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  • ramaonline
    05-22 12:28 AM
    The contributions page shows one-time contributions starting from $100 onwards. If you wish to make smaller one time payments, go to paypal.com -Click Send Money - In the To field enter - donations@immigrationvoice.org OR Select Immigration Voice in the merchant list.

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  • belmontboy
    04-21 02:29 PM
    I heard famous indian crab stroy....are you that crab.

    Please be positive. Please support our request.

    US is a great country. Always value human values more than any other country.

    I love US. That is why i am here.

    Whoa, the same old crab story is back.

    You sound like someone who knows the proceedings here very well.
    New members wouldnot know the crab story

    Did you create a new ID for having fun??

    nicolas sarkozy carla bruni. Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla
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  • chiraj
    07-14 06:21 PM
    NewYork Life

    Originally Posted by 21stIcon
    Premium depends on your age,duration of policy(10/20/30) and place of living if you you do not have any health problems. unless you disclose your age , no one can help you on your rate comparison.
    hoping you don't mind sharing your secret!()

    Thank You

    I want to take Term and Whole Insurance. But Does Place of living matters? because i move state to state where ever my job takes me.

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  • rameshvaid
    03-15 09:36 PM
    If your case is older than 12 months from the date of judgement you can have your case expunged from public records. As of today your's is a public record and is on every entry point in the country. As per immigration laws the IO has the authority to turn you back if you have been found guilty. The best for you is to have the expungement of your case and no one will have the access to your case except FBI.. This may take anywhere 2-3 months from the date you file for expungement..

    Avoid travelling till your expungement is done..to be considered for expungement there should not be any other sace pending against you.

    Good Luck.. talk to your attorney and file for it even if you are not travelling it will be good for you for future employment etc. also..



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  • rameshvaid
    09-22 01:50 PM
    Pls. post the date if u have one..


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  • knowDOL
    08-23 09:36 AM
    Also, this is useful for Priority Date portability, Priority Date is all your once your I-140 is aproved and you need to submit the copy with your next I-140 to use the old Priority Date, in this case also, it very useful if the employer does not share this info, and if we can get it from USCIS, we are not at the mercy of Employer anymore.
    If you are seeking your i-140 for portability reasons, this means that you have already submitted I-485.

    Since that is the case, then who cares if the employer will or will not revoke the I-140: IT IS STILL VIABLE for AC21 portability regardless of employer's actions.


    nicolas sarkozy carla bruni. nicolas sarkozy carla bruni.
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  • nashorn
    12-17 11:47 AM
    I have sold some items in eBay in the past, If I rememver correctly, when I sold something for $10 and the buyer made a paypal payment, paypal too $1.5 as fees.

    So if you are making $20, only $17 goes to IV, IF the amount is >=50 I believe the fees is much lesser (like 5%) so more money goes to IV instead of making paypal rich.
    How about check? 100% goes to IV.

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  • singhsa3
    08-13 07:49 PM
    Let us focus. We need to finalize it ASAP. Time is of essence here.


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  • gunabcd
    06-28 03:41 PM
    This is wrong. EAD can be issued when both of the following conditions MUST meet:

    I140 has been approved
    I485 application is 180 days old

    You have no freaking idea what you are talking about. one should not open his/her mouth so confidently without reading documents from USCIS or talking to an immigration lawyer.

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  • svgupta
    05-18 04:09 PM
    I "think" that we have had a good number of "new members" signing up for IV in the wake of recent events. And am sure that quite a number of the new members would have started contributing to their own "noble" cause.

    Can we have an update from IV core about the "encouraging" number of "new" monthly contributions. Also, this may help make aware others who have joined, who are supposedly unaware of any such contribution.


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  • suttu
    11-02 11:54 AM
    You have a right to demand what is called a temp driving permit which is for 30 days. if your case is not resolved in 30 days, you can go back and get another. this can go on till your case is completed. While carrying the temp cert, since there is no photo ID, i advise you carry your passport or any other photo ID.
    All this is from a lawyer who helped us when we went to get our licenses renewed. State was INdiana

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  • saileshdude
    02-11 03:29 PM
    Even if the Labor cert says "Masters" then as long as you had BS + 5 years experience before you filed for labor, to qualify for EB2, this should be ok. Unless the BS was a three year degree and you did not have the required experience.
    From USCIS perspective to qualify for EB2 you should be Masters or BS +5 experience.

    I think if this is true you have a good chance to fight this.

    Looking at the Labor cert , it says "Masters degree" and NOT "Masters or equalent". that might be the caused the I140 denial .

    Any one had this situation before ?



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  • nixstor
    08-01 02:18 PM
    I am trying to underscore the point that "Smart kids doesnt necessarily need to get into IIT's, if they are US implants in India during their early teens or around 8th grade. There is a better chance that they will end up in Ivy leagues or what ever you consider equivalent of IIT's here"

    I concur with the opinion of getting into IIT's is not a bench mark for success. It depends on what a person considers success. As far as "Best among best" is concerned, I used it only to compare the number of seats available for equally intelligent students in India and US. A student in India with similar aptitude, IQ and what ever comparable metrics has lesser chances of accomplishing what a student accomplishes in the US. let it be getting into IIT's or Ivy leagues.


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  • ujayra01
    06-24 11:04 PM
    My wife is apply for AP renewal. She has her AParole until oct, 2,2008. She is travelling to india this week for three weeks. Can she apply for renewal and travel to india. Is it legal or does it have any replications.

    According to my lawyer, the person (in this case your wife) must be in USA until your wife's AP application is accepted. Basically your wife should not try to apply AP when the she is not physically in USA.

    After the application acceptance, your wife can travel.

    Disclaimer: Please do not take this granted and always consult your immigration attorney.


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  • go_guy123
    07-02 11:07 AM
    Ombudsman mentioned that "visa wait-times within some preference categories
    for certain nationals may exceed 10 years."

    I think the OP has some valid points. Certainly recapture lawsuit may work as the law does not say that allocated EB visas expire. Do not listen to nay-sayers, just do it.
    Here is one example of the succsessfull class-action (even though the court case died in a court of appeals, it was beneficial to immigrants):

    Excellent find, lazycis !!!!!

    This can be a good precedent case for class action lawsuit. Because law never says that
    EB visa quota gets lost if unused.

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  • gccovet
    09-05 03:52 PM
    Sorry to hear your story dude. You just met a jerk of a law enforcement official - they are in the minority. Most CBP officers are better than this. Several years ago i too met a jerk like this in an airport in the southeast. I was entering on H1-B, he kept saying that my employer (a reputed american company) was disloyal etc... as he was processing our paperwork. First he grilled my wife, then he started with me, i just responded to him with a disgusted facial expression.. answered his questions rather curtly when asked, did not respond to his rants. His rants were not framed as a question - so i don't have to answer it. All this lasted a total of 5 to 6 minutes as he was checking and stamping our passports.

    BTW, not seeing your family for several years is a "humanitarian" cause. Technically the AP is supposed to be used as a travel permit for difficult situations, but most good Americans know that not seeing family for years is a good enough reason. There are jerks everywhere and type A's, thankfully they are not in the majority.

    I had similar experience 4 years back, the officer was a A$$$#^%, I answered all his questions, gave EVL (I was working for Fortune 10 company). He kept on grilling me, I asked him to call his supervisor and also offered him to call my lawyer and then he backed off. I noted his name and his ID number etc.

    But screwed me big time, he entered wrong I-94 number in his system, after a year when my company applied for extension, the application got RFE for non matching I-94 number etc. Everything went fine(lawyer had to file I-121 for lost I-94, but the extension took about 6 months to get approved.

    While the extension process was going on, I with the help from my company lawyer filed a complaint to CBP against the officer and later the officer was transferred (As per my lawyer) to some other desk duty.



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  • wa_Saiprasad
    07-23 10:49 AM
    Jul 02, Nsc: Usps 11:30 Am.

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  • chanduv23
    02-11 01:10 PM
    Use a competent attorney. Do not try to handle this yourself. I am sure that you have heard of "you get what you pay for"...

    BTW, are you one of those cases with a 3 year degree + Experience, working in IT? If yes, the I can see why your I-140 was rejected. Lot of people have had this issue, but I do not know how many have successfully been able to resolve it.

    JAFS, ALWAYS use grammar check.

    The OP claims his 140 was approved. If they went back and rejected his 140, without request from his ex employer - this would be the first time I am hearing such things happening.

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  • leo2606
    10-24 08:52 PM
    I don't think you need to get scared for this.
    Eventhough USCIS center system accepts the finger prints, FBI system may reject for the quality of Finger print reason.In that case one can get another notice.I did read this some where in FBI or some immigration attorney's FAQs.If I re collect I will post the link.

    We(my husband,my two kids,and I) did finger printing on July 19,2007. Now My older son 13 years old got finger printing again. Why?, what does it mean.
    I am scared

    09-12 10:15 AM
    I got one after getting GC.

    07-11 11:41 AM
    I dont think we need to waste our time about such non competent organizations , let them take the credit , it just shows that this was a great idea. Looking at their website it does look like they have some good contacts .

    I think immigration voice should write them a formal letter and ask them to publicise this to their "contacts" ..

    If they got themselves into this picture well,lets put them to work!

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