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  • mpadapa
    05-28 01:35 PM
    The Murray Amendment failed to make it through in the Senate Appropriations bill due to strong opposition from some senators for adding domestic issues with a war funding bill. The amendment wasn't defeated by vote, it was just that it was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The house bills HR 5882, 5921 and 6039 is gathering good momentum. Please call your own lawmakers, CHC members and the list of lawmakers which IV wants to call. Please call and ask them to co-sponsor these bipartisan bills

    We can make it happen.

    What amendments got defeated ?? I lost touch of this thread last week.

    Do we have any updates on the bills?

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  • labor2003
    05-14 06:08 PM
    1.I got labor and 140 approved under EB3( Company A)
    2.Through different company(Company B) perm labor applied under eb2 and approved and 140 applied ( still pending)
    3. used portability of priority date but 140 still pending( eb3 to eb2)

    Now my priority date is current under eb2 but my 140 is pending through company B ( porting PD from company A)
    is it possible to apply 485 through company B? even 140 not approved
    thanks for your help.

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  • pmat
    05-15 12:23 PM
    I have applied for birth certificate at Indian Consulate, SFO and received from them. They simply attested the information on my Passport on their letter head..will that be sufficient or I should get it from MRO/etc from India?

    The birth certificate you get from the Consulate is not sufficient for I-485. If you don't have a birth certificate from the Municipal corporation of the city where you were born: then you need a Non-Availability certificate from that Municipal Corporation + 2 affidavits from close relatives.

    Check with your lawyer for more information.

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-13 12:35 PM
    There is no point in dignifying "plainspeak"'s hatred and abuses with a response since wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him would only cause more harm. He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community. Being a "senior" member in name only doesn't count. Bringing down the efforts of your own EB community is worse than being an anti- immigrant.
    Wow forever_waiting you have really cleared up the mystery for me

    Till now i was under and impression that all EB2 on this forum were just selfish people (which can be understood as a basic human nature sad but understood nevertheless) and i was always under an impresssion that IV Core had got their heart in the right place and are genuinly interested in resolving this issue but from your statements some things are made clear

    He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community.

    Are you serious.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Is that the best you could come up with in defence of yiour argument

    You know what I dont even know how to send a IM to anyone on this forum. All i know is to read posts and reply to post and create new posts. Wow this takes the cake. Now things makes sense.

    I did not send im to anyone but since forever_waiting says i did there could be only 3 explanations

    1. forever_waiting cannot hold a discussion and is losing a disucssion and is abusing me and lying to everyone else that i sent him abusive messages. This could be because he has to lie to prove himself better than me and show me in bad light.

    2. Some one else this forum has sent abusive messages to forever_waiting to use him as a cats paw against me without divulging their own motives to discredit me.
    A. Could it be someone else on the forum who does not like my arguments and wants to diss me. But if that would be the case that person would abuse me directly in reply to my posts and IM me directly because if someone is genuinly angry with someone else that person will say it out in the open but will NOT try to do something behind the back

    B. Could it be some one who is in a position of authority in IV and cannot argue with me face to face cause that will show their opinion in the open forum to everyone and is using forever_waiting without him knowing about it or is in collusion with forever_waiting and playing this game

    Hmmm the plot thickens ..................

    My friend forever_waiting even after seeing your latest message saying wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him i am not angry and do you know why. That is the advantage of age and maturity.

    U know what i think... My last message to you was sent today morning but now must be when you saw it the first time and knowing you i am sure you could not control your anger and stated what ever you stated. No harm my friend, it is better to lose and argument as long as you pick up something beneficial from it.

    And by the way i might be senior member because of the number of post i made (isn't that how it works) but i am still a junior member nay i am not even a member when i compare my contributions to the contributions made by donating, activly working members like yourselves

    As is stated before i respect you and all the other participants in IV who are volunetering and donating and taking part in advocacy


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  • gcdesirer
    09-02 09:12 AM
    If it will help anyone,

    our application was in Texas and there was no second FP Notice..... !!!

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  • susie
    08-20 11:49 PM
    My daughter aged out a couple of years ago due to the fact that my husband's labor was in process and it took about 2 plus years to get approved. Another thing is we have no options at all because our child is severely handicapped and we came here only to participate in a research and never went back as doctors advised her to stay here due to her health issues. We continue to keep her in legal status by applying for B2 visa all the time and which USCIS has been kind enough to grant it to her based on doctor's letters. I hope something is done for the children who have aged out. I even took up our case through Senator's office but nothing happened. It would be really great if IV could do something for the Aged Out Children and parents. I had to leave the job and get into H4 due to her ill health and be her primary care giver.

    Kay Ahuja
    Contributed to IV

    This is just terrible, soemthing must be done and maybe we should all get together , exchange details via pm and try and fight if IV does not/can not/ or is not able to help us


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  • snathan
    03-26 07:26 PM
    i don't get it you are saying that members don't have to search...and yet someone has to keep it up on the home page...which is it? yes a sticky thread would have saved work and not required someone to keep it up. Why wasn't it done in the first place. When a service is supposed to be offered every week...it should be offered every week...or else there should be an announcement that is will not be offered this particular week and that it will continue next on said week.

    No reason to be frustrated when people are asking simple questions...another idea would be to put the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the FAQ page...which does not work right now....so that you don't have to repeat the answers.
    Its an easy solution i think.

    Giving a long lecture of frustration is not the best way to attract people to an organisation.
    Think about it...do u go buy clothes from a store that voices their frustrations about the prices of raw material...of do u go buy it because they were nice to you...had great customer service...nice selection of goods...and fair prices.

    I am sorry but working for hours on end alone, voicing frustration at lack of participation, treating members like they are morons for not being able to find supposedly simple things is a really terrible way to attract more people to an organisation. The cause may be noble...but who will wanna join some organisation where people just complain about how miserable things are.

    Please pause for a moment and think about what i am saying. This is exactly why you have less participation and less donation. IV needs to transform into a vibrant fun place to be while still upholding the noble cause.

    You are talking as if people are doing favour for others. You are here because you are stuck in immigration limbo as I am. I am not doing any favour for any one but myself. Is it very hard for you to understand. I am sure the brightest and highly educated can understand they are the losers if they are not participating.

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  • snathan
    03-25 07:28 PM
    ok i managed to find it...but its not easy to find...the average person visiting this site will never know about it. This is a cool benefit...it should be advertised on the site more so people can take advantage. It will certainly generate more interest in IV

    May be should make it as sticky on the front page.


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  • Kodi
    10-02 01:56 PM
    After 5 months they're auditing my PERM application. My attorney just sent me an email. They're not asking for specifics but wants to make sure we advertised the position. Attorney's going to submit a report as to why the applicants weren't hired as well.

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  • vallabhu
    11-14 12:58 PM
    All mail boxes are full I am still trying to call them and send emails, I am not in a hurry but I just want to make sure they don't loose it.

    This is the response I got on email.

    1. For General Information on consular services, please visit our website at www.cgihouston.org. You will find answers to most of your queries there.

    2. Indian Visa application is handled by M/s Travisa Outsourcing. For Indian Visa please contact them directly at http://indiavisa.travisaoutsourcing.com

    3. For genuine Emergency Service such as death in the family please contact Vice Consul(Consular) at Tel. No. 713-626-3252 and or Emergency No. 713-478-6218.

    4. Time taken to process :

    (i) Indian passports, except reference cases i.e. Passport not issued by CGI Houston, are processed in 7 working days. Passports issued by other Passport Offices/Consulates/Embassies take upto 30 days.

    (ii) PIO cards are processed in 30 days.

    (iii) OCI cases are processed in 12 weeks.


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  • sunny1000
    05-20 07:37 PM

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  • indio0617
    05-15 10:20 PM
    For filing I 485 I know you need to submit birth certificate and marriage certificate. Do both of these have to be originals or copies are fine ?


    Only copies are required.


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  • Saralayar
    04-08 04:50 PM
    Great Idea. Since this is Saralayar brain child, let us all nominate him/her to lead this venture , while us IV followers pursue more servile task's like trying to recapture visa numbers, get multi year EAD's and basically save our B*^$'s.
    If this venture is a success Saralayar will be a citizen in a year (along with a few side kicks that are backing this new citizenship concept) or so and then he/she can push congress to pass the other minor legislation that will bail the rest of us out.
    Can you stop your f*** mouth?. Are you educated and have ethics?. If you do not like this idea get out of this thread. There are people who give good suggestions and welcome this idea. I am seeing all your posts in this forum. You are a bullshit guy by nature. Get lost.
    IV admin, please ban this guy (supplychainwalla) from all the forums. we do not need such perverted broots in the high skilled forum.

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  • coopheal
    04-09 07:50 PM
    If you read my any previous posts and to repeat, there will be no issue to contribute from me or most of us here. We need an action item. Anyone with minimum common knowledge here sees there is no change in dates for the last 6 months, or even last few years. You seem to be a strong supporter of contributions, can you list one action item which we planned to take up in the last or in near future that addresses our concerns of backlogs. Now dont come back and tell me or send me a picture of July 07 campaign or your 12th grade or 10th grade marksheet. We need to be doing things of our interest EVERY single day. I do my job very good.. I know.. but I have to keep doing it everyday if I have to keep it. Similarly unless you put continuous efforts, you wont get continuous results.
    If you want a reply to your post from me again, come back with an action item that you see as planned.

    You don't contribute for FOIA. You don't want to accept that FOIA will help us. Thats your decision. IV does a lot things both in public and behind the scenes. All of this require money and time. You haven't contributed in past either. You come to IV and write post like these to make yourself feel better thinking you are doing something for your GC process. Fact is you are not helpful yourself. IV is nothing but people like you and me who are in the line for GC.

    For a new action I would like you to lead it. You should meet your local law makers. Tell your personal story about the GC struggle. Ask them to bring up recapture and other bills which will help us. Then work with other people on the IV forum as well as in real world to do same.


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  • soma
    06-08 05:00 PM
    My perm labor was filed Tuesday evening and it was approved by Thursday evening. Perm labor was certified in 2 days. That was amazing!! :)

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  • reddyram
    08-03 12:21 PM
    Mine was TSC...Actually it was NSC, but transferred to TSC during July fiasco..

    Subkamnaa & Congrats friend. My PD is earlier than urs - Oct 05 . No LUD on mine. What is the July fiasco .

    My PD is already current as of now. But there is no movement on my appl - but its just few days past its current status. I am on EB2 with PD of Oct 05 and Serv Center is NE where I got Labor and 140 approved.
    Now I am no longer in that state because my project got over in NE. I am working in CA since 08 and filed 485 from CA .
    Is there something that if I am in CA a different state from where I initially filed labor - it can cause RFE.


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  • eb3retro
    05-15 12:13 PM
    Here is what my attorney recommended-

    1. Get a "Non-Available Certificate" from the municipality
    2. Get 2 people to provide affidavit (close relatives) in support of your birth date.

    Hope this is helpful. Check with your attorney too.

    Really appreciate your time in answering my question.

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  • Ramba
    09-25 10:41 PM
    Can you post links to any official memo with regards to this change if you happen to find. This will clear the confusion. I do not think AC21 amendment changes anything specific to spill over visa allocation. Anyway.. I am trying to find the link to any official memo and will post if I find any

    USCIS - I-Link Reference (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.f6da51a2342135be7e9d7a10e0dc91a0/?vgnextoid=fa7e539dc4bed010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=fa7e539dc4bed010VgnVCM1000000ecd190a RCRD&CH=act)


    (A) EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter.

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  • kondur_007
    07-12 02:28 PM
    Feel Free to suggest your recommendation.

    Just a suggestion:

    It may be more appealing to tie it with "five years of filing taxes as a "resident alien" including contribution to medicare ans SS taxes".

    In other words, any permanent legal resient (GC holder) who has filed taxes as a "resident alien" for five years while working in US and contributed to medicare and SS taxes should be eligible for citizenship filing.

    This should be added in addition to the current criteria of "five years of continuous stay after getting GC".

    What do you think?

    02-21 08:17 AM
    News letter to all registered members asap. We need to wake up willing but inactive members to get their participation.

    04-01 07:33 AM
    BUMPING ...to keep on front page.....

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