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  • shantak
    06-29 09:59 AM
    While I did consider that when i was reading his email, is it not true that there were around 10000 visas wasted last year because of inability of USCIS processing the applications (essentially processing delays). Should we assume that USCIS ability has increased 4 times this year?

    There is one major flaw in your lawyers analysis.

    He is correct in saying that they issued 11,111 GC's per monththis year, but however that was under retrogression when dates were so far behind (dates for EB2 and EB3 India hadnt moved for ever). His analysis does not take into account those whose 485's may have been pre approved but were not issued a GC due to date not being current. We are not talking about new applications being approved but those whose applications were already preapproved and just waiting for visa numbers.
    Anyway no one knopws what will really happen. Just file as early as possible and leave the rest to luck or divine power. Jo hoga dekha jayega, but this is not the time for tyupical desi procascination.

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  • reachinus
    09-08 09:42 AM
    I have applied for the OCI card for my kids in May 2010 and we still have not heard anything - how long does it take to approve the OCI cards? Thanks

    When I applied for my son and I, we got it in a month.

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  • ak27
    01-18 01:50 PM
    I just signed for monthly contribution and encourage everyone on the forum to sign up... Next few months are very critical for us...

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  • learning01
    02-01 07:12 PM
    please give me a link or a web site. You see I have lost touch.

    go to HR 2 and click on the link to "All Congressional Actions with Amendments"

    Then search for Senate Amendment 187.


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  • neelu
    12-13 02:29 PM
    Administrators/Super moderators,

    Can you please send an email to all members the content of the sticky?

    Thank you.


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  • h1techSlave
    09-25 05:35 PM
    I agree with all your options, but have to add one one more option.

    Option 4: Get DOS to do the spill over allocation on a quarterly basis.

    Lets not get sidetracked by Mr Skillz with a Z.

    Options for EB3I relief:
    Option 1: CIR - This is not in the picture right now. Nobody knows when this is going to happen and I think we should not even bother to look upon this as a short term measure.
    Option 2:Recapture of visas - Again this has to go through the legislative process. With the current political climate, it is going to take a tough task to get this one in as well.
    Option 3:Re-intepreting and changing the spill over rule: This can be done without any legislative changes and USCIS can be asked to look on this if we can really force them to.

    Steps to execute Option 3:
    * Collect and consolidate all the data in a spreadsheet from the latest 485 inventory to the yearly reports of adjudicated cases
    * Create a what if analysis for the next 3-5 years for EB2 I and EB3 I
    * Create analysis to show what will happen with the old rule and changed interpretation of spill over
    * Create a nice presentation
    * Contact Senators, congressmen, USCIS and walk them through our presentation

    Hopefully that can change their mind or atleast we gave our best shot.

    Add your thoughts and inputs and let us create a plan on executing this, if folks want to do it.


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  • trueguy
    04-08 08:21 PM
    Hunger strike ?, i dont know my friend, sounds like a neat idea to get attention, but then what happens if its becomes an indefinite hunger strike, i mean i hope you do understand the consequences of that.
    I think we are at a stage where people are fed up with the process, but i hope good things happen to people who wait.
    Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai :)

    Waiting is all we have been doing for so many years. I have been living separately from my wife for last 3 years. When I reached out to Pappu on IV, he refused to do anything for me. I am ready to come forward and talk to media but nobody is here to listen.

    I am seriously considering some media awakening event these days, it might be suicide or whatever it takes but this DOS stupidity has to stop. Its affecting so many people's life. I agree GC is not a right that we can demand from US government but they can't treat us like this after investing so many productive years for this Economy.

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  • Macaca
    02-02 11:38 AM
    If this amendment had really passed, and if it had not been modified in the conference between house and senate and if hard cap had become a law, then this amendment would have done more harm than good.

    This is senate approval only. Doesn't it have to go through Congress also. Where are the votes in congress?

    I also understand that there was no real intention on Kennedy to bring up our case. It was pure politics.

    Please explain both points. Thanks


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  • priderock
    04-10 03:02 PM
    If this kind of restriction is not done what will be best way to resolve H1b issue? If H1b increase is done and similar increase is not done on GC then also problem to all IV members(retrogession will continue). If there is cap then certainly it will be reached every year within April.
    If they restrict consulting then Most of the H1b persons will get permanent job. Because of less number of H1 most of them will get gc within 2 or 3 years. GC holders and US citizens will do consulting. System will adjust iteself within a few months

    What a poor logic. How would all H1s get permanent job if consulting is forbidden. Some probably would , but not all. (Not that it impacts me... just for argument sake).

    As some one mentioned what would you call what IBM Global services , Oracle and Deloitte doing ? Consulting !!!!

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  • pappu
    03-25 10:37 AM
    Starsun I would request you to put in another clarification for the benefit of all so that IV Core's stand is well known and published. Predictions & calculations help people to know what the ground reality is and plan their lives. Now we don�t have people on IV whether EB2 or EB3 being sad after every VB because everyone knows when to expect what and predictions and calculations IMHO has gone a long way in correcting that situation.

    I read several posts promoting advocacy which is very good however they take pride in trashing predictions and calculations for no apparent reason it seems to be in fashion / vogue. If advocacy has to be promoted it has to be done in a positive way there is no need to trash predictions and calculations at every available opportunity. Some of these immature comments are very disrespectful to the effort that is being put in my many of us on the predictions blog. If some people do not like what is being done on that blog they are really free not to visit but unnecessary comments should really stop or be moderated.

    Teddy. The intention of such post is to tell people that they need to look beyond spending time on predictions. Predictions can help people know the extent of the backlog. For some it is a motivating factor because they were in the dark until USCIS started publishing data. People used to think their Greencard is round the corner and had no idea about the backlog. So yes the data and estimations have helped get a clearer picture. And this has benefited our community. IV has worked for several months to get the data from USCIS through its agenda item in the past. Today USCIS is publishing data at regular intervals because IV community had participated in a mass campaign to get FOIA data from USCIS. There is a whole history of advocacy behind the data everyone is using for prediction today and it was advocacy that got things done. However they should not get stuck with it and have a more 360 degree view of the issue. For some predictions are a source of encouragement for advocacy work. People leading predictions can play an important role in giving direction to others and help solve the root cause of the problem.They should be urged use it for the advocacy work as well if possible. For example a good research document can be made to illustrate visually the extent of backlogs and wait times. This document can be then circulated to media and lawmaker offices. Do not look at predictions in isolation. Secondly, the data people are using is still incomplete and has lot of assumptions. I had posted some update on the data in the donor forum early this month based on a recent meeting. So predictions we see on the forums will not be fully correct. People need to use predictions as means rather than consider it as an end.


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  • abhisam
    04-20 10:18 AM
    I filed on March 26th in TSC (paper filing). Got receipt dated April 7th. Still waiting. I cannot continue the job as my H1B expired. Anybody knows what should I do to get it expedited. I guess people at USCIS are very unpredictable and work according to the mood. I did not anticipate this as earlier I filed EAD for my wife and son and I got it in three weeks.

    There is a fax number you can send a letter to expedite your EAD case. You need to mention that you are not able to work and will face extreme financial hardship if you do not recieve your EAD in time. we had sent a fax for our renewal last time and it worked.

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  • amitkhare77
    05-13 12:40 PM
    I Live in Norther VA and sent my EAD application to texas lock box
    ( PO Box 660867, Dallas TX 75266) through USPS.
    today I see the status -
    "We attempted to deliver your item at 9:51 AM on May 13, 2010 in DALLAS, TX 75222 and a notice was left"
    did I send this to a wrong address?


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  • a_yaja
    05-31 11:53 AM
    E-filed on 04/05 - Nebraska Center
    Card Production Ordered - 05/14
    Approval Notice Sent - 05/27

    Received card yesterday. It is the revised design with machine readable info on the back of the card with 2 years validity.

    Exact same dates and similar machine readable card for my spouse :). Original card was valid till 7/30/2010 - new card valid from 5/14/2010 - 5/13/2012. So she lost about 2 1/2 months.

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  • Madhuri
    01-18 12:09 PM
    you can also set auto-payment from your bank account/ credit union account. I did that through Digital Federal Credit Union.

    when i tried to setup a recurring payment I got the following message.

    Accounts with limited access may not send money !

    I've used my paypal account to make one time payment to IV before but never had any issue. Is this a paypal error/issue?..could i be doing something wrong ? is there any other way to make a payment ?


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  • naidu2543
    05-15 10:52 PM
    Just had a Q..if the last one in the list is a senator (Robert Menendez), should we ask him to support the house bills? no matter what, I already asked him to...

    You got it. Sen Menendez is a key member. Even though there is NO companion bill in the senate right now, we need his support.


    Please hold on to the member list on the 1st page. As I said, we do have a reason why we are going with that member list. We will move as we needed.

    I called offices. Please make sure that this list is also addressed. I do not understand why IV is ignoring this bill?

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  • idreamofgc
    05-02 03:05 PM

    Please pas this to as many friends as possible whoever is suffering because of Atlanta Processing Center.

    Thanks for adding the info

    Hopefully we will see more people info by next week.

    hellomms - Plan for the next steps.


    Things are not good at Chicago either (at least for me). 9 months after audit reply and still waiting.

    Please dont' make this specific to Atlanta. Though things might be different from June 1st since there will be only Atlanta Center.


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  • B+ve
    09-01 08:04 PM
    Still waiting...

    Me too.....

    Just encouraging others on the same boat. - We will be there...
    Always Be positive...

    Lets see tomorrow and days to come in this month....


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  • Macaca
    01-17 05:17 PM
    I tried to get many of my friends in OHIO to enroll, but they just don't trust these efforts. I tried to convince them a lot but, they think everything will be resolved automatically and especially does not want to contribute even a $ for these kind of efforts. It's a shame on us that we tend to be the same backhome as well as here. Just use and use for free and never contribute anything back.

    Had similar experiences. I don't even try anymore.

    That is our motherland. Not surprising at all.

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  • paskal
    05-21 10:44 PM
    but doesn't it depend on which date his H4 status began once approved.
    if it began on the first day of that "pending period" then you are good...

    04-09 07:58 AM
    I had called them last week and was told the ususal spiel about my processing time not being current. But the lady also slipped with some piece of info that I did not have before: The processing dates are updated every 2 weeks....we do not see that online. While I am not sure that is true, I still figured hey let's call again and see. So yesterday the guy on the phone told me that I am outside their processing times and that he will put in a service request to make sure they will take care of my application....and my RD is July 2nd.....so their might be some truth about them internally updating processing times.....maybe

    05-14 07:36 PM
    If your wife has an approved extension of H4 till 2010 and you are expecting her H1 to be effective on 1 oct - why do you want to apply for extension again with the new company.

    I'm not sure if you *have* to apply for an extension for her when you switch your job. Best thing - if you want to take the job - say *yes* to the job offer with a condition that there should not be any issues for your wife. Your new company can connect you with their lawyer and in a meeting you would be able to know the exact scenario.

    Having said that and knowing how the sentiments go for lawyers :-) , if you want to play it safe - say *yes* tomorrow, talk to their lawyer and get it confirmed that there are no risks, start the paperwork and in parallel, talk to a lawyer of your own choice ( you would need to spend some money ) and get reconfirmation of the same. If both lawyers have the same answer and you feel comfortable, go ahead with your change.

    Today has been a crazy day and you posted this question on such a day - on any regular day someone or the other would have surely helped you with better answers but thats all I can help you with today.... hope things work out for the best for you.

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