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  • go_guy123
    09-13 03:08 PM
    I have just kept GC out of the equation for anything I do in my life. Buying a house was a personal choice and I could afford one - so just went ahead and did it. If I have to leave the country for good due to some immigration related bs, my lender can suck it up :D

    You cannot keep GC out of equation when GC/non-GC decides your ability to get unemployment benefits, choice of jobs and many more aspects of your life.

    If you leave the country, you lose the equity on the house. I don't know when you bought
    the house. In the post credit bubble period, the lender will make sure you have enough equity that they are secure and you have skin in the game.

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  • gc28262
    07-02 03:58 PM
    Letter writing will be useless. USCIS wont give without a fight. You have to see from their point of view. This open a can of worms for them. They will never yield unless forced by court.

    I think USCIS is not the one who decides not to use wasted visas. It should be Department of State. As per my understanding USCIS "returns" unused visas back to DOS.

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  • gcdreamer05
    03-11 10:46 PM
    Its so pathetic brother.... we are just making fun of ourselves.........

    Can you please contribute for the FOIA drive......

    GC muddu kavala ante 25$ eeevala....

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  • jazzy2
    05-18 12:35 PM
    hi sanju and others
    is this true?
    Because if the dates go back before the CP process is over, you will be stuck without work authorization card and I-131

    the reason i'm asking is this: when i applied my PD is current. how can 485/ead/ap not be processed, when i know that the date i applied it was current, though it retrogressed after i applied?

    Whatever you do, please do not go for CP. Because if the dates go back before the CP process is over, you will be stuck without work authorization card and I-131. Keep in mind that you will not be able to change job even after applying for CP. This is what I think. I am sure others on the forum will share with you more about the difference between CP and AOS.


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  • sanju
    12-31 01:42 PM
    Thats just too much bull for one day. Just when I thought that it was enough for 2008, you drop this bomb called "God's protection over this land" and made me read those illogical ideas. So this is what I have to say -

    Can you prove the existance of God? Who is God? Where does he/she live?

    You see, down the ages mankind have been told to think in a manner such that - anything that we cannot logically explain, we just come up with the rationale that "God did it". So for the things we can explain, we looks towards that knowledge, but for the things we cannot explain, we still try to explain to ourselves & others by saying - "God did this". And this is how the author is processing information, and this is everyone reading it will understand.

    And this behavior is not a fault of anybody alive. We have inhereted these genes through thousands and millions of years. And those genes in us are designed to make us "blame or credit God" (whichever way you look at it) for everything we cannot explain. Now there will be some who will tell me that I am WRONG for saying "thousdand and millions of years" by arguing that Adam and Eve came just 2000 years back and earth was created in 6 days, and human beings were created some 2000 years old.

    Human mind is extremely inferior. and for own inner sense of inferioirty, we want to tell everybody and our own ego that we know the reason for everything. And for the things we cannot explain, we explain such events to ourselves by using the argument "God is the reason behind those events". We cannot just accept "I don't know how/why it happened". Humans have to explain everything and a lot many times in a day, we explain events by telling ourselves - God did it.

    One more thing, often times, unknowingly, we give more weightage to the writings from people who passed away as compared to the writings by folks who are still around. I think we should question everything told to us, everything feed to our brain - and we have that moral responsibility towards ourselves to question specially the things which are thrown at us with the message - "just accept it without qustioning", because religion and different version of the description of God cannot be questioned. It must be accepted the way it is.

    I think that the greatness of America and its history is not because of the "Religion" or "God", but inspite of it. The fact that "Religion" or "God" is kept out of the Government is the only reason for the progress you see around. For millions of years religion was the center peice of every government, and so our ansestors lived in backwardness. Almost 99% of all inventions have been made in US, where State is "independent" of the "religion", although there are lot of nuts out there who wants to change this. As per the "religious folks" God will never protect a nation that intereferes with the work of religion, right? So why would "God" protect this land?

    Anyways, I want to write for another 200 pages, but, I got to do this job and earn for my family, otherwise "God" will be angry with me.


    How can you judge God's intentions when you don't know Him? Can you prove that God does not exist?

    Here are some facts from the American history about God's protection over this land:

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  • indigokiwi
    03-10 08:12 PM
    Hope my small donation helps. I am encouraging my friends to contribute.
    Receipt number for this payment is: 2553-5233-6038-5007

    Thank you. If you let me know the amount, I can add it to the total. I am keeping track of the contributions. You can PM me if you want.


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  • casinoroyale
    06-25 05:27 PM
    4.1) you can support your spouse also even after using AP (i.e H4 support)

    I doubt it. When a person uses his AP, his status changes to PAROLE, hence he can't have dependents on H4 status.

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  • drirshad
    07-20 04:21 PM
    The following may not happen after the bill defeated ......


    Skilled Workers May See Green-Card Surge
    Problems with the green-card program have prompted informal discussions in Congress about a law to offer more visas to highly skilled applicants

    Congressional leaders have begun to discuss legislation that would sharply increase the number of high-skilled foreign workers who could become permanent U. S. residents in the next few years. While it's sure to be controversial, the measure, if it passes, could mean more than 100,000 additional green cards would become available for skilled workers, perhaps even doubling the 140,000 that are allotted each year. "There are some discussions going on informally," says Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who chairs the House subcommittee on immigration.

    A sharp increase in green cards would come as a relief to many, particularly in the tech industry. High-skilled foreign workers have become increasingly upset in recent years because the wait to gain the cards, which confer permanent residency, has stretched to five or more years for certain applicants. Technology companies, including IBM (IBM), Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and eBay (EBAY), have also advocated for more skilled workers from other countries to be let into the country.


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  • paskal
    12-16 12:26 PM
    not personal, addressing many issues.

    1. if your company pays for everything, why such reluctance to put up a few more dollars for your own cause? think of those that pay for everything themselves and still contribute.

    2. each contribution to paypal costs, they take a chunk off it. making small 10 buck contribution is really not the intelligent way to go.

    3. there used to be a 20/mnth recurring contribution. now it does no exist. what do you want? should we throw out the original 20 buck guys? of course they can continue doing it. i can't imagine why it would put you off? btw we did not really lose any money by going to a minimum of 50- you know why? those who were serious still contributed. others who were whining at that time (why is there not a 10/mnth option) were in many (though not all) cases not going to contribute anyway. this is just fyi.

    4. what is 50 bucks a month? step back and think sometime. a family meal/movie? do you indulge yourself occasionally worth 50 bucks?
    i think in many cases the answer is yes. the money we need for lobbying ie very large....it's hard to make it form 20 bucks at a time when barely 5% of the membership contributes.
    you have the choice hereof donating 100 now and considering it as two 50 buck donations, so your next one will be delayed. there are various ways of looking at this.

    there are various ways to contribute, money is just one of them- although very important. if you have not done this, join a state chapter and start meeting lawmakers in your area. get friends to join iv. put up fliers and posters in local grocery stores/fairs and festivals etc. there are many good examples of these activities being done successfully. in the end it's going to matter is whether we put enough effort to push over the line- whether it's today or in 2 years.

    we all have a choice. please make a wise one.

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  • anilnag
    01-23 11:48 AM
    It is typo.

    I knew no one will believe it. But Ron is saying it from the beginning of this year that EB3I will move considerably briefly later this year. Check out the following thread.


    Ron's Quote: I think that we will see quota relief this year. If so, your priority date will become current this year. That's the good news. The bad news is that this has nothing whatsoever to do with CIS processing, which will not only remain slow, but will undoubtedly get slower.

    Anyone familiar with the 'Quota Relief'? Pls throw some light.


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  • yabadaba
    07-19 11:07 AM
    EB2, Jul 02, NSC: 7.55 me 2

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  • Maverick1
    11-08 05:17 PM
    LOL and the woman wins ehhh - which happens in all our homes everyday :D:D:D:D

    Yeah. That goes without saying :) :)


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  • coolman
    08-25 06:05 PM
    I could not vote .My PD is Dec 2005

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  • yebo123
    05-02 06:01 PM
    Great ideas in this thread :D. How about purchasing the nation of Mumbambo mentioned in the following news report:



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  • casinoroyale
    06-26 03:42 PM
    Our attorney said one can apply for a renewal even from a different country, the clause that one has to be physically present in US is only for the initial I485 and AP application.

    I have applied for AP renewal on June 23rd and am traveling next month to India for 2 months will be back before my current AP expires i.e. Oct 10th. My attorney actually asked me to apply for renewal before I leave for India.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

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  • somegchuh
    10-17 01:54 PM
    Well my story isn't really as bad some of the stories described here but the last 4 years of waiting for the freaking LC to clear has pretty much screwed up my wife's career. There have been days of utter frustration, fight and bad days for us because of the "dependent" visa.

    Its not like my job is great either. I am stuck in the same position for the last 5 years because of the freaking labor certification. Looks like I will be stuck for another couple of years. If I bail out now and leave for India it will be hard to find a suitable position because I have been unable to move up because of GC and at the same time my wife will have the impossible task of finding a job after 4 years of unemployment.

    For this reason I am wiling to gamble at least another year or two, so that my wife can work and I can get a better job and then we can start thinking about where we really want to settle :) Gosh, never knew trying to settle in US with a GC will be so unsettling :(


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  • oguinan
    11-08 11:35 AM
    The election results are ultimately good for us and our prospects for immigration reform in the new year. Despite the best efforts of our friends on the other side of this issue, immigration did not become a major issue in this election. No candidate won or lost because of their position on immigration alone. This is partially due to the fact that the president has recently signed the bill to build a wall on the southern border. With such a clear, physical, image of immigration enforcement in place, no reasonable candidate could ask for a more strict immigration law.

    The president has argues for CIR since his campaign in 2000. We know that our specific issues have strong support amongst both parties as evidenced by the fact that many or our requests were placed in the Senate immigration bill and passed without debate.

    At this point, The President and Congress will want to pass any laws that they can agree on - particularly if both sides can claim it as a victory for their core values.

    Nancy Pelosi is my representative here in San Francisco and I have spoken with her immigration field reps. a number of times. From my discussion, my impression was that immigration reform is something that Rep. Pelosi wants to work for. She is less aware of our specific issues than she should be. This is something that we need to work to change in the short term.
    I'm feeling hopeful and energized after the election - here's hoping for a positive start in the new year!!

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  • PavanV
    08-18 05:10 PM
    This my personal take on it, I want a GC, i have been in this country for the past 8 years, landed in 2001 finished my masters and have been employed since then. Life is good here, well thats what i think, sometimes better than home (i still call, because i was born there), i am not dissatisfied with the money i am making, although i think i get underpaid (i work in southern calif as permanent employee).
    I came to this country so that i can survive in life, i.e. too much competition in India which means you need to really work hard to keep up with the competition (i am really lazy :D) , now with the fight for GC and all, added with the daily stress and chores, i am really thinking is the effort worth the reward, i keep getting this thoughts, i mean i am the only one with the thought that the effort/patience/sacrifice is not equal to the result ?.
    I really wonder if all this is worth it, the stress is just too much. Reading other's stories makes me laud their patience, i know my struggle has just started, kudos to others who are still holding on :)

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  • stevensjd
    07-31 03:13 PM
    Please end this BS (B***S***)..

    02-23 04:39 PM
    I am also proud to live in such wonderful country who are open to any new talent and do not hesitate to honor anyone irrespective of their color,race and religion. I wish all countries take inspiration from it.

    I share your enthusiasm, for now. But it is not always like this, and will not be like this. So lets cherish these times. Great talent and greatness has been rewarded with obscurity, more often than not.

    Here is an example - Do you know who invented AC current, electric motor, laser, x-ray, radio technology, wireless technology, cellular technology, neon, remote control just to name a few. There is not a minute that goes by in the life of modern humans when we don't use inventions of this great man, but over 99% of all people don't know his name. Everyone will call Einstein a great scientist. But this is the greatest, and how come so less people know about him?

    Reason, he was not American, British nor a Jew. So history rewarded the greatest scientist with obscurity. And most of us don't know about him.

    The point is, great talent is not always rewarded as it should be. We think that we are talented and that's why we are on "special" visa. The fact is, we have chosen to be part of the system, that makes a rich guy richer. As long as you are in the business of making a rich guy richer, or as long as you are part of the system that makes more money for some hotshot powerful banker, we can all continue to live in this fool's paradise claiming that any new talent is always honored in this GREAT country.


    03-18 10:19 PM
    Thanks much for the encouraging words. You have made my day. :D :):

    10000 more homes is nothing. This is not INDIA. The economy is so huge that 10000 homes is a drop in the ocean. And is the Govt. going to believe that all 10000 immigrants are going to buy homes? 75% of them won't qualify for new mortgage rules.

    Plus, what is stopping you from buying a home right now?

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