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  • sundarpn
    11-14 09:48 AM
    How about DC guys (for mailed in PP renewal)?

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  • chanduv23
    04-12 07:10 AM
    Folks, sorry I have not been in much action, with other stuff taking priority, but I would definitely like to know what it takes to do this? I have completely lost fitness due to bad lifestyle, long commutes to work, working spouse, small baby, and other tensions and I like this idea a lot.

    Nolaindian - can you briefly explain how this marathon works? Does every city have a marathon to which we register, is it a community? Who sponsers? Do we do it as IV? Do we all form a group. Are the rules set by us? Do we pledge????

    I can definitely start off with a short one - until I pick up on fitness :) Tri state members are more than welcome to join me :)

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  • jonty_11
    05-15 03:43 PM
    ques for IV core - Are we not supporting HR 6039 - exempt US Grads from GC VISA numbers?

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  • StarSun
    02-04 09:40 AM
    IV is ideally looking for 4 members from each of the mainland states and a lot more participation from states like CA, MA. NY, NY, VA, MD, TX, GA, IL .....


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  • chi_shark
    09-03 12:29 PM
    I am a guy and have a question....Who is Hugh Hefner ?

    did you misspell gay as guy? ha ha ha ha just joking.

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  • senthil1
    04-09 05:33 PM
    If this kind of restriction is not done what will be best way to resolve H1b issue? If H1b increase is done and similar increase is not done on GC then also problem to all IV members(retrogession will continue). If there is cap then certainly it will be reached every year within April.
    If they restrict consulting then Most of the H1b persons will get permanent job. Because of less number of H1 most of them will get gc within 2 or 3 years. GC holders and US citizens will do consulting. System will adjust iteself within a few months

    There are people who have done Masters in computer science in USA, graduated in 2002 and 2003 from top 50 universities and ended up getting training from desi bodyshops who we all love to hate. That training made them capable of gettting H1 and paycheck, not the books they read in US masters courses.

    If US universities were up to the job of teaching people what was demanded by market, these folks wouldnt have had to go to desi bodyshops do get training.

    I dont have US masters. I had enrolled in US masters degree in fall 2000. I left after 1 semester. During my brief stint as a student of Masters in Computer Science, I did get an opportunity to see what the courses are and what they really teach.

    The reason I am lashing at some folks here is that some people are thinking that the Durbin-Grassley bill will benefit them because it will end consulting. Some people dont realize that most US masters degree holders, both MBA and MS (Computer science) find out that in order to get an H1, consulting is THE ONLY OPTION, especially when INTEL, Oracle and Cisco arent recruiting, they do go and stand in queue in front of consutling companies (Desi or otherwise). Also, people doing full-time jobs in silicon valley (what some people call "real jobs") also do fall back to consulting when they are laid off.

    When employees of chipmaking and software development companies are laid off en masse, (and many of whom have masters degree from USA) where do they do to fall back and file H1 before the grace period expires?


    To say that US masters degree holders dont need "Consulting" is the most stupid comment I have ever heard. Also, how important you are to this country or tech industry is to be decided by your boss and your employer. Not by what degrees you have in your resume. So by saying that "We have masters, we deserve better" isnt really going to jive with reality. People get masters degree mostly because its a stepping stone to H1B, just like H1B is the stepping stone to GC. Very few people do masters because they want to learn hi-tech stuff or to get better education.

    My comment that you are criticizing was response to such post that said "Durbin Grassley bill is good for US degree holders because we really dont need consulting". Well, you very much do need consulting.

    Also, I am seeing lots of grad students and masters degree holders happy about Durbin-Grassley bill. Some of them are under the impression that since they dont do consulting, its good for them since people doing consulting will be out of the queue and that loss will be their gain.

    Its really pathetic. This elitist attitude gets organizations in trouble.

    This whole attitude of "I dont care as long as its the other guy taking the hit" will cause failure.


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  • sparky_jones
    04-22 12:56 PM
    The Lockbox process is for intake and receipt of paper-filed applications. Since the intake and receipt of e-Filed applications is electronic, the lockbox is out of the picture. Supporting documentation should be sent to the Service Center address on the confirmation page.

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  • snakesrocks
    01-23 06:24 AM
    I came to USA 7 years ago and still waiting for my GC. But I bought a nice home after 1 year, simple reason that I can claim the taxes & mortgage interest. Also I was bale to put my kids in a good school district. Who cares if I get GC or not, that is not my end of my life. Myself and my family live a happy life in a 4 bedroom house with big backyard and have the peace of mind, after all what we are going to take when we leave this world. Let us enjoy the life


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  • pmpforgc
    04-09 12:41 PM
    gc4me : Pardon me, but how is citizenship not a relevant issue to legal immigrants? If you're not worried about citizenship issues, then why are you even infesting this thread? Many people, including me, might be interested. And I have indeed contributed, although I don't see how that is any of your business and as long as this website isn't being hosted on your home computer, I don't see what gives you the right to ask it of anyone in a patronizing tone. It's simple really, if you're not interested in any issue, just stay away. No one needs your BS sarcasm or disapproval.

    This is important thread and shoul not be closed.

    IV is a organization of highly skilled immigrant who suffers from long waiting for immigration process. That includes all issues such as Name check, EAD, AP, Backlog, Green Card, I-140, I-485. Citizenship is also a issue that ultimately affects to all who wait for the long time for GC. So this organization should at least discuss implication and possible solutions, that can help to reduce Citizenship wait time for its members.

    Because of the other pressing issues, it may not be a priority issue, but it is some thing to keep on the table and discussion when Major Immigration Over haul take place. I personally think it need action from cogress to address it.

    I think releief in terms of less years as citizenship wait time for Highly skilled immigrant who has waited for long/ contributed in the taxes to the country and contributing by his Skills and Qualifications, is achivable.

    when Some one who just marry to Citizen can get Citizenship in only 3 yrs of wait, If they can give cuban credit for their wait time, If in last bill they can propose TO REDUCE ONE YEAR WAIT TIME for some one who know english, than why one should hesitate in asking similar relief for some one who has Say PhD/ Master in Engineering/ Sciences, has contributed to this nation in the taxes for five or more years and has suffered because of the problems in the system.

    Remember orginal wait time for Five Year after, though I am not exactly sure, but looks like designed based on Family based Immigration system, where person comes in the country just based on the family tie ( no other qualification) and comes directly as a Green Card holder it might be wise to wait five years to see his contributions to the country and his other aspects.

    Also when many countries are making changes in their rules to attract highly skilled immigrants, when US imigration system is likely to be changed in near future, this might be right favour to ask for Highly Skilled immigrant from any country in terms of citizenship benefits.

    Hope IV team and members keep this topic in mind apart from other immidiate pressing issues and needs. some time we come so much involved with our immidiate need that we can not see long distance. Who ever brought this point is thinking in the long distance goal of finishing immigration process, which many of us started as a H-1, F-1, Visitor, J-1, L-1 or among the several other immigration categories. Why we should not be thinking of finish line, where we want to reach some day. There is no harm in thinking and discussing that how to reach that finsih line.

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    11-14 02:19 PM
    if you pay $90 extra, they will process it the same day. you can add $20 extra to get it overnight if you dont want to wait in the consulate. They are very friendly. I got it same day shipped out. All that you need is to pay more money (ofcourse this money goes to govt of india, not to the employees work there :) )


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  • kevin08
    04-12 01:30 PM
    have you ever took a vacation day off faking ill-health either of yourself or somebody you know? when its convenient for us, we tend to legitimize what we do, when somebody else does it, they have to suffer. And oh no, you are not selfish, you are just jealous

    Oh yes, sick leave, have you worked for Losers and Traiters on site? do they have a sick leave policy for on site slaves? do any one of them have one for sick leave or for that matter anything else? would you send me one from your company?

    My friend was working for Losers and Traiters - got real sick due to neck pain - took leave from work - went to a doctor - doctor suggected him a treatment for a month. Guess what, they shipped him back. Who will have an "idle resource" on site? How ethical.

    I asked them to provide a copy of their US insurance policy and on-site employee handbook. I am yet to get one, besides the manager told me since I am no way connected to Losers and Traiters (who wants to?), I am not allowed to ask for such documents. The poor slave friend of mine went to India and resigned within a week.

    now....from your posts, you seem to be a slave working for the welfare of one of these companies (desi or dcc). Keep up the good work. And don't forget to ask your boss about the documents mentioned above.

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  • sathishav
    03-11 09:02 AM
    NOTE: It is mandatory for all attending advocacy day event to attend training sessions on Saturday/Sunday.

    Dude, I was under the impression that coming on Sunday is enough. Are we going to have a call (at least at a state chapter level) before the event?


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  • speedo
    05-08 03:53 PM
    Anybody in ROW EB3 from NSC who is current this month got approval?

    I am still waiting.

    NSC-EB3-ROW, PD 09/2005
    I-485 RD 07/02/2007.
    Last update: all background check have been cleared and waiting for IO to pick up the file.

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  • vicky4
    08-03 08:10 AM
    Hi All,

    Here is my scenario...
    I entered US on H4 in Sep 2005 and changed my status to H1 in Oct 2006.
    I started working from February and have paystubs till July.
    Planning to go India in August and get stamped for H1 in chennai consulate.
    My husband has to renew his H1.

    My questions are

    1.)If incase my H1 gets rejected, I am planning to come on H4. Do i need to pay the fee again in HDFC for H4 and book an appointment or I can just walk-in some other day for H4 stamping with my husbands valid H1-B petition and other other required documents.

    2.)We both are working for different employers. Can we take H1-B interview together?

    Your inputs are appreciated..



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  • BharatPremi
    09-25 04:38 PM
    I think spillover method has not been changed since years. The only puzzle is that whether it is horizontal or vertical or combination of both that USCIS works with we exactly do not know.

    Do you guys agree ?

    In my opinion equal share of spillover count to oversubscribed EB categories for a particular year would be the final and legitimate solution.

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  • yellowstone
    10-13 07:24 PM
    I have submitted my passport for name change, some three weeks ago. But i have to move to a new apartment in the same complex.
    Does anyone know what carriers does the CGI houston use to send passports? Any one received their's with anyone other than FEDEX?


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  • hebbar77
    05-19 12:54 PM
    Called all of them, only Representative Ciro Rodriguez office told they will not support the bill...:mad:. others told they will pass the message...

    Then I guess IV reps should have one on one with this senator.
    Also I recommend all of us calling and requesting/convincing this senator!

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  • neelu
    03-13 12:56 AM
    Members: 9,335, Active Members: 3,672
    We have added 1000+ members in the last 2 months. Can we add 1000+ in one month?. Interestingly, Active members are still around the same number.
    Please follow up with all the new folks that you have helped register at IV.
    Congrats to all of you who are actively making it happen.

    Thank you, Amitjoey, Pappu, Anurakt and all those who helped keep this campaign alive. I salute your positive, 'never say die' attitude. I am re-joining this and all other IV campaigns actively, now that I am back from a trip to India. I am confident that together we can provide that final much needed push.

    Fellow IV'ers,

    This month and the coming few are going to be very important for our cause. As all of us know, that the two important things we would need are contributions from current members and new members who can contribute.

    Let's all bring just one more member to IV. Even if you have already done so before, I urge you to go down the list of contacts in your mobile/outlook, and wake them up to our cause.

    Please Add ONE member to IV this week!!!

    Go IV!

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  • Gravitation
    10-05 04:53 PM
    I am ROW-3, Applied for I-485 and EAD cards for my self and my family members. RD 06/19/07, ND 07/19/07. Received EAD cards, finished finger prints and waiting for name check.

    I have another family petition (theu my Dad) and my periorty date became current this month. I do not know what to do. To go ahead and apply for GC using may father's petition or to waite untile I hear from INS regarding the work petition.

    The cost will be about 4,000 $ and I am afraid that I will be stuck in the name check againe. I was told that I can only have one pending GC petition at all times. The advantage of the family based petition is to be able to work for any employer, no restrictions at all.

    Any ideas, please advise.
    Can you replace the underlying I-140 with I-130? I know it's possible to replace an I-140 with another.

    05-29 01:38 PM
    Hi ,

    I have recenlty (2Months) camre to us and my uncle alsi got H1b recenlty.

    I want to bring my wife on H4, for this do I need Paystubs.If yes , How many.
    Becuse at this moment I don't have any paycheck and I will be gettiing one by this month end.


    04-17 01:05 PM
    no new members today??? :confused:

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