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  • a.j.2048
    02-15 06:32 PM
    just a few years back the masters quota would take till aug to fill up , and this time it went in to lottery , i wonder how :rolleyes:

    It's not surprising. The EB system is so slow that there is demand from spouses of H holders for H1 either before or after an MS. This is new demand that in earlier years did not exist due to people getting EADs fairly quickly. Also add to that the production of MS degrees by the universities locally and the growth of the economy in this decade. The demand for the H1 are only a symptom of clogged EB system.

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  • sina
    07-21 12:23 PM
    Could some one please guide me as to how to look for jobs in canada.
    I am in IT and my husband is finishing up his Phd in business management.
    Is there any website that one can look for jobs like monster or dice.

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  • kshitijnt
    08-16 03:27 PM
    I never understood this "exploitation thing". This is America...

    If someone is exploiting we all have a choice. We can change employers; go back home, etc.

    It may not be a totally open market but it is not like you have handcuffs around you. This type of talk of exploiting, slavery only hurts everyones cause.

    United nations exploitation means, finding out at the end of 3 years period my employer played games with me. Finding out that A LOT more was promised that delivered. Finding out I made a long term decision to persue career in US only to realise that I was used as a cheap labor and when I INVESTED substantial time here, I got to know that employer is using creative ways to keep cost down, hamper growth opportunities. Have you ever been cheated? Then you will know what it feels like. Going back home is always an option but a boneheaded one. Eventually that might happen too!

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  • potatoeater
    08-03 03:51 PM
    Justaju jiski thi, usko to na paya humne..
    Is bahane magar dekh li duniya humne.

    (Song from Umrao Jaan)

    After wandering through 12 US states in past 12 years, thats what accurately sums up my quest for GC. :)

    EB3 I = June '03
    EB2 I = C

    "Unke dekhe se jo aa jaatee hai MuNh par raunaq
    Woh samjhte haiN ke beemar ka haal achaha hai

    hamko ma'aloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin
    dil ke Khush rakhne ko, 'GHalib' yeh KHayaal achaha hai"
    Ref: Ghazal by Mirza Ghalib :)


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-25 06:12 PM
    Would like to clear two things:
    1) I did not give you red :)
    2) Mine is TSC all the way from 140, no RFE, same company for 6 years + and still no result :)

    :p Thanks on the first one

    I was meaning that message for seekerinpeace for the transfer :)

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  • gccovet
    05-21 01:36 PM
    I don't know about that...is it true that i can get interim EAD after 90 days???

    Not sure if this rule still valid (some websites still has them , including murthy),
    check this out



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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    07-25 02:19 PM

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  • Humhongekamyab
    01-15 03:04 PM
    whome do you want to kill buddy?

    No one. Just want to exercise my right to bear arm under Constitution's Second Amendment :p.


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  • pappu
    02-10 04:53 PM

    Target 1000

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  • mallu
    06-15 07:50 PM
    FBI Namecheck status (not good news) (pg. 37 of the report)

    As of May 2007, USCIS reported a staggering 329,160 FBI name check cases pending, with approximately 64 percent (211,341) of those cases pending more than 90 days and approximately 32 percent (106,738) pending more than one year.40 While the percentages of long-pending cases compared to last year are similar, the absolute numbers have increased. There are now 93,358 more cases pending the name check than last year. Perhaps most disturbing, there are 31,144 FBI name check cases pending more than 33 months as compared to 21,570 last year � over a 44 percent increase in the number of cases pending more than 33 months.4

    And it is only 1 year of filing I-485 ( can i take comfort that many others have been stuck 2 year, 3 year etc ). ANother reason why visa numbers got wasted is that many fellas got stuck in namecheck ( Ask many of the Indian/Chinese/Russian folks ).

    I don't what crappy way they use to separate good from bad.


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  • 21stIcon
    02-20 10:19 AM
    Please check you investment account balance and find out how much actual money goes to your account, there are hefty financial charges for whole life, Prudential charged me $62 as finance charge and $16 as insurance cost out of $116 monthly premium rest $42 went investment account.

    why would any one pay 70% as a financial charge?, I canceled policy....

    Check your account and let me know?


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  • ianlock
    09-13 12:40 PM
    I think it was a pun, arse-ole => stinks !! :-)

    sorry i didnt realise.



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  • chanduv23
    07-31 01:27 PM
    The document was published on April 30th 2008 , its a year old document means nothing at this moment of time.

    I agree that "something to do with economy" is a rumor.

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  • Openarms
    06-02 05:24 PM
    The summary in OpenCongress.org says below: that means it is only for family based gc not employmement based gc?? where can we read full info??
    This legislation would reform the family-based immigration system and speed up the process for family members of legal immigrants to secure visas. Specifically, it would reclassify spouses and children of legal immigrants as immediate relatives, raise the per-country family-sponsored immigration limits from 7 percent to 10 percent of total admissions, recapture visas that went unused in previous years due to bureaucratic errors, allow widows and spouses to remain eligible for visas after the death of a sponsoring family member, and more.


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  • ganguteli
    04-06 01:49 PM
    Since you ask - the answer is YES. Not sure if you have heard of the "Servant Leadeship" but that is a management philosophy that believes an organization makes the most progress when the "leaders" at the top take the attitude of being "Servants" to those below them. The idea is based on the simple premise that people are more engaged and motivated to work when their boss listens to them and takes the trouble to keep them updated on what is going on. Instead, "Leaders" can always take the "high and mighty" road where they look down upon those below them (for various reasons - lack of trust being just one of them) but that is never going to be as effective or efficient as the former model I just mentioned. Don't take it from me though - feel free to do your own research on this topic and you will find that an increasing number of companies are starting to adopt this philosophy in order to achieve superior results and you don't have to look far to see how this is being practised in the world of politics today (President Obama)..

    I have one question for you:
    Are you willing to copy paste what you have written above and send it to your VP and CEO of the company and ask them to behave like your servants because this is the best philosophy for a company to progress? :D:D

    Please also ask them to be transparent and keep all employees informed of all discussions because you contribute your sweat and blood for the company?

    Can you do that?

    Likewise can you write this to your lawyer and ask him to behave like a servant because you pay him lot of money? :D:D

    Come on. Just because we have this open forum where we can hide our identity does not mean we can write anything. On this thread I see 2 anti-immigrant, anti-IV posters. They pose as regular members and whenever anyone posts such thread they do not lose any opportunity to attack.

    Let me share my experience with IV. Initially I did not know much about IV and when my friends said lot of good things about it, I always dismissed them and never came to the site. Then one day I decided to check myself and contacted IV and a core member was nice enough to explain everything. My senior member friends from my town were also helpful in explaining. So I will let them do the good work they are doing. I know I cannot spend so much time on social service that they do. I would rather spend my time on the beach playing beach ball.

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  • gcisadawg
    08-27 01:50 PM
    In Maryland, they didnt ask for any document when I took my about to be expired DL to the MVA (Motor vehicles Admin) last year. The guy said as long as you have $30, we would renew your expired license!

    However, getting a new DL for my wife was a nightmare. We had to schedule an
    appointment through a phone line which worked only two or three days in a month! After many tries, we gave up!


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  • desi3933
    06-18 11:50 AM
    Another important question is: Will USCIS allow AC21 without an approved EAD?

    One does NOT need EAD to use AC21. I don't understand the panic.

    In fact, one can be working at Employer B and can claim AC-21 for Employer C as a future job.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 12:48 PM
    Any reference for what you wrote.

    THis thread is confusing a lot of people. My understanding in once 1485 is pending , one can to county office get EAD card after a month. Gurus please input your comments

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  • kiran_k02
    08-03 01:53 PM
    Let us say USCIS has unused visas, which they want to allocate and they have moved cutoff dates to Jun, 2006 for EB2, similarly Sep 03 for EB3.

    My question is, will the visa issuance would be in the order of Priority Dates? or Notification Dates? Recently there has been lot of pressure on USCIS to issue processing results based on Priority Dates, will this force USCIS to correct its ways and issue visas based on Priority Dates.

    I might have digressed a little bit on the topic of predicting cutoff dates but this question is lingering among all the IV folks who would be current or already current.

    04-12 07:25 PM
    i have been trying a lot to convince my friends to sign up but it is useless man. unless they feel the pain they dont see it. for most of the 20$ is nothing but they will not sign up for iv..

    Then lets pay for one more guy till you get him in. Don't give up, take this as challenge. I will sign up rrightnow for one more guy till I don't get one in.

    Do you agree?

    Sree Swathi
    04-21 02:30 PM
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