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buildings in dubai

images dubai buildings architecture. buildings in dubai. Pier 8 Dubai - Tower Building
  • Pier 8 Dubai - Tower Building

  • Winner
    04-02 04:49 PM
    Dude, i dunno about this...

    But this guy was correct for the last month about the retrogression about EB3-ROW....


    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I just think it�s a waste of time 'predicting'

    Anyways, don't you think we should behave a little better in public forums? (I'm referring to the language in your post)

    wallpaper Pier 8 Dubai - Tower Building buildings in dubai. Arab uilding in Dubai.
  • Arab uilding in Dubai.

  • chanduv23
    02-23 02:09 PM
    Chandu, my question is not whether HR dept can handle it properly or not.

    My intention/question here is if an applicant is on H1 (most of the cases 5th or 6th yr of H1) and then loose the job and until he finds other job (has EAD but never used it) the applicant does not have payroll running during the break. then technically is he ok or does he has to maintain h1 status or does EAD protect him.

    Coz until he finds a job and files for AC21 an applicant does not do any thing.

    And what do you mean by satisfy AC21 criteria. unless you find a job you cannot file AC21....so during the gap (what is the status of this gap?...technically I am trying to find an answer. please point me to a link or document. If you are aware of it, else can IV find an answer to it)
    "f you lost job on h1b and satisfy AC21 criteria then you are in pending AOS state and use EAD to work."

    Chandu, thanks for at least answering my question.

    Good luck for you!

    As far as I know, if you filed for 485 and crossed 180 days after that with the same employer - it basically means that you have satisfied AC21 minimum requirement and you must look for a new job under same or similar category. If you manage to find a job pretty quick, then you can go for h1b transfer and it should not be an issue, but if it is taking time, then you may have issues with transfer because you may not have paystubs, but technically, you are legally allowed to stay because a decision on your 485 has not yet been made and before a decision is made look for a new job in same or similar criteria.

    buildings in dubai. Burj al Arab (Dubai, UAE)
  • Burj al Arab (Dubai, UAE)

  • akhilmahajan
    08-18 11:13 AM
    Got Card Production Ordered email today.
    I had opened a Expedite SR on august 4th, which was denied on August 5th.
    Thanks to everyone and hope you all will receive your cards soon.
    Case Details:
    E Filed May 29th
    FP on 6/28/2008
    NO LUD's
    CPO: 8/18/2008

    GO IV GO

    2011 Arab uilding in Dubai. buildings in dubai. uildings, luxury Dubai
  • uildings, luxury Dubai

  • dummgelauft
    08-26 03:31 PM


    buildings in dubai. new uildings in Dubai
  • new uildings in Dubai

  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-02 02:38 PM
    I renewed my DL a month ago. They did not ask for any documentation and simply renewed the DL for 5 years.

    buildings in dubai. Modern Buildings in Dubai
  • Modern Buildings in Dubai

  • green_world
    11-19 11:33 AM
    I visited the PA DMV yesterday to renew my driving licence based on my pending I-485. With all the valid documents like EAD, I-485, SSN card, I-94 etc. They refused to renew it saying that they have a new pilot program implemented called SAVE and need to get clearence from that, it will take upto 30 days. Anybody else gone throgh this proces?? Day by day more hurdles to pass...what a life, why dont they keep their systems uptodate or provide some temp permit as long as their check is pending. I am frustated with all this GC process, name check, DL SAVE system check etc..Why dont they implement just one check and give approval to everything.. atleast make it less time consuming.

    Anythoght from anybody? anybody else went through this SAVE (Systematic Allien Verification for Entitlement) program, or am I the only one??

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=71cf58f91f08e010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=71919c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 ____


    buildings in dubai. Building in Abu Dhabi
  • Building in Abu Dhabi

  • chanduv23
    10-03 01:27 PM

    2010 Burj al Arab (Dubai, UAE) buildings in dubai. dubai buildings architecture.
  • dubai buildings architecture.

  • MerciesOfInjustices
    02-25 12:25 PM
    Sent my second contribution in the last 3 weeks! I will keep contributing till I can, God willing!


    buildings in dubai. New+uildings+in+dubai
  • New+uildings+in+dubai

  • mjdup
    03-01 09:37 AM
    Made my second contribution last week.

    Some of my utility bills and credit card companies did mistakes and overcharged me so all that credit coming back to me is on its way to IV !

    Please $100 is not a lot folks, we definitely are not on minimum wage - look at the illegal immigrant forums, they are on minimum wages and they seem to be pitching more !

    We can do this ! I just think about the core team in DC spending time and money for everyone so the least we can do is open our wallet, please, please, please !!

    hair uildings, luxury Dubai buildings in dubai. uildings in Dubai, Dubai,
  • uildings in Dubai, Dubai,

  • JunRN
    09-23 11:53 AM
    I hope that Smith and King will not attend today!!! *cross-fingers*


    buildings in dubai. #uildings in #Dubai
  • #uildings in #Dubai

  • krishmunn
    04-21 09:25 AM
    May your online MBA make you so powerful that you can compete with all the top of the line MBAs.

    I will, combined with my existing degree and years of experience.

    But if you think you are the example of top line MBA, I do not think I have a competition . I do not compete with immatured people who

    1) Keep changing their word every time they open their mouth

    2) Open their mouth without knowing what they are talking

    3) Can stoop to any low to achieve something as minor as GC

    hot new uildings in Dubai buildings in dubai. Dubai Lifestyle – The History
  • Dubai Lifestyle – The History

  • MunnaBhai
    10-12 09:53 AM
    This guy is pro immigrant writer. His articles are regularly published by cnn.com

    Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a member of the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune and a nationally syndicated columnist. Read his column at


    Should we contact this guy?



    house tower in Dubai centre buildings in dubai. rise uildings. The Dubai
  • rise uildings. The Dubai

  • caydee
    05-22 08:12 PM
    $100.00 Paypal transaction ID #87H816341N4114833

    Contributions to date - $220 (from Dec 06)

    tattoo Modern Buildings in Dubai buildings in dubai. dynamic architecture
  • dynamic architecture

  • plassey
    08-25 12:31 PM
    Unfortunately, I can't leave the US for the following reasons
    a) AOS pending
    b) H1 expiring soon
    c) Won't get any vacation time as just joined a new job.
    As a time gap arrangement see if you can get your license from your home country.

    Worst case if asked by a cop atleast you will have that.


    pictures Building in Abu Dhabi buildings in dubai. perhaps Dubai#39;s most famous
  • perhaps Dubai#39;s most famous

  • pappu
    10-11 09:51 AM
    I have posted the article from the economist.
    It is a great resource for anyone doing research or writing article on immigration.


    thanks gg_ny for bringing it to my attention.

    Pls post any discussion and related materials here.
    Pls also mail the econmoist about IV and our cause so that they can print our letters in the next issue.

    The address is

    Here is another article in 'science'

    pls send mails to the editor from


    As you can see from the Science article how difficult it will be to pass anything in the lameduck session. IV cannot do it alone without the help of all its members. Pls send mails to the editors of these magazines highlighting our issues and mentioning IV.
    Pls post a confirmation on this thread that you have emailed the editor so that we know how many people sent emails. We need more participation from our members on such tasks in order to highlight our issues in the media. We find a lot of people posting messages about what we ought to be doing on the forum but only a handful actually do when we urge members to do. Any efforts to get attention from media to highlight our isues will be highly appreciated.

    dresses Dubai Lifestyle – The History buildings in dubai. tallest uildings – with
  • tallest uildings – with

  • belmontboy
    03-15 11:39 PM
    I already answered you. If it�s an accident I apologies.

    By the way what you call them?

    shoplifting is in "" (quotes). Don't waste ur time looking for literal meaning :)


    makeup New+uildings+in+dubai buildings in dubai. tower in Dubai centre
  • tower in Dubai centre

  • getgreensoon1
    04-21 08:21 AM
    Say in clear and simple words -- are online degrees from University of North Dakota, University of Massachusetts, North Eastern University etc. legit ? Yes or No

    Your beating around the bush and twisting words just show you have no argument. Didn't your MBA teach you that there is something called logical argument? Or was your degree from the like of TVU ?

    It is only YOU who think that online degree does not have recognition . If you are yet to understand the power of Online educatoin you are probably living in stone age.

    BTW, I do not have a online degree (though I plan to go for an online MBA) but I am pissed off when I see some so called educated people are so eager to get a GC that they will probably kill others to make their way.

    May your online MBA make you so powerful that you can compete with all the top of the line MBAs.

    girlfriend dynamic architecture buildings in dubai. Dubai to Get Eco-Friendly
  • Dubai to Get Eco-Friendly

  • unseenguy
    07-04 11:25 PM

    You have to register the birth with the consulate (to get an Indian birth certificate) within a year using this form (see part II) (http://www.cgisf.org/visa/misc.pdf), following which you should be able to get an Indian passport. The USA will not issue a visa on this passport since it considers the child to be a US citizen. However, US policy in this regard does not matter if the child never travels to the US.

    WTF? US will decide which country's citizen is our biological child?

    hairstyles #uildings in #Dubai buildings in dubai. uildings in Dubai,
  • uildings in Dubai,

  • sunil2312
    02-01 04:26 PM
    HAs anyone seen this.
    How is this going to effect our efforts for lobbying

    Check this out


    07-01 11:09 AM
    Good thing about the meeting was that it was not dominated with just illegal immigration. Legal immigrants got their share of time and recognition. I have to believe that our advocacy efforts in DC bore some fruits here......

    He made sure that legal immigration problems needs to be simultaneously solved and also the fact that illegal immigrants are held accountable for breaking the laws....He mentioned backlogs and retrogression...We just need to get the congress to work on it!!!

    IV's main points of needing republican support, and advocating for their support on the CIR framework.... well, they were the main needs that Obama mentioned too.
    Go IV

    10-07 07:15 PM
    will be there.

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