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  • srt57
    02-08 08:07 PM
    So for a position classifed as a jobzone 4 and an svp between 7 <8, which of the following job requirements would be a better option for EB-2 filing:

    - MS+0 / No BS requirement
    - MS+0 / BS+5

    And by better I mean less chance of an audit or proof of business necessity requirements.

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  • digital2k
    07-16 07:38 PM
    Everyone knows that and should make more noise than you think can :
    Don't stop until you are heard
    Pick up phone
    Write Letters
    Act Now
    Its high time ... now is the only time ...

    Everyone - Read Please -Its for Everyone

    GreenCardRecaptureCampaign.doc (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=187&d=1216066733)

    http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/sh...18&postcount=1 (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=262818&postcount=1)

    Everyone should participate
    Let us act to succeed Today

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  • GoGreen
    12-17 11:45 AM
    I have sold some items in eBay in the past, If I rememver correctly, when I sold something for $10 and the buyer made a paypal payment, paypal took $1.5 as fees.

    So if you are making $20, only $17 goes to IV, IF the amount is >=50 I believe the fees is much lesser (like 5%) so more money goes to IV instead of making paypal rich.

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  • praveenuppaluri
    04-08 01:33 PM
    cool down brother.. no one is demanding anything from CORE ... we are just discussing different ways to be closer to CORE and do the necessary work to be a part of the inner circle to get updates..

    ...and you want to jeopardise the hard work just so that you get $25 worth. .... Do not try to satisfy a few nuts who do not know what they are saying.


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  • Green.Tech
    02-23 11:23 AM
    Let me guess, you are a pakistani terrorist. Now you are jealous that how come an Indian muslim win 2 oscars? How will you give out your hateful message to other pakistanis terrorists that indian muslims are being torchured, so you have to "save" indian muslims. Too bad, no pakistani got an oscar. I know why, because the terror capital of the world is going down the drain pretty fast.


    Cool down, Sanju. I am a little surprised to read your flaming post, which buddyinfo didn't deserve. He/she didn't allude to anything that you are talking about. Usually, you write sensible posts. I will leave it at that.

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  • sanju
    04-17 02:25 PM
    Dear sgorla,

    We will all miss you since you are leaving for India soon. It seems that you have figured it all out and know what India needs. Now the next step is, you need to go there to create "Transparent Government", "clean drinking water", "roads" AND "change attitudes", oh! Last one is a biggee. Changing attitudes starts with the person preaching it

    Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    If we cannot focus on the issues at hand but expect others will do it or IV core will pay from their pocket, then how is your assertion about changing attitudes different from your behavior. No offense meant, I am just trying to understand. Changing attitudes starts with each one of us, not just by talking or writing it for others to follow.

    Now let’s get back to real problem at hand. What is the $ rate to Rs. today? I do not want to waste my time going to finance.yahoo.com. Let’s make Iv a one stop shop for all our needs.

    Very well said, nozerd. Indians may keep dreaming about INR gaining value against USD. It might actually happen at some point of time, but without the proper infrastructure that it needs, its going nowhere in my opinion.
    What India needs is

    Transparent Government without any trace of corruption atleast in regular day-to-day life
    Clean drinking water, un-interrupted power supply
    Roads and neighborhoods without trash pile ups
    Change of people's attitude that Govt should do everything for them, but without having to have pay taxes, fee etc.


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  • jsb
    01-13 03:10 PM
    Eb2 have never moved beyond may 2004.. so until it goes past that.. these movements are not really worth anything.. it has to overcome that resistance.. then maybe 2005 will be a reality


    EB2-I did move to August 2006 only a few months ago, clearing some people way down in PD, but people senior in PD keep waiting.

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  • aeroterp
    08-27 04:49 PM
    I can confirm that DC allows you to renew online without looking at your immigration status. If you live in DC, make sure you renew online as I got it renewed for 4 years online.


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  • andy garcia
    05-24 07:34 PM
    when you can become an illegal, what prevents you from becoming an illegal with retrospective effect.. goto Hialeah near Miami,FL & you can get all the fake stuff for under $500..

    Why do you need to go to Miami?

    Go on e-Bay and bid for illegal certification.

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  • GC_Optimist
    08-31 08:13 AM
    Is it possible to get Drivers license extended based on 485 receipts and EAD card. ?


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  • krish2005
    04-03 11:27 PM
    At least it relieves some tensions when we do the predictions. These are vents for those who have been in the queue long time waiting for the Golden card (GC). Well, some of them would be sore on the looonnnng process.

    We know that the relief is short lived once the bulletin come out.

    Same things have been circling on and off.

    Why should'nt EB3 move? EB2 alone need not move. The more things move in the immigration front, the more we could expect that they are trying to support the program than bust it.

    Hopes alive.


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  • ujjvalkoul
    05-12 01:05 PM
    Just an idea, otherwise I am afraid we will be in this boat forever, being exploited and instability galore


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  • mrsahaayam
    03-15 09:20 PM
    Need your valuable advice on this serious issue. Involved in shoplifting case, got arrested and plead guilty. Served the community service, and paid fine. Got the �Court Disposition Document� which states that I am all clear. My status is I-485 pending and have EAD, AP documents.
    1. Is it safe to travel to India and come back on AP?
    2. What are the possible chances that visa officer may not let me into the USA?
    3. Do I need to carry any letters from my criminal attorney explaining the situation?
    4. Any one in similar situation, please update me on this?
    5. Please list of documents I need to carry during my travel

    Please reply and post your valuable opinions/suggestions/advices.

    Appreciate all your inputs.

    Have a nice day!!!

    Thank you,

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  • prioritydate
    08-27 04:57 PM
    My G.C was approved on 08/20/2008 and they approved my EAD on 08/25/2008. I e-field EAD on 06/25/2008.


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  • BECsufferer
    10-10 09:40 AM
    I am very thrilled at the news that our President has own the highest honor of this world.
    Hearty Congratulations Mr. President !!!!

    I and my family feel immensely proud that we are able to live in this country of freedom governed by a great leader like you.

    Mr President you are the symbol of hope not only for the citizens of USA but also for all of the immigrant community. You have raised our hopes that we will also be able to become a citizen of this great country soon. Your selection as the Nobel Peace Prize winner has strengthen this hope further. Sir, Please do not belie our hopes.

    Please revamp the current immigration rules and provide immidiate attention to the immigration reform. Sir, we all are looking up to you.

    Congratulations to you Mr President and Congratulations to all of the citizens and residents of USA.

    God Bless USA.

    This is simply putting cart in front of horse ... he hasn't been president for more than 9 months and hasn't solved a single economic problem our country is facing.

    And if being simply president was creterion than our ex-presidente (Mr Cheney ... oops Mr. Bush ;)) would had got 8 noble prizes + 4 from Papa. It re-inforces my opinion that europeans are ... simply out of touch w/ reality. Look america has already showed world, it can elect a black as a president from country of pre-dominatly white ( still white, check census). And what have these european self-labeled-elites done comparably?

    If you think this person has vision and can solve worlds problems than do as he asks. Join us in fighting global terror, economic troubles and uplifting democarcy in middle-east.

    Yes, God bless America and spare us from these snobs.

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  • shx
    03-17 07:34 PM
    Why the bloody hell are you guys judging him for what he has done? He only asked for some advise regarding immigration implications of his situation.

    I do not think any of you who is beating him down like this has any right in doing so. I bet that each and every one of you have done more mistakes than Mr.Sahaayam did. You just were never caught. You must have done more filthy things than 'shop lifting'. I'm sure you have all lusted after women, watched porn, frequented strip clubs and drank a lot of filth. Some of you might have slept with more than one woman.

    Don't you think these are more filthy than shoplifting? Guys come on! I would not have any problem if one of you who has never committed any mistakes in life would point out other people's mistakes. But none of you are good enough.

    If anyone wants to reply to my post, I would like the first person to do so to be the one who has never committed any mistakes in life so far! Others please get lost.


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  • pappu
    05-27 03:17 PM
    CIR? There is no indication that CIR will happen this year.

    True. But that is true for every other bill. Just the fact that a bill is introduced means nothing. More details about CIR were discussed in our last conference call. We will have another conference call next month and you can join to hear CIR developments.
    Why wait for it?
    We need to wait for it. Please join the donor forum and donor conference calls to know more details.
    It brings up too much anti-immigrant sentiments amongst citizens affected by the recession.
    Why do you think this family bill will not bring anti-immigrant sentiments?

    We can just go ahead and support this bill right?
    Sending emails, phone calls and faxes will not help at this point. You may want to join your state chapter and meet the lawmaker offices in person. Involve your chapter leader and members in the process as well.We will guide you. But do not go to support this bill. Go to them asking for xxxxx that we will tell you once you have secured the appointment with the office. We will provide you with all the material and guidance. If we need to facilitate our provisions, this is what we need to do rather than sending any email or calls. They will have 0% effect at this time. Infact anyone sending emails from a junk email ID without revealing their name, phone number and home address in the email is wasting their energy and hurting themselves and others in this community. Lawmakers want to hear from their constituents and you need to be a real person. An office should be able to contact you and know you have a legitimate concern in their constituency. You should urge others not to undertake such misguided attempts of spamming lawmaker offices and follow a proper process instead. Ask people on other websites who are sending random emails to come to IV and join our advocacy effort. We will help them reach out to their lawmaker offices so that they can go and meet these offices to convey their pain and suffering themselves.

    Is there an official stand on this bill from IV core? Already stated above

    Answers in bold above.

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  • reddymjm
    01-22 11:38 AM
    I understand.

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  • wikipedia_fan
    07-04 11:11 PM
    I am in the same boat and my employer has decided that they will revoke I-140 no matter what. Can you tell me how did you find out that your employer revoked your I-140. Maybe he/they did not. But my firm is really big and they go by the rules. So I just want to know whenever employer sends the revocation, does USCIS always revoke or it is upto their discretion whether or not to revoke. Problem is I do not have a job yet so I cannot even file for AC21.

    From what I have researched over the internet, employer can withdraw anytime. USCIS may work on it anytime, maybe in a month or 6 months or probably when they adjujicate/preadjujicate your case. It depends on the VO working on your case to give an RFE or a NOID or a denial. It has happened in recent times, check out some threads on and immigration.com.

    The chances that AC21 letter never reaches your file is high, because AC21 letter is not associated with any form. But it is advisable to send the AC21 letter and keep a record of the tracking information.

    I am still trying to understand why AC21 makes things so complicated? Like, why should your AC21 letter not reach your file and why must a VO issue a straight denial or NOID? Is AC21 a black hole in some cases?

    06-26 02:07 PM
    I came to US on h4 i applied for H1-B Visa.again I would like convert to H4 Visa.
    My H4-visa stamped until 09/30/2007
    My husband H1-B Visa stamped until 09/30/2007.
    My husband applied for his H1-B extension But we didnt receive approval notice.we have recipe copy.

    Is there any chances to reject my h4visa(boz only 2-3 months left for my husband h1-b expiration)

    04-21 02:27 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Please stay together....we will get this permission.


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