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  • permfiling
    12-12 10:56 AM
    Sweeping roads ....I am not too enthusiastic about that :-(

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  • zoho
    08-28 07:54 PM
    My wife has h4 visa till 2010.
    Her AP is going to expire in october and planning to go to india soon.
    Can she go to india after applying for AP renewal.
    Applying for her AP because if my i 485 got approved and her's will be pending,then her h4 visa will automatically get cancelled which prevents from entering into US.

    Please advice guys

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  • admin
    01-12 03:56 PM

    I tested it now and it is working. Earlier, PayPal's website was very slow and probably that caused some problem for you. Can you check it now?

    If it is still not working, our PayPal email id is "donations at immigrationvoice dot org"

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  • unitednations
    04-20 12:08 PM
    it is the job profile that dictates whether the case is eb2 or eb3 - the applicant should meet the criteria for the job. not the other way around.

    Sure. h-1b is now; labor is what you are going to do when greencard gets approved.

    try telling a consultant who is qualified for eb2 that the job dictates it is eb3 and they won't sleep or eat -:).

    Reality of the process and how it works is quite different. If you really wanted to pick on things; DOL assessment of education and experience dictate that all of the IT positions should not require more then bachelors and four years of experience (ever IT labor filed with eb2 requirements it to be answered that the job requirements are NOTnormal for the positoin.

    If companies don't want to file eb2 then employee will not stay (they cannot fathom waiting 10 years for greencard).

    Maybe people don't want to hear this but that is reality of the situation.


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  • hopefulgc
    07-04 02:22 PM
    I am not sure how encouraging it will be for you to hear about some of our friends in tristate area.
    Pretty much like you (Desi employers, 80/20 or 70/30 arrangements, found contracts through dice/monster/hotjobs, filed in jul 07 fiasco and AC21'ed off to full time positions). There is nothing wrong with these arrangements but unfortunately they are considered pretty much illegal from the H1b & immigration point of view.

    Employers of many of them who have received their GC and many who are pending are currently being investigated. First they closed the gaping hole called substitution and now they are after all these sketchy employers and the petitions pending/approved through them.

    It sucks for people whose petitions have been approved and are now trying to crystallize their lives by buying homes, etc. Administration holds the trump card in that they can revoke GC/citizenship anytime.

    Few of these desi employers were nice enough to notify the beneficiaries. Many of these cases involve people who filed for EB2 i-140 to capture their EB3 dates after changing employers.

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  • apnair2002
    11-10 01:46 PM

    Report indicates that the Lame Duck may pass through the Thanksgiving. However, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid reported spoke with Majority Leader Bill First, Majority Whip Mitch McConnell, and President Bursh on Wednesday addressing Democrats desire to accomplish 5 (five) legislative items during the lame duck as follows:
    Continuing Resolution
    Bioterror Legislation
    Off-Shore Drill Legislation
    Agreement on Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
    Popular Tax Cuts Package
    Should the Democrats stick to these agenda, the immigration legislation will have to be pushed over to next yeer. For the report, please click here.


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  • BECsufferer
    03-15 09:30 PM
    Shoplifting!!!!:eek: ... what the heck were u thinking? oh boy what a disgrace.

    Alright, enough of beating you down. Now if your crime was adjudged civil infraction, I won't worry too much about it. Civil infractions are leinennt, but you are now all set for rest of your life to be in public records. Future employers and creditors would see that too when they do background checks. Other than that you got nothing to worry about. Go ahead and continue to plan for your India visit. But may I advise not to indulge into that habit of shoplifting? ... uhmm I know gifts can be very expensive.:cool:

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  • rheoretro
    11-08 06:02 AM
    I disagree with logiclife. The Dems had already been in line (even before the elections) with Bush's view of comprehensive immigration reform...they were ready for amnesty for the illegals, whereas Bush's own party wasn't. And this was why CIR was derailed in the House. Please remember that CIR is the only avenue by which legal immigration reform will be acceptable to the Senate, esp. Senators like Specter who is currently Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of course, at this point in time, it remains to be determined as to who will control the Senate, as VA and MT have not been decided yet.

    My personal view, from Washington, DC, is that immigration will come up in the new 110th Congress. Our work will be done, but IV will need its members support and attention for a while.


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  • gcseeker2002
    12-10 04:53 PM
    Is the use of EAD possible from 180 days after Receipt date or notice date ? I just crossed the 160 day mark, but I still dont have EAD. Can I use the requirement to use EAD(like a pending job offer) as a reason for Emergency to expedite my EAD, the uscis folks want some real reason to expedite the EAD application.

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  • dummgelauft
    03-17 11:39 AM
    I have an Idea, instead of all of us spending time in making useless predictions, why not engage an astrologer from India, pay him a few hundred dollars, create him an account and have him run the "Bulletin Patra" (Like Janam Patra) every month?


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  • map_boiler
    07-06 12:42 PM
    If the USCIS cashes the checks and then returns the packets (total $1490 in my case), is there any legal recourse to get a refund from them? Since they are pretty much doing whatever they want, this thought just occurred to me.

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  • sorcerer666
    04-21 02:05 PM
    Why not parents have a different category... not B2. maybe P1/P2

    B2 is tourist visa. Parents are not tourist.

    We are here because of our good parents. Forgetting them is most disrespect we do in life.
    If we don't care our parents, when we become older(parents) how will our kids will care us?.

    Research are proving...if we live together as family like in olden days...many health issues will disappear...everybody will be happy, no stress.

    We need to go back to older family system. Now we are proving...green is better. food is medicine. So why not staying together with parents is not good?. This lead us to have a strong long lasting life.

    again, you can give your greencard to one of us millions waiting and you can go back home and lead a no-stress life :D


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  • miththoo
    11-05 08:06 PM
    Can the wire transfer be requested online using ICICI's(or HDFC's) website ? Or do you need personnally do it from India ?

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  • docwa
    08-04 05:40 PM
    If the suspense is killing anyone, like it was to me; its easy to call the USCIS #, and ask the cust service person if the application has been pre-adjudicated. He/She will ask for SRC/LIN # again, and tell you yes/No and date of pre-adjudication.
    If the first officer does not help, call another, and the next one will.


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  • frankiesaysrelax
    11-04 09:27 PM
    After reading your post, I just called the ICICI customer support and checked with them. They told me that I cannot get anything from my ICICI NRO account unless otherwise it is for education or for medical purpose.

    I am not sure how you got your money from ICICI. May be you had put USD and got it back sometime later. Have you tried to bring back INR from ICICI account? If yes, let me know what you did.

    As I mentioned in my post, I had a resident Indian A/C - account that was opened when I was legally a resident Indian (salary a/c incidentally). No way it can be confused with one of N/RE/O accounts. I had INR in my account. It was wired over to my account here in the US, I got $s. Simple. If you look through the link that I posted, ICICI's instructions are quite clear - you can say family maintenance as a good reason.

    As a couple of people commented in subsequent posts, it is straightforward to send money, INR to $.

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  • vamsi_poondla
    09-22 01:35 PM
    I like the drain stopper idea. It will send across the message effectively.


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  • chanduv23
    10-15 11:10 AM
    Good to hear from you sweet23guyin... seems you guys had a ball after I left.. ;-)

    Well - his Brother in law silently announced that it was his brithday after you all left :) and they treated me with a nice dinner :)

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  • nrk
    08-11 08:37 AM
    sorry to hear that, when is your PD.

    Hopefully from October 2010 the date stay as it is. Did you checked the cut off data it does show 0 requirement prior to 2006.

    Very Disappointment for me.....as i missed it with couple of days.

    Visa Bulletin for September 2010 (http://travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5113.html)

    I'm not sure if they are going to move dates in Oct or not...

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  • Honda
    04-15 02:28 PM
    Yesterday, I was told by the client that my project is going to end by this month end i.e Apr 30. Actually it was supposed to go for the next 2 years. I am currently in the project working for the project. They said the lay off was becoz of budget issues. But I see I am the only one that is target in this lay-off. I am working with the same client for the past 3 years. The lay off news was really shocking and devastating.
    I am currently 9 months pregnant. As the client did that to me, I thought that atleast I might have some options with my current employer. My employer is a desi consultancy. I never been on Bench for single day for the Past 6 years ( Day 1 that I entered into US to till now).
    When I spoke to my employer today he gave me a termination letter stating that my project end date will be my last date with them. It was more shocking. I will be on maternity leave anytime in month of may depending on the delivery. I don't see any possible options that any client can take me into project when I am in 9th month of pregnancy.
    As my husband is doing consulting, I filed the green card thru this employer, 485 is pending more than 180 days, 140 approved in EB2 category. We paid all the attorney fees and filing fees from our pocket. We spent nearly $10,000 for the GC process. My husband was on bench for the past 2 months. He got a job on EAD which is going to start next week.
    1. I see that my employer is terminating me immediately because he can avoid maternity expenses. I told him that I will take 3 months FMLA for unpaid maternity leave from Apr 30th. And look for the Job immediately after delivery and get into the Job. But still he is telling he won't provide me that time. Maintaining the status is very important for me as me and my husband depends on the EAD.
    2.My medical insurance is with my employer, If I get laid off in this critical situation, I won't be having insurance. We can't afford the delivery expenses without insurance.
    3. Even though my husband will get insurance with the new company, We are not sure that company will cover the pre-existing pregnancy that is in final stages.
    4. And also not sure that the insurance will be under the network of OBG/YN and the hospital I registered for delivery. His job is in different state but he will find out the options once he starts his job next week.
    5. Does anyone think that my employer is discriminating the law? He is terminating me immediately becoz I am pregnant.
    I am not sure whether he is doing the right thing but the situation I am in is the worst situation I ever expected of. Its lot of stress on me and my baby. We are unable to sleep for hour with all the tensions ahead. My husband's job is dependent on my valid status. If something screw up we both be in very bad situation. I really don't want any one in my situation.
    Please help me, if any one know any options where I can maintain my status during the pregnancy and maternity leave, Please tell me.

    Sorry to hear your situation. Please let me know right now which state you are? i have some options to tell you.

    07-17 07:58 PM
    Thanks aadimanav,

    I have emailed & faxed Rep. Henry Waxman, CA 30th District
    Also 2 legislators here - Senator Sheila Kuehl and Senator Mark Ridley Thomas

    Come on Peeple. The time is NOW.

    In title you mentioned "los angeles" but you havne't sent to Senators from CA.

    04-16 01:27 PM
    Dear snehaledu, You raise a good point. Am I IV policeman? The answer is NO. Guess, it is the responsibility of all the members to police themselves. And I saw that it was not happening here, thus my question about the relevance of this thread.

    I support Sanju.

    Moreover, IV doesn't represent INDIAN employment based legal immigrants, this forum is for all nationalities. Threads like these make this forum seem like it is relevant to only Indians. We need to be mindful of other members who are not from India.

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