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  • kaarmaa
    02-01 09:03 AM
    I am trying to submit my FOIA request to get copies of I140 and PERM.
    I have not applied for my I485
    Where and how do I get my A#?

    Ask your attorney.

    FYI..might help you..My attorney is so tough on providing information to me, So I said that I need the alien # to file an online AR-11, the attorney did not refuse. :)

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  • delhiguy
    07-06 12:33 PM
    What if USCIS doesnt return the applications , and releases a press note ,s aying that all applications are being accepted , but they would be processed later (not approving EAD and AP). That would be creating more havoc in our lives.

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  • Caliber
    04-02 12:27 PM
    PS : I work with one of best semiconductor companies in world and earn decent salary .
    All GULTIs , start giving me red and i don't give a** for that.

    I understand the pain of dependents. My son is also will be aging out.

    Ability to work comes from EAD which would come from filing of 485. July 2007 filing was pushed mainly by IV and only then other organizations have pushed for it. I hope you are aware of this. 2 year EAD is IV's achievement.

    All this happenned due to IV members and dedicated IV core. The president of this site IV is not a GULTI, but an Indian who donated about 60,000.00 US dollars. Yes, US $ 60K. He is also just like you and me. Never thought of divisions among immigrants: Neither Indian, Chinese, Philippines nor any origin. We have members from all over the world. The majority unfortunately is from India due to severe retrogression.

    Had president of IV not donated 60,000.00, majority of us would still be struggling for spouse to work.

    Please read IV's goals. Then you can comment whatever you want. Without funds, nothing can be moved. We have to lobby. That is the only option we have. IV core is also like you and me with normal jobs. They can not fly to DC every week or month for lobbying.

    Please think before posting some thing.

    I am not part of core, but have symtahies on them for doing a THANKLESS job for every one's good.

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  • vahdam
    11-01 07:39 PM
    i guess the theory sounds feasible, but practically speaking, it cannot be executed at this time.


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  • chnaveen
    06-20 04:44 PM
    I am writing this on behalf of a friend whom I helped him in e-filing his EAD& AP Renewal.

    I too had the same situation. Before it gave this message, it gave a warning, Middle Name is not entered. Since it was a warning, I ignored it and went to the next screen, but there it gave the same message as you got "are still suggested fields not completed on the following forms".
    I veryfied each and every field and tried 3/4 times, but every time the same message, out of frustration, I just some middle initial and submitted, then it worked.
    But actually there is no middle name in my name. But the form got submitted with the confirmation.
    I called the USCIS and told them about the same problem, they asked to submit a letter asking for correction of the name along with supporting documents. SO I have submitted the same.
    Actually I have applied both EAD and AP e-file simultaneously. Both are Renewals.
    I have received the receipt for EAD, but not for AP. Also recieved the FP notice for EAD.
    I called USCIS again, said about not received the AP receipt notice. They said, they have mailed it. but I said about the middle name problem and said not received yet. They said since I submitted a letter for correcting Name, that will take care of it. For not receving the Receipt notice for AP, they said, they will mail a new one.
    Exactly after one month(Whichi is yesterday), I have received the replacement Receipt Notice of AP, but suprisingly the receipt number on this is mentioned the actual Receipt number of the EAD, but clearlt mentioned this application is of Case Type I-131. So I called USCIS again and said about the wrong receipt number, they gave me a confirmation number on the case and said, wait for 45 days and call then if I don;t receive any update on this.

    I am trying to efile an AP application right now. It always says following lines at the end of 131 form step.
    Note:There are still suggested fields not completed on the following forms:
    I really do not know as to why its doing so. I have checked several times that I have not left any field blank that is required. Did somebosy also see the same issue ?

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  • gg_ny
    04-03 02:32 PM
    Hi Ragz4u,

    This is THE time to stop answering negative mails,and convincing chronic doubters. It definitely distracts. Maybe until the bills gets to voting on the Senate floor, we should all unilaterally stop spilling out our doubts and apprehensions on to the forum. Any serious chronic and obsessive doubters should write a PM to Ragz4u or any other internal contacts.

    Now, coming to more useful part: Many of the universities and research institutions employ chinese and Indian postdocs and researchers on H1. Many of them sponsor GCs via EB2 and rarely EB1. Although many members here in the forum are under EB3 (isn't it?), the retrogression affects both EB2 AND EB3. The catch is, these institutions come under (many of them if not most) a category called non-profit, no cap etc. Looks like they cannot, as institutions, lobby against retrogression. I personally tried to do this in my institution but I was turned away; also my institution is very small unlike for example: University of California schools, or University of Texas schools. In all these institutions, the affected researchers work for individual Nobel laureates, accomplished professors (both chinese and Indian origin AND native born Americans) who can support the efforts. That requires a nodal point for information exchange. One side, IV can do this and on the other end, there are somethings called: postdoctoral fellow associations in many universities.
    They are cataloged at: http://www.nationalpostdoc.org/
    It will make more sense for an organization like IV trying to convince NPA to raise this issue than individuals like me. I have been in science for 14 years and I say from my experience.

    There are two renowned science journals that talk about career issues.

    The journal Science www.sciencemag.org has a portal called NextWave that deals with career issues of scientists. They frequently write about many visa issues but they need to be dealing with a resource to write about retrogression etc.


    Another equally good portal belongs to Nature journal:

    Eveybody talks about retaining best talents back in US but there is no support heard from academic communites on this. So instead of answering
    chronic doubters, IV should try to reach out to these organizations.


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  • a1b2c3
    10-02 11:19 AM
    Think they revamp their systems before starting off with the new year.

    Dec Bulletin will see EB categories being opened up. Don't think there will be any change in Nov Visa bulletin.

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  • akela_topchi
    01-14 02:14 PM
    relax buddy :)

    Great breakthrough in computational politics.........why did you not apply in EB1 ?


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  • anilsal
    07-21 02:31 PM
    Let us hear more info from the IV core about the SKIL bill and why the dems voted nay for it. Just do not go analyzing things from your perspective, on a public forum.

    Just the way, IV was instrumental in getting the July Visa Bulletin fiasco rectified, they are on top of everything(I am sure). Have a nice week end.

    Why don't you PM the core members directly looking for answers?

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  • vrkgali
    09-15 01:02 PM
    Just because somebody's plans worked well , and some body's wife is happy staying home , all those GC chasers are now fools.
    There are areas in USA where there is no appreciation at all in the real estate market , and not everybody is lucky enough to get the jobs immediately after coming on to the bench ., on H1B VISA.

    In my opinion , 90% of the people on this forum have got all plans and ideas on what to do if there is no GC.But 100% of the peoples plans will be more successful ..if there is GC in hand.


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  • Nickjr
    04-14 07:31 PM
    Yesterday, I was told by the client that my project is going to end by this month end i.e Apr 30. Actually it was supposed to go for the next 2 years. I am currently in the project working for the project. They said the lay off was becoz of budget

    ************************************************** **************

    Sorry to hear this however you can go for COBRA. these days u can avail Obama discount as well which brings your insurance down by 60 percent so u will be pretty much paying the same what u are paying now.

    Employer has every right to terminate employee so we can't go gainst the emploer.

    Stick to COBRA..

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  • jfredr
    07-19 01:43 PM
    EB2 Reached on 2nd @9:01 AM


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  • karthkc
    09-05 05:13 PM
    The hard part about a consulting position in your scenario is the ability to keep your project pipeline flowing.

    If you are in a field like say SAP where the demand is always there, its easier to market yourself without too much effort.

    My personal opinion, note your skillsets, see if they are hot in the market and if so, keep your options flexible and try to market directly. If you are not comfortable networking or being in constant touch with resources that can help you with an opportunity, then consult under a firm...

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  • bigboy007
    07-25 04:49 PM
    Expectation is itself on July 2nd courier based Apps were around 20000+ but ofcourse after 2nd the no. of applications significantly reduced hope for the best


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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    03-11 11:31 AM
    let us start May 2009 predictions.

    EB3-I 2003 October

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  • nonimmi
    05-24 10:39 AM
    Basically they want to prevent offshoring legally... meaning

    if microsoft wants job done.. hire locally.. or bring people on direct H1 so they net the taxes. or do the job overseas.

    If Infosys brings people - do not let them work in CIsco, microsoft or, HP... that way they put overseas company OUT OF Business

    USA needs fruit pickers not hi tec, this can be outsourced..

    These guys dont know what reality is. That is the reason Microsoft, Intel, HP CEOs speak openly against the system. Color of Party changed in DC but their mind did not. This is unfortunate for this country. Doing all these non-sense they are going backword and making another mistake which may be beyond repair.

    Stopping outsourcing and restricting Indian IT companies may never be successful. They will find a way to deal with it. Only we people will suffer because of this outcome.


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  • ameryki
    08-29 01:12 PM
    Can somebody answer this question of mine please.

    If you are efiling it will automatically assign you the service center that you should be filing to. Better shoot for that to avoid any issues.

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  • GreeNever
    03-28 11:02 AM
    Great Chance! I am not sure how much of time we will be given. I agree that communication skills are of tantamount importance to the substance that we plan on putting forth. How about folks who have done our presentation earlier? We need statistics/numbers and our presentation material bears that or, we could garner more. I do not believe in short-changing any of the objectives. Priority may change but all provisions are core. As a case study then, we let an individual to present himself. That way the whole presentation is broad-based and goes as planned.

    Also, please factor in that this could well turn out to be an interactive session later. (Some may be out to shoot us ;) )With the amount of superlative material already flowing across the forum and the drive within us, we are definitely upto it! Please plan on carrying a slide that lists prominent immigrants who are success stories (Kalpana Chawla !).

    Is there a way we could get to see how many of us folks hold an Advanced degree? Any IITians around for the show? Let's conference around and get to the nitty-gritty details, dress code, way of formal addressing, hand-outs et al., and run the rehearsal (s) by QGA.

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  • heywhat
    04-02 12:28 AM

    For FOIA donation .. IV had action plan and currently working on it ... did you contribute ? If you do not want to contribute, do not contribute .. why do you want to create un -necessary unrest in forum ?


    P.S. I did not give you red ...

    IV needs to come out with a action plan or tell what it intends to do with the donations. once they are more open, donations will flow. I know IV is non profit org but that does not mean that funds cannot be misused. (I need more red dots please :))

    02-25 11:37 AM
    Change the language and target too. I am thinking to draft a letter to send Home Builder Assoc and Car companies that I am not able to buy Home and Car because I am not getting loan. I need a car and home as I am paying rent every month around 1500. I am willing to pay 25% down and have credit score more than 700. No any kind of violation. Paied off first car loan. I am experienced enough to find another job in such bad economy. The only thing that I dont have is GC for which I am waiting for last 8 years. If I get GC probably I will get good loan faster and cheaper. If you lobby for us for GC probably not only me many other immigrant will get loans.

    Never ever mention that it will improve economy.

    Waiting for comments.

    I like this idea of getting assistance from lobbyists in HBA and other assoc. They already have established their presence in Washington. If we can sell them this plan, I think something can be done. We need a horse to ride to DC.

    01-13 01:58 PM
    Eb2 have never moved beyond may 2004.. so until it goes past that.. these movements are not really worth anything.. it has to overcome that resistance.. then maybe 2005 will be a reality


    Slow and steady is good in contrast to arbitrary, jerky movements, suddenly forward and then suddenly backward into the ice age, which does only harm and no good to anyone. Like they did it in July 07 and then closed down the gates.

    I'm hoping EB2-I marches right into 2005.
    Hopefully, EB3-I will also see forward movements well into 2002. Let's keep all our fingers crossed.

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