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  • hpandey
    08-05 09:12 AM
    Just checked the online status. Approvals both for my wife and me.

    PD : Feb 2006 / TSC, EB2

    Recently got the old priority date changed to Nov 2005.

    Can you please fill up your details in your profile which will automatically add it to the IV tracker. It will help if as many people as possible would update their profile in the IV tracker.


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  • snathan
    03-25 06:54 PM
    I think most on here know that IV's central goal is to clear the backlog
    However there are many underlying specifics to get to this goal
    and i think that's what the members on here want to hear about.
    for example
    Re-capture of unused visa numbers
    removing country specific limits
    Automatically granting visa numbers to those who have waited 5 years or more
    Increasing the total number of EB visa numbers
    Allowing non-current people to file I-485 and get EAD

    As you can see there are many different causes and many different solutions
    What is IV advocating...which cause?...which solution?

    StarSun, Pappu please don't take things personally. Not all members can go to DC or visit their state representatives. I am sure IV has many other needs. If we can identify and openly publish a list of things that are needed then we can certainly increase volunteers and participation

    Btw...how do you join the state chapter?
    The answers to many of the questions asked may be obvious for you since you are heavily involved with IV...but they are not obvious to a lot.

    I do understand not everyone can travel to DC....but whats stopping to meet your state represenatives in their local office...?

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  • AirWaterandGC
    05-01 03:41 PM
    Sure I would. But I wanted to know if any one had any such experience.

    i know some ppl who have done a variant of what you asked..

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  • conchshell
    05-16 12:05 PM
    Guys ... Ron has reported this campaign on his website forum:


    I like his blog title : Its time to pull the teeth of the Hispanic Caucus

    I am trying to get it listed by Matthew Oh, Sheela Murthy, and Rajiv Khanna


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  • baboo1976
    02-07 08:10 PM
    Currently Dept of Labor is processing Mar 2009 - Applications (Updated 12/31/09)

    Check-out below link

    Ensure - You click on tab which mentions "PERM Processing Times"

    Welcome to the iCERT Portal (http://icert.doleta.gov/index.cfm)

    My 2nd Labor Application (EB-2) was filed in Aug -09 - Hoping for some good news soon:cool:

    Good Luck Guys

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  • santb1975
    04-16 01:10 PM
    One of my close friends is considering running the DC 10 miler with me. She never ran or walked a race before. Hopefully she will decide to atleast walk before the end of the day. That will be good for both of us

    I partnered with my aunt to walk the SF 5K as well. now I really need to partner with someone who can run the Houston 1/2 marathon with me.


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  • gcFiler08
    01-12 11:08 AM
    I agree with the contents of the post. Personally, I have been writing letters regularly to the Congressman, the Senators of my State and also to the President. In most cases I have received responses.

    Best wishes!

    I think we need to grab the the opportunity for this "Diversity Lottery Bill" and keep it alive and on forefront. If this happens, it will be a boon for EB category.
    If you are not already in, you can make a team from people from the group "Want to file I 485 thread" so that we can have a team of 20-30 dedicated people doing the same advocacy what you two guys are doing.

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  • pmpforgc
    04-09 12:41 PM
    gc4me : Pardon me, but how is citizenship not a relevant issue to legal immigrants? If you're not worried about citizenship issues, then why are you even infesting this thread? Many people, including me, might be interested. And I have indeed contributed, although I don't see how that is any of your business and as long as this website isn't being hosted on your home computer, I don't see what gives you the right to ask it of anyone in a patronizing tone. It's simple really, if you're not interested in any issue, just stay away. No one needs your BS sarcasm or disapproval.

    This is important thread and shoul not be closed.

    IV is a organization of highly skilled immigrant who suffers from long waiting for immigration process. That includes all issues such as Name check, EAD, AP, Backlog, Green Card, I-140, I-485. Citizenship is also a issue that ultimately affects to all who wait for the long time for GC. So this organization should at least discuss implication and possible solutions, that can help to reduce Citizenship wait time for its members.

    Because of the other pressing issues, it may not be a priority issue, but it is some thing to keep on the table and discussion when Major Immigration Over haul take place. I personally think it need action from cogress to address it.

    I think releief in terms of less years as citizenship wait time for Highly skilled immigrant who has waited for long/ contributed in the taxes to the country and contributing by his Skills and Qualifications, is achivable.

    when Some one who just marry to Citizen can get Citizenship in only 3 yrs of wait, If they can give cuban credit for their wait time, If in last bill they can propose TO REDUCE ONE YEAR WAIT TIME for some one who know english, than why one should hesitate in asking similar relief for some one who has Say PhD/ Master in Engineering/ Sciences, has contributed to this nation in the taxes for five or more years and has suffered because of the problems in the system.

    Remember orginal wait time for Five Year after, though I am not exactly sure, but looks like designed based on Family based Immigration system, where person comes in the country just based on the family tie ( no other qualification) and comes directly as a Green Card holder it might be wise to wait five years to see his contributions to the country and his other aspects.

    Also when many countries are making changes in their rules to attract highly skilled immigrants, when US imigration system is likely to be changed in near future, this might be right favour to ask for Highly Skilled immigrant from any country in terms of citizenship benefits.

    Hope IV team and members keep this topic in mind apart from other immidiate pressing issues and needs. some time we come so much involved with our immidiate need that we can not see long distance. Who ever brought this point is thinking in the long distance goal of finishing immigration process, which many of us started as a H-1, F-1, Visitor, J-1, L-1 or among the several other immigration categories. Why we should not be thinking of finish line, where we want to reach some day. There is no harm in thinking and discussing that how to reach that finsih line.


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  • map_boiler
    07-30 09:57 AM
    got the second card production ordered email today. first one was on june 28th. hopefully this time, we'll get the approval notice sent email in the next couple of days...or latest in the next week or so.

    Something funny seems to be going on with the TSC EAD processing dept. I got my second "Card Production Ordered" email today, saying new card has been ordered on July 29. This followed the earlier email 13 days ago, which said the new card was ordered July 17! Did anyone else have similar experience?

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  • mpadapa
    06-04 04:29 PM
    Please call the house reps listed on this thread. Your calls are having a great impact. But we need more members to call to create a greater impact. Another one of the CHC member (Rep. Raul Grijalva) has become a co-sponsor for one of the bill (HR 5882)
    source: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d110:HR05882:@@@P

    Members please make the calls. Do also call the Reps listed on http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=19387

    Together we can make it a success.


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  • vrbest
    03-10 08:40 PM
    I am not sure how consulate will consider if present address is not given.. I dont see any reason not to provide current address here.. It just provides your presence in USA. For visa proof, just send your H1B approved notice copy notarized. That should take care of it.

    Hope this helps!

    Can i have both the address to be a India permanent address? Is there any way to avoid US address in passport? Presently i am on H1 visa. I have entered with L1 visa which is expired. Later my company transferred me to H1 visa which is not stamped. What are the documents i need to submit for visa proof?

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  • yabadaba
    06-29 02:59 PM
    485 application date...go in peace.. contribute somee money to the cause if u can


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  • vxg
    05-05 10:39 AM
    I received passports for me and wife last Friday. My application reached them on Mar 28th thus it took about a month. My original passports were issued from India.
    BTW they respond to email very quick instead of phone calls. I emailed and they sent me the status of my app.
    Just when I msged....I received my passport!! Thank God! YAY!

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  • indio0617
    09-20 12:35 PM
    Wow!!! I wish I could have attended this mesmarizing rally experience. Now can you guys come up with more data on who (Rally member) met who (Law makers / Media Persons ) and how those meetings were and what opinions you heard at least verbally. What we could successfully conveyed particularly to law makers etc...

    While we need to collate all the lawmaker meetings data, PLEASE DO NOT post any meeting details on the forum. We do not want to make any of the confidential data public.

    We shall let you all know how we wish to collect the information.

    Thank You.


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  • amitkhare77
    05-13 12:40 PM
    I Live in Norther VA and sent my EAD application to texas lock box
    ( PO Box 660867, Dallas TX 75266) through USPS.
    today I see the status -
    "We attempted to deliver your item at 9:51 AM on May 13, 2010 in DALLAS, TX 75222 and a notice was left"
    did I send this to a wrong address?

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  • virtual55
    05-15 02:18 PM
    Called most of them and most of them asked for my details.


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  • yvjoshi100
    10-11 10:23 PM
    Your letter nor the proposed drft amendment to CSPA does not talk about the children of parents who applied their GC under employment based category and got stuck in the Labor Card approval stage for years and when labor got approved and I140 also got approved then again stuck due to Visa retrogression. We must include injustice being done to these children and should ask for retrospective amendment to CSPA to provide relief.

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  • suriajay12
    04-09 02:50 PM
    Which is first? Egg or Chicken?

    If we have enough budget, we can hire good lobbying firm who can then guide us. Without any contributions, we can not even approach the lobbying firms for any help. The contributions that we make are not even enough for maintenance of this web site.

    Why not you guide us? Hire a lobbying firm and inform every one here that it will cost this much and this is how you want to do?

    I am not part of IV core. if all of us contribute big money, we can hire the best lobbying. We saw the last results.

    The points you are trying to tell contradict the point that you are not part of Core. So lets not look into their account books or ask for any reports how its spent. I trust them on that.

    Now chicken or egg??.. Good question..

    Remember one man who walked with nothing on, except a small waist cloth, very old yet with a motivation to free his country and who did succeed..How was he able to raise his voice when there was no internet or radio. People felt the pain and when one man was leading it, they expressed it.. peacefully mostly.

    If we watch videos of the the campaign he did, you will easily realize that that needed money too.. Where did that come from.

    Here too many of us feel the pain. EB2 or EB3.. we dont deserve this crap nor did we dream about. Did you think about this when you first stepped into US, if you did more than 4 years back???. NO.

    The point I am trying to make is, one you start walking or working in the right direction and motivate people, then contributions and efforts will follow. You dont need to explain so much. Money is not a problem for many to contribute a little.. Afterall it helps them right.. If you take the lead and tell us or start a big campaign.. WHY not the FLOWER CAMPAIGN once again.. Isnt this the right time. It can work anytime as long as the problem is genuine. Why dont we do that. When CIR is talked about by the president, and when undoc workers are doing a march again as one guy here says, then what makes us the legal guys, to sit and wait and predict visa bulletins. EB2 is 04 now.. Next month that will change to U. Do you want to wait for that.
    We need a FIX.. and that has to be said loud and clear.,
    Sorry if I'm offending anyone here...

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  • tonyHK12
    10-25 11:31 AM
    I don't know that much about immigration and what I do know, is blurred by the amount of information out there - that said, I do think that a bill that represents the people contributing to the betterment of this county by working in their specific fields is a good thing. And it gives way to a cleaner system to evaluate immigrants. I would rather have heard a no in the beginning than be approved and sit around waiting for the forseeable future.

    Precisely. nice to get a psychologist's opinion.
    I would rather get a defenitve "NO" from them right now than run behind a carrot for 10 years.

    Making us do this and then use and discard for profit is extremely nasty.

    05-16 05:04 PM
    Bumping up

    11-26 05:11 PM
    Yes, you will need to send the original passport along with the filled in application...Since the passport is expired for over an year, check this out:


    When should you apply for the new passport?
    i) Apply for reissue of Passport if the final (F) validity is less than one year. For example, if your passport is expiring on 31st Dec. 2008, you can apply for a new passport from 1st Jan. 2008 onwards.
    ii) The Passport should be renewed within one year of its expiry. If for any reason you have delayed applying for a new passport beyond one year after expiry of your passport, an affidavit stating the reason for delay sworn before a Notary or a Consular Officer should be submitted along with the application.

    :/End Quote

    For more info on Consular Services from Houston, goto: www.cgihouston.org

    Thank you! That does help. I shall provide an affidavit.

    And the link is useful too.

    Now a general question : for kids of 5 or 8 year old, the application should have their 'thumb print', right? It does say "thumb print of applicant or legal guardian", but I see no value in signing for them - there's no way to identify the child if I sign there... Or am I missing something why it's better for me to sign? (There's two places for signature/thumb-print : to sign for the application, and also at the 'specimen signature' spot).

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