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  • god_bless_you
    02-20 06:20 PM

    wallpaper Miss Smallville 2009 serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan as Zatanna on
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  • senthil1
    09-01 10:03 AM
    It is not true that Many people have to wait 10+ years to get gc. May be some people might wait for 10 years because of frequent change of jobs , layoffs and also ignorance of green card processing. Most of the time EB2 waiting time is 2 to 3 years. Indian EB3 is in worst situation but only for past 2 years and before that everything was current. For that also most waiting persons filed I 485 because of July VB issue. In my opinion EB3 PD will be backdated up to 5 years.

    Also there is no legistrative activity in Congress about any immigration issue. Always skil bill comes in limelight when congress is in Session. But everyone knows that skil bill is asking too much in H1b and immigration numbers because of exemptions and it will be very difficult task. But no one in pro immigrant community is ready to compromise on numbers. When Congress tries to curb the abuse of H1b even pro immigrants are opposing the bills without any suggestion of any alternatives. If some bill comes for only GC that too moderate increase in numbers that will have bright chance of passing in congress.

    You should not expect any rally will produce meaningful reform. It has to be proved that additional immigrant and H1b numbers will produce more jobs and it should not create unemployment in americans.Just sufferings of gc waiters is not enough. My opinion is Rally will be used to show strength of IV and may educate public and Congress. But anti immigrants also doing Similar Campaign(not big rallies) by negative points of immigration. The same congress till the end of 2008 and I doubt they will consider any immigration issue till new congress comes in 2009 that is not too far from now. But it is always good to try all the time.
    Before any reform comes most IV members may get GC.

    This is your only chance. There is no more rally later.

    If you want to wait 10+ years for your green card, stay at home and hide. (Retrogression will just get worse, I guarantee). If you want to change your future and get a GC one day please show up at the rally. We are there to show that we even exist, no need to do anything else. We need everyone.
    No one cares about people who doesn't exist.

    serinda swan smallville. Smallville News: (Serinda
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  • senthil1
    03-11 04:23 PM
    I think they might have thought that Grassley is like our Indian MPs and why should reply to him. They should have answered responsibly and tried to do some good faith efforts. Now it is paying time for their arrogance. Still Indian companies and Bodyshoppers are having time to change themselves. We need to wait and see whether they will change and forced to change.

    "non answer" meant they didn't answer his questions but rather gave some vague reply of how h-1 was good for usa.

    If I was on the receivng end of that response; I would have thought that these guys are playing with me and by not answering the quesitons; then they are obviously trying to hide something. Therefore, I will attack them in another way to make them conform to the behaviour I want.

    2011 Serinda Swan as Zatanna on serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan Looks Back At Her
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  • bkshres
    08-08 09:05 AM
    I am currently on H1B visa and I want to switch the company. New company is not willing to do H1B transfer and want me to work on EAD. I have pending I485 EB3 ROW with priority date of March 2006. Its been more than 180 days that I filed for I485 so I can use AC21 with EAD.
    But my question is how risky will it be if I switch job at this stage with EAD?

    Thanks in advance,


    serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan (born July 11,
  • Serinda Swan (born July 11,

  • waiting4gc
    04-14 04:44 PM
    Whichever one of you guys gave me the following red, keep it up.

    "dont try to fool students and recruit them, consulting companies are bloodsuckers, no limit on 485 will never happen and u know it, nice try pal"

    Shows me your depth of knowledge of how ALL consultancies work since you probably keep tabs on ALL of them. Regarding recruiting students, I don't need to recruit students. IV is a medium to help yourself, choose to do so or not at your own peril.

    Passing judgment on all consultancies based on your experience with one or more is just called "generalization". I know quite a few consultancies where people make a lot of money and do things that company don't want to hire full timers for. Anyways, good luck to you.

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  • senocular
    02-04 09:06 PM
    Kax's was the only one with 45� corners


    serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan
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  • sameer2730
    11-03 04:17 PM
    Changing to vertical spillover will NOT help EB3 India or China. EB3 ROW is not current and it will suck up all overflow leaving EB2I, EB2C, EB3I and EB3C to their annual quota only. USCIS changing the process to horizontal spillover is the best thing that has happened to I and C community in the absence of immigration reform. Now there is at least some hope for EB3 folks to get a new job and apply in EB2, as at least that queue is faster. If we fight among ourselves and stop vertical spillover, it will only benefit EB3ROW as they will get all overflow from EB1 and EB2ROW. Please guys, let's not fight.

    Totally agree! But I an fed up of everyone showing up and asking all the time "What about Quarterly Spillover?" all the time. It will make a difference of 6-7 months and its a real big deal to keep coming back and asking "Pappu did you ask about Quarterly Spillover? " on each bloody occasion. Let me tell you what most EB3 India think. You can spillover horizontally or vertically I get it the same time. So why should I care about this spillover BS. Just coz we were born in the same country! Anyways good luck to EB2 India applicants. Hope you get your GC's soon

    2010 Smallville News: (Serinda serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan (born July 11,
  • Serinda Swan (born July 11,

  • coloniel60
    08-13 03:59 PM
    Just wanted to see how many duplicate application USCIS will get this week.


    serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan,Actress quot;Tronquot;
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  • arc
    09-09 02:40 PM
    I can help in carrying stuff!

    hair Serinda Swan Looks Back At Her serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan, Smallville
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  • cheg
    08-22 06:44 PM
    Hi JunRN. After reading your post I googled if labor certification does have an expiration. According to: http://www.hooyou.com/lc/faq.html , it doesn't. Did you have to re-apply for yours? Thanks!

    Make thing worse....your labor expires after six months, so you have to re-apply again..and again...and again...and again...and again....


    serinda swan smallville. serinda swan (played zatanna
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  • anu_t
    08-22 01:58 PM
    I am really surprised. Why would it EB3 go back to 2001.
    I have just applied for my labour. So I can apply for 485 only after 5/6 years?:mad:

    hot Serinda Swan (born July 11, serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan Picture
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  • Ram_C
    11-19 01:43 PM
    I am sorry to hear that USCIS has messed up your FP appointment.

    When (what date) did you get a notice from NSC saying that your I-485 is now transferred into NSC and now pending from processing?

    I never received a transfer notice from NSC, however my wife received a transfer notice long back (some time in Sep')


    house Serinda Swan - Picture No# serinda swan smallville. Odessa Rae is Smallville#39;s
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  • psaxena
    05-29 09:05 PM
    keep bumping it for another 5 days

    tattoo Serinda Swan Picture serinda swan smallville. swan brooks and Serinda
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  • stirfries
    08-19 07:09 PM
    Hello Friends,

    As you might have guessed, I am on the EB3 bandwagon because of circumstances that were beyond my control [The filing attorney screwed up :( ]

    At the time of my EB3 filing (Feb. 2004) I did possess a Masters degree and more than 5 years of Work Experience and the job responsibility that my petition was filed for, did require a Senior worker with Masters experience. Unfortunately, things didn't go that way and here I am.

    I keep reading about some lucky souls [god bless their souls :) ] who have managed to retain their priority dates and converted to EB2.

    I really want to do that. I am not sure where to start.

    1. I used AC21 and took up a new job recently. Do I approach my new employer and talk to them to see whether they would be able to file my petition in EB2 category? The bad thing is, when I joined them, I told them I don't need any sponsorship or assistance from them. It would be a volte face to go back to them and request them to do something. And the best part is, there is no guarantee that my company would file my petition.

    2. Do I look for a new employment and if and when I clear the selection process, do I tell them that the only way I could join them is if they could file my EB2 petition? If they think that my services is a necessity, they might do it else they might look for other candidates. It s like throwing a dice.

    3. Do I look around for desi consulting companies that would file my EB2 and in return I work for them (using my EAD) through the EB2 petition/adjudication process. With this approach, the desi companies might do it, but like other people, I also think the reputation of these desi consulting companies is severely dented and there is all the more chance that the EB2 petition might get denied.

    Gurus...any help or advise or information is really appreciated.



    pictures Serinda Swan serinda swan smallville. serinda swan photos. Serinda Swan; Serinda Swan. wikipedia_fan
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  • nitin_prabh
    02-13 02:28 PM
    Thats interesting. Lets see whats going on

    dresses Serinda Swan Picture serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan Photo
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  • Libra
    07-10 10:07 AM
    You can sue this guy successfully there is no doubt, but you should have guts to do.


    i did watch the show, i feel my blood arousing to fight back. Well, we can try exposing his false faces to other TV show hosts like msnbc, foxnews etc.
    Am sure there should be some law point to help us sue this guy.


    makeup Serinda Swan,Actress quot;Tronquot; serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan - Picture No#
  • Serinda Swan - Picture No#

  • Almond
    07-17 11:24 AM
    I think a employee of immigration service center should get $100 bonus for completing one application. This will definitely improve their productivity.

    And with the new fee increases, that should be nooo problem right? :o

    girlfriend swan brooks and Serinda serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan
  • Serinda Swan

  • ssdtm
    12-12 01:35 PM
    For EB3, 16 days are not significant. But what is significant that there were many 245(i) cases. Around 26,000 alone from April 26 to April 30. So crossing that barrier is a significant move.

    While this generates some hope, one should note that PBEC and DBEC are giving ads most of which in high probability 245(i) cases. Does that mean while labors are being cleared, dates have moved without taking into account that when recruitment instructions are done for such cases, they will be in the queue. If that happens, EB3 instead of moving forward will move backwards.

    Not a pessimitic view, but based on logic.

    hairstyles serinda swan (played zatanna serinda swan smallville. Serinda Swan, who twice has
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  • sushilup
    02-17 06:35 PM
    Grow up man...think before writing
    whatever is not useful to you that doesn't mean it is foolish stuff..
    I agree with Cal97...and it was helpful to me also...since i am travelling..

    One advise for you...just ignore which is not useful to you...

    it probably means.. they are opening each and every mail they have recived and checking if the docs are in order or not..if they are.. they file it...else they send an RFE...

    i dont understand..how someone can be so f@#$% dumb as not know this simple procdure..

    there are so many posts..i got a LUD what not.... its annoying...
    its like.. USCIS touched my lu(n)d..will i get a GC now..

    grow up ..
    i may have offended some purists on this board.... idgaf..<:-|

    07-27 04:21 PM
    I must say I haven't seen so many interesting !!! people at one place....AMAZING ..Please send one to Bush Bhai...May be they will consider yours a special case and immidiately grant you GC...you are one really SMART...:D :rolleyes:

    02-10 09:36 AM
    Maybe we ought to declare a tie between the two of you? :)

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