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  • sargon
    03-31 01:25 PM
    Real movement will come in the last 3 months of this financial year (july, aug, sep bulletins).

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  • ganguteli
    03-01 03:21 PM
    no comments ?
    people we are coming close to the situation where it is "do or get fried :)".

    I disagree that the situation is very bad.

    It is bad only for those that are laid off on H1B. All others have EAD and are happy. They will realize the bad situation only when they cannot take a promotion or salary raise or cannot change job due to same and similar. Or if I485 gets an RFE or denial.

    If the situation was bad, more people would be serious about your idea including you. Even you are not willing to do anything yourself other than asking others to do it. So this is the fate of immigrant community. We all do not want to do anything ourselves unless we ourseves are in a bad situation.

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  • aknynd
    12-11 10:35 PM
    How About Sweeping Roads In Nyc ..on Wall Street, In Front Of Nyse And Nasdaq And Also In Ffreont Of All Tv Stations ...will Get Lots Of Media Attention ...

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  • UKannan
    05-23 09:22 AM
    Is there anyway to get the I140 Approval or at least the Receipt # other than that off thru employer?


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  • pcs
    03-27 01:52 PM
    I am a Chemical Engineer ( 16 years in India as a Senior Guy + more than 5 years in US )

    I am a founder team member of a high technology advanced material company, created with the help from a VC & active support of local congressman. We literally reopened a closed factory in Ohio to start this R&D / manufacturing company. ( Politicians have been making a lot of noise to revive manufacturing economy in Midwest)

    We have hired about 18 people till now & we are NOT an IT company

    I was accorded honorary citizenship by the mayor of city of Clinton, MS in 1989 for my extracurricular activities but did not move to US untill 2000

    For last five years I have been through this immigration circus & had to file L/C multiple times. Currently, I am not able to file I-485 & I am in my 6th Year of H1-B

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  • vivache
    09-25 07:51 PM
    I agree .. again :) .. that companies may not be too excited about the employees taking off for a few hours.

    Can't we have something potent:
    Say we have a page on IV that lists all the members with names, GC applied on, wait time to date, company working for. Accompanied by any info that makes this look authentic like SRC number .. or something (need not be displayed, but can be in database).

    We could then get some graphs and statistics based on these figures and pass it on to lawmakers, other people who need to be influenced.
    This way we have all teh facts .. rather than arbitrary data like:
    "Today the system takes anywhere between 6-12 years to grant Green cards to some of the best and brightest of the world who have chosen America as their future home."


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  • chanduv23
    10-05 11:20 AM
    Who is GOP?

    Government of Power?

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  • newuser
    05-07 09:42 AM
    Count me in. Did attend the 2007 rally.

    Any one from Philly area for a car pool?


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  • Dipika
    02-24 05:57 PM
    i agree. how about sending flowers to precident with message that if half million legal immigrant waiting in EB get GC, will definitely buy home, so it will help to improve US Housing crisis.

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  • paskal
    12-17 11:32 AM
    "And please remember it's bottom up that works here not top-down."

    so i guess then we can count on you to give up on this one little thing and help us constructively...? join the state chapter? help with lawmaker meetings and do the grassroots stuff?

    i'm not in the least asking you to leave..i would really love to see you put you energies towards required actions...and we would all be richer and better for it! :)


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  • pappu
    05-31 10:09 AM
    FAQs for Dc advocacy days


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  • ramus
    10-14 06:30 AM
    Anybody received rfe? We received rfe on photos and was replied on 09/27.. No reply yet.
    Anybody knows how long it take to receive approval after rfe reply..


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  • miguy
    05-15 10:00 AM
    I didn't know we could file for both simulataneously. I thought it is either one or the other. Can someone clarify?

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  • senthil1
    05-24 09:10 AM
    I think Senate is serious in passing the bill. Some of senators worked hard for months to draft this bill. But House reaction we will come to know after Senate passes. There can be lot of things which can derail the bill as both pro-immigrants and anti immigrants are not happy about the bill but both group got something.

    What are the chances to pass the bill?


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  • belmontboy
    04-21 03:15 PM
    Whether we like it or not...this is a reality. I have had a neighbor where both the husband wife was working. They brought their parents every year... because it was cheaper than Day Care.

    But they didnt bother to drive Benz and BMW.

    True, have seen many folks do the same.
    Though their pride says no. Not sure what's so shameful in that :)

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  • smuggymba
    09-15 04:36 PM
    Two factors:

    1.) Personal Choice

    2.) Job security.

    If you work for a good company - buy one. If your job is dicey, don't.

    Personal need + good job = House


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  • vin13
    08-04 11:43 AM
    The fact that India and china priority dates are same for EB-2 suggests some spill over has already occured from ROW. We just do not know how much more spill over is possible.

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  • Ruta
    07-20 12:13 PM
    Ours was filed in NSC - July 2nd (hand delivered is what lawyers say.)

    I had 1 question.
    How long should we wait for receipt to be issued? I am concerned if USCIS misplaces package or something happens, we would miss window of opportunity to file.

    Also since lawyers say its personally delivered, how do we track/keep proof that ur package was delivered?

    Should we just go ahead and re-file if we dotn hear from CIS in 10 days?

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  • svn
    04-08 12:01 PM

    One irrelevant question: Why did you wait till Aug 15th, 2007 to file your 485 when your date was current in June and you could file in June 2007?

    Just noticed your question - I was actually one of those stuck in the notorious BEC. As luck would have it, my Labor cert which had been stuck in local office processing first and finally made it to the second stage of labor was stuck there as well for months until it seemed like they finally were processing applications that had been received at the same time as mine. Then it happened - all labor processing centers were scrapped and everything was shipped in boxes to the blackhole called BEC. Little did I know then the upfront delay of months would be insignificant compared to the delay of almost 4 years at the BEC. In fact, my labor cert hadn't been processed by BEC even when the Jun 07 window opened up. As luck would have it though, in the month when everything was rolled back, my labor was finally cleared (thank god for small mercies!) and I was able to apply for both I-140 and I-485 when the window opened back up temporarily between July 30th and Aug 17th. Of course, I am still last in the line since USCIS processes based on application received data and not priority date! However, as I mentioned earlier, I am thankful to all of the efforts of IV that led to the window opening back up, which actually enabled me to file my I-485 and eventually receive an EAD (if not, would have still bee completely dependant on H-1, 11th year, now)

    07-01 11:09 AM
    Good thing about the meeting was that it was not dominated with just illegal immigration. Legal immigrants got their share of time and recognition. I have to believe that our advocacy efforts in DC bore some fruits here......

    He made sure that legal immigration problems needs to be simultaneously solved and also the fact that illegal immigrants are held accountable for breaking the laws....He mentioned backlogs and retrogression...We just need to get the congress to work on it!!!

    IV's main points of needing republican support, and advocating for their support on the CIR framework.... well, they were the main needs that Obama mentioned too.
    Go IV

    12-14 04:25 PM

    My wife's EAD was also pending for about 4 months. At infopass, officer said we have to wait. He asked to check back in 10 days.
    Within 2 days, status changed to "card production ordered". Before, we had sent expedite request also.

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