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  • gbof
    05-25 02:34 PM
    EAD Paper Filed 4/12 to Phoenix Lockbox.
    RD 4/23. Check cashed 4/23
    Transferred to CSC as my 485 was receipted from CSC????
    LUDs 4/29.

    CPO 5/25..........:D

    Paper filed EAD: 4/12,
    Check Cashed: 4/23
    CPO: 5/10 (hard lud), luds for 4-5 times
    Hard lud: Documents mailed, 5/13
    Hard lud: Post Decision Activity: 5/24 , soft lud 5/25

    Card yet to arrive ....

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  • sdrblr
    09-01 12:53 PM
    I dont think it is as simple as that. I feel they have a bunch of pre-adj files and they take a "one last look" at it before approving.

    If cases are preadjudicated and approval is just matter of of running script to identify probable applicants then we should see all(Based on number VISA availability) the Approvals today only.

    But that seems not the case.

    So what is their Process to handle Preadjudicated cases?

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  • akhilmahajan
    07-30 11:28 AM
    Even i got it from MSC.

    TSC or MSC.

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  • rkg000
    03-25 04:21 PM
    1. You stopped worrying because you got your EAD at least.

    2. USCIS is not asking to prove relationship with your great grandparents every time you go for H1B extension

    3. You don�t need to worry about the VO at POE or consulate and not postponing your India trip for 3-4 years now.

    4. Even though you are on project and pay roll is running, paying the tax...don�t lose your sleep over what memo comes next before the next H1B extension.

    Our people are not worrying until it strikes them. Till then they will ask all sorts of questions and have attitude of why should I donate. You can see now and then a thread on IV - Help urgent, I-485 denied, H4- denied.

    Why its urgent now for them...?

    Mr. Nathan I have a great deal of respect for you and all those who have committed themselves to driving IV and all activities it is doing. But what you understood from my post is entirely wrong, and I have to explain why, because if this is the misconception you are having, not about me in particular but everyone who is not involved, then it definitely needs answers.
    As I already clarified, I had stopped worrying about GC, long time ago, not after getting EAD.
    I bought a house when I didn't even start my current GC process.
    I went to India (Chennai) in my 7th year for H1 extension stamping (after completing 6 yrs of H1 and before I even filed 485). I didn't postpone it till I got EAD.
    I left my employer who had filed for my labor in 2004 because he started acting up at the end of my project and started GC process with new employer well into my 6th year.

    I do understand some people run to IV only in time of need. But all I am saying is not to paint everyone with same brush. Even if you think about people who want anything to do with IV only when there is need, lets try winning them over rather than stating the obvious and ridiculing them.


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  • Saralayar
    07-15 11:37 AM
    I dont have knowledge/experience in leading these efforts. I can give 30-60 mins of time everyday and contribute. If someone has more experience, ready to help.

    I am also ready to coordinate if someone take a lead on this...

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  • gcformeornot
    04-12 12:01 PM
    the lockbox facility is creating delays.... Can IV take this issue up with Ombudsman or some other IV contacts?


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  • sanju_dba
    07-15 09:27 AM
    it reminds me of Independence struggle . before the results all were together, and afterwards a split in nation! :(

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  • istrategist
    05-03 02:56 PM
    So on 4/23 they sent it back to TSC, and today, May 3, I got an update saying that it is now transferred to a USCIS office.
    Any ideas why?

    my EAD app was delivered to tx on 3/29, and I got a text on 4/6 saying it was accepted and routed to VSC. A few days later, I got the notice in the mail.


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  • needhelp!
    09-20 02:31 PM
    I met pappu for the first time at the reception registration, and someone had to point out to me that it was him heeeee. Honored to meet you!
    pdakwala, you are the best, you were the one who called me and tried to get AA to waive the change fees for me, and I had really looked forward to meeting you. It is plainly evident that you guys really care about your members.
    Paskal, I had seen your picture before, so I knew it was you. You made us walk all the way back to the starting point by which time all the cleanup was already done!
    MACACA IS REALLY MY CHACHA NOW :) I couldn't stop shouting MACACA randomly. I think I even shouted PAPPU out of dhiren's car.
    Aman, I couldn't believe how everyone was approaching him for all the pettiest of things (including myself) and he always obliged.
    LogicLife is too proud.. he didn't take the rose I offered him during the rally. I don't want to have anything to do with him now!!

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  • immigration1234
    05-03 03:34 PM


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  • ArkBird
    07-05 03:49 AM
    I think the number 8742 is taken from 485 inventory report so it includes dependents

    Have dependants been counted as part of the 8742 applicants - or are they just primary applicants?

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  • RRG
    07-11 05:48 PM
    Now that we have the people aware through Flowers, we can go for the big kill.
    Advertize in Newspapers in D.C., State capitals or National newspapers
    We can contribute to IV and IV can advertize.
    Half page ad with facts, events and Rep. Lofgren letter.
    Nothing works better than mass media awareness
    What do you think IV?


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  • amitjoey
    01-03 04:53 PM
    We are 7982 members. Need only 18 members to be 8000 strong.
    Good job guys!! Proud of you!!

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  • chanduv23
    07-11 09:06 PM
    Congresswoman Lofgren on Visa Bulletin Debacle
    Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 07071165 (posted Jul. 11, 2007)"

    For Immediate Release: July 11, 2007
    CONTACT: Pedro Ribeiro
    202-225-3072, pedro.ribeiro@mail.house.gov

    Rep. Lofgren Requests Written Response to Questions on Updated Visa Bulletin

    Washington, D.C. - Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) today sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Chertoff requesting "all correspondence, e-mails, memoranda, notes, field guidance or other documentation relating to the issuance" of the "Update to July Visa Availability" on July 2, 2007. The letter contains thirteen separate questions and requests for information relevant to the issuance of the updated Visa Bulletin.

    "The Department's unprecedented decision to reject adjustment of status applications has caused needless hardship and disruption to countless immigrants," noted Rep. Zoe Lofgren. "It has also come to my attention that USCIS began returning visa numbers to the State Department as early as Thursday, July 5, 2007, due to their inability to review applications effectively. The Department of Homeland Security has once again demonstrated its inability to complete even its core missions. This debacle demonstrates the need for more transparency and oversight of the department's operations and procedures."

    The full text of the letter is included below:

    July 11, 2007

    The Honorable Michael Chertoff
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, DC 20528

    Dear Secretary Chertoff:

    On July 2, 2007, the Department of State (DOS) issued an "Update to July Visa Availability," which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) apparently relied on to suspend its acceptance of adjustment of status applications based on employment-based immigrant petitions. DOS and DHS acted on these matters despite my request that the agencies provide the Subcommittee with certain information before taking such actions.

    At no point since my letter to you dated July 2, 2007, have I received any information in writing from the Department. Given this failure, I am now requesting that you provide to me, within three days of the date of this letter, the following information:

    1. All correspondence, e-mails, memoranda, notes, field guidance or other documentation relating to the issuance of or the Department of Homeland Security's actions regarding the July Visa Bulletin, which made all employment-based immigrant visa categories (except the "other worker" category) current. The term "Department of Homeland Security" includes DHS or any component thereof.

    2. All e-mails, correspondence, memoranda, notes, field guidance or other documentation relating to the issuance of or the Department of Homeland Security's actions regarding the "Update to July Visa Availability" issued on July 2, 2007. The term "Department of Homeland Security" includes DHS or any component thereof.

    3. All correspondence, e-mails, memoranda, notes, field guidance or other documentation between the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, the Department of Justice and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation relating to the availability of visa numbers for the month of July 2007, the issuance of or the Department of Homeland Security's actions regarding the "Update to July Visa Availability" issued on July 2, 2007, the processing of security or name checks in connection with visa number requests through the end of FY 2007, and/or the determination to suspend or reject the acceptance of adjustment of status applications. The terms "Department of Homeland Security," "Department of State," "Department of Justice" and "Federal Bureau of Investigation" include DHS, DOS, DOJ, FBI or any components of those agencies.

    4. A detailed description of any existing or proposed understanding, arrangement and/or agreement between DHS (or any component thereof, including, but not limited to, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) and the FBI (or any component thereof) relating to name checks or other security checks conducted with respect to immigration applications or petitions.

    5. A detailed description of how DHS and/or the FBI expect the processes for such name or security checks to change through the end of FY 2007, and, in particular, within the month of July 2007.

    6. A detailed description, including, but not limited to, a statistical tallying, of all employment-based immigration cases, petitions, applications or other files for which DHS (or any component thereof, including, but not limited to USCIS) requested a visa number between May 2007 and July 2, 2007, inclusive, for which any name or security check was pending, uncompleted or otherwise awaiting action on a security or name check. (Hereinafter, such cases will be referred to as cases for which visa numbers were "pre-requested.")

    7. The specific legal authority on which DHS (or any component thereof, including, but not limited to, USCIS) relied to "pre-request" visa numbers for cases, applications, petitions or other files for which security or name checks were pending, uncompleted or otherwise awaiting action. The response to this question shall include copies of the specific legal authority, including statutory provisions, regulations, field manuals, policy memoranda, policy guidance or other documentation relied upon, as well as the date or dates on which such authority was last revised or issued, the substance of any revision and the original text that was revised.

    8. Any and all correspondence, e-mails, memoranda, field guidance, notes or other documentation discussing or referencing the agency's decision to "pre-request" visa numbers for which security or name checks were pending, uncompleted or otherwise awaiting action.

    9. Any and all field guidance, e-mails, correspondence, memoranda, notes or other documentation discussing or referencing the agency's plans, policies or other proposed or expected actions in the event security or name checks for cases, applications, petitions or other files for which the agency "pre-requested" visa numbers are not or do not get completed during July 2007 or the remainder of FY 2007, including, but not limited to, whether the agency has proposed or intends to return, or has discussed returning, visa numbers for such cases to DOS.

    10. Any and all correspondence, e-mails, memoranda, notes or other documentation between DHS (including any component thereof, including, but not limited to, USCIS) and DOS regarding the availability of visa numbers for June 2007, July 2007, or any remaining month of FY 2007, including, but not limited to, the anticipated numbers available during such months, the expected or anticipated usage of or requests for such numbers and/or the update, revision, restatement or alteration of the July Visa Bulletin.

    11. Any and all records or other documentation (with a summary for ease of analysis) regarding historic patterns of overtime ordered for work on weekends, including specifically the weekend leading up to July 2, 2007, and the reasons in each case that prompted the overtime, for the past three years.

    12. Any and all records or other documentation (with a summary for ease of analysis) regarding historic patterns of adjudication of adjustment of status cases, including a breakout for adjustment of status cases based on employment-based immigrant petitions, on a monthly basis for the past three years.

    13. Any and all records, analyses, spreadsheets, related e-mails, memoranda, correspondence or other documentation evaluating the potential financial effects to DHS (or any component thereof, including, but not limited to USCIS) if adjustment of status cases eligible for filing under the initial July 2007 Visa Bulletin were filed before, on or after July 30, 2007.

    Thank you for your immediate consideration of this very important matter.


    Zoe Lofgren
    Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship,
    Refugees, Border Security & International Law

    cc: Secretary Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Department of State

    Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is serving her seventh term in Congress representing most of the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County. She serves as Chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law. She also Chairs the House Administration Subcommittee on Elections and serves on the House Homeland Security Committee. Congresswoman Lofgren is Chair of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation consisting of 34 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives from California.


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  • gc_on_demand
    05-15 03:56 PM
    ques for IV core - Are we not supporting HR 6039 - exempt US Grads from GC VISA numbers?


    Please update thread and include this bill too .. It is in our favor too. And we will get more support from Student commuity.. or recent F1 ---> H1B people who haven't even think about getting GC. Right now they feel lucky that they got selected.

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  • sroyc
    10-12 07:38 PM
    It looks like you are aware of some USCIS internal policy that is not known to all. I used to think that the policy was based on the per country quota for each category. Maybe you can enlighten us all. What is the acceptable gap in PDs between EB2 and EB3 for AOS approvals? In your example it seems to be less than 4 years. Can someone with a PD of 2005 (EB2) get approved before another person with a PD of 2001 (EB3). Since you seem to understand the policy so well, could you please explain it in detail with specifics?

    First of all you did not have to bring EB1 in the discussion. I do not understand where did you feel challenged so have to come up with biting tone. FIFO is category base... You are bringing nothing new. Kid waiting in India for his first flight to USA know that. You have to have a eye to see the big picture. If you analyze the whole design and take the perspective country based... You will find that retrogression policy in addition to FIFO's ultimate effect is - for an example-EB2-India: 2006 PD would not be able to get his GC before EB3-2002. But somebody must not be mentally challenged to derive that. It is not long wait. From next bulletin you will start seeing pattern.


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  • ChampU2008
    10-27 11:15 AM
    Lets look at Rep. Smith - Reclaim American Jobs Caucus | Congressman Lamar Smith (http://lamarsmith.house.gov/Issues/Issue/?IssueID=14781)
    he is against amnesty and for border control.
    --> the cir menendez bill has all the border control provisions that the republicans want (in fact, it is entirely what they want) - so one issue is addressed.
    --> illegal immigrants who are already in the country - record number of them have been deported in the 2 years under this administration (more than the republican presidents in the past!), trying to deport them all will take billions of dollars (which the govt does not have - or will it be charged on the legal immigrants?). Yes, one should not support lawbreakers, but just saying that does not solve the problems......what proposals are there that will address the illegal immigrants? nothing.
    the talking points are:
    border control, we are against amnesty. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Provide solutions, if not a path towards legalization with due fines, what alternative do you suggest?

    Lamar Smith's webpage:

    --> Sounds pro legal immigrants right. For now, yes.
    --> How many of the H4 spouses said they have no intention of working in the US in the visa interview? How long before they come for us, for using the legal immigration loopholes to enter the job market? Is it fair for qualified spouses to stay home when they can contribute to the economy - absolutely not!! But in the eyes of the americans, are they taking away the jobs? absolutely!
    IF not now, these very people will come after us too..

    what do you think?

    Frankly, I have not yet heard any noise being created regarding H4s converting to H1s and joining the workforce, legally.

    If someone who came here on an H4/F2, upgrades their skillset via formal education (no issues in this case!) or via professional training and the ability to fake experience and sell it to land a "project" (no legal issues here, only moral issues and hats off to their guts.. How do they do that??) then they absolutely deserve to be in the workforce.

    There is a lot of noise about H1Bs but most of it was focussed on Indian IT giants locking up the H1Bs by the 1000s and (in the anti-immigrant lobby's words) "bring in cheap labor from India". Another blemish brought about on H1B is "gross exploitation of systemic loopholes by IT consulting companies (mostly owned by Indians) ". These issues are being addressed by USCIS by increasing scruitny before issuing new H1B approvals.

    If your company has played by the rules, your credentials are not flawed, there is very little to worry about.

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  • flresident
    05-03 02:10 PM
    I am also current right now. I have seen some approvals on other trackers. But few not many.

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  • ramus
    06-29 08:14 AM
    Very well said.. This will give a little hope to everybody..
    Thanks for your post.

    QUOTE=shantak]Here is what my attorney has sent regarding the AILA release, i dont know whether to believe him or other attorneys, i think i have no choice but to go with what my attorney says.He has been really good in these kinds ofnotices for the past 3 plus years, hope he is correct even with this.

    1)There is no way that USCIS would get away with shutting down filing of EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 Adjustment filings without a massive class action lawsuit against the agency;
    2)The power to determine the availability or non-availability of permanent residence visa numbers rests solely with the Department of State. USCIS rejected the �Other Worker� Adjustments based upon a notice from the Department of State that there were no longer any visa numbers for the category. I recently attended our annual AILA immigration conference and there were members in attendance who had interviewed the Department of State official who sets the priority dates. The understanding was unequivocal that the Department of State office felt the numbers would remain available throughout July, and perhaps, as late as September;
    3)At this time, there are 40,000 immigrant visa numbers available for the rest of the fiscal year. This means that in order for the Department of State to issue any kind of notice to USCIS, 40,000 permanent residence petitions would have to be APPROVED prior to the end of July. I am highlighting the word approved, because I need for all of my clients to understand that between June and July, there will a lot more than 40,000 Adjustments filed. However, what determines an immigrant visa number usage is the approval of a permanent residence.

    Now let�s go back to simple math: there are 140,000 immigrant visas available per fiscal year. 40,000 visa numbers are available at this time. The fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th. That means that in the first 9 months of the fiscal year, the Department of State and USCIS have managed to approve 100,000, which turns out to be 11,111 petitions per month. There is no possible way that USCIS and the Department of State are going to approve almost 4 times the number of permanent residencies in the month of July. The agencies do not have the time, nor do they have the manpower to approve 40,000 petitions within the next 30 days or so. That is the very reason why the Department of State official solely responsible for the priority dates felt pretty good about the availability of visa numbers throughout the month of July when he spoke to my colleagues from AILA.

    To be honest with all of you, I was really disappointed in the message from AILA. In the rush to �inform,� they forgot to pause, analyze and really discuss the true possibility that USCIS would be directed by the Department of State to halt receipt of Adjustment of Status petitions. I want my clients to know this: at this point, I am not worried that the visa numbers will not be available throughout July. If I were worried, I would let you know. My responsibility is to guide you through this process and if there is any genuine worry on my part, I will let you know IMMEDIATELY.[/QUOTE]

    09-20 04:38 PM
    IV had brought in hundreds of T - shirts to hand out. We were giving them out to everyone with a request to contribute on the web site. When we were out,
    one of our volunteers, Kaushal, I think (don't know iv handle), he took out his own IV tshirt and gave it away!!

    Another thing, I want to thank all the volunteer(s) who were asked to stay back to take care of the origin point and couldn't march in the rally.
    Do you know who it was? If Kaushal is reading this, please PM me. IV would like to reward this generous gesture. We would like to send you an IV t-shirt.

    As an anecdote: It took six volunteers to bring all the T-shirts to the venue.
    A lot of heavy duty weightlifting at the airport check ins. A lot of labor went into all this. People who got a T-shirt, please contribute to IV to cover the cost of the T-shirts.

    I remember, JazzByThe Bay missed the Monday reception because of change in plans by some volunteer who was suppose to pick him up at the Dulles airport. Jazz, who flew from California, brought the heavy T-shirt box along with his own luggage right to the Capital building. I was really surprised when he didn't complain about missing the dinner but was more concerned about the timely delivery of T-shirts. Our work is made easy by such dedicated members


    09-02 08:46 PM
    With parameshwara's anugrah, my status changed yesterday(Sep 1st, 2009) to "Card Production Ordered".

    End to my long wait and frustration.

    I wish and hope others get their card soon.

    Thanks to ImmigrationVoice team for their work without them, USCIS wouldn't be so efficient and wouldn't have cared to process the applications in the order of PD. IV is doing lot of things which will help the immigration community and I completely support their activities.

    I have donated to IV before and now I am starting a new monthly contribution for next six months.

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