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  • Totoro
    03-20 10:43 PM
    Many of us have gone through the Canadian immigration process and received permanent residence there "as a backup". It's a monumental waste of time and resources.

    The several thousand dollars worth of additional (and mostly unnecessary) expense could be better spent here in the States. Something that can perhaps also be highlighted in your presentations.


    It could be a waste of time if your plan is to be in the US. Everyone I know who went through the process in Canada planned to stay in Canada. I was just pointing out how easy it is there compared to here and the fact that they don't discriminate against people because of their racial or ethnic background.

    Canada could be a good model for the US. Therefore, I thought about comparing the processes during the meeting.

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  • SBAV
    05-10 11:20 PM
    Just received SMS/email that my application is approved (PD June 23, 2006, NSC)

    Best luck to all, I am sure you will get approval email/SMS soon.

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-30 02:10 AM
    USCIS does not differentiate US or Indian degrees.. Yes US degree has its own advantages... It more than just LEARNING...

    Education is a bigger word than learning... Institutions can impart learning only... You can be highly learned with big degrees... still not educated :-)

    Take a chill pill friends... Degree is important to USCIS like MPG (miles per gallon) to Car.. as its a basis to compare different entities :-)

    AFAIK the H1 Masters quota of 20K is open to just U.S. Masters degrees, not even PHDs from Indian universities qualify for it.

    however for EB2 for instance they dont care where you get your masters, so its a mixed bag. Basically USCIS follows the law, and its upto the lawmakers to decide the nitty-gritty of a particular law.

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  • yawl
    01-17 02:29 PM
    I just signed up the recurring contribution. Most of the our members can afford $20 or $50 or $100 per month, and the immigrantion reform is such an important issue in our life. Please act in this critical time!


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  • NolaIndian32
    09-04 10:14 AM
    Now thou shalt have thyne peace, o ye Seekerofpeace!

    Congratulations!! I guess you are now an optimist? :-)

    It seems sun didn't rise from the east or has it....the miracle has happened....after 10 years and 25 days in this country with 2 advanced degrees and with days of ups and downs ...days of confusion and frustrations I finally received a mail:

    Here it goes:


    Current Status: Approval notice sent.

    On September 3, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice, call customer service.

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  • amikum123
    05-23 09:13 PM
    received approval notice for myself and my son today in the mail. The status update on the website still shows pending. Didn't receive any email or SMS.

    We are still waiting for my wife's approval notice. Probably got delayed somewhere in the mail.

    P. Date: May-12-2006
    Center : NSC

    thanks everyone...


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  • illinois_alum
    05-04 08:43 PM
    Anyone received payment processing errors in the last couple of days on the E-File website? For some reason, while trying to complete payment for my AP e-file, when I try to use the credit card option, I keep getting an error that the e-filing payment processing server is unable to process payments at this time. I have been trying every hour for the last 2 days...and the stupid USCIS Customer Service number has no options to report this error...

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 01:41 PM
    1. Bill applies to anyone who got their degree in preceding 5 years or resided legally since graduating (even greater than 5 years) will be eligible under this bill.
    2. Many ROW EB2 and EB3 will get visa number from the 55K if they have advanced degree here. That means more spillover.
    3. Many EB2I/C forks will get visa number from the 55K if they have advanced degree here. That means more spillover.
    4. There are going to be more Indian and Chinese apply for EB2? Not that easy any more. The DOL is tougher than before on PERM application. I don't believe there are going to be 55K more new EB2 applicants each year. No matter whether there is additional 55k, people are always trying to applying for Eb2 if there can. As we don't see that many new EB2 now, I don't believe we will get that many new Eb2 later either. Plus, the bill does not say the 55K visa will only go to EB2.
    5. What else can we do then? It is already very tough to push this bill through. Should we modify the bill by saying that just simply applying the 55K to everyone, no matter if he/she has advanced degree? I am perfectly OK with that if the IV core think it is a better idea. Personally, I think that would make this bill even more difficult. :
    I respectfully diagree with you regarding your point 4
    Perm may have got tougher but EB2 applications are still being filed. Along with that there are still students coming to US from india to do MS and they are alos going to apply in EB2 (I know i am generalizing but tell me if you are about to start ur GC process will you agree for EB3 knowing how the situation is currentlY for EB3)
    Regarding your point 5
    Yes that would make perfect sense logically but wil not happen because don't you know that persons who did MS in US are the elite. They are the best minds and make the most money and add the most to the US economy while guys who are working in US are are well lets just say not usefull to the economy and just taking free money. So looking at this issue from US side it makes sense to explicitly provide these 55 k visas to only US educated persons so that they can add more to the ecomony. And lest sface it who cares for guys who just work here but are not educated here.


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  • sundarpn
    11-13 05:41 PM
    how about Washington DC consulate?

    I am hoping they are more prompt. It has been 5 working days since I sent mine....

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  • bugsbunny
    03-25 05:57 PM
    We actually provide 4 reputed lawyers (Ari Sauer and Greg Siskind of VisaLaw.com, Raj Iyer of Offices of Carl Shusterman, and Prashanthi Reddy of Reddyesq) with whom you can get your questions answered for free 3 Thursdays in a month! Do you know about the conference calls that is done every week with attorneys - check it out in the members forum if you were unaware of it!.

    I did not know this. Where is the information for this conference call?
    How do you get to the member's forum?
    and what qualifies a person as a Donor with access to the Donor forums?


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  • rtarar
    04-29 10:04 AM
    I mailed mine on 9 th April. Just follow the check list from consulates website.
    Sent $60 Money Order. Recieved the passport along with the old one on 28th April 2009.

    My experince has been good.They promptly replied to my emails.


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  • AirWaterandGC
    05-02 07:46 PM
    Thanks for the response. I believe I should check with the school. If the school accepts just the proof of having applied for COS, then I should be fine. I dont understand if they accept F1 application proof, then why not for H4 ? Anyways thanks a lot.

    I am in a similar situation. After failing to get a definite answer on the exact time taken by the process of changing status to H4 while in the US, I have decided to take a trip to India to get this stamped instead. I was told that change of status to H4 needs to be approved before starting school, simply showing proof of having applied for COS is insufficient. But if you apply for change of status to F1,then approval is not required before starting school. However I would suggest you confirm this from your lawyer/school.


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  • gcbikari
    05-05 11:24 AM
    Has anybody tried the new online system? How good is it? Does it give you tracking number, etc? Mor importantly, has it made the process any faster? Thx.
    I mistyped my DOB (month and date in reverse order) in application, I expected it will let me correct. But it confirmed and generated the file #. I called them how to correct, they have no idea since it is new to them. Finally one officer over phone told to write a covering letter explaining the problem along with application.

    So BE CAREFUL while entering the important data. Once you click on the Submit, and OK for popup buttons it is done. No separate confirmation page. The same entry page gives a popup to confirm changes, if you Ok it thats it. File is generated. Mailed mine on 4/17/08 and praying to God. I'll call them next week.

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  • ponnuswamyp
    05-29 04:31 PM
    E-filed on 04/05 - Nebraska Center
    Card Production Ordered - 05/14
    Approval Notice Sent - 05/27

    Received card yesterday. It is the revised design with machine readable info on the back of the card with 2 years validity.


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  • rajuseattle
    03-27 12:45 PM
    This is the precise reason I am staying away from IV, people just dont show any civility in the forum discussions and starts name calling or shot down the people who ask questions.

    If IV comes up with just one single GOAL of reducing the curent EB backlog for the restorgressed categories, people even from RoW countries will start participating in IV campaign and support IV's advocacy efforts in terms of their donations and volunteering for IV.

    Reducing the current EB backlog will help everyone.

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  • rmani
    01-21 04:38 PM
    Thanks for the IV Core Team Members for all their efforts!
    Will bring more members.



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  • coolmanasip
    06-29 04:25 PM
    what happens if the application is already posted???......My lawyer posted our application today by the overnight delivery.......

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  • bskrishna
    05-16 09:40 PM
    Usually at this stage, RFEs are for Employment verification. Did you use AC21 to change job or roles? Did you change your house address?

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  • mzaman
    05-01 05:17 PM
    Hi All,

    Thank you very much for the efforts in creating this thread in IV, Below are my details

    1) Applied Date - September 05, 2007
    2) Audit Date - October 2007
    3) Audit Reply Date - November 05 2007
    4) Category - EB2
    5) Center - Deep Sleeping Atlanta


    03-26 07:26 PM
    i don't get it you are saying that members don't have to search...and yet someone has to keep it up on the home page...which is it? yes a sticky thread would have saved work and not required someone to keep it up. Why wasn't it done in the first place. When a service is supposed to be offered every week...it should be offered every week...or else there should be an announcement that is will not be offered this particular week and that it will continue next on said week.

    No reason to be frustrated when people are asking simple questions...another idea would be to put the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the FAQ page...which does not work right now....so that you don't have to repeat the answers.
    Its an easy solution i think.

    Giving a long lecture of frustration is not the best way to attract people to an organisation.
    Think about it...do u go buy clothes from a store that voices their frustrations about the prices of raw material...of do u go buy it because they were nice to you...had great customer service...nice selection of goods...and fair prices.

    I am sorry but working for hours on end alone, voicing frustration at lack of participation, treating members like they are morons for not being able to find supposedly simple things is a really terrible way to attract more people to an organisation. The cause may be noble...but who will wanna join some organisation where people just complain about how miserable things are.

    Please pause for a moment and think about what i am saying. This is exactly why you have less participation and less donation. IV needs to transform into a vibrant fun place to be while still upholding the noble cause.

    You are talking as if people are doing favour for others. You are here because you are stuck in immigration limbo as I am. I am not doing any favour for any one but myself. Is it very hard for you to understand. I am sure the brightest and highly educated can understand they are the losers if they are not participating.

    01-18 11:40 AM
    Thanks IV core group. Signed up for $20/month. Please continue your efforts.

    I am from Chinese community and registered IV just a couple of week ago. There was no email message to me regarding this movement, and some other registerd users may encounter the same situation. You may need to resend them. Only when I opened IV website yesterday did I know this recurring program and current situation. I am assuming IV is the only group who are pushing to get the I-485 relief for high skilled workers with advanced degree. There are MANY MANY Chinese in the same situation but I guess there might not have so many Chinese in IV. IV core group may think of some better way to reach more Chinese or other communities. Basically, we are on the same boat for the same direction. Better to concentrate all resources to reach the same goal. I would suggest IV to setup a seperate Chinese (or Hispanic) contribution page to diverse the culture background of IV members.

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