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Deforestation In Brazil

images Deforestation in Brazil Deforestation In Brazil. Deforestation in Brazil
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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-30 10:14 AM
    Please keep us posted if you, or anyone else, hear anything from CR or infopass.

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  • deforestation in Brazil,

  • desijackass
    10-20 10:18 AM
    I got my passport renewed at CGI - Chicago. I mailed the passport docs out express mail on thursday. Reached them on Friday, monday was Columbus day, but to my surprise my passport was delivered exactly one week later. I recieved it on friday of the next week. Total time from start to finish 7 days. No mistakes on the passport either. I was very impressed. Anyway I heard that soon passports are being outsourced to TCS?
    I cannot find a forum for CGI-CHI passport renewal so I posted this here. Many a time people only post when something goes wrong, for once everything went right!
    Link to instructions for passport renewal from CGI - CHI

    Deforestation In Brazil. deforestation in Brazil#39;s
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  • ramaonline
    05-16 02:10 AM
    For 485, proof of valid status in US is required - Valid status in the US is determined by i94. u need not have a valid visa stamp. Note that I485 can only be filed if u are in the US.

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  • trueguy
    04-08 06:46 PM
    There are total 78 approvals for EB3-India for this financial Year and now EB3-I is unavailable for rest of the year.

    At this pace, it will take hundreds of years for EB3-I backlog to clear. This per country cap and new spill over process is killing EB3-I and there are no hopes.

    We must do something. I wrote several letters to Local Senators, Ms Lofgren, Mr. President, Mr. Vice President but nobody offered any help for me.

    Now I am ready for hunger strike. Anybody ?


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  • Deforestation in Brazil, seen

  • krcreddy
    07-11 10:23 PM
    Lofgren letter to DHS secretary is posted in


    Deforestation In Brazil. deforestation in Brazil
  • deforestation in Brazil

  • indian111
    08-18 02:13 PM
    It all abt luck I guess.
    I have opened a SR but denied it .
    No when I call them , there just recite my status and say i have to wait .

    E-filed on may 22
    Current EAD expired 09/17


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  • Amazon deforestation | Brazil

  • akela_topchi
    05-16 06:31 PM
    I have called all the numbers in the list and conveyed the message.

    Great going IV!!!

    I never called any elected official in the past. So I was little hesitant in the beginning. But it's so easy .. No hesitation now.. just give me the number and I will call them.


    It's easy, and it's effective and strength is in numbers..

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  • xyzgc
    01-23 07:05 AM
    Alright buddy, The only loan I've is few hundred dollars on my credit card which I pay every month though! Car is paid and no home! Sorry, no money from me to you! You have to find another person! I can buy you a cup of coffee though so that you can relax a bit!

    Dude, now again you are taking it personal.:) Just because I replied to your post, you think everything was directed at you. Do you seriously think I have anything against you? That other guy masternyc is mentally retarded, not you.

    But I do respect if any non GC holder go and buy a home.
    I agree with your point about defaulters. But take your argument elsewhere.
    In California, a musician who claimed 100K income/year was asked to stand in front of his home with his musical instrument and photographed. That photograph went into Washington Mutual's file as income proof.

    I have heard this argument zillion times. So you are saying the musician should be bailed out, right? Dude, such musicians need to do 10 years of time! Instead, they are just declaring bankruptcy and walking away with a spoiled credit. And you seriously think they won't get loans in future? Sure they will. Loan interest is basically what a consumer bank profits on.

    If you think, the housing crisis is because of defaulters, you are partially wrong! Prices went very high and people couldnt buy and that is the reason home prices went down. Since it went down, loans backed up by those very assets lost value. And people defaulted because what they owe was higher than the value of home!
    You are really delusional if you think non GC home-owners are to be blamed for this mess!

    No, you are partially wrong! Prices didn't come down because people couldn't buy. They crashed because of the huge number of foreclosures. Otherwise, you would have seen them stagnated for a while and then starting climbing down.
    Did I ever say non-GC home owners are responsible for this mess? Now, you are drawing your own conclusions and attributing something to me which I never said :D.
    All I am saying is folks who are forced to return to their home country should clear off their dues. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less. I have seen a friend who wanted to run away leaving his car behind in the mall in 2001. I advised him against it despite he saying I'm not coming back, not coming back. Finally he did the right thing, returned with $0.0 and he did come back in a year. People always come back, especially when they are forced to return against their wishes.Not clearing off your dues is absolutely criminal. And there is huge, huge difference between $20k car and $700-800k house in SF Bay area.

    Finally, I think you are also partially right - even today the banks don't have proper checks for mortgages. The rate is down upto to 4.5% and there is not much change in the policy. All that 20% down thing will never happen in anytime in near future! There are just no takers!!

    You really need a good tax refund from the government! File your taxes soon!

    Another assumption. I always underpay my taxes and give thousands and thousands back to the govt at the year end. California tax board is bankrupt and most likely going to issue promissary notes, if you haven't heard. I don't trust this bankrupt governments.


    Deforestation In Brazil. Amazon Deforestation In Brazil
  • Amazon Deforestation In Brazil

  • ski_dude12
    08-03 04:35 PM
    Pappu.. I sent you a PM, can you please respond.

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  • div_bell_2003
    01-23 09:11 PM
    Why is there a group of people trying to portray "immigrants without GC buying a home and later letting it go to foreclosure due to job loss" as criminals ??? ( "extradited and put behind bars" , "must never come back to US" , etc etc) . US is a debt based economy and it relies on people spending money, hence bankruptcy is a perfectly legal procedure and your credit gets screwed , but that's it and the rule is the same for anyone, be GC holders, citizens, illegal immigrants, legal immigrants. Why discriminate against fellow immigrants ? only just because you can ? why not put the mortgage brokers who pushed inventive mortgages or the big bankers who got million dollar bonuses because their mortgage backed assets portfolio doubled to trillion dollars, behind bars ?

    Give us a break. Buying a house or renting is a personal choice (I'm for buying if your rent is pretty close to the supposed mortgage payments) , and please let it be like that. Ya I know there might be peer pressure/family pressure , so what ? I also get asked sometimes when I go back to India as to why I don't have a GC yet, I just smile and say "I don't know and frankly I don't care" :)


    Deforestation In Brazil. deforestation in razil
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  • brb2
    06-05 09:07 AM
    The objection by house members to this bill is the easy way out for the reps, who are in trouble for a million things such as high gas prices, another Vietnam type bogging down in Iraq, high spending on medicare etc. The only way for conservatives to curry favors with their base is to throw in the defense of marriage bill, and do nothing about the CIR. The next few days will be critical for the bill. It dies or goes to the conference where it might come out radically changed.

    I am opening a new thread to post all updates on the CIR. It seems today is a crucial day when the house comes in session and work on forming the committee might start. If people hear any updates you can post in this thread.

    I read on immigration-law that conservative republications are trying to torpedo the CIR with a new technical legislative argument. It sure is going to be a difficult task to have this bill passed since house has republican majority and they are saying in the media that they will not have the bill passed.

    "Report indicates that the House hardliners who opposed the Senate-passed S. 2611 have come up with a weapon to block the House-Senate Conference Committee and the S.2611. The weapon they have hammered out involves a constitutional issue as to whether the provision in S. 2611 that requires guest worker applicants to "pay the back taxes" as condition for the legal status constitutes a federal government's measure to raise the revenue. These hardliners argue that the U.S. Constitution mandates that any legislation to raise revenue for the government must originate in the House and S. 2611 violated the U.S. Constitution by originating such legislative bill in the Senate. When the Congress returns on Monday, there will be a see-saw fight between the S. 2611 proponents and opponents on this legal technicality issue. One wonders how the House hardliners would defend their prior violations in the past in another legislations that involved such legal technicality issues. Besides, there is no clear definition as to whether such back-tax payment requirement indeed constitutes a revenue raising measure. "

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  • road in Roraima, Brazil.

  • thomachan72
    09-29 03:12 PM
    I would consider it a waste of time.
    You seem to have some misconceptions. I am not a client of the lawyer mentioned, don't owe her anything and asked you for another suggestion. I don't know why you are being negative on this one.
    I deleted the lawyers name from the original post, so you can stop with the conspiracy theory.
    I work in technology not a law firm.
    tonyHK12 appreciate your inputs. We are already united. IV has several thousand members and has conducted several campaigns. The leaders are very capable persons also. You have put forward a general idea but this has been debated a great deal. What is the purpose of even a poll when it is absolutely clear that everybody in this group would welcome a bill solely for reducing backlogg? The question is how can we get the legislator to write and introduce such a bill and then how to get it to pass. Who will support such a bill? Your desire is similar to everybody else in this group but until there is a definite strategy which is different from what has already been tried there is no point in just creating discussions foccussed on desires.
    First think out a strategy and put it out. Others will then coment or join it.
    Putting out vague goals like "we need a bill" is of not much use. the question that you need to answer is "how?"


    house deforestation in Brazil Deforestation In Brazil. deforestation in Brazil.
  • deforestation in Brazil.

  • miguy
    05-17 12:28 PM
    can you file I-485 while living in toronto (outside the country)? I thought you had to be living in US to file I-485......outside the country you can only file through consular processing....can someone clarify?


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  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 08:36 PM
    I understand your frustration since I am in the same boat but I feel it is wrong to say that the IV efforts are hurting EB3 folks. Not sure if there is basis to support that. Several IV proposals helped all EB categories and failed mainly due to anti-immigrant lobby.
    EB3 situation is completely hopeless and only piecemeal reform can help EB3. I am sorry but I do not understand this discussion since this bill (if it ever comes to debate) impacts across all EB (advanced degrees).
    Hear that you EB2 bigoted persons. Here is An EB3 person who is supporting IV inspite of what ever is happening. Will this open your eyes to the fact that EB3 folks are not against EB2 folks,but all that they want is that they should get some measure ofjustice.

    Mr gc_dream2009. I feel a respect for you which i do NOT feel for EB2 folks who have tried to denigrate whatever i talked about (Must be their superiority complex)

    I would now like to comment on some facts which are result of my observation over a period of 3 years starting from 2007 till current date

    The only proposal which helped EB3 is July 2007 fiasco with EAD and AP benefit and before we give thanks to IV please remember that back peddeling by USCIS was not just because of just IV but also because of strong pressure from AILA. If EB3 benefited from July 2007 fiasco it is only because EB3 was part of all the EB categories and not because IV was aware of EB3 plight.

    Now after July 2007 nothing has been ever done to relieve pressure on EB3. All the benefit have been provided to EB2 and all EB3 is told is after EB2 gets current EB3 wil get benefit but nobady talks about EB2 never getting current and the fact is EB2 will never get current and till that time EB2 will get all spill over visa and EB3 will get 0 (Zero) spil over visas


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  • Brazil Deforestation, August

  • PlainSpeak
    01-13 12:35 PM
    There is no point in dignifying "plainspeak"'s hatred and abuses with a response since wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him would only cause more harm. He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community. Being a "senior" member in name only doesn't count. Bringing down the efforts of your own EB community is worse than being an anti- immigrant.
    Wow forever_waiting you have really cleared up the mystery for me

    Till now i was under and impression that all EB2 on this forum were just selfish people (which can be understood as a basic human nature sad but understood nevertheless) and i was always under an impresssion that IV Core had got their heart in the right place and are genuinly interested in resolving this issue but from your statements some things are made clear

    He has been sending me abusive and threatening PMs as well which I have been ignoring. Maybe that's his definition of being productive for the community.

    Are you serious.... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Is that the best you could come up with in defence of yiour argument

    You know what I dont even know how to send a IM to anyone on this forum. All i know is to read posts and reply to post and create new posts. Wow this takes the cake. Now things makes sense.

    I did not send im to anyone but since forever_waiting says i did there could be only 3 explanations

    1. forever_waiting cannot hold a discussion and is losing a disucssion and is abusing me and lying to everyone else that i sent him abusive messages. This could be because he has to lie to prove himself better than me and show me in bad light.

    2. Some one else this forum has sent abusive messages to forever_waiting to use him as a cats paw against me without divulging their own motives to discredit me.
    A. Could it be someone else on the forum who does not like my arguments and wants to diss me. But if that would be the case that person would abuse me directly in reply to my posts and IM me directly because if someone is genuinly angry with someone else that person will say it out in the open but will NOT try to do something behind the back

    B. Could it be some one who is in a position of authority in IV and cannot argue with me face to face cause that will show their opinion in the open forum to everyone and is using forever_waiting without him knowing about it or is in collusion with forever_waiting and playing this game

    Hmmm the plot thickens ..................

    My friend forever_waiting even after seeing your latest message saying wallowing in the dirt with a rotten pig like him i am not angry and do you know why. That is the advantage of age and maturity.

    U know what i think... My last message to you was sent today morning but now must be when you saw it the first time and knowing you i am sure you could not control your anger and stated what ever you stated. No harm my friend, it is better to lose and argument as long as you pick up something beneficial from it.

    And by the way i might be senior member because of the number of post i made (isn't that how it works) but i am still a junior member nay i am not even a member when i compare my contributions to the contributions made by donating, activly working members like yourselves

    As is stated before i respect you and all the other participants in IV who are volunetering and donating and taking part in advocacy

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  • worriedsoul
    05-22 10:05 AM
    Hi shank123 and usirit

    What I mean by signatures is, I don't know should I say (digital signature) , anything that has to be done before sending a letter that snathan is working on getting from Mr.Gotcher. When Mr.Gotcher drafted it for us, we have to get as many people as we could who are in the same situation and write their name (or do something) on that letter... right ?
    Sending something to Audit Review Officers is also an idea. However, what are we going to send them (may be reminder cards :P) and how. I guess we are a very small group of people compared to those who were affected by 485 cases and it's much more difficult to get attention from both candidates and DOL.


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  • looivy
    07-17 10:40 PM
    You can just take the 5-10 lines from the report which shows wasted visa numbers from the past years and send it to all lawmakers from all states asking for visa number recapture legislation

    I think its just one small paragraph the lawmakers have to insert - They can attach it to any major upcoming bill - This does not create additional numbers or change the existing laws in a big way.

    Here is the ombudsman report (Refer page 47)

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  • santb1975
    04-13 01:06 AM
    people who have excuses have excuses. We all do.

    There might not be lot of ladies on the forums but the ladies we have in IV accomplish a lot and are very dedicated. I will take a highly productive and dedicated team even if it is small. Cheers

    I have been swimming and strength training for quite some time now and have started kettle bells and Taek Won Do this year. I do see a lot of women working out. All I am saying is that these forums have a lower proportion of females.......pure statistics.
    And yes; there are a lot of females working out and the ones who do take up martial arts are more serious than the guys. However the most common excuse cited by the ones who hesitate to take up running/walking, is security. I am trying to get the ones who are not working out to get out; the ones who are; have a lot of tenacity.

    .............BTW, be nice to me. By the time you come to DC to run the race, I might have my brown belt :)

    hairstyles deforestation in razil Deforestation In Brazil. deforestation in Brazil
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  • doxa
    06-27 05:48 PM
    The bottomline is that for every 10 immigrants, there will be 5 or more from India and China.

    05-04 10:25 AM
    Finally after 12 yrs in this country greened...

    Status: Card production ordered from NSC
    No SLUD from 2009
    PD : 16th May 2006

    Wishing you folks all the very best!


    06-11 09:38 AM
    e-filed (NSC) on 04/19 and received the notice on 04/23. No update after that.

    Called the customer care today. The representative opened a SR as I haven't received biometric appointment notice. Not sure how that's going to help as many folks have got their EAD without fingerprinting.

    EAD expires on 92nd day. So keeping the fingers crossed :(

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