stuckinmuck
    05-15 11:49 AM
    I know many people working here in my city who are from TCS. TCS blatantly breaks rules and sends these people on L1 visas while paying them an Indian salary and a minimal per diem for their time in the U.S. They don't even get enough for renting a car and I see many of these poor guys walking from their apartment blocks to the office. It's good exercise (for one's physical health) but the intent of the company is exploitation and nothing else :mad:

    In addition, I notice that many of these recruits are here not for long term jobs but for gaining enough knowledge so that those jobs can be outsourced back to the home country. That has started to make many of my American colleagues really mad. But it's the fault of the company, not these poor guys who don't have seem to have a clue what a bad deal it is until they arrive here.

    Sad to say, Wipro, Infosys and the rest in their flock are no better.


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  • Michael chertoff
    11-11 09:50 AM
    The following is my prediction....

    Employment- Based

    All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01DEC06 22MAY06 C C
    3rd 01APR05 01DEC03 01FEB02 01MAY01 22JAN05

    Dear tselva,

    why 22May06 for India EB2, i think your PD is before that. can you please add two more months, that covers mine too.

    i dont have any hope in December bulletin, waiting for next year.

    Anyways, I hope all of us should get out of this mess ASAP.



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  • Kitiara
    02-07 09:50 AM
    Either the beautiful princess or the wicked witch. Jury is still out on that one. :P


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  • pkv
    08-31 07:00 PM
    How was the response? I have contacted the following " The Hindu, Deccan chronicle and some telugu and kannada newspapers and TV news channels" so far no responses, I am planning to speak to my dad and his friends (they retired from the news media recently) to get some responses, but whats the point. The July 2nd fiasco was very well publicized in India, rural India too, even a small village or mandal office issuing birth certificates knew abt the visa bulletin and its reversal!!! and what do we have now...non committal friends who are not interested to come to the rally and some even make fun of it!!

    Anyways lets keep trying...

    Its useless... How many senators, their voters or other decision makers watch those kannada, telugu or even rediff???
    Try to contact FOX, CNN, ABC etc.. that will be helpfull.

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  • tikka
    06-07 12:54 PM

    thank you


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  • roseball
    11-06 12:47 PM
    EAD, AP & FP notice are sent directly to the applicant. If you see the status of AP as document mailed then you should get within 2/3 days as they send by DHL. I got mine in 2 days, my wife also got in 2 days

    If your attorney filed your case, then:

    EAD is sent directly you
    FP is sent to you and your attorney
    AP is sent to your attorney.....

    All these are sent by USCIS via regular mail.....

    Your attorney might have sent the AP documents to you via DHL...

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  • andrei
    07-10 08:15 AM
    Attacking Lou Dobbs will help those who purposefully blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. While Dobbs sometimes talks about H1Bs, his main focus is on illegal immigration and he's mostly sympathetic to legal immigration, in my opinion.


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  • Libra
    07-06 05:15 PM
    All -ve thinking and -ve posts guys one more victim is waiting for your stinking comments go ahead and enjoy by discouraging others


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  • saimrathi
    07-02 03:21 PM
    Medical Fee $500 + gas money to get to the clinic 100 miles away.
    BC etc ~$40
    Lawyer fee + USCIS Fee: Company paid
    Driving to my boss who was on vacation, having him sign the papers and deliver the papers to my lawyer (500 miles), so that it wud reach Lincoln, NE today only to be returned or whatever...
    Mental Trauma and anxiety: priceless

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  • akhilmahajan
    08-27 10:02 PM
    Do we have to attach photographs when we e-file for AP ?

    For E-filing AP, you dont get any Finger Printing, so you have to send 2 photographs with your application.

    Please make sure you write your name and Alien Number (A#) on the back of the photographs.

    I hope this helps.

    GO IV GO.

    05-15 06:00 PM
    What is the situation of India Masters degree who are in EB2.
    Do they qualify to be excluded from the annual quota as per this new law. :confused:

    07-17 10:55 AM
    Almond: what browser are you using ?

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