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  • ebizash
    01-15 10:09 AM
    Any one who renewed from Chicago??

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  • dummgelauft
    09-28 09:51 PM
    I agree, this is the way politics works most of the time. lobby for votes, etc.

    But isn't it also their job to do what is in the best interest of the Nation. Everything isn't decided by lobbies.

    Maybe we're approaching this the wrong way, in trying to build competing lobby. it needs a new approach. Congress should be convinced in a different way.

    Lobby is for optional, nice to have things, which will not be generally missed if they fail.
    Legal immigration is none of these and is almost mandatory. Imagine losing for eg. 200K EB3s. another 50K doctors.

    yes, they do think for the betterment of THEIR country. you and i don't fit in THEIR model of GOOD for their country.
    your average low information "american" voter lacks the thought capability to process what you are saying.

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  • santb1975
    05-23 05:43 PM
    I am. Who else is following up with the reps they have called before?

    Yes, its a good idea to call again and follow up saying that you are very keen on knowing whether the Congressman made any decision yet. We have our hopes pinned up on this one!

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  • RandyK
    04-03 12:19 PM
    A visa number gets allocated only when administrative approval is granted by NVC. Most likely when you applied (packet 3) last year your case was current and visa numbers was available, however by the time they approved your case the window was closed and PDs became U.

    NVC does not order a visa number for cases pending only for cases that they have approved/completed.

    They do this every month around the 10th like clock work, if by the 10th of any month your case is approved/completed by NVC & your PD is current they order a visa number for you from DOS.

    We called the NVC 2 days ago about the status of our application and the guy on the phone (who was, BTW, very polite and patient) told me that everything was processed and as soon as our PD was current we would get an interview appointment very soon.

    We also sent an email-inquiry to the NVC last week and just today we got the reply :
    "Unfortunately, this case no longer has a visa number available. This is
    because the applicant' visa category is oversubscribed, meaning that
    the available numerical limit of visas able to be issued was reached.
    Upon reaching the numerical limit of visas able to be issued, only
    beneficiaries who have a priority date earlier than listed in the current
    Visa Bulletin may be allotted a visa number in this visa category. "

    So, that must mean that they had a visa number for us back in August 2007 when they sent us the DS230-I and the bills for the visa fees although according to the VB for August/September 2007 EB3 ROW was "U" ?

    Hmm, I have to admit that I have kind of given up on understanding how this all works. I'm just looking forward to that day when we finally receive our GC and are able to move to the States.

    Good luck to all of you and even more patience !


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  • forever_waiting
    01-12 06:39 PM
    "Now why would i meet a lawmaker as a representative of IV if i believe what IV articulates impacts EB3 adversly"
    shows your lack of understanding of advocacy. Grass-roots advocacy works from the ground up rather than top-down.

    I am glad that after learning a few facts, your grievance has changed from "no one is doing anything for EB3" to "more should be done for EB3". thats a good start.

    This "discussion" has been entertaining but its time to end it. Good Luck to you. And do try to participate in grass-roots advocacy - the way it is meant to be and not the way you understand it (i.e. others should do all the work while I complain).

    Well what can i say it took less that 24 hours to get shot down again.

    No one in EB3 is questioning IV's sincearity. What is being question is the approach which is impacting EB3

    No one is yelling out a lie. What is being articulated (Not Yelled) is the impact of IV's direction

    I have read IV's provisions and i have already stated in another thread that removal of per-country limits is a pipe dream and will never happen how many number of times it gets introduced in congress because it is there since immigration started and is the corner stone of US immigration policy

    I will let the rest of your statement without comment because we are going back to the start of this discussion and is of no use name calling

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  • yabadaba
    10-12 04:28 PM
    Chronography of facts

    EB was current from AUGUST 1999 until April 2000.

    This warning was issued in the March 2000 VB:

    �Demand for immigrant visa numbers by INS for AOS cases in all categories, continues to be steady but has not reached the level requiring action at this time. It is anticipated that INS demand for numbers will require the establishment of visa cut-off dates for April in some or all of the CHINA-mainland born and INDIA Employment categories�.

    In May 2000. EB2 was retrogressed to 01JUL97 for China and 01APR99 for India

    In December 2000 VB the big announcement came:
    Greater availability of EB immigrant visas: On October 17th, the President signed P.L. 106-313. Title I of this law is known as the "American Competitiveness in the Twenty-first Century Act of 2000" and contains amendments to the INA regarding EB immigrant visas.
    In fiscal years 1999 and 2000, due in part to the per-country limits, the annual limit for EB immigrant visas was not reached. P.L. 106-313 makes the following changes in an attempt to rectify the situation with regard to per-country limits:
    Section 106 recaptures those EB visa numbers that were available but not used in fiscal years 1999 and 2000, creating a "pool" of approximately 130,000 numbers. These numbers could be made available to applicants in the EB1, EB2 and EB3 preference categories beginning in fiscal year 2001.
    Section 104 removes the per-country limit in instances where the overall applicant demand for EB visas is less than the numbers available without regard to those limits. This determination will be made quarterly, based on a comparison of the overall demand versus the available numbers. If the total number of available EB visas is greater than the number of qualified applicants who may otherwise be issued such visas (during the same period), the per-country limitations on EB visas will be lifted for the remainder of that quarter.
    In May 2001 EB2 became current again for both India and China.

    July 2001 VB:
    All categories have become "Current" for July, and are expected to remain so for the remainder of FY-2001. The cut-off date movement in all oversubscribed categories has been extremely rapid during the past year. This is because the FY-2001 limit is approximately 50,000 higher than normal, and legislative changes removed the per-country limitation if there are otherwise unused EB numbers available.
    All categories are expected to remain "Current" for the foreseeable future.

    January 2005 VB

    June 2005 VB
    During the past month there has been a significant increase in the amount of numbers being used by CIS offices for AOS applicants. This level of demand has significantly depleted the supply of EB numbers available under the annual limit. Recent discussions with CIS have made it clear that their backlog reduction efforts will sustain or increase the current level of demand. Therefore, continued visa availability in the EB categories cannot be guaranteed during the final quarter of FY-2005. If demand continues at the current rate, it will be necessary to oversubscribe many or all of the EB categories on a Worldwide basis. Such oversubscription could result in the establishment of cut-off dates, retrogression of already established dates, or some categories becoming �unavailable�.
    July 2005 VB
    EB3 and Third Other Worker categories have reached their annual limits and no further FY-2005 allocations are possible for the period July through September.

    September 2005 VB
    The backlog reduction efforts of both CIS, and the DOL continue to result in very heavy demand for EB numbers. It is anticipated that the amount of such cases will be sufficient to use all available numbers in many categories. As a result cut-off dates in the EB3 category will apply to the China, India, and Philippines chargeabilities beginning in October, and it is possible that Mexico may be added to this list. In addition, it is anticipated that heavy demand will require the establishment of a EB3 cut-off date on a Worldwide basis by December.
    The amount of Employment demand for applicants from China and India is also likely to result in the oversubcription of the EB1 and B2 categories for those chargeability areas. The establishment of such cut-off dates is expected to occur no later than December.
    The level of demand in the Employment categories is expected to be far in excess of the annual limits, and once established, cut-off date movements are likely to be slow.

    October 2005 VB:
    Item D in the September VB announcing the September cut-off dates provided information regarding the prospects of visa availability during the early months of FY-2006. Many categories have become oversubscribed for October, and cut-off dates established due to continued heavy demand for numbers by CIS for adjustment of status cases. Forward movement of the cut-off dates in these categories is likely to be limited.

    And IV was born.

    Have a nice weekend.

    excellent, excellent post. all facts, no conjecture.


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  • Saralayar
    04-07 10:17 AM
    Having 8 post or 800 should not count for seniority. we should be able to ask ourselves how much productive contribution we have towards this forum instead of how much contribution we have to this forum. QUALITY is what that matters more than QUANTITY.

    Just my thoughts.
    I accept that but see how childish he/she responded. If he/she deffer from my idea, he/she can very well deliver it in a gentle way. That shows the immaturity of the person.

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  • akhilmahajan
    09-20 04:12 PM
    Okay for the record from my side (Vijay's side of the story). The GPS girl had a sweet voice and she wouldn't talk to me unless I made a wrong turn. Finally I loved listening to her "Recalculating" and I could go on, until Puneet and Sumita interrupted. :p I was in fact contemplating on giving flowers to the GPS girl if not for logiclife's sweet reminder that only he had the rights to be "flowery" :D
    May be that is the reason he did not accept flowers from needhelp! Well the bottom line counts, we all had food after long drive on a supposedly short route.

    On a side note, someone told me D.C is was very nice to see at night, so was trying my level best to make Pratik, Jay and Vandana enjoyed sight seeing enroute to the restaurant!:)

    it was 3:00 AM in the morning.
    i think it was little late for sight seeing.
    specially everyone wanted to eat KABOBS since evening.


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  • tuwato
    01-09 11:03 PM
    Hi everyone! Hope you guys can help me.

    We had our lawyer file my husband's H1B non-profit with me as his dependent. I guess you can say that we trusted our lawyer too much when he said that he filed both for H1B & H4. Now, I feel so stupid for not inquiring about it too much before.

    My husband's H1B just got approved and the lawyer is asking me now if I got my H4 or a notice of receipt of my own. I did not know that the notice of receipt for both of us should be different. I thought there ought to be 1 notice of receipt for the two of us since my status would be totally dependent whether or not he will be approved.

    When I asked them whether they are sure that they filed for the H4, they said that they did but they did not sound too convincing. They turn the table around by asking whether or not I received the notice of receipt and my approval.

    What concerns me are:

    (1) My husband's approval & notice of receipt arrived at the lawyer's/employer's office, why is mine supposed to be mailed at my place?

    (2) The possibility of H1B being approved and the H4 disapproved since we are both currently here in the United States already.

    (3) Do I have a real reason to be alarmed that I do not have an approval for H4 at hand? Is there a possibility that it's just delayed right now since the approval for H1B arrived just two days ago?

    (4) How can I verify whether the lawyer filed for the H4 with the H1B?


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  • masterji
    02-16 06:34 PM
    I think academic/non profit organizations do not have any quota limit. They can file the petition whenever they want. Please correct me if I am wrong.


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  • sheela
    07-30 10:24 AM
    I just talk to USCIS customer rep..She said it might take beyond 90 days because of too many applications...if my case is still pending within 90 days then only i can go to local office it seems. But USCIS already took final decision on my case so i cannot go to office. But she asked me to try once by taking infopass appointment.

    Too many applications are a plain excuse. They did mail cards within 15-25 days (between 15-30 June 08). They handled more EAD applications filed last july07.

    Now, these guys are just not sure on how to go about:
    1. Approval of 2-yr EAD (for those who are not current)
    2. Approval of 1-yr EAD (for those who are current and might get GC in a yr)
    3. or To Approve GC instead of EAD (for those who are current/ripe/ low-hanging-fruits :I-140 approved/cases processed/no problems)

    But, this looks like too much ask for USCIS. They are used to do simple things like: approve or deny and approving everyone for a sinlge time duration.
    Let us hope for the best and see what happens in the coming week.

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  • jonty_11
    05-19 12:39 PM
    Staff is always nice...Engage them in a pleasant conversation and u will come out feeling good..

    Waht is important is your phone call...Numbers matter...so please keep calling...
    Dont feel shy or apprehensive.....just request them to support the bills..and thats it..if they engage in any conversation keep th mood as pleasant as possible...It takes less than 2 mins per call...


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  • GCAmigo
    02-02 01:41 PM
    I guess it is time to pack and go back, after seeing all these developments

    Backlog Reduction... Wouldn't it be nice if all the People with PD before2003 decide to go back....

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 05:59 PM
    Eb1 doesnot care about Eb2 & Eb3.
    Eb2 doesnot care about Eb1 & Eb3.
    Eb3 doesnot care about Eb1 & Eb2.

    Embarrassingly this is the truth!!!

    Correction ..
    EB1 do not care about anyone

    EB2 and EB3 care about what is happening because i have seen EB2 guys on this forum talk about the EB3 backlog and on the flip side there are EB3 guys who are working with IV on whatever garden path they are being led on.

    My effort is to make IV core aware of the fact that maximum EB3 guys do not believe in IV direction. Now that is an eye opener and if IV really believes that they they are a representative of all EB they must face the fact that they do not have support of maximum of EB3 folks

    Now if IV comes up with some genuine action items which will relieve the pressure on EB3 then they will see that EB3 folks will start believing in this whole lobbying and advocacy effort.

    For example this 55k bill could include terms for EB3. Now no one from IV is talking about that and one enlightened eb2 volunteer says let the bill come through then we can include but if IV does not talk about it now how will any EB3 believe that IV would do in crunch time

    The usual spiel of IV stating once EB2 becomes current EB3 will move will not hold water any longer because IV cannot promise that EB2 will come to a point where it has no more apps and spillover will go to EB3.

    So that mean the whole IV approach is flawed


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  • minimalist
    04-08 04:02 PM
    Sorry for ignorance. How is this list usefull? We will know who are the lucky ones to be greend. But how does it help?

    That list is not going to get any of us GC. That will help provide visibility into what the numbers actually are. So far people kept thinking , once EB3 is past September 2001(big hump due to clinton amnesty), it should race forard because of not many filing ins 2001 down turn. Once the list is available we can atleast have some idea on how many are infact waiting and that would probably help most people have realistic estimate on when they may get their turn.
    There were enough people who wanted that clarity and they contributed to get that. Still the FOIA request, if it goes through the regualr channel, it will be 2 years before USCIS even addresses it. CORE is trying an alternate approach to see if that data can be obtained ASAP.

    It will help the same way the traffic alerts on radio help you get out of the jam.

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  • Hassan11
    04-09 02:32 PM

    what is your PD?? I don't mean to be pessimistic regarding your application, but it seems that USCIS is processing old PDs 2003 and 2004 without looking at RD ( if it is within the published processing time or not). so if you have a PD of 2004 or older, don't worry about your RD and they will touch yours soon, assuming I-140 already approved. but if you have a PD newer than 2004, it might be a while before they get to those even if your RD is before 06/08/07 (published)

    Also regarding the service request. I did a SR back in February to get an update of my case and they asked me to wait 45 days to hear something. I called again today ( 60 days later) and it seems that SR I did disapeared ( I even have a reference #). Customer Service rep said they can start a new SR but not sure if it is gonna do anything. they will get to the application when they can. and right now they are precessing 2003 and 2004.

    Hope this helps.

    I had called them last week and was told the ususal spiel about my processing time not being current. But the lady also slipped with some piece of info that I did not have before: The processing dates are updated every 2 weeks....we do not see that online. While I am not sure that is true, I still figured hey let's call again and see. So yesterday the guy on the phone told me that I am outside their processing times and that he will put in a service request to make sure they will take care of my application....and my RD is July 2nd.....so their might be some truth about them internally updating processing times.....maybe


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  • chintu25
    01-26 11:28 AM
    [QUOTE=albertpinto;312725]good point ..I do invest in stocks / ETF's and funds ...but I would definitely say ..stay away from day trading !!! be diversified, invest in good companies (invest only pocket money/minor amount in very risky assets) and for the long term ..i.e. you should not need that money during emergencies ..STAY AWAY from all day trading softwares !!! and if you cannot take losses (or are happy with normal returns) ...stay away from stocks (except for a small portfolio/ 401 etc) completely[/QUOTE

    Thaks AP ...I thought all the Critics of Day trading here on IV were converted ...hehehehehe Not that You need to


    Oh yeah it relives me of the stress for sure dude....

    Gambling HUH ...

    What are you/me doing with this GC quest ...You think this is not gambling ...This is worst dude ....you are here putting the PRIME years of your life at stake for an elusive GC DREAM.

    Need a better life ...need a better standard of living... need Peace of Mind ... SO you are waiting for the GC like it is going to bring you a magic tonic.

    Some one said.....If you keep waiting for all green lights you will be stuck at the same ol traffic stop .

    I found trading as a way to try and achieve a better life...better standard of living and taking my mind of this biggest GAMBLE that we are in....

    You me and everyone on this forum is here cause we are "HIGHLY SKILLED"

    I WILL NOT WASTE my PRIME waiting for GC.

    Do your best to support IV and its actions AND Do something to keep your self sharp too

    I do stocks for that.... every one do something to not fall in the rut.....

    I know people stuck as developers for 3-4-5-6 years cause their GC petition says Programmer .... Thats a rut . Get out and Get out of it NOW

    Do something to keep ourselves SHARP.....

    GC will not bring us a MONEY TREE , we will have to grow it ...

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  • indigokiwi
    03-27 12:49 PM
    For new members:

    There might be differing views on how to reach all the affected green card applicants, but no one is disputing the fact that the current delays in the employment based green card system are unacceptable and we need to do something drastic to change it. If you applied in EB3 with a priority date in 2011, you could be looking at over 10 -12 years(?) to get a green card. The delays that could happen at H-1B visa stampings at consulates, including TAL checks and additional administrative processing are a huge headache for many.

    Currently, many green card applicants don't seem to know just how bad the situation is. The other day, I met someone who has been in this country for over 10 years, who thought that if you have a Master's degree, you can apply in EB1 and you will get your green card in a year!! True story. The reality is that even if you apply in EB2, you could be looking at 5-6 years and this situation can easily get worse.

    The Advocacy Days in Washington D.C. on April 4th and 5th are really important because "2011 is a crucial year to get the fix needed to clear the backlogs and allow for our high skilled immigrants to get the relief needed. We need to capitalize on the opportunity to push for legislation now, as it is unlikely to have any favorable immigration bill to be brought for the next 2-3 years (Primary campaigns, Presidential campaigns will take priority)."

    Participating in the Advocacy Days in D.C. is the best thing you can do. If you are within driving distance, this should be even more convenient.

    The following are some of the items on the Agenda (someone correct me if anything is missing/incorrect):
    -Re-capture of unused visa numbers
    -Removing country specific limits
    -Not counting dependants in the visa number count
    -STEM exemption
    -Allowing people to file I-485 and get EAD even when their priority date is not current.

    If you cannot participate, you can help by contributing financially (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum85-action-items-for-everyone/1904554-action-item-advocacy-day-contributions.html). We have only raised $23,050 and still need to raise $26,950, despite some members contributing hundreds of dollars each. We still need everyone's help to reach our target. There is only one week to go. Reduced funding will mean IV having to scale back Advocacy plans, and since this is our best shot in the next 2 years, we could be losing out on a lot.

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  • GCNeophyte
    07-14 10:31 AM
    Many are porting to EB2 from EB3, Hope that clears some traffic @EB3. I hope USCIS will equally distribute the spill over in year or two with help of IV and lawfirms.

    04-11 04:32 PM
    You are able to walk/ run even if you cannot raise the full amount.
    $300 and $500 are targets we set for people to work towards but you can still walk/ run if you cannot raise the full amount. Also, we are suggesting your target amount to be raised over a period of one year and we will be giving out tips for fundraising. The target amounts we set are very nominal and it is fun to raise funds as part of a walking/ running team. I have helped some friends and cousins raise funds for Extrahands, Susan Comen Foundation etc. and it is so much fun and a lot of quality time spent with family, freinds etc. A lot of organizations have mandatory fund raising goals. They set targets like 3500$ to 6000$ and if you cannot raise that amount your credit card will get hit with the balance. However we kept Team IV's fundraising to be voluntary just inline with our organization's goals.

    I have already got my Aunt and two of my friends to sign up for Team IV so far. We are going to train together at least once a week and we will organize a fund raising party and contribute all the proceeds to IV.

    I am sure you will have lot of fun with this.

    So this $300/$500 collection target is something to work towards, but once I am in the team, I get to run/walk even if I am unable to raise the full amount, right?

    06-29 03:08 PM
    My logic is, they know LOT(thousands) of PPL will be filing. I think they must have a plan. Cause I don't think they opened the gate to reject the applications. There must be a plan.

    noone can predist USCIS.....on ly pray that they do not retrogress on July5th..like they did for EB3_OTHER category on June 5th.

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