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  • GC_MAR_2003
    05-14 10:04 PM

    I first applied Green card through the EB3 process and my priority date is March 2003.

    Since there is very little progress in EB3 category, i convinced my company to re apply in the EB2 category as i got promoted (Salary increased) so that i can keep my old priority date. They re applied in the EB2 category and i crossed the recruitment stage and waiting for the PERM to get approved. (applied 3 weeks back).

    Now i am current in EB3. Now, i am not sure whether i can go forward and file for I-485 under EB3 or wait for my new PERM spproval and apply for i-485 under the new EB2 category.

    Please advice.


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  • gbof
    05-25 02:34 PM
    EAD Paper Filed 4/12 to Phoenix Lockbox.
    RD 4/23. Check cashed 4/23
    Transferred to CSC as my 485 was receipted from CSC????
    LUDs 4/29.

    CPO 5/25..........:D

    Paper filed EAD: 4/12,
    Check Cashed: 4/23
    CPO: 5/10 (hard lud), luds for 4-5 times
    Hard lud: Documents mailed, 5/13
    Hard lud: Post Decision Activity: 5/24 , soft lud 5/25

    Card yet to arrive ....

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  • amitjoey
    01-14 12:29 PM
    I started a thread about making meeting with lawmakers a priority this year, just a couple posted about meeting. That shows where we are in terms of advocating for the changes that will benefit us........
    Just my thoughts..

    Yes. Now compare this with the dream activists. They are not only vocal about what they want. They are not afraid to talk about this in the media/give interviews in the media. They keep the pressure on the lawmakers.

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  • illusions
    04-11 10:09 AM
    Yeah, I saw that. The dates will keep moving and I bet you will be current in the June bulletin.

    i got my fingers crossed, not to mention my toes too lol.


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  • akhilmahajan
    05-26 01:18 PM
    Post-Decision Activity

    On May 26, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    Looks Like I am approved. Waiting for the Card now.

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  • billu
    03-29 09:26 AM
    I've mailed my application on 3/16 and received by Houston office on 3/18 as per fedex tracking..

    I sent an email to passportcgihouston@swbell.net on friday and got the response that my application was not registered in their system..

    Is there some waiting time to register the application in the system?? I'll send another mail after 2 days..hopefully it will be registered by then..

    did u e-mail them this week?Is ur application registered in their system....I mailed mine on 25th and it was delivered on 26th and I am wondering when it would be in their system???


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  • sachin76
    05-25 08:36 PM
    I sent my Efile application for EAd on 4/19. Sent out supporting documents. No email yet. Online shows, still "initial Review".

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  • delhirocks
    06-29 01:10 PM
    I know your pain, Iam in the same boat, submitted everything on 06/26, hopefully everything will be filed after july 4th.

    I have submitted all the documents to my laywer on 6/25 itself (including medical) but they are just heavily back logged and won't be filing my case till Jul 10. I am just frustated now. I even offered to pay extra to speed it up but no use. I am only worried if dates retrogress half way through?

    To my real question.. Can we just file on our own with out the lawyer? I would hate to loose this window just coz my laywer couldn't do it. Not sure how I would break that kinda news to my wife, "I know the dates were current for 10 days in July but our lawyer didn't have time so now you will have to stay at home for 1 more year".


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  • amitjoey
    06-13 02:05 PM
    So am I..
    I thought to send message once we meet 14,000..

    But thing is how many are active and wants do something out of 14,000.


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  • breddy2000
    01-19 02:55 PM
    I am assuming that IV has resent the message to all members. However, I still got nothing in my mailbox:

    "Welcome, Spatial!
    You have 0 unread messages:"

    Looks like most of the people online are not seeing this thread at all.

    May be the Title need to be changed.


    People might be thinking that this thread is to discuss Integrity of Core Group.

    Someone from Core group pls Update the Link and see if it works..

    My 2 cents.


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  • Dhundhun
    05-06 02:48 AM

    05/05/2008: USCIS Revises "Significantly" Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Interpretation & Guidance 04/30/2008

    I read it and seems to be complex to understand.

    My I-140 was applied in Mar 2005, when my son was 20. PD became current in Jul 2007 and I-485 was filed. I-140 was approved in Oct 2007.

    I have a question: Earlier, it was not possible for me to file I-485 for my son. Under new provision, is it possible?

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  • tonyHK12
    10-27 01:17 PM
    Mass deportations will NEVER happen. Its too damn expensive and a lot of moral issues come into the equation.

    I agree that border security should be the first step before any sort of legislative relief is discussed for Illegal Immigration. There were 3.5 million illegal aliens in 1986 when amnesty was passed. Today the number is 12 million+.

    What's so immoral about sending them to their home country without splitting families? We are not putting them in prison/guantanamo. The first amnesty was a big mistake and not justifiable. C'mon 8 billion is a expensive? Illegals cost California 10.5 billion a year in welfare, stamps, education...

    "That would reduce the incentive to illegally migrate here."
    tough punishments and deportation would discourage every one

    "I am more optimistic for something positive to happen with Republicans at the helm than the Democrats coz to take a positive step, you have to be clear on your position. With an unprecedented majority, the Dems could not accomplish anything with regards to Immigration. All they came up with phony legislations, just to keep the carrot dangling."

    Agreed. I still fail to understand how a change in medical insurance can boost the economy or improve unemployment.

    Interestingly this is the number one search result on Google for "Bill for Legal immigration"

    Might well make the most of it!


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  • __JaYMaSTeR__
    05-14 06:50 PM
    I sent my passport with all the documents and $40 FEE + $20 EXPRESS MAIL to houston, TX

    but they sent me my passport back to me, after 1 month but it wasnt renewed. They said that I have filled the wrong application but I can't find any other application that relates to my passport on their website.

    MY passport was issued in INDIA for 5 yrs validity and I didn't know it was expired a year back so they also asked me notarise my application. they also said that you have not sent correct fee.

    Please anyone can help me out here about which application should I send to renew my 5 yrs passport and how much is the FEE and all other necessary documents......

    THANKS YOU PLZ REPLY :confused:

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  • gc_check
    09-01 05:03 PM
    Below post appears to be by a user who had his application pending in NSC and approved, based on this profile in IV.

    Looks like NSC is also approving I-485's. Not sure how long this trend is going to continue, guess all depends on how much visa numbers gets trickled down from other categories to EB2 India / China. Hope and wish they are many.. which would helps many people waiting in line and PD not getting pushed back for FY '10. I feel bad for EB3 folks though, seems like nothing going to change for them at least in near future, untill there is some congressional action. Hopefully the next VB gives some indication on how things are going to move. Good luck and wishes to all who got greened, especially with older PD's who have been waiting for years. Think nothing changes much overnight with GC, but certainly gives a peace of mind and helps execute long term plans with much confidence.


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  • bugsbunny
    03-25 05:57 PM
    We actually provide 4 reputed lawyers (Ari Sauer and Greg Siskind of VisaLaw.com, Raj Iyer of Offices of Carl Shusterman, and Prashanthi Reddy of Reddyesq) with whom you can get your questions answered for free 3 Thursdays in a month! Do you know about the conference calls that is done every week with attorneys - check it out in the members forum if you were unaware of it!.

    I did not know this. Where is the information for this conference call?
    How do you get to the member's forum?
    and what qualifies a person as a Donor with access to the Donor forums?

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  • Lasantha
    04-04 03:27 PM
    Yes, the majority of approvals are from 2005. There's even one with a June 2005 PD. I can't understand why it has slowed down though.

    yeah that sucks, but on the brighter side they are processing EB3 PD's for beg and mid 2005.


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  • panini
    05-20 08:42 AM
    So what is happening here? Is this in IV agenda?

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  • Ramba
    10-05 05:15 PM
    why would EB2 retrogress to before 2003? It was at 2003 for a long time (8 months?). The only people still with PD of EB2 2002 are the ones just getting out of BEC, there cant be too many of them...

    There may be some EB2 Indians with PD in 2002 and 2003 (with traditional non-RIR LC) got out of BEC recently. If 1,500 Indian non-RIR LCs (with EB2 PD 2003)certified recently from BEC, that is sufficent to move the date back to 2003 for India again. Having said that, it is all prediction. No one knows, except USCIS. My prediction is just based on the magnitude of 485s (800K) filed recently, as is has all kind of composition in huge manitude, apart from so many 485s already pending due to name check.

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  • neelu
    12-16 12:10 PM
    Thanks, Please keep writing and encouraging others.

    IV Seniors, Core members, Administrators, Super Moderators:

    Your contributions for our common cause are invaluable.

    Come January, we will need to knock on the doors of congress again. As you all know better than anyone else, during this crucial phase of our fight, we need a strong membership.

    I request you to lead the 'Add ONE member' campaign, by setting an example. Please introduce ONE member to IV by the Dec. 31st and post it on this thread.

    Everyone, please bring ONE member to IV by December 31st.

    Thank you,

    10-14 10:55 PM
    Has somebody ever wondered if EB limit is 140000 why the heck USCIS is allowed to accept millions of applications at the first place?

    Can we sue USCIS for that?

    09-01 07:11 PM
    Congrats Friends,

    did you all see any LUDs on your approved I-140's?

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