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  • bmehta
    05-16 10:46 AM
    Someone mentioned regarding birth certificate. I have the birth certificate which was issued by Indian Consulate. Will that work or do we need the Birth certificate from Municipality office ? Do i need to get affidavit

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  • clove
    05-02 07:00 PM
    I am in a similar situation. After failing to get a definite answer on the exact time taken by the process of changing status to H4 while in the US, I have decided to take a trip to India to get this stamped instead. I was told that change of status to H4 needs to be approved before starting school, simply showing proof of having applied for COS is insufficient. But if you apply for change of status to F1,then approval is not required before starting school. However I would suggest you confirm this from your lawyer/school.

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  • spulapa
    05-05 11:55 AM
    @ gc_perm2k6

    Njoi the green...Itz time to pop the bottle

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  • tonyHK12
    01-31 05:34 PM
    Will donate $100 for the event


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  • ganguteli
    03-21 11:59 PM
    WOW!!.. Very quick response.. good. You are trying to do a good job.

    You missed two points:
    Can you please update your profile.
    And you said "As some of you know...." . Were you trying in these lines before too. Can you direct me to any one of your forums more than 2 months old where we can see what you did before.

    Trust me, in the past we knew of some guys who tried to distract the forum attention with proposals of doing somethings in the lines as you have said. Their goal is to distract and divert attention.
    Not that we do not trust you, but we expect you have atleast your profile updated.
    What do you do, when you come across someone who says I can get you a big job done for you, as I have contacts.. Not blindly trust, right.. We also check he his credentials. I am to some extent doing that, to be frank, not that everyone has profiles here with real information.
    I told about you to my friends, and they asked me "Why do we trust him, dont you think he may be a Canadian who is trying to distract these innocent Indians and hence make sure they remain in backlogs"....

    You and your fake friends.
    I remember your posts where you claimed that your friends are ready to contribute huge amounts of money to IV.
    Where have they gone now when a funding drive was started?

    You cannot even contribute a mere $25 and talk about contributing thousands?
    Please avoid trying to make tall claims and promises you cannot keep. It makes a man lose his credibility. A man is known and is respected by the word he keeps.

    This Totoro guy is at least doing something and going to meet a lawmaker office? Have you ever had the courage to visit a lawmaker. I only saw posts where you were asking people to send spam emails annonymously to lawmaker offices.

    If you are asking him to enterreal profile information, May I ask you if your profile is real? Does it have your real name, phone address, main email, employer name etc in it? Moderators can verfy it? If not then you are also are like most other annonymous users on the internet.

    Let us get real and recognize those who are trying to do something genguine. This guy has already emailed IV about himself so why are you trying to distract people.

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  • zzsbzz
    05-05 12:08 AM
    My GC was approved today... I came to the US 10 years back. It's been such a long journey that it's tiring to even think about it. The backlog processing center, re-starting the GC process, Several H1b visa stamps, July fiasco rollercoster... At this point I think I am just tired - not happy, not sad...

    Good luck to everyone out there!

    My details:

    PD: May 28th 2006
    SC: Nebraska
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011


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  • desiin_va
    01-17 05:11 PM
    I just signed up for $20 monthly contribution, will push my friends to do the same.

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  • khukubindu
    05-12 12:23 PM
    PD App in FY 05 App in 06 Total

    3/28/05-4/30/05 12 12

    5/1/05 - 5/31/05 89 85

    6/1/05 - 6/30/05 110 239

    7/1/05 -7/31/05 175 334 509

    8/1/05 - 8/30/05 421 402 823

    9/1/05 - 9/30/05 694 79 773

    10/1/05- 10/31/05 944 944

    11/1/05 - 11/30/05 906 906

    12/1/05 - 12/31/05 1022 1022
    1/1/06 - 1/31/06 1007 1007

    2/1/06 -- 2/28/06 952 952

    3/1/06- 3/31/06 1140 1140

    4/1/06- 4/30/06 896 896

    5/1/06 - 5/31/06 980 980

    6/1/06 - 6/30/06 916 916

    7/1/06 - 7/31/06 775 775


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  • immig4me
    02-04 03:50 PM
    signed up!

    I will volunteer to keep this and other advocacy related thread on the home page.

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  • mayhemt
    02-26 08:30 AM
    i guess desi3933's chart has 7 Day EMA, 14 Day EMA, & 40 Day EMA (on closing prices) on indicators (based on annotations on top of charts).
    You need not stick to desi3933 strategy, get well-educated first about markets (equities, options, futures, forex) & indicators (MACD, EMAs, Sto etc) and do some paper trading/virtual trading - like vse.marketwatch.com - and then you would need to come up with your own strategy based on your level of risk, time you can invest etc.
    Again based on desi3933's risk level, he chose futures - based on your risk level you may stick to ETFs SPY (S&P), SDS (inverse S&P), SSO (Double S&P) or options on these ETFs.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Is there a reason why you choose e-mini as opposed to etf's or stocks. BTW, I am not knowledgeable on e-mini. I couldn't even find the symbol in TdA. Looking at your chart, it seems you trade full time ??

    Can you explain what are the three average that you have on the chart and theire durations


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  • naidu2543
    05-15 10:53 AM
    When every one send individual letter, they will read the first one and then will just ignore others. Because the content and issue is same. When we 50+ people send one neatly drafted letter...I am sure it will draw considerable attention. Ron is willing to help us. I am not sure if we need to hire him for this. If so, how many of you ready to share the expense.

    We have around 75 peope in this thread. If we every one puts in 50 to 100 dollars on an average per person.. It will be 5000 dollars to pay as a fee to Ron to help us with this cause. We can channel this fee through IV.

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  • santb1975
    04-10 02:15 PM
    We really do


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  • tin2006
    05-23 07:37 PM
    Is there any documents you will receive after your Perm has approved? And how can I know it's a EB2 perm or a EB3 perm?

    Yes, I have some trusty issues with my employer and the attorney is hired by my employer. :mad:

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  • vicks_don
    07-22 04:43 PM
    that is good news thanks !!! so the IO did talk to you even though 1 month has not yet passed ? I called yesterday and the systems were down ..but she said that if 1 month has passed and I have not recd the card then she will open a service request or something ..did the IO tell you that too ?
    (I know this is a tracker only ..but I guess it is more helpful if we discuss posts like above too ..my advice to those on EAD's (and not H-1) ..file as early as possible ..This is a messy situation which can lead to bigger problems as drivers license cannot be renewed in many states without EAD !!)

    I talked with customer service and they said that I have to call after 30 days. But I insisted asking "lets say i call after 30 days and I have not recieved my EAD and my current EAD is expiring and I cannot work after that. I asked for Evidence..I told her I received receipt notices , fingerprint notices in 5 days then how could you expect me to beleive that EAD is in mail for 25 days..I asked for options in this scenario which i know she could not answer and finally she transfered to Level 2 which is IO. he looked in some software or something I do not know but he said its not printed yet but in queue, both mine and my wife EAD's.


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  • Puget Musee de Louvre,

  • 485_se_dukhi
    09-19 11:21 PM
    Hi Niloufer,

    Both my husband and I wore bright green T-shirts and were pushing a pink stroller...:D

    Somebody in the rally in fact remarked that our green T-shirts matched the idea of getting green cards...;)

    Here's the link to some of our pix at the rally...:)

    http://picasaweb.google.com/preetisingh5/LegalImmigrantsRallyAtWashingtonDCSeptember18th200 7

    I was hoping to meet you but in all the rush and excitement, missed you...but I'm glad to see you in the other pix...your daughter is just too cute!!:)

    take care,

    sw33t, texanmom, thescadman, nagaraj, mundru, macaca, paskal, pdakwala, ashish, pappu, drona, franklin, paskal, janils, ARC
    Kanika, Meenal, Sumita, Vandana, Vijay, Akhil, Ashish, Sapna, Preeti, Atmaja, Sonali, Sujata, Dhiren, Sejal, Prasad, Arun, Venky, Gopal, Jane, Kaushal oh my GOD I am surely forgetting a ton of others (and I can't match them with thier IV handles).. California's huge contingent was so great!!
    abhijitp, chanduv, Aman and logiclife, well they have already been household figures around my place, and it was great to see them in action.

    Please PM me and remind me if I met you, I really really WANT to remember. Overwhelmed by the warmth and cameraderie of the whole group.

    Jaime, Libra, 485_se_dukhi, digital2k are there any pictures where I can spot you?

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  • pbuckeye
    05-05 11:56 AM
    Finally, done

    PD: June 7th 2006
    SC: Texas
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011

    Thank you all IV friends.



    Congrats MC! Do stay to keep the discussions lively :)


    makeup du musee du louvre de Musee De Louvre. Musee de Louvre
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  • pd052009
    04-07 11:30 AM
    Countdown: 24 More days to go (Incl. today)
    Required Yes Votes : 5000

    Read from the below link for more details
    http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/2243885-post2.html (Support Thread for "I485 filing w/o Curr. PD" initiative)

    girlfriend Musée du Louvre : vue de la Musee De Louvre. –Musée de Louvre –Paris
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  • smisachu
    01-12 03:45 PM
    You can day trade. I have been trading for a while in various different capacities. Just make sure you have a good tax guy, they usually charge more for day traders due to all the trade reconciliation needed while doing taxes. Since I got the EAD it has become much easier though. You open a regular trading account and trade. Here is the key to day trading- Risk management, Risk management & Risk management. I cannot emphasize this enough. Most people get in with out much knowledge and burn out fast because of bad risk management. Have an exit strategy before putting on the trade and exit AT that point. Don’t get emotional.
    Key thing is; I quote "Plan your trade and trade your plan".

    Retail brokerage accounts like Scottrade, Ameritrade are OK for regular trading but if you want to day trade they are not good enough. Day Trading is all about execution and you will need a faster broker than these guys.
    Some good ones are Interactive brokers, Think or swim (I think TD Ameritrade bought them out) and e-signal with one of their partner brokers.
    For the guys in and around NY/NJ there are a lot of day trading firms like Hold Bros (Jersey City), Lynx capital and Cymera capital in NYC which offer good execution and good commissions.
    Commissions have to be factored in as you will be trading a lot and all those fees add up. Execution has to be very fast <2 secs or you will loose money in slippage. Another factor with faster execution is that you might be able to front run news which gives you an advantage.

    But before you jump in with both feet, do a lot of research. Paper trade a lot and hone your skills. What you know in equities is just tip of the ice berg. There are tremendous amounts of infrastructure and brains dedicated to squeezing out "alpha" and to beat them is not easy. The real money is in trading options, but this is for the really sophisticated trader. In options you can loose your entire capital.
    Any one starting out must read a lot. I would suggest:
    1. Come into my Trading Room- By Elder
    2. The Equity Trader Course- By Schwartz
    3. Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners- By Harris

    For those of you a little sophisticated:
    1. Volatility Trading- By Sinclair or By Johannes
    2. The Options course- By Fontanills
    3. Bible of Option trading- By Guy
    4. Quantitative Trading- By Chan

    If anyone is interested to go beyond this (one step away from insanity), let me know and I can suggest some more reading.
    The key thing to realize is pattern trading is a self fulfilling prophecy. The more you trade the more you realize it.

    I was under impression that being on H1b u cannot do intra day trading.. you can do only routine trading ( dont know excat term ) in which u buy stock and keep it for some time and sell it .. generally 3-4 days..

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  • Gravitation
    10-05 04:53 PM
    I am ROW-3, Applied for I-485 and EAD cards for my self and my family members. RD 06/19/07, ND 07/19/07. Received EAD cards, finished finger prints and waiting for name check.

    I have another family petition (theu my Dad) and my periorty date became current this month. I do not know what to do. To go ahead and apply for GC using may father's petition or to waite untile I hear from INS regarding the work petition.

    The cost will be about 4,000 $ and I am afraid that I will be stuck in the name check againe. I was told that I can only have one pending GC petition at all times. The advantage of the family based petition is to be able to work for any employer, no restrictions at all.

    Any ideas, please advise.
    Can you replace the underlying I-140 with I-130? I know it's possible to replace an I-140 with another.

    03-27 11:49 AM
    With this attitude and arrogance, I rarely think there would be motivation for anyone to do anything for IV.

    I started discussion by asking , how can IV convince me that my donation is going to help, I got shot down by ARROGANT ******** and got all reds as if I care. I was planning on a charity/donation drive of my own to get some money for IV.
    Know lot of consultants, who really dont know what to do with their miles with every one a executive airline status.
    Already have 10+ people pledging Poker tournament from my poker group with their miles for Airlines and hotels. We are talking of a Million AA miles.
    Indian restaurants(s) having a Immigration week where a dollar of each bill be given to IV.
    I was even thinking of standing at Indian stores in Dallas to ask people to consider for IV cause, as long as I believed and hence was asking.

    I was just getting started with so many ideas for my free time.

    Good luck in what ever you do guys. Note that GC is not everything and note that I am still on extended H1, family on H1 and EAD never helped me. so assumption that EAD helped my life is baseless. All these hypocrites are long gone from IV once they get GC. All we get is response that Mr X or Y , even after getting GC, is working fro cause. How can I believe.

    Any organization can be successful if there are questions answered and not shot down. Just working at DC doesnt make some one a strong contributor for IV.Work at grass root level is so imp. What I have noticed is any one who went to DC has become headstrong, egoist and arrogant as if they own IV.

    Please read my initial post before commenting. I always said, I am for IV cause. just convince me so that I can convince some one

    Gisa pita dialogue,...dont ask what IV has done,, ask yourself what you have done... COMMON

    Here it is, I can write in BOLD and RED

    Whom are you trying to fool?
    You are only showing what a fool you are.

    If you wanted to do anything you would have done something since June 2007 when you became a member. What did you do since then?

    Now your PD is getting current and you are close to Greencard. You WILL NOT do anything. But you will become an anti-immigrant for sure as someone wrote on the forum. As I understand, nobody is here to convince anyone else. Everyone is dong it because they want to do it for their application and they are doing the right thing. IV is a non profit. Each person is supporting because they feel they need to help themselves by helping IV.

    05-16 12:47 PM
    Congrats! Yes, you can apply for I-485. The physician will keep a note on your medical report and you can do the needy tests later.

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