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maori shoulder tattoo

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  • Carlau
    06-18 10:53 AM
    Where have your read that?

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  • s416504
    02-10 04:26 PM
    Do you mean 30 credits with 3 year degree from India to complete MS?
    $15K for 30 credits means $500 for 1 credit?

    I did online MS degree and it took 3 years, although I could have completed it in 2.5 years. First year I completed only 1 course per sem, then I started doing 2 per sem. I took non-thesis option and the total cost was aprx 15K from ISU. Thye charge flat rate fee per subject ( aprx 3 credits) irrespective of residency requirements (you can actually do this course from anywhere in the world and it would cost the same) . This degree requires 30 total credits (one of them must be a project, so technically only 9 subjects/courses to take).

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  • sammyb
    10-05 03:56 PM

    couldn't attend this time ...

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  • rimzhim
    02-07 01:56 PM
    i would really discourage ppl who are not insiders of nebraska uscis or whatever to scare ppl from filing eb2 or converting to eb2 from eb3. how do you know what nebraska is doing?
    did not mean to discourage, just be prepared because after the 140 is rejected, you have to start all over again and you lose time in the process. BTW, ask any lawyer, and you will hear the same about Nebraska.

    also if you have an MS and are eb-3, by all means transfer to EB-2 with a high rate of success --- again accding to my lawyer.


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  • chanduv23
    10-05 05:55 PM
    I am a "she" by the way and perfectly capable of walking back after 1 paid for and 2 free drinks:cool:

    Do they have good food too?

    Heard snacks are good - good enough for the sides when you do your 1 to 3 drinks - well get an alcohol meter with u, just to make sure u r doing fine.

    laborchic - is doing a chic dance for all of us

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  • raju123
    04-09 02:04 PM
    How many people are ready to appear to media with statement
    "Yes, we are tired with endless wait of employment based green card and going back to back home"

    I'd say, we've waited enough(6-12 years). I know we are all chasing the american dream (perhaps it is just a dream), we should just make peace and move back. Thank you congress, america for giving ppl (from so called 3rd world nations) like us the chance to come and serve this great nation.

    mind you.. dont forget to take back your $$$


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  • qplearn
    11-20 10:52 AM
    Regarding Mathew Oh comments:

    "...There is a possibility the DREAM Act could be passed, allowing the children of undocumented immigrants (who complete their high school educations in the United States)..."

    How do you think the passage of the DREAM ACT could impact our situation ? If they pass this, they would relief a sizeable portion of illegal immigrants to get amnesty through their children (few millions). I am just wondering whether the illegal alien supporters would lose steam to support CIR after this ? Ironically, they would get a sizeable amnesty, overhelm USCIS with millions of applicants and probably make the passage of a CIR bill more distant. I can't think of something less advantageous to us than this. I hope I am totally wrong.

    What do you guys think ?
    There are favorable indications from the industry that they will get increased H1Bs. There is hence a strong belief among many lawyers that the H1B lobby will provide some relief. But we need to meet lawmakers so that they don't forget about the Green cards.

    If you live in NY state, please contact bottlemani or myself. We need to organize ourselves before meeting the lawmakers. We will also have to take the trouble to drive to their offices. If we don't do this, all these pessimistic predictions will come true. Believe me, meeting the folks in the offices of the lawmakers makes a huge difference.

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  • ramus
    06-28 12:12 PM
    Does this indicate that all dates will be 'C' in July?

    Starting July 2, USCIS will no longer allow petitioners to file their I-140's under the premium processing program.* This is expected to be a temporary measure; starting August 1 petitioners will be allowed to file their*I-140 cases under the premium processing program.
    The USCIS' press release can be accessed here: http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?docid=22772


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  • logiclife
    09-25 07:22 PM
    In theory, the idea that a gathering of even 200 people in company's parking lot (Cisco, goolge, microsoft) - IS GREAT.

    Immigration Voice has always appreciated efforts of members who get employers involved.

    However, I am inclined to believe that company HR will resist such activity on their own premises, especially during business hours or even lunch time. That's because its loss in terms of productivity and distractions for all employees, even those who are US citizens.


    If someone pulls this off and if there is a gathering to protest green card delays at any of these companies -- Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Amazon...anyone...THEN IV leadership will fly to such an even from wherever they have to fly and attend it at a moments notice (provided your employer allows us in your buildings/premises of course).

    Not only that, if you can pull it off, then IV will honor you will a "IMMIGRATION VOICE MEDAL OF HONOR" for doing that. Its a square medal with imprint of GC on one side and EAD card on another side. :):)

    So if you can, by all means, pursue that opportunity and email me or Aman on how we can help you do that. Microsoft has 3500 employees in green card wait line in Seattle alone. Cisco is also hundreds of employees in San Jose alone (and Cisco employees is one of my favorite groups of people in IV, they have shown up every where IV has done anything...must be something in the water out there in the bay area, its a land of activists...).


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  • qplearn
    10-30 01:31 PM
    While this question may sound redundant, I want to make an honest attempt to understand it. How does creating media awareness translate into making politicians understand the complicated issues suffered by legal immigrants? Further do they give any weightage to the fact that the stories are in the media and therefore they need attention?

    I am biased towards the opinion that we might have already run enough media stories. I believe that the real fight now is to convince the politicians to do something about it. Propaganda and lobbying is the only thing that works with politicians in this country. And you have to choose a medium that politicians directly refer to. Meeting politicians and their representatives in person is most effective I believe. With due respect to your views, Pappu, can we discuss some of these questions?

    I agree. Our adversaries and friends alike have noted the media stories. What we need now is getting in touch with politicians, and action!


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  • mugwump
    12-11 09:30 PM
    I find it hard to digest why would they mind if some one has been to India recently?

    Does this argument apply just for the indians or does it apply to individual of any nationality?

    THey have eradicated malaria from north america whereas we still have it in India. They dont want us immigarants or wanna be immigrants to spread diseases!!

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  • GC08
    05-28 06:44 PM
    It is getting clear now why Legal Backlogs are not touched in this present Bill.
    Because Home Land Security Dep budgets depend on them..If backlogs are gone .. Budget is gone ...

    So our backlogged cases will not get relief ..Looks like this will remain unfair reality

    This is so outrageous! :mad:

    What can legals do then to change the situation? :confused:


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-10 10:36 AM
    I believe bulletin will be there on Monday morning on Mumbai site. Till then, have a nice weekend. Enjoy with your family!

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  • a2006
    06-12 09:17 PM
    IV core,
    Keep up the good work. We have seen a lot of people asking for "action","results" and "transparency" in the past without doing really anything for it .:-)


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  • pappu
    04-02 12:54 PM
    So here come the thing. Thats why i asked in my original post is IV just for people who have applied for Green card ? I wanted to know if they could address these issues as well . Regarding inability to work and self esteem , just stay in home for few days and then feel how much you loose. Man , its 21st century and ability to work is basic right.

    Please do not misinterpret IV.
    If tomorrow there is a bill to stop all H1B from coming to USA or to make life difficult for H1B, do you really think we will keep quiet just because we have filed our greencards?

    Do you know IV worked hard for decoupling of H4 time from H1 in 2006 and we thought nothing may happen and started to focus on next action item. Then few months later it was changed. That was the first small step.

    I would appreciate if you ask your spouse if she/he can volunteer time for IV. You both can get more involved. Send us an email if you are interested. We are always interested in people who can volunteer more time than us (We do full time jobs too. A couple of us also are enrolled in a part time degree program). We are willing to have such an H4 be a leader in IV.

    IV is a platform that will allow you voice your plight. But you will need to come forward and be willing to actively work on it with others. If the strategy is right, you are committed and have right intentions there is no reason why IV will not help.

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  • insbaby
    10-01 07:30 PM
    can she revert back to US citizenship and hold US passport by renouncing Indian passport

    As of right now, YES. It is possible if you are in US. You submit the US birth certificate and that is the proof (Amendment 14) of your citizenship. If you are outside US, the process is slightly difficult that you have to convince the consulate/embassy.

    Same is not true on the other side. Once you get US Passport, you have to do some "dramatic" actions to get your Indian passport back even if you are ready to renounce US Passport, because we follow rules (!!!) strictly.


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  • 485Question
    10-24 12:04 PM
    Keep us posted.


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  • bsbawa10
    07-01 10:19 PM
    These ppl are talking about giving amnesty to ILLEGALS...let me repeat it.. amnesty=award for being ILLEGAL. They have done that before and all of a sudden we F'KIN LEGAL TEMP WORKERS from India/China have to worry about the LEGAL aspect of filing a law-suit.

    Something is seriously screwed up with this. This is no different than a pseudo-SLAVERY. Now all of a sudden most of you will say, no one put a gun on your head to work. Ofcourse not, but why hell do they create a dual intent H1FU?K Visa where they show you the carrot and create a indentured servant system and discriminate on the basis of the country of your birth. It is discrimination. Trust me when there was SLAVERY in the US , it was defined LEGAL.

    freedom_fighter, your words are very strong but everything you say is a truth.

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  • franklin
    09-25 07:25 PM
    I love how the majority of these "new" ideas are coming from people who didn't attend either rallies!

    Good to see we have sparked some forward motion with more people becoming engaged

    In reality, a few of the suggestions were carried out both in San Jose and in DC.

    04-25 02:16 AM
    I liked permfilings idea about a mass day off from work...and a small meetup in each town..however this has to be publicised that its going to happen...I guess this should be the first symbolic thing..the next thing..i really loved the sweeping streets idea...we shud do this in front of capitol hill...much better if we all wear suits and carry brooms to brush the dirt off..and have posters that say..PLEASE BRUSH THE DUST OFF - OF MY GREENCARD APPLICATION AND PROCESS IT....

    I would love to take part...also..i have a small thread running here that tries to bring USCIS in the red about what they are doing with I140 processing..they should be attacked from more than 1 end...would be greatful if you guys support that petition..i have the draft posted in the thread also...the name of the thread is : Let's Do something about the I140 dates moving back!!

    Desi Unlucky
    09-11 10:09 PM
    Vote at the below thread as well to compare this poll vs the poll at the below URL to get a gauge on the no of approvals in the month of september.


    Assuming that all those whose 485s were pending at the start of this poll voted on the poll at the above URL as well (if their 485 is still pending), it indicates that USCIS has issued quite a few approvals in the last 11 days based on below calculation.

    No of 485s pending with a PD < Jan 2005 per this poll : 112
    No of 485s pending with a PD < Jan 2005 per poll at above URL: 29
    Net reduction in cases due to approvals since 8/23/09 : 112 - 29 = 83

    Note: The above assumption could be far fetched as I see that the poll at the above URL is just started today (9/11). As more members especially those voted in this poll and still have pening 485s (where PD < 2005), it gives an idea of how well USCIS cleared the backlog.

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