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  • chintu25
    01-13 04:43 PM
    I couldn't find any of your blogs in IV blogs!

    Anyway as someone suggested can you post all of your transactions in the last one week, atleast. Did you gain or lose?
    What is the percentage profit you made since you started day trading, last year, last three months, last month, last week, etc.

    Dude relax.......
    Do you want me to read out my balance sheets to you ....why dont I also tell you about all prescription meds I take along with those of my neighbors.

    Do you think this is some kind of chit fund Scam here. Youve gotta rise above that now.

    No one is forcing anyone to read any blogs or posts.

    READ my first post .......I do this cause I feel good about it ..you dont need to go all ballistic ......

    Why are some of us so irritated and ready to blow....Channelize this energy into some thing good...Go build a tree house or something

    I am not here to say use my method I am here to say "HEY check this out It works "

    Well Now I traded last month with about 30% realized profit .... Realized means I took it out of the brokerage account so Now I have taxes on it

    If you keep your earning in the brokerage for a year or more you get to pay less taxes .

    No I will not make, bake and serve cake for you mr redgreen . YOU need to get your lazy ass up and make it. I will show you how it can be made .

    U make u Eat

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  • eb3retro
    05-15 12:13 PM
    Here is what my attorney recommended-

    1. Get a "Non-Available Certificate" from the municipality
    2. Get 2 people to provide affidavit (close relatives) in support of your birth date.

    Hope this is helpful. Check with your attorney too.

    Really appreciate your time in answering my question.

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  • conchshell
    05-18 10:20 AM
    we have almost as many folks that have not called as those that did. why? oh why? just pick up the phone and leave at least 1 VM today!
    Various reasons may be possible: some people may think that phone campaign may not be an effective method. However, all of them who decided not to participate, did not post a message and explained why do they think so. It happened initially for the flower campaign too ... however when momentum build, lots of no sayers also started sending flowers.

    Second, its quite possible that anti-immigration people are creating the account and voting against the campaign. Some one should take a look at the accounts who voted against, and see when exactly they joined IV? At the same time, some people who are EB2/EB3 ROW, think that if these bill pass, their GC will take more time.

    Another aspect is: majority of people still do not realize how grave the situation is. I was talking to one of my good friend (EB3 India), I am chasing him from last one year to join the fight. He nodes his head and says Yes every time I talk to him, but never comes forward. Yesterday, when I urged him to participate in CHC campaign, he told me "Don't worry, I will help you". This one sentence clarified a lot. He still doesn't see himself impacted by this situation, and still believes that some day his GC will appear magically. He is just living in a fools paradise and enjoying his EAD/AP. BTW, his PD is April 2004 EB3 India. Afterwards, I had to be a little straight with him, and convey him in bitter words that I am not asking his support for my GC, but I a asking this so that he can help himself. Hope someday he will realize this.

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  • jjava100
    03-21 09:38 PM
    got this response today ...

    Thank you for contacting me about the DREAM Act. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

    Our immigration system is broken and needs to be corrected. I agree with the principles of giving aspiring students the ability to follow their dreams, complete college, and contribute to our society and economy. However, I firmly believe the separate passage of the DREAM Act would hinder our ability to ultimately pass comprehensive immigration reform and voted against it when it came before the House in December. We need comprehensive immigration reform now�for fairness, for families, and for our economy.

    If we focus on only one aspect of immigration reform, we will not solve our problems. Such an approach unfairly excludes many important interests and groups from a solution. Employers need access to the legal immigrant workforce necessary to keep their businesses growing and should not be asked to act as law enforcement or punished for hiring folks with false identification if they made a good faith effort to authenticate it. Given the practicalities of the situation and our current budget constraints, we need to provide a path for legal status to those already in this country, not just for students or those serving in the military.

    American jobs and businesses depend on a comprehensive immigration solution. Oregon�s own Coalition for a Working Oregon has done research showing how bogus impractical deportation schemes would lead to a loss of 76,000 jobs for legal workers in Oregon. This drop in economic activity would cost the State of Oregon as much as $656 million in revenue and lower small business income by 8.5 percent. It is time now for comprehensive immigration reform. It is the right thing to do for those who want to contribute to America, for our economy, and for our country. Half measures no matter how well intended undermine our ability to get to the real solution�comprehensive immigration reform.

    Although the House of Representatives passed the DREAM Act on December 8, 2010, the Senate failed to invoke cloture, the procedural vote that is required to end debate and allow a final vote. As a result, the DREAM Act was not considered by the Senate prior to the end of the 111th Congress and legislative efforts must begin again in the 112th Congress. Please be assured I will keep your opinions in mind as the debate continues.

    It is a privilege to serve you in the United States Congress.

    Kurt Schrader
    Member of Congress

    P.S. Please contact my office with further questions or concerns by calling (202) 225-5711 or (877) 301-KURT. You can also sign up for my e-newsletter by visiting my website at schrader.house.gov


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  • roseball
    11-14 12:16 AM
    I got my passport back in exactly 30 days. Mailed end of Sep. and got back in end of Sep. Applied in Houston by mail

    Yes, one of my friends received in exactly 30 days too......I am hoping same is the case with me....

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  • indigokiwi
    03-08 02:33 PM
    Donated $50 today in addition to $50 in February
    Transaction ID: #6FL96828KG990805B

    Appreciate IV efforts and will do my part in spreading the message!

    Thank you, ivarz! The Advocacy day contributions thread will have the total contributions to date and amount still to be raised...


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  • Rohan99
    05-16 10:59 PM
    Thank you very much IV. I received my GC on weekend. This is a great forum for people to interact. I hope everyone gets GC ASAP.

    Wish you all good luck.

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  • sanjeev
    01-19 10:36 AM
    Signed up for recurring payment through my bank, you should see my $20 check by 24th.

    A small advice for non contributing members, try skipping your lunch once a week and save $20 a month for IV, this way you help yourself too by loosing those extra pounds.:p

    Contributed $100 till now and signed for $20 every month.


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  • snathan
    01-12 10:02 PM

    Dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs), otherwise known as direct investment plans are offered by companies to allow individuals to buy stock without a broker. They were started to help company employees—and then expanded to help people who already owned some shares in the company.

    Now it is possible for anyone who doesn't have a lot of disposable income to invest in stock. That’s because, once you are enrolled in direct investment plan, you can make small investments without going through a broker.

    With the market in such turmoil, you might not want to invest a large sum of money at any one time. With DRIPs you can get started with a single share of stock and build your holdings over time without paying fees when you invest. That means that you can start investing with next–to-nothing—and build up positions in stocks slowly over the years. That’s because there are no fees or commission for purchases of stock through many DRIPs, so it becomes feasible to routinely make small cash investments. You can invest as little as $10 or $25 a month

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  • eb3retro
    07-14 05:58 AM
    eb3-I folks pls vote here.



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  • nashim
    08-06 10:00 AM
    EAD efiled on May 19th, 08
    FP on June 11th, 08
    Two CPO date (on Jul 16th and Jul 30th, 08)
    EAD (2-year) received (me+spouse) on Aug 04th, 08

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-05 04:03 PM
    I don't think the July/August filings will have impact on the retrogression right away. The cut-off dates would retrogress based on number of applications ready for approval/approved pending VISA number. The applications (485) filed in July/August are not processed yet and hence will not impact retrogression today.

    right. in the AILA call also they cautioned that retrogression will become worse (dates moving back!) once USCIS starts processing all those July/August filers...


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  • ingegarcia
    05-02 11:10 AM
    Seems to be they are centalizing everything in Atlanta.... Not sure if this is causing the delays though

    ==> 05/02/2008: PERM Application Adjudication Centralization Process in Progress

    "Officially, the launch of the PERM labor certification application centralization at the Atlanta National Processing Center will not be completed until June 1, 2008. However, under the transformation schedule, when the Chicago National Processing Center issues "audit notification" on or after mid-April, 2008, the employers are required to submit responses not to the Chicago Center but to the Atlanta Center. Consequently, these cases are de facto centralized at the Atlanta Center even before June 1, 2008."

    Complete news here...

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  • reddysn
    05-23 07:55 PM
    Yes . Employers/lawers can check status.

    Does anybody know any link that gives online status of PERM labor ? I heard that there is one for employers but not for employee.


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  • hellomms
    05-06 12:39 PM
    I asked the admin and other senior people. But no one bothers to respond.

    I have been in touch with the the administrators and they have been very prompt and supportive regarding this initiative. We have been communicating almost on a daily basis.

    Like any other initiative or the campaign, the more people and voices we have the stronger the campaign is, I am glad to see the 50 number mark but if we need to make this a solid campaign we need to have at least twice as many people as what we have now. Imagine how many people apply for LC, 50 of them having issue with the process is not going to convince any body that there is a problem.

    I am still trying to get people together but that does not prevent us from brain-storming the ideas or even taking actions that does not require a mass scale of support from other people (e.g. lobbying with politicians, etc.)

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  • gcsngh
    09-20 02:51 PM

    I have a question and would appreciate your inputs...I am on a H1b with a Company full time and recently received my EAD...can I continue to be on H1 and pick up a part time job on EAD?

    Do understand this thread is for sharing DC memories...;)


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  • santb1975
    04-07 12:06 AM

    We need 147 more....Is the Goal challenging enough for us?

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  • doknek
    05-19 11:41 AM
    There are 13 guys voted "NO". May I know why. These guys already got approval or what? If so, Please remember this voting is only for people are struck in Perm process.

    Its a stupid poll, there will be people lurking around selection 'No' or 'Maybe' as an answer just for fun. We just need to count by the number of people posting Audit details. Poll does not make any sense to me OR we just need 1 answer: Yes:p

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  • satishku_2000
    06-13 11:44 PM
    It is indeed unfair to the people whose applications are struck in BEC forever. The people who are still stuck in BEC are the very first ones to enter the queue. The BECS are now processing oldest cases now.

    My guess is dates are going to move back by september any way and the probability of one getting GC who files in next month before the dates move back is very low.

    Most of us here have to get ready for 5 or 6 years on EAD any way.

    09-24 03:41 PM
    Lets start a Rally or sending letters...Lets do something so that our pain..plight gets highlighted...It's really frustrating inspite of such backlogs people just keep quiet and don't do anything about it....I just can't imagine waiting another 5 yrs to get my GC....Lets get started with a Rally

    05-01 10:21 PM
    I am glad to see the responses, and am sure that there are more to come. I decided to create a tracker of people who have posted their dates here or confirmed that they are waiting for the audit response.

    If you dont see you name below, please let me know and I will add it, we need MORE...not necessarily to take the action but to make our Voice strong and loud enough for the people to hear.

    http://img32.picoodle.com/img/img32/4/5/1/f_IMG05012008m_78db521.gif (http://www.picoodle.com/view.php?img=/4/5/1/f_IMG05012008m_78db521.gif&srv=img32)

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