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  • gjoe
    09-24 09:03 AM
    Read this interesting article in MSNBC


    Sad but funny too:)

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  • cram
    08-22 10:14 PM

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  • vinodmp
    02-05 09:32 PM
    I received USCIS email today saying My I485 is denied . ( I have not received the letter yet). I did sow LUD on my I 140 last week.

    I have switched employer after 7 months of 140 aproval. I also sent AC21 letters .
    I do not know whether my previous employer revoked the I140 . ( it never changed the status from approved)

    For those who got 485 deniel letter , did you see any LUD in I140 just before that ?


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  • rlavari
    02-21 09:31 PM
    Public announcement

    Immigrationvoice would like to reach out to its community to find out if they are facing any problem with AC21 related issues or had faced any such issue in the past. If you had received a denial of your application for example not having the same designation/ different salary/different location etc... please contact and we would like to assist. This would also help us try solve the larger issue of restrictions on applicants during their greencard journey where they are bound with employers, salary, designation, narrow occupation field etc.

    Please contact us at info at immigrationvoice.org

    Do post this information on other forums so that we can help out others in need on this issue.
    i send email as requested, also my application has been pending for more then 900 days with out any update back on forth in stage say interview never get letter NOID i dont understand what is going on with USCIS


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  • apnair2002
    05-11 03:18 PM

    Senate Leaders Expect Immigration Bill Next Week
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    Published: May 11, 2006
    WASHINGTON, May 11 � Senate leaders said today that they had broken a political stalemate and would bring to the floor next week an immigration bill that could put millions of illegals on the road to eventual American citizenship.

    An agreement reached today by Senators Bill Frist of Tennessee and Harry Reid of Nevada, the Republican majority and Democratic minority leaders, ends an impasse that has stalled action in the Senate for weeks while immigrants and their advocates have been holding huge demonstrations across the country.

    The deal does not mean that a bill will emerge from Congress soon. But it is significant that the Senate leaders agree to move forward, because the chamber operates under peculiar rules and traditions that can bury legislation indefinitely. Mr. Frist and Mr. Reid said they hope to schedule a vote before Memorial Day.

    Even if the Senate passes an immigration bill, it would have to be reconciled with a bill enacted in December by the House. That bill generally emphasizes border security rather than attainment of citizenship, so negotiations between Senate and House would probably be long and heated.

    "What the Democratic leader and I have laid out is a way to get on to this bill, and as you can tell, both of us are working in very good faith on the various issues that have been raised on the floor," Mr. Frist said.

    "I welcome the return of the immigration bill to the Senate floor," Mr. Reid said. "America's immigration system is broken, and our national security depends on Republicans and Democrats finding common ground to fix it. The assurances I have received from Senator Frist make me hopeful we can finally move forward on real comprehensive reform."

    The leaders' comments indicated that they had resolved the issue that had kept them apart: how many amendments to consider, and how much time to devote to them.

    "I didn't get everything that I wanted," said Mr. Reid, who blocked votes on amendments weeks ago, saying they were intended to gut the legislation. "I think the majority leader didn't get everything he wanted."

    Mr. Frist said there would be "a considerable number of amendments debated and voted on each day," and that they would be handled "in an efficient way."

    Until partisan bickering sidetracked legislation in the Senate in early April, the chamber was working on a package that offered opportunities for eventual citizenship, a guest worker program for some immigrants and measures to enhance border security. The tougher House ill focuses on border security and would crack down on illegal immigrants and those who employ them.

    Mr. Frist said 14 Republicans and 12 Democrats will negotiate with House members once the Senate passes an immigration bill. Seven of the Republicans and five of the Democrats will come from the Judiciary Committee, with the remaining negotiators to be picked by Mr. Frist and Mr. Reid.

    President Bush has said he favors legislation that would enable immigrants to become citizens, but only after they meet strict standards. He has said repeatedly that he does not favor "amnesty," a word that is anathema to many conservatives. "We congratulate the Senate on reaching agreement, and we look forward to passage of a bill prior to Memorial Day," Dana Perino, deputy White House press secretary, told The Associated Press.

    Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, called the agreement announced today "a major step forward in our fight for tough but fair immigration reform."

    "Business and labor, Democrats and Republicans, religious leaders and the American people strongly support our plan to strengthen our borders, provide a path to earned citizenship for those undocumented workers who are here and put in place a realistic guest worker program for the future," Mr. Kennedy said.

    But quick passage is by no means assured, given the complexity of the immigration debate, the emotion it stirs and the approaching elections. Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, leader of the House Republican majority, said in late April that he opposed the emerging Senate legislation and its emphasis on citizenship attainment. "I don't think that would be supported by the American people," he said.

    But the accord announced by Mr. Frist and Mr. Reid apparently means that immigration legislation will not sink out of sight in "the procedural quagmire that the Senate is," as Mr. Reid put it recently.

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  • GooblyWoobly
    09-14 07:10 PM
    here's my explanation why i think retrogression will get worse -

    1) USCIS still has not entered all the july and aug. filers. USCIS will have a good idea by Oct or Nov. how many applications are in the pipeline, how many they can approve and what the PD cut off date needs to be?

    You are just repeating yourself. Show me the logic why entering all apps will retrogress the PD?

    Let me give a concrete example. For India EB2, why would the PD not move from, say, April 2004 to January 2005, even if, say, 20 million people with priority date at 2006 apply for I485?

    Understand the procedure first. With a better idea of applications in pipeline, you will see the PD movement to be better predicted, not retrogression.

    2) with the number of applications that were filed this it is obvious that ROW will see retrogression in both EB2 and EB3 categories.

    Why is it obvious? Show me the logic man!! Instead of just stating it. If ROW was current till now on some category, everybody who were supposed to file would have filed. Why would it get retrogressed. You understand that only the unused ROW numbers trickle over ot India/China etc.

    So, you are saying you don't have a logic. You are speculating and saying only time will prove you right? Eh?


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  • 24fps
    02-23 02:53 AM
    I just dont get it. A.R Rehman has been doing amazing work for ages now and it needed a British movie to take him to the world stage. Really, his work in Dil Se...was way better than what he did in Slumdog.

    Bollywood sucks and how!!! They need to figure out how they can take their cinema to the world audience. They've been failing miserably in promoting their movies in the west. Americans welcome change and encourage talent always and our bollywood producers/directors need to tap that.

    films are made for markets, you and i might say that bollywood is shit but guess what 1.2 billion people dont think so and it works for them!

    if bollywood would try competing with hollywood it would get eaten up purely on the kind of mega budgets etc that hollywood has, bollywood has its own charm and audience and should relish it.and not loose its identity

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  • paragpujara
    10-23 09:37 PM
    It was very quick approval. anyways Congrats to you and your family. you are free bird now. :)


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  • sunny1000
    10-09 08:16 PM
    Congrats to President Obama.

    But, I don't personally agree with the selection committee's decision which suprised everybody including the President. The peace prize should go to someone who have had a track record for working towards achieving peace or the greater Good. They never gave one to M.K Gandhi who deserved it more than anybody in this world.

    Make no mistake, Mr. Obama is a messenger of peace but, the fact is that he has been awarded prematurely for something he is yet to achieve in terms of ending the wars, ending nuclear armament, mid-east peace agreement etc (even though I think he will do so in the future).

    The peace prize should not be an award for someone's intentions but for someone's actions that follow the intentions.

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  • kittu1991
    08-26 06:40 PM
    As if things weren't enough complex, today my friend told me one more thing about finger prints. His PD is 2004 Sep EB2, so he called USCIS to know the status of his application. Then they told him that his finger prints got expired (as per them they expire after every 15 months). So they will invoke the notice to get him an appointment for finger prints. They also mentioned if finger prints have expired then they can't process the application unless it gets renewed.

    Although this is first hand information, I was very surprised and not sure whether or not to believe the information given by USCIS call center.

    The information that my attorney gave me was on similar lines. From what she told me its a good sign that I got my biometric appointment for next month when my PD is current. You never know, its USCIS.


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  • gbof
    08-05 10:39 PM
    I just call them, was told that they have no additional information that what is available on the recorded message or the USCIS case status web site. I said I wanted to know if the case is 'pre-adjudicated' and the lady mentioned that that information is not disclosed. ;(

    After nearly 15 months, going by recent postings here , I was tempted to call IO to get any update on my 'pending I-485' . I happened to talk to a nice IO on my first attempt. She took some time to check on status and told me my 'name check is pending'. I told her on previous occasions / Infopass I was all the time told 'everything for me, especially name check is cleared'. She came out with an explanation---- your 2nd FP was cleared on 17 July 09 (Yes, I had 2nd FP on 7/6/09 as Ist FP in Sept 07 'expired' after 15 Mo validity) and that is why new 'name check' is initiated.

    I can not believe this. If this is so, they may have to wait for 180 days even if there is nothing adverse from fbi and the dates become current.

    It is very creepy.....
    Please, share your thoughts if uscis require NC again and again for this never ending GC process ..

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  • schrodinger
    08-10 11:13 PM
    This is def not right...I checked out the 'News' section (see link below) on the website which published the bulletin...how come they have published only the Sept bulletin and NOT any other month's bulletin....

    Pederson Immigration Law Group, P.C. - News (http://www.usvisainfo.com/content/category/1/1/31/)


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  • aadimanav
    07-18 09:34 AM
    I mailed letters to the following today.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein
    Sen. Barbara Boxer
    Rep. Zoe Lofgren


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  • dingudi
    12-11 10:17 PM
    We need to develop really intelligent strategies considering all the factors. Just throwing out ideas and organizing rallys may not be enough (although needed).

    There are a lot of intelligent people on this forum. I think we need to work on our unity, commitment and implementing of strategies.

    IV is already doing lot of these but does not seem to be working fast and effective enough.


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  • potatoeater
    08-05 11:21 AM
    Couldnt agree with you more - absolute magic from ghalib

    Actually, the lyrics are from Shahryar.

    Just wanted to give the credit to the right guy. Most ppl think of only Ghalib when it comes to Urdu poetry. There are many others too.

    And of course, Khayyam's music and Asha's haunting voice contributed to magic too.

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  • praveenat11
    10-25 03:56 PM
    Sure, the next step is
    " All lines in this route are busy , please dial after sometime"

    Can u say clearly what is ur opinion...?


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  • shimul99
    10-23 09:17 PM
    whats ur pd? eb3 or eb2? which country? ??????

    Bangladesh ---EB3

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  • aadimanav
    07-17 07:17 PM
    Emailed and Faxed the letter to Saxby Chambliss, US senator of Georgia

    That's great.

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  • 485_spouse
    03-13 01:31 PM
    added a small contributioin of $100.

    09-22 06:00 PM
    This is scheduled on 9/24

    Full Committee
    1:00 P.M. in 2141 Rayburn House Office Building

    Continued Committee Markup of: H.R. 6598, H.R. 5882, H.R. 5924, H.R. 5950, and
    To consider: a resolution and report recommending to the Hous of Representatives that Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey be cited for contempt of Congress

    04-29 09:16 AM
    I do not think they told us the lies, I think we raised our expecations too much, we did not do our homework. its one of those advertisement gimmicks,
    where they say everthying is free and at the bottom of the page there are all kinds of restrictions written in small fonts.


    BS. i found out about the 10,000 visas rule after 5 years here. before that it was always "you'll do well, you know math and so on".

    how many of you realize that the queue gets longer every year by _seven_ years? how many people applying for h1 know this?

    its not that i didn't read the fine print. _they_ kept the fine print. i was never even allowed to see it.

    and when i asked for the promotions etc due to me for my work, they said, you're free to leave.

    the intimidation is clear.

    in hindsight, yes, i should have paid a US lawyer consulation before coming here. but before coming here i've worked in 4 countries and the experience was always nice.

    except here.

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