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  • bobzibub
    02-01 02:25 PM
    OK, they'll raise the fees (I can live with that). But how do we improve the chances of better services?
    USCIS is asking for comments....If IV would be so kind as to submit comments for the raising of the fees. I humbly throw these out for discussion:

    Accept the fee increases providing:
    1) That USCIS propose public standards of reducing processing times to 30 days+10 day security check.. Automatically produce an EAD if it takes longer. Hey. We're all still in the country whether the process succeeds or not right? We would just appeal, submit more info or beat it until it's done. Who's any safer?
    2) That RFEs not be used to manage work levels. Plus they ought not to reset the 90 day clock to zero if they issue one. That is ridiculous and unheard of.
    3) That they simplifiy applications (a la Canada) so that "lay persons" can (carefully) fill in the forms. Lawyers not required.
    4) That the USCIS abide by the laws. Especially regarding FBI name checking. We have a duty to follow the law. I'm careful to do so. The government should be careful to do so as well.. Call me a radical.
    5) That they publish proposals to stream line the process with modern business methods and concrete goals. The increases should be tied to fulfilling stated goals of improvements of service. Otherwise they roll back. Have a 3rd (independent) party decide if the goals have been met in three years.

    If we tax payers are giving them extraordinary increases in fees, we should at least expect some meaningful process improvements. Simply claiming that they need-the-cash-for-process-improvements is not sufficient. What is to prevent them from using the money to give everyone big raises and bonuses and a nice fancy new office, and big fancy new computers if they're going to continue to use paper and use the computers to access rickety old systems with terminal emulators? I'd love to deal with happy USCIS employees, but I'd love it even more if I had to deal efficient USCIS employees. (Give them the tools and they'll be happier!)

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  • saggi13
    02-17 10:17 PM
    to be honest with you, i dont know what USCIS is doing...

    i am hoping that they are processing the case, but i am in the same boat as any one else on this thread.

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  • gc_waiter56
    05-15 11:41 AM
    because of the abuse of H1 & L1 by these companies, people who have actual job offers in U.S are not able to apply for H1b. These companies do a kind of visa gouging wherein, they get H1b approved and stamped for all the people they have on payroll in their offshore centers whether they are needed here or not and then, send them when they projects. This is nothing but visa gouging by this companies and abuse of the intent of H1 & L1. Although the bill has gone too far and tried to penalize everybody but instead it should look at stopping the visa gouging

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  • file485
    01-06 06:09 AM
    I would follow the advise of your immigration attorney on this one. Sometimes they ask for pay stubs, sometimes they do not. So I would follow what your attorney advises on you. Normally USCIS will not ask for W2's. However an embassy will, when you go for stamping. They will ask for W2 and your tax returns to verify if you got paid whatever is written on your application as your salary.

    thanks Harsh...

    I will not leave the country and go face-to-face of all the places on the earth to the Madras embassy..!!

    Hopefully meanwhile, as always being hopeful my husbands EAD journey should reach and will switch on to that...


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  • gc_kaavaali
    12-08 01:46 PM
    IV is trying to achieve these things...but it cannot do until unless members contribute something...IV need contributions to invest in the omnibus bill Lobbying efforts.. for more details look at below thread...


    Get one thing done is better than spreading limited resources on multiple topics. To increase immigration quotas is not achievable before presidential election is done.

    Why not just focus on getting name check delay solved. It is under congress scrutiny already, all need are to add more oil to the fire.

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  • sanjay
    10-21 02:28 PM
    People are free to post their opinions and so are free to give red dots, but what's annoying is the comments they post with red dots. I got these some time back.

    what about ur future wives?
    Khali pili kaiko bolta hai !!!
    sham ko daru pine ka aur tight rehne ka....
    Tension mat le bapu etc etc.
    List goes on.

    My friend was also forum member and he got some nasty comments with F*** words in it and now he tries to keep himself away from this forum as much as possible.


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  • deafTunes123
    08-07 10:39 AM
    I am not sure whether should I consider myself under EB2- Jan 2004 or EB3 Jan 2004. Because, I didn't get any confirmation of the case interfiled. Of course its just this week that lawyer that initiated the interfile.

    EB-3 India Jan 2004
    Interfile to EB2 initiation 08/06/2008
    EB3 I-485 @ TSC
    Received on July 02, 2007
    Receipted on Sep 04, 2007.

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  • dilbert_cal
    04-03 05:06 PM
    Didnt think this would be so easy - My apologies to everyone for being a lazy person before - from the time of my last post till now, I've been able to get another 12 more webfaxes done through my friends and now they are talking to their friends ( not the common ones ) to get more faxes.

    Moderator - Can you please post how many faxes are done as of now ?


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  • natrajs
    01-05 10:56 AM
    Dear friends:

    As the Past President of a PMI Chapter (PMP for the past 10 years and working in the field of Project management for the past 15 years) let me shed some light to this query.

    Reasons why you should do PMP
    1) If you believe you need a promotion, new job or rise the corporate ladder within the field of IT or management, take PMP.....Billing rate of PM's is $90-150/hr for consulting, full time could be from $100K-$250K. The next generation CIO's will be highly qualified PM's.
    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.
    3) PMP will help you get the project manager job, if you do not have one. However, become a Project Manager only if you like working with people. Trust me, if you hate politics and hate managing people, it is better for you to stay a techie. Your life will be miserable if you do not like managing people. Do something that you enjoy, rather than what you may hate. It is all about people and people management, rather than project management in the world of PMP's
    4) PMP has become mandatory for all large gigs or projects. Small projects do not need PMP's and small projects do not pay well too.
    5) PMP does not make you a better project manager. But PMP is needed by the industry. It is the experience that one gets from being on the field from different industries that makes one a good project manager.

    I hope this should help some of you to make a decision to be a PMP or not.

    Well Said FinalGC

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  • alwayson
    11-04 12:15 PM
    EB2 India - 15-FEB-05
    EB3 India - Same


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  • redgreen
    11-27 07:03 PM
    Hi All FP seekers! I do not know what exactly I am missing if there is a delay in FP. It looks like hundreds of IV members are too much worried because of the 'delay' in FP. Let me worry too (by knowing the big problem!). Can any worriers explain??
    On the other hand is it not better to have a late FP, so that you need not go again in the next 15 months! Anyway for most people GC is going to take years!

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  • truthinspector
    07-08 04:37 PM
    Very poignant!
    Who is to blame? In my opinion, US. Not U.S but us (we the people). On one hand you observe legal hispanic immigrants and business fighting for the cause of their community and on the other we conveniently forget our community as soon as we adopt this alien land. I live in the Bay Area and boy have I seen the marathi mandals, kannada sanghas, TANA, AATA, BATA and God knows how may orgranizations that represent our fractured presence in this country. We have shamelessly displayed our differences based on cultural backgrounds/needs. Sardar Patel's dream of "Ek akhand bharat" (one united India) seems to reverberate only when India plays Pakistan in a game of cricket. I wonder if people such as Vinod Khosla, Vinod Dham, Arun Netravali, Indra Nooyi understand or are are atleast cognizant of the issues their community is facing. For a wild second, imagine the above four making a few phone calls. I bet the impact will be huge.


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  • GKBest
    08-16 02:16 PM
    This is one of the times when you put your faith into test. PRAY. It will do wonders. I also haven't received any notices yet but we all did our best. Let God do the rest.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-13 01:04 PM
    I guess they are on their way to make ROW current in all categories. Good news for ROW, not encouraging news for India & China annddddddddd Mexico too!


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  • shreekhand
    08-12 10:00 AM
    Sorry... but what kind of a question is that ? You applied for "Permanent" Residence without understanding what it stands for ?

    You are not obligated to apply for citizenship if you are a permanent resident.

    Does anyone know if its possible to just renew the green-card or one has to apply for naturalization after 5 years?

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  • logiclife
    01-09 12:00 PM

    I am joining new job using AC21 provision coming monday. My new employer does not provide medical insurance for the first month. I am eligible for after I complete 1 month.

    So my question is: till the time I get medical coverage from new employer (approx. 20 - 30 days), can I invoke COBRA? I heard that one can not invoke COBRA if he or she is employed (only meant for un-employement) is this true?

    Also, should I call my current insurance company for COBRA now, or I can wait if I really need to visit a doctor? is there a grace period for this? Because there is a possiblity that I may never would have to visit a doctor for next 20-30 days, but who knows!

    Appreciate your answers.

    Firstly, COBRA has pretty much nothing to do with AC21.

    COBRA is a law related to job loss or job change to an employer who doesnt offer insurance or job change to a new employer who offers insurance only after a certain time (like one month or so).

    I think the previous author is right. From the time you lose/resign from previous job, you have 60 days to fill out the COBRA paperwork. Do that as soon as possible, dont wait for 60 days.

    Basics : Basically, what COBRA does is allow you to continue your health insurance (as-is without any changes, you cannot change deductibles or switch from HMO to PPO or vice-versa, whatever you had on last day of work, that would continue) at your own expense and the insurance would now be only between you and the insurance company. Your previous employer would be out of the picture. This can continue until 18 months.

    Sometimes there is a third party company that will process the paperwork for your cobra and deal with insurance company. This third party company or service provider is usually retained and hired by your previous employer so that they dont have to deal with COBRA paperwork. Just like many employers outsource payroll paperwork to ADP or Paychex etc. So in that case, you would by asked by your previous employer to contact this service provider who will hook you up on COBRA coverage with existing benefits with your insurance provider.

    You would be paying the entire premium amount every month. Basically, it can come down to about 1000-1400 dollars a month for a family of 3-4. Amount depends on state and also on your coverage quality.

    Payments : Insurance companies are VERY VERY strict about the timeliness of the payment of insurance. If you are late one time, they will yank your insurance. So if you need COBRA be very very prompt about sending the payments.

    Alternative work-arounds (Having it both ways) :):) : Here is what some people do. COBRA payments dont begin until about 45-60 days after you stop working for previous employer. So you have 45 - 60 days until you can get on board with your new employer's coverage.

    So for 45 to 60 days, if you get COBRA, and you dont see a doctor, you just spend 1000-2000 dollars for nothing. ON the other hand, if you dont enroll and you are in a car wreck, you will be bankrupt for a long long time to come.

    But there is a middle ground. Send in the paper-work and fill out all forms to enroll in COBRA. That way, you are formally enrolled in COBRA. However, before the first premium payment is due, (45-60 days later), you might be already on board with new insurance with new employer. So at that time, if you are already with new insurance and then your first payment is due, just dont send the payment. They will cancel the COBRA immediately. But then you have nothing to lose as you didnt need any coverage in intermediate 45-60 days and now you are already with new insurance.

    On the flip side, if you actually need coverage (Doctor appt, surgery, etc) during 45-60 days while you are waiting for new insurance, then please send the first (and probably second payment if neccesary) for COBRA so that you are continously covered and your claims are not denied.

    This is totally legal and I was advised to do this by my current company's HR. She said "Wing it". To paraphrase her, if you dont need coverage, then dont send payment and let them cancel. If you need coverage, then send them payment so that you are covered while you needed doctor/hospital. It works. No one likes to send a check of 1000-1500 dollars to insurance company for one month COBRA insurance if you end up not needing any benefits at all during that month. Right?

    Links on COBRA :

    DOL website info : http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/health-plans/cobra.htm


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  • pady
    08-20 03:57 PM
    It's a desi company. I was under the impression that my 485 was filed and the lawyer is not willing to talk to me as well. Somehow I found out this yesterday.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-12 09:58 AM
    After this it will have another round of hearing on June 23rd . Which is Full Commitee. Which will makr up bill and if passes there it will send to clerk for scheduling to debate on house floor.

    Before it reaches to house we need to make sure we call CHC members and other lawmakers to educate them before bill on floor.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-15 12:18 AM

    Congrats that you got it somehow. I also took a Infopass on Nov 7th and status changed to "Doc Mailed" within 2 Hrs of Infopass Appt ( spooky :eek:)and we both discussed about meeting Senator's office if it doesn't come in 7 days.

    Looks like time has come for me to meet Senator/Congressman... Today is Nov 14th and in 7 days the mailed doc didn't come. I dont have any lawyer.

    Shall i go waste a day and meet Senator or wait for some more - Kind of in a dual doubt and confusion :confused:

    I would wait for one more week. Since you do not have lawyer, USCIS has to send you the papers. If within one week nothing happens, Go for one more infopass.. Best Luck.

    05-14 07:51 PM
    As far as I know, Fiancee visa is only for Fiancee of Citizens, not for GC folks.

    Someone pls confirm.

    06-28 10:59 AM
    Hi Friends,

    what is the best date to mail(Overnight Delivery) the 485 application so that it reaches USCIS on July Second.


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