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  • desi485
    10-10 07:11 PM
    There are many people from these Indian Outsourcing companies who are switching to US comanies or even to local desi bodyshopping companies for various reasons...Like the ones below

    1) If you are in US onsite, there is no guarantee that you would be onsite for the prolonged period you want. When the business need arises, you will have to go back at short notice. Most of the people quit these companies in US due to that reason alone.
    2) They don't process GCs in general (very limited cases....)
    3) Chances are that one may make more money based on the skill-set

    However, if people continue to believe that these companies are just sort of "glorified body shoppers", nothing stops them.

    But outsourcing is increasingly preferred by US corporates & these outsourcing companies are only going to prosper.....

    Just the fact that you make more money outside is a proof of underpay.

    also I read few months back that out of some 70K SWITCH ppl in usa, they filed GC for less than 100 employees. Do you think only 100 out of some 70K H1B wanted GC??? Another proof that they do not want their employees to move ahead.

    Any way you argue, the truth is SWITCH is a glorified bodyshopper.

    and that too glorified in india by indian media, not by US media.

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  • nikh
    09-19 03:07 PM
    here are the details

    I-485 NSC RD 07/02/07; CSC ND 08/31/07, LUD 09/07 Xfer to NSC, Pending Processing @ NSC
    I-131 NSC RD 07/02/07; CSC ND 08/31/07, LUD: 09/14 AP mailed,
    I-765 NSC RD 07/02/07; CSC ND 08/31/07, LUD: 09/14 EAD pending
    FP Notice not yet

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  • GCInThisLife
    07-19 02:09 PM
    Thanks for finding the link. I remember reading it some time in the past, but couldn't find it.

    dpp, Please read through my wifes case above and in your 'opinion', will there be a problem?

    Q : Must an H-1B alien be working at all times?

    As long as the employer/employee relationship exists, an H-1B alien is still in status. An H-1B alien may work in full or part-time employment and remain in status. An H-1B alien may also be on vacation, sick/maternity/paternity leave, on strike, or otherwise inactive without affecting his or her status.

    Check this.

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=a62bec897643f010VgnVCM1000000ecd190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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    07-19 12:46 PM
    Since we already applied for I-485, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Her employment letter (submitted) only says that she is employed with the company and her employment is valid till 2008.

    Isn't valid/unexpired I-94 counts as legal status not the approval notice. Also what if the employee takes a un-paid leave of absence due to health reasons etc.

    I am sure so many in the same boat. Is there anything we could do?

    She would still need to be on the Payroll and reported as an employee, preferable from the date of COS, If making a case of vacation or medical leave.


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  • hazishak
    08-01 11:08 AM
    I don't think she will have a H1 approval notice if she is coming to US first time.

    My wife is here in USA and just convert her status from F1 to H4 .And her F1 visa expiring this August. So we r planning to go Canada for Visa stamping.....

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  • 485Mbe4001
    01-19 08:05 PM
    Posted letters to President and IV today. Contacted my company HR on friday, they expressed support, but i am not sure if they will mail a letter.


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  • sands_14
    04-13 11:02 AM
    No visa bulletins till October2007
    Thats what USCIS announced 2 weeks back
    So stay cool:)

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  • ragz4u
    04-01 04:16 PM

    I am not sure what the issue is with your account. I know Siva has been really busy. Can you, as a quick fix, create a new account and fax from that?



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  • Almond
    07-17 10:11 AM
    September 14, 2006

    Will you please tell me what date the I 765 "Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)]" they're on? Thanks

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  • dsreedhar
    01-04 10:56 AM
    Applied for EAD and AP together (e-file at TSC center) in the last week of Nov 2010 and got the EAD card yesterday in mail. The validity period is for 2 yrs. The online status for EAD updated accordingly. However there is no status update for AP.


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  • logiclife
    01-09 12:16 PM
    What is the Federal Government's role in COBRA?
    COBRA continuation coverage laws are administered by several agencies. The Departments of Labor and Treasury have jurisdiction over private-sector health group health plans. The Department of Health and Human Services administers the continuation coverage law as it affects public-sector health plans.

    The Labor Department's interpretive and regulatory responsibility is limited to the disclosure and notification requirements of COBRA. If you need further information on your disclosure or notification rights under a private-sector plan, or about ERISA generally, telephone EBSA's Toll-Free number at: 1.866.444.3272, or write to:

    U.S. Department of Labor
    Employee Benefits Security Administration
    Division of Technical Assistance and Inquiries
    200 Constitution Avenue NW, Suite N-5619
    Washington, DC 20210

    The Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury, has issued regulations on COBRA provisions relating to eligibility, coverage and premiums in 26 CFR Part 54, Continuation Coverage Requirements Applicable to Group Health Plans. Both the Departments of Labor and Treasury share jurisdiction for enforcement of these provisions.

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers information about COBRA provisions for public-sector employees. You can write them at this address:

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    7500 Security Boulevard
    Mail Stop C1-22-06
    Baltimore, MD 21244-1850
    Tel 1.877.267.2323 x61565

    I am a federal employee. Can I receive benefits under COBRA?
    Federal employees are covered by a law similar to COBRA. Those employees should contact the personnel office serving their agency for more information on temporary extensions of health benefits.

    Am I eligible for COBRA if my company closed or went bankrupt and there is no health plan?
    If there is no longer a health plan, there is no COBRA coverage available. If, however, there is another plan offered by the company, you may be covered under that plan. Union members who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that provides for a medical plan also may be entitled to continued coverage.

    How do I find out about COBRA coverage and how do I elect to take it?
    Employers or health plan administrators must provide an initial general notice if you are entitled to COBRA benefits. You probably received the initial notice about COBRA coverage when you were hired.

    When you are no longer eligible for health coverage, your employer has to provide you with a specific notice regarding your rights to COBRA continuation benefits.

    Employers must notify their plan administrators within 30 days after an employee's termination or after a reduction in hours that causes and employee to lose health benefits.

    The plan administrator must provide notice to individual employees of their right to elect COBRA coverage within 14 days after the administrator has received notice from the employer.

    You must respond to this notice and elect COBRA coverage by the 60th day after the written notice is sent or the day health care coverage ceased, whichever is later. Otherwise, you will lose all rights to COBRA benefits.

    Spouses and dependent children covered under your health plan have an independent right to elect COBRA coverage upon your termination or reduction in hours. If, for instance, you have a family member with an illness at the time you are laid off, that person alone can elect coverage.

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  • americandesi
    10-11 05:56 PM
    One important issue is over looked here. Small employers will have a tough time in proving I-140 "ability to pay" for employees with older PD�s, whose labor got cleared after Aug 17 from BEC. Cuz the company has to prove its "ability to pay" the proffered wage starting from the date PD is established continuing until the adjudication of I-140.

    Suppose the PD for an employee is Oct 2001 and the proffered wage is 80K per annum, then the company should prove that its assets, net income or salary payments were >=80K starting from Oct2001 continuing until the adjudication of I-140.

    This is indeed an acid test for small employers.


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  • kumar1
    06-05 12:03 PM
    Not only that, USCIS or any other govt. agency can make rules and make them effective retroactively. In other words, they can come up with a final rule in July 2008 and can say that this rule is effective July 2005.

    That is why, I call GC a game where if your opponent feels that he is losing, he can change the rule of the game on the fly.

    It looks like USCIS can make any new laws or change rules of game anytime. They live by their will.

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  • kumarc123
    08-22 01:41 PM

    As much as I would like this bill to become law, the fact is it "Won't". The reason being the terms laid out in this bill are way to general, which will enable anyone who has done Masters from US to get a green card. Think about it, the amount of competition it will raise for both US citizens and other immigrants.

    At this point, I am very skeptical about this bill gaining any success in the future, however we should focus our efforts on the recapture bill.



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  • tonyHK12
    10-28 09:34 AM
    Yes... benchmarking is good (in many things as you suggest quality, corruption, infrastructure etc.)... but absolutely not in everything as you suggest, some things just aren't comparable given some micro-economic conditions. Further, doing so would also encourage the mindset of aping the developed countries in every department. Remember the India that we see has gone through hundreds of social and economic cycles over thousands of years. It is not a nation that came to being a few hundred years ago and was a developed country (in current terms) many times in the past.

    If one learns history then one also learns not to just take a slice of it for generalization! A holistic view of what happened in the past globally and our current state makes one realize the hidden riches and clear shortcomings in any nation. One need not level out it's hidden riches to clear the shortcomings !

    Yes I agree, our history and way of working is also different maybe better/worse, but defenitely way more experience! I don't think I would want to change any thing about family , friend relations and the way we help each other. Even some of the ways we think, has a lot of advantages.
    we always manage to get things done. There are a lot of unseen riches that are not realized completely.
    we should defenitely avoid aping the west, but pick the good stuff out of it.
    being open minded and having freedom of expression is good up to a certain point!

    India is India only... never compare it to US, and I do not think there is glamour attached to US green card, People who have the mind set of freedom and education and knowledge with a better quality of life still migrate to USA. There is no doubt about it India's economic grwoth comparing to US is really nothing.
    There is freedom and education even in India, I agree infrastructure needs improvement.
    India is 3rd in the world if you account for purchasing power parity. Don't trash India so soon. have you looked at how people lived in the US 40-50 years back? While I agree Indian IT should do more quality work and treat employees fairly. He no longer works with Infy, he just made generic comments.

    US economy is down and receission is meant to happen every 5 years in US some times to recover and job creation it takes longer if you read the US history and economics you will understand better. This time the open global media made it a big issue, that is about it. When the economy improves and things are better, again your so called glamour comes back. .
    This time is different, I do work in the financial industry.
    I would hate to say this - but was every recovery in the last 2 decades mostly due to a bubble that was created - dot-com, low interest, housing?
    There are not many bubbles left to create, and the debt was never this high.

    The growth of India should be more compared to Canada, that has a conservative financial system with lot of regulation. AKA no vegas.

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  • enggr
    03-17 11:17 AM
    What is supplimentry exam? Is it that you did some extra courses after finishing your requisite courses for Bachelors? or are you refering to clearing your backlog subjects ( subjects from previous semesters that you had not cleared?). Where did you get your degree India or US?

    supplementary is clearing the backlog subjects.(from previous semesters). So basically my degree completion is completed in 2002 (as I understood recently even though I was allowed to work and join the job I got in 2000 after my course completion). I got my degree in india. the problem is, the degree certificate they gave had date of dec 2000 in big letters and june 2002 in small letters (in parenthesis next to the dec 2000 date). the attorney took the date in big letters (dec 2000). I didn't know much about progressive experience and was not completely aware of progressive experience of EB2 requirement


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  • shana04
    11-19 10:26 AM
    Received EAD and AP, but not FP yet. Not opened SR yet.


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  • rockstart
    04-21 03:13 PM
    Trust me there is no way you can sell a diploma as equivalent to degree program. I mean all people can do is if they have 3 Yr BSc + 2 Yr MSc they can hope that CIS accepts it as equal to 4 Yr BS degree. I have seen cases of AMIE candidates rejected stating that US does not recognize AMIE. Now in these two cases atleast their home countries recognize their degrees, In your case India govt will also classify you as diploma holder and not degree holder. Also how can you add 1st year BCom with Hotel Management diploma I mean they are 2 completely different streams?

    Here is a solution that I would have done if I was in your shoes. If you have enough time on your H1 then please enroll into a community college or University and try to get a US bachelor degree. I am sure your diploma will help you to get waiver for some courses so that will save time. Also taking evening classes will let you keep your current job. I know it is tough but that is pretty much the best alternative you have. USCIS has clearly stated that your diploma is not equivalent to US degree. I mean even the best evaluation agency can do is compare India degree program to US degree program how can you compare diploma to degree


    The minimum educational requirement for the diploma was 10+2. However I did 1st year of BCom out of choice before enrolling in the 3 year diploma. The diploma was for hotel management from a Govt Funded/recognized institute with nationwide entrance tests. DOnt know their acceptance rates but it falls under the umbrella of the Ministry of Tourism.

    I think in the denial letter the officer is accepting that I have an equivalent of a bachelors degree but is still denying it. My attorney thinks that he might be mistaken & might have processed the case as EB2 instead of EB3.

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  • ramus
    05-29 05:36 PM
    I wish everybody act quickly like you.. Thanks again. Please try again.


    Thanks for the update , Yes just now I tried and I got following error from webfax, will try again and count me in I will be sending the fax.

    Immigration Voice Web Fax
    Message was not sent
    Mailer Error: Language string failed to load: recipients_failedivwebfax@gmail.com

    08-22 10:56 AM
    No, he is a good person he can do that
    Reason he is member of IV

    I think jfredr is talking about requesting Greg to post the content at AILA

    01-04 12:50 PM

    If you have one wife and u get divorced you have to give her 50% of what u have.

    What happens if you have 2 wives? ;)

    They both get 50/50 :D

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