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  • neelu
    12-26 06:11 PM
    Just sent out 10 more invites to friends - Hope they join in.

    I'll follow-up with phone calls, too...

    Thanks a lot, rsayed!!!
    We need more members like rsayed!

    Please pass the Add ONE member message to the new members too. that way, it will have greater impact.

    Come on guys, now that we are back from our vacations, let's make the final push for the Dec 31st goal.

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  • yellowstone
    10-13 07:24 PM
    I have submitted my passport for name change, some three weeks ago. But i have to move to a new apartment in the same complex.
    Does anyone know what carriers does the CGI houston use to send passports? Any one received their's with anyone other than FEDEX?

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  • ak27
    02-01 07:31 PM
    Can someone educated enough, please clarify this.. We need to know if it has anything for us...

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  • eb3retro
    01-31 05:41 PM
    r2i ing end of Feb 2011. But, will contribute financially though.


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  • gc4me
    04-09 10:08 AM
    Pappu, please close this thread.
    First of all, the topic of this thread is a total waste of time.
    We hardly have enough support, funding, time etc. to fight GC related issue, and here people wasting time on discussing Citizenship! I am politely asking these people if any of you have contributed any of your time/money/effort to IV, Did you? Simply hypocrisy.

    And top of that people in this thread are using extreme foul language.
    Please close this thread.

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  • Green_Always
    01-14 07:19 PM

    Can you pls let me know more on -- I run scans nightly as well as in the Pre Hours for day trading .

    like how to do this, any tools we need to do this,

    I heard some friends saying using L2 charts, ( I am new to this and Plan to do trading from now as I think it is good to enter now or it is right time to get in .. )

    Look forward to hear from you.

    It would have been nice if some kind of chat can be done on this website.. :-)

    Let me know if it is ok to you to communicate with me I can give my email ID.

    thanks and regards, - ramki.


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  • go_gc_way
    12-26 01:13 AM
    Bump /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

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  • illusions
    04-11 10:09 AM
    Yeah, I saw that. The dates will keep moving and I bet you will be current in the June bulletin.

    i got my fingers crossed, not to mention my toes too lol.


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  • sravani
    05-16 04:35 PM
    THanks for this info.Do you know how much time it takes to complete the translation ?

    It depends on the service you choose, I think they have an option for expedited service and you can get the document within couple of days. They also provide you the pdf format of the document, you can print that document and submit immediately instead of waiting for the postal document.

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  • pappu
    07-13 01:33 PM

    WASHINGTON -- House Republican leaders are scheduling a new round of immigration hearings, saying three already held have strengthened their case for enforcement-heavy legislation.

    Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Wednesday the hearings have made clear that a Senate bill that opens an avenue toward citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants would undermine border security.

    He contended that members of both parties are moving toward the House position that the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants should be offered no guarantees against being deported.
    "I think the hearings have been an absolute success, and they've put us in a stronger position to craft a responsible bill that secures our borders and strictly enforces our immigration laws," Boehner said.........


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  • RandyK
    03-17 01:43 PM
    I took a poll on this website like a year ago.

    The results were very similar to the trackkit poll.

    In summary, about

    50% are with PDs of Year 2000 - 2004 and 50% 2005 - 2007.

    I was surprised to find EB3 PDs in 2000 and 2001 but there were few.

    So far this poll is also showing similar results.

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  • GCAmigo
    02-02 08:15 AM

    I did not find it on immigration-law.

    that message.. I would stick with IV Core's info..


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  • desi3933
    02-23 10:21 PM
    Thanks for offering to help.

    Can you explain how does Nasdaq mini or S&P futures differ from stock. My understanding is that technicals are same behind any asset class.

    If you could share your charts and explain your strategy, it will be a great help to all of us.

    E-mini S&P 500 Futures (http://www.cme.com/trading/prd/equity/emini-sp500_FO.html)

    Each points = $50. Example Sold short at 796 and bought at 788. 796-788 = 8 points and that means 8*50 = 400 dollars profit.

    E-mini NASDAQ-100 Futures (http://www.cme.com/trading/prd/equity/emini-nasdaq100.html)

    Each point = $20.

    >> If you could share your charts and explain your strategy
    I can not share my strategy, however I can share my daily charts.

    Disclaimer: Information use only and should not be constructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.

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  • truthinspector
    01-21 03:56 PM
    Signed up for 20$/month contribution. Trying to get more "contributing" members to register to this site. My wholehearted thanks to the core group!

    We started the recurring contributions system Monday night and we sent out emails to 8400 individuals in addition to posting on this site.

    Out of 8400, we have nearly a whopping 35 people signed up for recurring contributions. This is below the lowest of low expectations.....................


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  • ravi98
    03-25 12:04 AM
    I like the food from a particular restaurant.
    - I go there often, enjoy the food, and recommend it to my friends.

    I don't like the food from a particular restaurant.
    - I don't go there at all, even when I am hungry and I will tell my bad food experience to my friends - either convince them not to go there or let them decide on their choice.

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical?

    I like what IV has done, what IV is doing currently.
    - I will visit the site often, get the information I want/need and recommend it to my friends

    I don't like what IV has done, or what it is doing currently.
    - I will not visit the site, as it is a waste of time and I will tell my bad experience to my friends - either convince them to leave IV or let them decide on their choice.

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical?

    Now, I don't like a particular restaurant, they serve bad food, bad customer service, waste of money, time - BUT I still go to the restaurant, eat the bad food, complain of the customer service, spend money knowing very well I am not getting its worth, and then stand up in the middle of this same restaurant floor and tell people this restaurant is not good (while eating) and tell my friends not to go to this restaurant (while I continue to go).

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical? Or Unreasonable? Illogical? Impractical? - I would say second choice.

    Let's do the same comparison:
    I don't like what IV has done, nor what it is doing currently, I don't believe in anything and therefore will not participate, volunteer or contribute - BUT, I still come to IV, surf the threads, get the information I need, complain about undemocratic ways of the IV while having never made an attempt to find out more details, yet, coming on to the forums to post about why I cannot participate, volunteer and contribute. Demanding/Questioning about democratic principles while not understanding the very basis of democracy - PARTICIPATION.

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical? Or Unreasonable? Illogical? Impractical? - I would say second choice.

    What do you as a reasonable, logical and practical person think?

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  • tonyHK12
    01-11 06:05 PM
    I have emailed, requesting my local congressman to give me an appointment. I have also asked him if he will support, co-sponsor or vote for the bill.

    Great job. Its generally better to call them and ask to speak to the immigrant or legislative secretary. Senators may receive close to 10,000 emails a day.
    It is highly unlikely the Senator or congressman/woman will actually meet you, which every one seems to be afraid of.
    The one you will meet will be their assistant (immigration), and they are just normal people and generally friendly. The appointment would be with them in most cases.
    This secretary is quite important and gathers notes from meetings with different people like you, to decide the agenda, based on what people in the district want. They will advice the law maker on voting on bills, because what their local people want matters a lot to them. Thats why it is important to maintain a ongoing relation with them and keep reminding them of our position, especially EB queue.

    Another thing to remember is they won't take much effort for a single immigrant, and we need to inform we are part of Immigration voice and you represent a few hundred thousand immigrants.
    When you actually get the appointment, please contact user 'StarSun' who will give you material for the appointment.


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  • truthinspector
    04-09 09:26 PM
    Wake up. Don’t take every word from Ron Hira as word of Gospel. This guy is the biggest thief and preacher of hate.

    If you guys are wondering who Ron Hira is , check his pic at the link below. Poetic Justice? Some immigrant (or someone born in a immigrant family). How ironic?


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  • gsc999
    04-09 01:17 AM
    Nola, I haven't received that doc. can you resend. santhi, thanks for your message.


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  • kannan
    05-06 02:02 AM

    05/05/2008: USCIS Revises "Significantly" Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Interpretation & Guidance 04/30/2008

    The Acting Associate Director, Domestic Opertions, USCIS, Mr. Donald Neufeld, issued a memorandum on April 30, 2008 to significantly revise Adjudicators Field Manuals(AFM) in the subject of CSPA and replacing previous and current guidances, "The Child Status Protection Act," issued September 20, 2002; and "The Child Status Protection Act � Memorandum Number 2", issued February 14, 2003. This guidance significantly modifies a prior interpretation of certain provisions of the CSPA. In particular, it changes how the agency interprets the statute to apply to aliens who aged out prior to the enactment date of the CSPA. It also permits those individuals who were ineligible under the prior policy to file a new application for permanent residence. Under certain circumstances, this guidance also permits those individuals who were previously denied for CSPA to file motions to reopen or reconsider without filing fee. It also explains what steps certain aliens who do not automatically benefit from the CSPA can take to protect their status as a child.

    06-29 09:59 AM
    While I did consider that when i was reading his email, is it not true that there were around 10000 visas wasted last year because of inability of USCIS processing the applications (essentially processing delays). Should we assume that USCIS ability has increased 4 times this year?

    There is one major flaw in your lawyers analysis.

    He is correct in saying that they issued 11,111 GC's per monththis year, but however that was under retrogression when dates were so far behind (dates for EB2 and EB3 India hadnt moved for ever). His analysis does not take into account those whose 485's may have been pre approved but were not issued a GC due to date not being current. We are not talking about new applications being approved but those whose applications were already preapproved and just waiting for visa numbers.
    Anyway no one knopws what will really happen. Just file as early as possible and leave the rest to luck or divine power. Jo hoga dekha jayega, but this is not the time for tyupical desi procascination.

    01-17 04:38 PM
    Do you know the story of the crow getting to the water by putting pebbles into the jug which had very little water?

    Well, here we are: the water is IV's target...the pebbles are the contributions ($200, great, but $20, still good!!) from a large number of members. It's impossible to justify why one can not contribute $200 when the core members and some others like you & anurakt have given so much more. I believe it is equally important to encourage as many members to contribute as much they can.

    No contribution is too small if it is actually made. An ounce of action is better than a pound of intention!

    Some legislative action is expected in Feb. Money will be needed immediately. I don't think $20/month is the answer.

    I think $200 is a very reasonable amount based on the cause. Life is not a charity.

    You should pay a total of $200 immediately if you have paid less then $200.

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