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  • drirshad
    03-13 12:07 PM
    This is from a Jagjit Singh Ghazal for the current situation:

    Ronay walon sey kaho unka bhi rona rolay
    Jinko majboor yeh haalaat ne ronay na diya
    Warna kya baat thi jis baat ne ronay na diya


    Ask the people who are complaining to also complain for those
    Who are in circumtances that do not allow them complain
    Otherwise every situation is worth a complain ............

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  • mallu
    09-06 10:04 PM
    That IO must be a knucklehead who just hates "Specific type of people" or someone who does know the f** he is doing. I have entered using AP at Boston. San fran, Seattle and never had problems. Only once they asked me for EAD/a valid H1 petition and that was just a question.

    Amen. There might be some Anti-immigrant nut cases among them.

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  • sdrblr
    08-28 04:05 PM
    I have traveled out of the country 4 times since my last and only FP on 10/4/07. I had LUD on 10/4/ 07 because of this and have not heard anything from USCIS. I hope they still have my file somewhere in their warehouse.

    The latest rumor is they opened a new warehouse in Guantanamo Bay :) after BO decided to close it for detainees.

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  • Cheran
    02-23 04:45 PM
    my dear.. pretentious pseudo middle class desi...
    i know ppl like you...
    you wear an armani to office but still carrying curd rice and pickel for lunch...
    you rejoice the success of slumDOG..with your liberal friends...with a martini glass filled with water..in hand..because ur amma told u not to drink alcohaal..;)

    according to u ...we are losers because we dont like being called a DOG in 21st century...

    if you want to wag ur skinny brown ass ..eveytime SlumDOG is uttered..thats ur problem..

    Can't you write a simple sentence without offending others? Furthermore nothing makes sense in your post. What's wrong with eating curd rice and pickle? If I eat beef with my Armani suit then you will think off me differently? At least that guy makes a stand and not drink, I wonder what you do? You hit the pub with your parents? Moron.

    Only in a Desi website you will find million different ways to butcher someone.


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  • aadimanav
    08-14 08:49 AM

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  • cnachu2
    02-23 01:29 PM
    The way i see it, they've asked for past emp letter with tax forms and some w2s.

    None of those would indicate that you were on the bench.

    The emp letter should basically just indicate your dates for employment - start/end date, designation, duties and perhaps salary. that's all.

    Yes, they asked just employment letters, W2's and tax returns. Thank you.


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  • hpandey
    07-14 12:30 PM

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  • Almond
    02-07 03:48 PM
    I do not believe original employer was involved in any Fraud but he did have financial trouble ( paying salary after 2 months , check bounce etc - that is the main reason I left) .
    That company is MSU software based in Iowa ( just in case if anyone knows about it ) .

    I tried several times approaching USCIS as well as Congressman's office to find the details of delay / extended review status etc but all I got was we need to wait until the review is complete.

    I had switched attorney as soon as I joined company B and they AC21 and I have copy of the all the docs including the letter requesting to remove the old company A attorney . Also last my company B changed the attorney firm to a different one and they did sent a new G28 for that .

    I am kind of stressed until I see the letter which is going to be delayed because of the snow Storm :( .

    I have sent the email to info@immigrationvoice.com just now.

    Thanks folks for all your support. it really helps that some is there to here the concerns and provide suggestions .


    I know what you're going through. My own case got denied by someone who'd only been in the job for 2 weeks and she denied it because she said I didn't provide a document which was not only provided, but they had two copies! AND I saw it while she was fiddling with my file at the interview. Sometimes, it's just sheer back luck. So if you know you have everything you should have in your file, just chill. It's another bump in the road and it'll mean more waiting for you, but it's not the end of the world.


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  • h1techSlave
    05-31 10:46 AM
    EB3 is not working, because we have no hope, not because we all went back or have ported.

    Only EB3 India has problem. EB3 ROW has no problem. EB3 China are very few.

    In EB3 India most people are trying for porting or have gone back. I do not see EB3 India anywhere on forums showing pain. It is mostly EB2 India doing work,

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  • Nikith77
    04-02 02:34 PM
    EB3I will move to 2005 in coming months


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  • villamonte6100
    04-09 03:07 PM
    Here is the "India Thing" again.

    Please, if you really love your country go back home. I don't think America really cares if you leave.

    There will always H1-B application every year.

    I'm not from India.

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  • go_gc_way
    05-11 11:06 AM
    :) This is good news, I believe our amendments would be carried in.

    Kindly elaborate what this means to us and if any of our amendments would be carried for voiting. :)


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  • logiclife
    05-29 12:36 PM
    I tend to disagrees with your comments, firstly please dont call this a stupid event, as a lot of young students strive to win this competition. In order to lead you have to follow, I have come across some smart ass Indians who love to talk and give directions, but they miss whole chunk of substance in their directions. (I don't mean to target you or disrespect any one else up here).

    Your commments on parents motivating their childeren to strive for success in their lives, their is nothing wrong in that, would you rather have them go smoke dope and jerk around to waste their time? I am indian and proud to be, , above all proud that my parents pushed me to excel and do better with the opportunities granted to me.

    However it is some desi companies who brought in the trend of lying and faking to get thie ways. But believe me , they dont get much further in their lives. I am glad strict restrictions are imposed on these companies, and the type of consultants they bring on board.

    Is it fair that the person doing Masters from this country be put in the same boat as a fresh of boat from India?

    Good Luck!

    The famous quote is: You can only fool me once!

    First of all, you dont have a binary choice in the matter such as either you learn 50,000 words and their spellings or go smoke dope. There is a middle ground here.

    Secondly, why do I see in company after company, especially in the knowledge industry that a straight A student, like your Kavya here, working for a manager who had been a B- student who in turn works for an executive who was a C- student ?

    Get educated ... that's fine. But dont get over-educated such that you are a cripple who cannot think outside the box. Too much education, too many straight As, too many spellings will make you incapable of thinking outside the box, taking risks. Anyways, that's my belief and my opinion and everyone is free to raise their kids in whatever way they deem fit. I for one, would never ask my 2 children to participate in any spelling bee contest.

    As far as your desi company thoughts go, it has nothing to do with spelling bee topic. However, let me tell you this. By being holier than thou and telling other people "I got a degree from here and you dumb asses have never been to an American college, so get lost you idiot, this job here is mine..." does not help anyone. Also, no desi companies put a gun to the head of anyone - Indian educated or US educated - to work for them. And let me remind you, there is AN ENTIRE GENERATION of US educated US masters degree holders who had no job after graduating and have been to a desi company to get trained on the real-world software applications. I am sure you know some people yourself, just as I know some people in that situation. If the US masters degree made them super-duper smart, then they would not be knocking doors of desi companies for education after graduating.

    I am no fan of desi companies, everyone here knows that. But don't preach a holier than thou sermon to everyone who doesn't have a US degree. Because your US degree isn't worth a bucket of warm spit when it comes to getting a job.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-19 10:29 AM
    The dates came back to normal...What a relief!!!!!:) :) :) :)


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  • GCplease
    10-05 03:57 PM
    are we sure that they are not talking only about H1b?

    Does following mean they are looking at Green Card as well ?

    "attract and retain high-skilled workers to contribute and excel in the U.S. economy without unnecessary delays and waiting periods?

    Unnecessary delays and waiting periods points to the Green card wait time I believe.

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  • lazycis
    07-02 10:44 AM
    I guess country quota is root of all our green card related griefs. everybody else can dream of getting a green card someday, but EB-3/EB-2 India & China should stop dreaming about Green cards...I am sure this can be prooved illegal.

    Ombudsman mentioned that "visa wait-times within some preference categories
    for certain nationals may exceed 10 years."

    I think the OP has some valid points. Certainly recapture lawsuit may work as the law does not say that allocated EB visas expire. Do not listen to nay-sayers, just do it.
    Here is one example of the succsessfull class-action (even though the court case died in a court of appeals, it was beneficial to immigrants):


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  • eb_retrogession
    01-18 12:40 PM
    I don't have a paypal account, but I would like to contribute, is there any other way that I can send my money to you?



    you don't need a paypal account. Once you click on the paypal link on the IV homepage, it will give you an option to just use your credit card. That's how I contributed too.

    Good Luck :-)

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  • ameryki
    06-30 03:22 PM
    Is finger print required for AP efiling? thanks


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  • eb_retrogession
    01-09 09:30 AM

    I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to this new effort taken up by a group of people badly hit by the immigration delays or we can say immigration black out in U.S..

    http://www.immigrationvoice.org is a banner under which we are getting together to
    1) Find solution to employment based greed card retrogression
    2) Labor delay in the backlog centers.

    All the members of this non-profit organization are facing severe problems due to these issues. We have started the awareness drive and professional strategic help (lobbying) efforts have started for the new Comprehensive immigration reform bill due on the floor of the Senate and House in Spring of-06. To make a difference and to have the new law passed in the way the current visa retrogression & Backlog center delays cane be addresssed with the new bill, I would request you to please spread this message or forward the email to as many people as possible.

    Attached file contain the flyer. This flyer is to create awareness for this effort and add to the ongoing membership drive for http://www.immigrationvoice.org to find solution to Green Card Retrogression problem as well as the backlog centers. We are actively starting to work with the lawmakers to make appropriate changes in Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.

    I would urge you to please go ahead and post these flyers at Chinese/Pilipino/Indian stores/religious places or anywhere you now think individuals supporting our cause will gather. Additionally, please forward the flyer to as many family members and friends as possible and request them to do the same. This will really help us with the membership drive. If you or anybody in your family wants to volunteer please let us know at info@immigrationvoice.org we need volunteers mainly to send emails and making phone calls.

    Here is how you could help towards this cause and solution to retrogression & Labor Delay problem

    1) Register as a member of http://www.immigrationvoice.org. It is free.
    2) Post the flyers in as many places as possible. Email the flyer to all your friends and anybody you know is on H1 or applying for GC or already applied for GC. Request your friends to do the same.
    3) Please contribute generously at http://www.immigrationvoice.org and know that every penny you contribute will work for you.
    4) Please continue to contribute to the discussion forum at http://www.immigrationvoice.org with your ideas, information and participation that would help everybody.

    Thanks for all your help .... Happy New Year!
    Please forward this mail to as many friends you can.

    Volunteer @ http://www.immigrationvoice.org

    Flyers attached.....

    02-23 09:01 AM
    Let me guess, you are a pakistani terrorist. Now you are jealous that how come an Indian muslim win 2 oscars? How will you give out your hateful message to other pakistanis terrorists that indian muslims are being torchured, so you have to "save" indian muslims. Too bad, no pakistani got an oscar. I know why, because the terror capital of the world is going down the drain pretty fast.


    Sanju, these comments were uncalled for. I understand your emotions on ARR winning Oscars but just don't bash someone who has different views. The guy never said anything about ARR, he just said his work in Dil Se was better and many people may agree with him. Why would you call him a terrorist??? Come on man and you say you want GC because you got exceptional skills ....you mean exceptional non-sense hatred........ on a lighter note ARR can apply GC in EB1 category and get it quickly :p

    04-15 07:44 PM
    May be even 5 would help at this moment.

    Also I would suggest to show the data as below in the contribution sign up page where the people would get an idea before contributing.

    $100 Contribution / per month -- xxx members
    $50 Contribution / per month -- yyy members
    $20 Contribution / per month -- zzz members
    $10 Contribution / per month -- xx members
    $5 Contribution / per month -- x members

    This would help the new members to grasp the idea about the strength of the forum and would also give a ball park figure on which range they should go.

    Can we lower minimum recurring amount to $10 a month? I can request some of my colleagues to contribute a recurring amount of $10 a month. We can probably get more ppl to join more lower limits.

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