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  • arc
    09-05 06:56 PM
    - best place to stay, hopefully in proximity to the rally start point
    - best return flight time to get back
    - do I need to rent a car?

    Get in touch with Abhijeet or Venky they can help you with your questions, I sent you a PM pls. check your private messages...Thanks!

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  • boreal
    08-12 10:59 AM
    You can revnew your GC after an intial period of 10 years. You are at your free will and wish to remain on your GC. You will be eligible for Naturalization after 5 years. That does not mean that you have to use that oppurtunity.

    yep, makes sense.
    Regarding the orignal topic, even I have never heard anyone not getting citizenship because of them leaving the GC employer. Personally, I won't wait for six months or even a single day, if I see a better opportunity.

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  • GCaspirations
    10-01 08:37 PM
    Hey Sparky_Jones,

    You are the first guy whose case was transferred to CSC and you got the FP notices. Can you shed more light as many pople, like me, are stuck with no FP notices and we all had Receipts/EAD/AP from CSC...And now the files are back to either NSC or TSC...


    His case appears to be adjucated by CSC and it did not get transferred back to NSC. Probably that is why he received his FP notice.
    But who cases have been transferred back to NSC from CSC have not received the FP notice.

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  • Libra
    01-17 03:16 PM
    please send letters and vote here


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  • nagio
    05-30 02:19 AM
    Done. Thanks. For me and my spouse.

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  • ramineni11
    05-17 04:56 PM
    Yes, I told so many people the same when they asked me "what to do". And left it upto them.

    So I assume you told this to your neighbor who lives downstairs :D


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  • buddyinsd
    01-26 02:02 AM
    It looks like guys from AP are running away from all the mess their state is currently in. On one hand there's that YSR's son trying to create havoc for the ruling Govt. His dad and himself being the most corrupt politicians the state has ever seen. On the other hand, there's this filthy congress high command trying to counter him. Its like CORRUPT1 vs CORRUPT2 trying to get the throne so that they can remain CORRUPT. And in the wings are parties like TDP, TRS and PRP --- Really, is there a political party in AP (or even India) where one can call it corrupt free? ha ha

    I'm not a gulti, but I don't think u can really blame them :). Unfortunate but true :mad:

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  • gmpa
    01-11 11:28 AM
    I sent letters to the President and IV.


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  • jgh_res
    06-19 04:33 PM
    Are you sure he is not going to mess up ur case because u filed using a different law firm against his wishes.

    You only can answer the above question. If u think there is a possibilty that he will mess it up, Dont go with a different law firm.

    Talk to him and see what he needs.

    I do have copy of labor approval but I donot have copy of job description that they filed for labor. I also have copy of 140 approval.

    I don't think I can get letters from HR (there are couple of people who handles everything from getting timesheets to posting payslips) as they very loyal to my employer.

    Then I guess my only options are
    - give it a try to file through another attorney with paystubs and without employer letter.
    - forget about $5000 and proceed.

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  • forever
    08-06 09:10 PM
    It looks like USCIS has deployed the same random selection program, used for new H1B selection, to process I-485 applications.:(


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  • CADude
    12-28 02:21 AM
    PD: July 2001 RD: July 2007 ND: Oct 2007 NSC. Still waiting for USCIS decision.

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  • piyu7444
    05-20 02:10 AM
    I agree ..provided they have done thier BS in US university ..i know 80 % of the indian students ( leave IITs/IIMs) will do MS because they either didn't get any job in india or admission to higher degree program

    I dont know about other members but it is hard for me to blv that IIT's and IIM's will come to US for a masters degree coz they could not find a job in India or they could not get an admit in a master's program.

    If that was the case people would have stopped going got IIT's/IIM's. Why will someone work so hard to get to the top most program - to not get a job and then pursue MS from US OF A????

    I think the IIT's/IIM's come here they MOSTLY (not all) come here for a purpose....research/money/better life/whatevet.....

    Any IITians or IIM's who are member care to throw some light. I personally know 2 IIT's and 1 IIM who are in US for good and would check with them.....


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  • ronhira
    07-08 06:13 PM
    That might be customary in your Mexico. :D

    i figured u won't have a clue that this is a quote form the founding father of The United States of America - Ben Franklin.

    hey.... how would you know?

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  • cc123
    09-19 02:05 PM
    Filed at NSC on July 2nd 2007. Got EAD/AP approval notices and receipts/transfer notices from CSC last week. No FP notice yet.

    There are several in my company in the same situation..NSC->CSC and now CSC Xfr'd back to NSC. No one has rcvd FP notice. I think August 17th filers at NSC are ahead of us now and we are at the tail of the queue one more time.

    The only advantage of CSC transfer is if you need EAD/AP desperately. if you don't then it's just bad luck.


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  • jonty_11
    07-31 10:51 AM
    it doesnt mean anything....u will see receipts from yesterday and today also..please see other threads on decoding the lin/src numbers

    in the end it depends on when ur application was opened and entered into the system.
    can someone point me to a thread discussing decoding LIN #?

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  • tikka
    07-02 05:01 PM
    and the end of the your post .. will help us when we begin counting

    thank you so much


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  • spindoctor
    07-19 11:32 PM
    Start looking for another job. Get back to H1B and get your wife back on H4. there is nothing as important as personal life.

    If you need help in finding a new job mention your skills in this thread maybe someone can help you.

    Act fast

    Thanks friend. Let me chew over your advice too. Though I really hate to quit my current job. It's a nice job after all. Also, getting a quick H1 through some reputable American company will be difficult. And I don't really want to go back to desi bodyshoppers again. Also, too many job hops may jeopardize the entire GC process itself. But if this is what I gotta do, then this what I will do.

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  • Macaca
    09-19 06:03 PM
    Actually, the numbersusa website makes mention of SA 2143 (John Cornyn) of HR 1585,(currently being debated) which according to them allows for recapture of unused EB visas from 1996 and 1997.

    Dont know if it is true or not, they are encouraging their folks to lobby against it.
    Anti-Immigration Group Channels Celebrities (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=169529&postcount=1103) By Susan Davis | Wall Street Journal Blog, September 19, 2007

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  • ilikekilo
    04-07 10:02 AM
    Thanks for contacting IV with your SOS.
    An IV core member is going to be helping you to fix this with USCIS. Let us know if you need help. He already tried contacting you yesterday.

    As IV grows maybe this is a help IV can extend to all its donor members and help them if they get in such extreme distress situations. This is one of the ideas we are thinking for our members in the donor group.

    I absolutely support this idea, hopefully this would strengthen the donor base as well and encourage people to come out and help themselves..

    Its good to see these kind of innovative ideas coming out..

    07-07 06:36 PM
    I watched it..it is great step..but we should all write to Brian Williams
    to do indepth story on it.

    Can someone please send a link.

    10-27 09:54 AM
    Yes its pretty much difficult for an Indian to arrive here and find a job. Forget about settling, many EB3s have already crossed 5-10 year mark. EB2 at least 5.
    I guess he left out the point about locals moving to non-IT related fields in which the salaries are very slowly catching up to IT. These need to grow now with govt, private sector support, now that the glamour of US GC is almost non-existent for new IT graduates and almost pays back like the typical 20 year LIC policy of the 1990s I had. India has always been good in other industries like Textile, steel, cars, etc, and need to get some to world class levels.

    I was going to say infrastructure is improving and things would get very good in India in 5-10 years (?) that US IT folks would seriously not find a difference in lifestyle.
    But then I saw one of the recent movie hits, and saw the most stuff seemed to be incredulous, unbelievable - good songs though. I change my mind most times when I read some local news or see an occasional movie.
    Is there a fundamental change in thinking needed in some areas among a vast majority? something to do with realism, acheiving quality in everything.
    Corruption doesn't seem to be the only problem.
    Money may not always be the primary reason for people to relocate to India. It will be an oppurtunity to experience the best quality of work, education and learning, the same reason many of us come here.
    There has to be more aggressive regular benchmarking of everything with developed countries.
    I guess its also a normal part of evolution to a future developed country.

    India is India only... never compare it to US, and I do not think there is glamour attached to US green card, People who have the mind set of freedom and education and knowledge with a better quality of life still migrate to USA. There is no doubt about it India's economic grwoth comparing to US is really nothing. And never compare these two countries and never try to change the mind set of a whole generation, for business needs India have a unique culture, with lot of diversity. Still there is lot of poor familes (below the poverty line) in India, education has not reached the rural areas of India yet.

    US economy is down and receission is meant to happen every 5 years in US some times to recover and job creation it takes longer if you read the US history and economics you will understand better. This time the open global media made it a big issue, that is about it. When the economy improves and things are better, again your so called glamour comes back. Glamour is in people's mind set, seeing movies and reading somebody else's writing. Still USA is far far better in living and social activities than in India.

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