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  • softcrowd
    05-29 10:31 AM
    So, based on this prediction - Eb2 may not even cross year 2004 by end of FY2010 quota...Is my understanding correct?

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  • logiclife
    02-06 01:57 PM
    I dont think that you HAVE TO file I-140 within 60 days after labor is approved.


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  • h1techSlave
    12-08 10:03 AM
    Pinto, I strongly support your idea.

    I guess many have given up and many are just trying to hang on to their jobs ..but don't give up ..just think about the peace of mind that a GC gives ..no more headaches from lawyers, USCIS, RFE's, employers, DL etc ..at the very least comment on this idea but before you dismiss it come up with a better idea (it is very stupid of people who just criticize but don't come up with alternative ideas).
    what if all immigrants and members were to call their local realtors - show interest in buying a house and once the realtor is interested ..tell her / him that you are postponing your home buying decision since the green card has got delayed ..and maybe ask him / her to tell the NAR (national realtor agency) to speak about speeding green cards to legal immigrants who are already here ??
    ...if people are motivated then maybe we can do media campaign too ..
    the above idea does not need any money / members can do it from the comfort of their homes ..please comment and either support this or come up with better idea ..Thanks in advance !!!
    (if the idea sounds good ..then all members can spread the word in their community - i.e. temples, churches, local potlucks, subdivision, apartment, AMWAY meetings etc etc ..at the very least IV membership will increase)

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  • gomirage
    06-14 12:23 AM
    so what are the ones that fall below on points supposed to do ? pack and leave after 10 plus years of being here ?

    The point system would only apply to new applicants. All those already in line will proceed according to existing system. Worked well in Canada's system.


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  • thomachan72
    08-19 08:19 AM
    I'm not from India, so you know how non-Indian will look at this issue.

    First of all, thanks to IV for helping our cause.
    Same as vinzen, that I usually just browse through this kinda topic, but I can't help to reply.

    Have several question:
    1. How many non-Indian in USA that watch bollywood movie? So, what makes him a high profile in the eyes of Immigration officer (IO)? Do we need to educate all IO to recoqnize all the actors in India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea and all others?
    I personally never heard of this SRK guy before reading this thread. So how would you guys expect the immigration officer, who's mostlikely non-Indian, would know this guy? I agree with Pappu that says "He is a famous actor to a very very small minority Indian Community in USA".
    2. Looking at how he make big deal of this in media. He probably cause this delay by himself. I can imagine the conversation at the immigration office as (copying all the answer from Ryan's earlier comment on what he's asked for when he came here):
    IO: Why are you visiting US?
    SRK: Do you know that I'm SRK?
    IO: Who do you work for?
    SRK: I'm SRK, now let me pass.
    IO: Where will you live in US?
    SRK: I'm SRK
    IO: How long have you been in US?
    SRK: I'm SRK
    IO: Do you have family here?
    SRK: I'm SRK
    And it goes on and on for 66 mins or 2 hrs until he finally realize that he's a nobody in US.

    This is the kinda thread that non-Indian will laugh at. There's lots of non-Indian that goes to this public forum (such as me). Just trying to help IV to not lose credential just because of this sorts of "indian" exclusive thread.

    My friend this is the greatest post ever. A real eye opener. But remember that it is through threads like these that you get to see the "real" Indian ideals. I am very sad to say that most of us Indians are screwed up with this idol worship. The conversation between SRK and IO that you put out is exactly true. I know a friend of mine who was waiting in line for the visa interview and ofcourse he is a megalomaniac (world revolves around him). He saw (or imagined) the visa officer talking tough to a women who apparently did not understand english right in front of him and decided he has to be the mesiah (savior). He jumped in and tried to save the women. Ultimately he was denied the visa and ofcourse he later met the women outside who was smiling because she had been granted one. that is why your conversation makes very good sense here. "I am SRK":D:D:D

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  • Openarms
    08-17 02:48 PM
    This should not be a silly topic and won't be...I want to take this opportunity to bring the bigger issue here... things happen for a reason... we all need to understand that we have to make a positive out of this issue... Atleast all educated folks like us should be able to channel our wisdom to those folks who feels that they are above all... That kind of mentality should need to change in INDIA for people like SRK and politicians and lot of business tycoons.... I believe this incident is very good opportunity, one more time, once again for all those conscious folks who live here US and INDIA to make things better for life.

    "snathan" do not disappoint when people disagree with you... I 100% concur with your thought process...


    I like the way that you put things in a perspective called your own prism. I do agree lot of things that you say but you seem lack of very basic fundamental human touch...

    World is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE... Mother EARTH is an awesome place to live... do not fall into a trap those who morons used and twisted great peoples words and made this place worse for political gains/reasons. Please do not twist/turn the great one and only Einstein words and his context is different.

    My point here is "Respect should be given by that acts that you do in life...should not be given just by demand"

    All I am saying is that "IN INDIA WE GOT SOOOOOOO MANY PROBLEMS TO SOLVE" why SRK cribbing about this incident... and innocent/ignorant and un educated folks going crazy over there.... instead he can do lot of better things in INDIA so that he can be recognized all over the world and given respect.

    EDUCATION, EDUCATION AND EDUCATION is the only solution for all the problems in the world.


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  • _TrueFacts
    09-04 01:19 PM
    Some more links on Corrupt YSR

    http://mboard.rediff.com/newboard/permathread/s/bnews2008apr03ap/RE_Good_job_by_chandra_babu_naidu_in_exposing_corr uption-3.html

    Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine (http://www.tehelka.com/story_main41.asp?filename=Ne300509eating_the.asp)

    YSR's evangelist son-in-law triggers 'war of words' - Express India (http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/YSRs-evangelist-soninlaw-triggers-war-of-words/421191/)

    what is the mistake of Andhra Jyothi? :: Politics :: Telugulo.com - Telugu portal, Telugu cinema, andhra news, telugu politics, andhra cities, hyderabad (http://www.telugulo.com/view_news.php?id=3810&limit=10&pg=2)

    Red Flag Hoisted on Satyam’s Lands (http://www.cpiml.org/liberation/year_2009/march_09/cover.html)

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  • franklin
    02-13 03:09 PM
    I take up the challenge. I'm ROW, maybe this is the spur that will make me participate somewhat.

    Yes, such a pity there was no one from the ROW group present in DC


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  • Ramba
    02-15 04:51 PM
    INA has lot of flaws with regard to ethics or fairness. It is countless. The ROW vs India/China fight is st..d. The bottom line is US has its own rights/rule to what kind of people they want to bring in.

    If you fight for fairness in INA, then it is joke. For example, if you are a spouse of us citizen you will be given GC immediatly, (no numarical limit). However, if you a researcher from India, develops medicine for AIDS and applied NIW EB2 petition, there is no visa availble for forseeable future. You can say it is unfair. But government dont care. One cannot argue why they have E2 visa for specialy for Australians? Why not for Newzlanders? Why they have special quota in H1B for singaporans and Chilians?. If any one asks fairness question it is end less. For example in guest worker program in last year, they eliminated country quota (to legalise mexican unskilled-undocumented workers).

    Fair Bussiness that needs skilled foreign workes dont care about country of birth of workers. But it is sad that INA, prevent that fairness. But government has its own agenda. The better way to eliminate this problem is by constuctive lobbying to eliminate country quota or atleast increse from 7% to reasonable number.

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  • Tito_ortiz
    03-20 12:41 PM
    Hi, I experienced similar situation. This is what I did:
    Upon getting my PR and landing in Canada, I got job offer in the beautiful US. I kept visiting Canada every month, I kept bank account active there, I bought a car in Canada and transferred to the US (that was silly, don't do that) etc just in case I needed to prove certain ties to Canada and it would be transfer car to Canada again if I needed to go back.

    Then 1 year passed. I retained my PR just fine. However, when entering Canada, the immigration officer advised that I was going to end up losing my Canadian PR if I start going back and forth. At that point I applied for the Returning Resident permit. I wen to Canadian embassy in Seattle. Lady who attended me was very rude and told me that working in the US was not a valid excuse to stay out of Canada for 2 years. Then I claimed that I wanted to go back to Canada to open business there with my US experience within 2 years. Lady finally said "you guys don't love Canada, you just love the US". From there she signed the Returning Resident Permanent residency paper for 2 years. Now, five years have passed and I guess my Canadian PR status is unknown. I guess I could just return if I wanted. Last week I went there to visit a friend (it was raining like crazy in Vancouver, BC) and I entered the country without any questions. Therefore if you manage to get in, I guess all my PR status would still be valid.
    I also have my canadian PR. I know that I have to physically stay in CA for 2 years out of 5 to keep it alive. My question is if I enter just before my fourth year and live only for one year in CA .... what would happen ? At the end of fifth year when my PR card expires, will I have to leave CA ? Or is there any other visa on which I can move to or is there a way to re-apply for PR in the last year itself ?

    Basically bcuz of the retregression I want to go to CA but I have seen so many -ve posts about job scene that I am apprehensive. Hence was wondering if I can wait till the fourth year and still this GC mess is not solved would it be possible somehow to stay in CA beyond the fifth year.


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  • soljabhai
    12-14 04:55 PM
    well as of now, 15 October 2002 is the Cut-off date for ROW EB3 is not much worse than the cutoff dates for the other oversubscribed countries. (somewhere in 2001). Considering we are on the threshold of 2008

    In the hypothetical scenario EB3 ROW won't be much worse. Especially since many (majority) Indian's have transferred to EB2 already.

    So I don't understand how would ROW EB3 be much worse off than now.

    The only "real losers" will be ROW EB2 which is current. As far as I know they are not constituents/members of IV so we should not worry about them.

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  • hpandey
    12-19 03:29 PM
    Now on the main page of yahoo finance. They are proposing the same thing that IV is - To give immigrants chance to buy houses

    http://finance.yahoo.com/tech-ticker/article/149374/Housing-Cure-Give-Us-Your-Skilled-Your-Educated-Your-Bundled-Mortgages?tickers=%5Edji,%5Egspc,XHB,TLT,TOL,DHI,P HM

    This can be really good point for use by IV since it has caught the attention of mainstream media now . Available at finance.yahoo.com


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  • poorslumdog
    05-03 01:23 AM

    This reminds me a hilarious movie Burn After Reading!
    I am almost rolling on the floor here...

    Should I say who supports Prabhakaran here are LTTE or LTTE sponsored ? I don't think so:D:D

    You are the only one talking about LTTE or prabaharan. No one cares. Others are talking about civilian..do u know the meaning for that.

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  • pointlesswait
    09-23 06:30 PM
    there is a "right" time for everything..and now is not! thats all...

    You are right, in times like these immigrants should not be welcomed with open arms so its time for you to pack-up and leave. Visit this website when you reach home and let us know you reached safely... safe travels.


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  • garybanz
    12-14 02:35 PM
    I still dont see any discrimination on the existing laws. The number of visas divided equally to all countries.

    Why not divide equally across all races? or all kind of jobs? or different ages? or color of eyes? ...left hand right hand? Yankee fans and red sox fans?

    Why not divide all the jobs in USA equally among some of the above categories?

    EEO does not say take the total pool of jobs and divide it exactly equally among all the race, color, religion, sex, and national origin or for that matter any of the categories I mentioned. EEO says every one gets an equal shot at the job.

    Do you understand the discrimination now?

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-21 12:23 AM
    Thanks for vounterring your time and helping the immigrant community out -

    My question -
    PD: Dec 2004
    I-140 approved.
    I-485 applied: July 2007
    EAD and AP approved

    I recently quit my job and have been out of work for 2+ months, looking to get on to another job on EAD now.

    1. Are there any risks to my AOS application with I not being employed for 2-4 months? I-140 petition is approved, worked at my last employer for more than 180 days from my date of I-485 filing. Left my last employer on good terms, I-140 petition will not be revoked.

    2. As for the new job, would getting a new job on contract (possibly a 12 month contract with a Fortune 50 company) be a problem? I was under the impression that one needs full time employment but wanted to clarify since the contracting vendor is willing to hire me for the 12 month term on W2 and was wondering if that would be sufficient. What kind of Employment Verification Letter may I have to produce incase I get an RFE for the same during this time period.

    I would really appreciate your input. Thanks!

    Please let me know what reply you got for this inquiry.


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  • mchundi
    02-19 04:49 PM
    What you are talking here is the Eb1-EA category.. and not the general EB1 category..

    The EB1 Category is primarily meant for inter company transfers. Most of the people who qualify to get GC under this category come to US through the inter company transfer route and are primarily on L1-A work visa. Folks under L1-A do not require a labor certification and directly file I-140 /485 unlike people who come on L1-b visa which is also inter company transfer and requires a person to file a labor certification in US and then file GC under Eb2 or Eb3 as the case may be.

    It�s surprising that Eb1 is current for India. Going by the facts.. the top 3 IT companies had shipped most of their project folks infact every other person to US under L1-A in the last few years when H1-b was under scrutiny for these companies. Most of these people who came under L1-A should have applied for GC under Eb1 which should have retrogressed the dates for EB1 also. The only logical reason for this that these companies are being very selective in doing GC now unlike in the past when a lot of people had got GC under this category.. and the date for EB1 for India had retrogressed in beginning of 2006..

    That apart the other reason why this category is current is that most of the staffing companies aka.. body shoppers cannot use this route to get people to US.. because they need to have full-fledged profitable operations overseas�. and the person being sponsored should have atleast worked for 365 days outside US for the company. The consulates do a complete check before giving an authorization under L1-A or L1-B category..
    How many of the top indian IT companies file GC's for their employees?:rolleyes:

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  • tikka
    07-04 12:15 AM
    Most of the folks probably went to sleep... so the last two digs which are opened recently are moving very slow...

    Anyone from west coast - please help ...!!!

    lets focus on this one..
    http://digg.com/politics/U_S_Withdraws_Offer_of_60_000_Job_Based_Visas_Ange ring_Immigration_Lawyer/who

    the faster it gets to 100 DIGS the popular the article will be. Will help give our issue exposure

    thank you !!

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  • jonty_11
    07-10 11:31 AM
    Well said good luck.... I may be following you soon once I have my Canada application nearing approval.....

    Please do share your story with media....IV core can probably help you there.

    07-23 04:52 PM
    I felt very bad and compleately moved when I was read about Mehul at that time. He was not able to get the GC in time just because he was born in India, even though he is from Fiji. During the last days of his life he was more worried about his family settlement, than his death, and moved them to sweeden. I hope this kind of sitution wont repeat to any immigrant.


    For things like this not to repeat, we need a legilation change so that it doesnt matter which country you are from and which EB category you are in, and make sure that there wont be years long back logs.

    01-14 01:15 PM
    Does this Memo affects for POE for existing Valid stamped Visas ?


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