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  • vphope
    07-13 04:33 PM
    Congratulations !

    To others,

    How about if IV publishes his brief story( off course with his permission), congratulating him on IV behalf, in all national news paper ( with or w.o his name ) Date of entry, profession, long time wait- reasons and all opportunities he may have missed, couldn't buy house, collage-tution probelms etc and all struggles he has his family might have faced. point by point.

    Money would come from special campaign. NY TIMES, USA TODAY, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Miami Herald etc. News paper industry is struggling so won't cost much to buy a half/quarter page with a title - " An untold story of legal immigration" Or similar kind of eye catching title. Not more than 10-12 lines stating thousands others are waiting in line...

    There won't be difficult to get more his kind of cases to run it on regular basis in future.

    Any one ?

    CONGRATS dineshksharma , great story to be told. good idea Keeme..

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  • mammoy2k
    06-05 03:43 PM
    You can read it 10 ways, but the CIS has only one interpretation(see bold below).

    An un-adjudicated Form I-140 petition is not made valid merely through the act of filing the petition with USCIS or through the passage of 180 days. Rather, the petition must have been filed on behalf of an alien who was entitled to the employment-based classification at the time that the petition was filed, and therefore must be approved prior to a favorable determination of a �106(c) AC21 portability request.

    I guess it is the same thing as earlier memo. They are saying that merely 180 days have passed since filing does not provide AC21 benefit. To determine AC21 benefit the petiton must be approved. So based on earlier memo, USCIS would see whther petiton can be approved. If yes then they will evaluate AC21. If not, then you got a problem.

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  • rsayed
    12-14 03:24 AM

    Don't take it otherwise... I will NOT do anything against anybody.

    That previous person (whose name was mentioned on this approved labor) already had left this employer in 2004...so there is no one getting hurt if this employer is offering me that labor.

    - My question still remains : Is it necessary to go for labor substitution to use this approved labor (showing the name of old consultant)... OR ... Can it be possible to file I-140 straight with my profile against this labor....?

    Hope you now understand my points & will give me sincere advises.

    waiting for your help....

    To answer your question - Yes, it is still required that you file your Labor. On the form (ETA 9089), which you will use to file your Labor - the very first question asks "Is this a substitution, ..." - To which, you 'check mark' the "Yes" box.

    Your Labor application will be filed as PERM application - Once, your "Labor substitution" is approved - You will then file the I-140, 485 etc.

    I agree with "LogicLife" - Make sure this is not a scam, else you will be in a much vulnerable position 6 months down the line.

    I know the answer to your question - coz' a co-worker of mine who sits next to me, got the same thing done - while, I'm in line...waiting...:(

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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  • seahawks
    08-10 10:16 PM
    LS is not illegal until the employers sell the labor. LS is legal channel where in employer fill the position with somebody else, if primary applicant it not available for some reason.

    But some employers are exploiting the law and selling it. This is ILLEGAL. I agree with that LS is LEGAL until it goes in a legal way. But selling or getting other benefits/gifts from the employee is completely ILLEGAL.

    Since USCIS cannot find who is selling and who is not selling, they banned it. It is a good move from USCIS, but it is too late. Too many got like this and enjoying the benefits leaving other poor souls who are waiting in line from years.

    I had a friend who came here after me, say I think in 2001, he got laid off and had gaps in his employment, he married this girl who joined a company head quartered in IOWA, the payroll stubs used to be in excel sheets. He was probably in the point where if we went to India, they would not have let him come back on H1. They paid 10K to get LS (adjusted through employment for 1 year) and when I-140 and 485 were being allowed for consecutive filing I believe Dec2004, filed it. He called me a month back saying they got their physical card. His PD date somewhere 2004 EB3. My PD March 21 2003, am I frustrated of course, but I am frustrated with the system that has loop holes, as pointed out there are hundred of people who have legitimately used LS.. there is no point losing sleep over it.

    The need of the hour is this, to be together and fight together, not among each other. IV does not differentiate between LS and non LS, or degrees or anyone's individual cases or scenarios. IV's goal is very simple, GC process should not take more that 2 years and anything that reduces the total time frame, that is what IV stands for. Time is key, lost time cannot be regained, what is in for is now and the future, lets stick together and think about how we can help IV meet this goal, that none of us should be waiting many many more years to come. Can we all agree on this and go forward please?

    Thanks and appreciate everyone's understanding.


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  • rb_248
    01-04 08:31 AM
    A freind of mine came across a gentleman, who is here on work visa and he is facing a unique problem. He is married to two persons and wants to bring his whole family here in the USA. He was looking for answer if he can get both his spouses and kids here on H4 visas. Currently both of them and his kids are in India. Interesting hmmm :D

    Just when I thought that we have seen it all........

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  • chi_shark
    02-12 01:35 PM
    so for folks who are in the queue with USCIS in the states now (485 applied), can we change over to consular processing now?

    Some hopes.........




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  • hiralal
    04-21 08:50 PM
    I want to bring out the plight of legal immigrant community that has been silently suffering the consequences of a broken immigration system. It really baffles me that all the focus in immigration debate is on ILLEGALS when highly educated LEGAL immigrants who play by the rules, pay taxes and follow the law are left in the lurch. Attending to legal immigrants plight will also send a positive signal to the ILLEGAL community to see the perks of being LEGAL. Right now, it seems more rewarding to be ILLEGAL than pursue the LEGAL route towards immigration. What an irony!
    The country based quotas imposed on Employment Based green cards are not only unfair but self defeating because the benchmark is country of origin and not qualification! Since these EB category based green cards are awarded for professional skills, imposing a country based quota just does not make any sense. I urge you to work with Congress and change this discriminatory policy and reinforce that America is truly a society that celebrates meritocracy.
    The immigrant community is really looking at President Obama to deliver on his promise of CHANGE - Change that we can believe in.
    good initiative ..I have sent the email and I will be asking my wife to call all her friends and spread the word. guys do the same.
    I also mentioned that I wanted to buy a house since a long long time but I cannot buy because of gc delays

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  • willwin
    06-05 02:40 PM
    Forward movement sounds good..but even with PD current(May,June VB's) folks are just sitting and waiting..just like me..:(

    Rapid movement helps only two categories of people.

    1. People on the 485 queue who have plenty of luck to get their application picked up for approval as it happened last July-August.
    2. CP guys.


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  • isantem
    07-29 01:20 PM
    Why is there no country limits for asylum, lottery and Green cards for undocumented in CIR bill?

    asylum - you are very funny
    lottery - acctualy they have a country limit
    green card - :confused:
    undocumented - we are talking about legal immigration (for gk_2000 also)

    Country limits is just a disguise for racism. !

    explain your logic please...........the limits are not based on Asian, African, Indian,etc........please check the dictionary to find out what it means racism.


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  • Kitiara
    02-05 05:10 AM
    Wow, I've got three votes now... :)
    Love the castle, and the background work for it.. Kinda looks like one of those Aztec Mayan thingers you see in the mountains or whatever Thank you very much... It's actually a castle from here in England, near Gloucester. Used to go up around there on holiday when I was a kid, and I had some old holiday snaps.

    There's lots of ruined castles round here (there's one 15 minutes from where I live in fact, called Rochester Castle) so I wanted to draw one of those, do something a bit different.

    But Soul and Eilsoe are in a whole new league with their pixel art. :)


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  • gc_chahiye
    01-27 01:57 PM

    You never know! All the gray areas of payment, unenforceable contracts are a game of poker, he bluffed and you blinked. See if the reverse can happen now. Send him a mail or call him up and see his reaction. Say that you spoke to a lawyer and the recommended path is to begin with small-claims court and if that does not work out you will be filing a lawsuit. if he offers you anything back to avoid these hassles (say 3.5k) then go for it (& take your family out to hawaii this summer)

    p.s: just as mbartosik said, you need documents to prove everything, hope you have all those, without that nothing will stand up in court (though you might scare him enough to actually pay you)

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  • eb3retro
    01-13 03:44 PM

    Did you drive car on High Way over the speed limit and got ticket.
    And passer by drivers at Higher Speed than you. Can you point police for stopping you.

    So don't tell that you are fine and everybody is fine.

    What if someone here saw your postings (800+ posting guru) and travels wihtout Transit Visa and Aitport people ask for Transit Visa and missed flight--- Have to stay at Airport for hours.

    Try to accept rules guys....

    easyvishwak, there is a common disclaimer in any of the internet forums that you take the information with a pinch of salt. people post their experiences, whether to follow or not is totally your call. Next time, I wont be so polite when writing my response because you mentioned some unnecessary things in your response to my post. So, please do not aggrevate me. that was my experience, whether you want to take it or not, or, if others want to take it or not is totally upto them. same way, u dont speak for others. keep it to the point and dont do any personal attacks.


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  • yabadaba
    12-13 03:22 PM
    please give us the name of this company so that we can inform ICE and do our duty to stop fraud.

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  • nozerd
    12-28 08:16 PM
    Does anyone know why USCIS has not released any processing dates in December. The last posting (at least for TSC) says that it was released on Nov 18th and dates are as of Sep 30th.
    Is USCIS just going to skip December and consider a full month of holidays ?


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  • whatsupwithgc
    02-28 12:33 PM
    Found it in .


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  • Guig0
    02-10 04:11 PM
    cheater... i didn�t imply that ;)


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  • aquarianf
    07-19 01:20 PM
    No she cant becuase her visa appointment is on Aug 13.

    I think you should be able to manage it. I am not sure if USCIS will accept report from Doctor's in Mumabi. it has to be one the cerified civil surgeon.
    You can ask your wife to have all immunization record ready. Talk to some civil surgeons in advance and explain your situation and ask if they can provide blood report in one day. Mostly they send blood work to another blood lab so you may have to contact lab if they can give the test result in same day. Although ppd test is required but you can try to convince civil surgeon to skip it and go with just x-ray and later deal with rfe. Or you can ask civil surgeon if he accept PPD report from some other doctor's in India. Another option could be that she can take PPD injection in india and show it to the civil surgeon here. Explore all your posibilities here. You have enough time to explore your options.

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  • prioritydate
    08-06 09:21 PM
    It looks like USCIS has deployed the same random selection program, used for new H1B selection, to process I-485 applications.:(

    They are based on I-140.

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  • jonty_11
    08-22 02:17 PM
    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    Please stay tuned.
    check b4 u post man....this thing has been cut and paste a billion times...
    Concentrate on the DC Rally instead plz

    08-22 11:21 AM
    That is just perfect ... after waiting 100s of years for EAD now I will wait another 100s for the GC ...

    thank you DOS et all ...

    11-13 01:06 AM
    If you are planning on taking action against the attorney for fraud and mis representation, you may want to file a complaint in the bar of the state where your attorney practices. Bar complaints are taken very seriously and if you have proper documentation and are ready for the fight, he could even lose his license and/or penalized by the bar.

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