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  • amitjoey
    07-08 04:36 PM
    I just read a story about being a strong community, and although IV is not just about Indians, or any particular ethnic group. What I would like to illustrate is that: It is true, that we need to unite as a community. An IV- Community for all law abiding legal immigrants!.

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  • sushilup
    02-10 06:37 PM
    There was soft LUD in my case also today
    mine is also WAC and PD-FEB05, EB2


    Thank you gcformeornot.

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  • arc
    10-04 11:23 AM
    Did anyone transferred from NSC to CSC and back got FP notice?

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  • gc28262
    07-29 03:47 PM
    This "me vs you" attitude is what is unhealthy. Having PD of June 2002 is nothing to be happy about, either for EB3-I or ROW. It is just pathetic. We should all be together in this. Asking for more visa numbers, recapture, etc would be more practical for us

    I was answering in reference to his question.
    For me, I want all categories to be current all the time :)


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  • Soul
    02-11 11:09 AM
    These votes change everytime I look!

    Its way too tense for me :x

    Anyway, now this battle is over I can finish (start lol) my Kirupaville block...

    Hmmm ideas... *thinks*

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • trueguy
    02-20 11:45 PM

    Today I got a call from an officer in "immigration and customs enforcement" asking for an appointment to visit my residence for checing my immigration status.
    I am on H1B visa.

    I would appreciate if someone could give any sort of information related to calling for a home visit.


    Immigration office can come to your home to check on you if your application is family based, like spouse living together or not. But since you are on H1B, I don't know why would they come to your home. They should check with ur employer and do the verification.

    This is just my opinion.


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  • sanju
    07-06 09:03 PM

    Why did you choose your screen name as 'Hopefull'? Are you hopeful about yourself? Or are you hopeful about others? Or may for everyone? Either way your message and tone of your post doesn't sound hopeful for anybody. Could you please consider changing your screen name to "HOPELESS"? This would help eliminate the hypocrisy due to your screen name. What do you say?

    BTW, Full Time job is NOT a virtue. Kindness towards the environment you live in is a virtue. Let’s all HOPE and pray that you could gather some of the real virtues of life.

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  • GC4US
    06-26 04:02 PM
    Could you please tell me how is it with the pictures for I-485 ?

    Is the photo digital or paper? OR the photo is first digital then you're printing it? Am I correct?

    So from my understanding.....you go to Kinkos or CVS( do they know the requeirments of photo if I tell them about immigration photo for Adjustment of status?) .....they make a digital photo of you and then they are printing the digital photo? is this correct?

    Please tell me what to do and where to go for I-485 photos.

    Thank you in advance so much for your help.


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  • sheela
    03-26 09:23 PM
    I too thought that it could be a hoax call. But When I discussed with my employer and came to know the name of the person who called me is same as that of person who visited our employer 2 months back, then I realized that it is not a hoax call.

    But I really don't understand what was the purpose and why I got such call and why he did not show up. Till now there is no communication from the officer.

    Can you update on this

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  • gg_ny
    09-08 07:41 PM
    I know after we file the i-485 for 180 days, we can change our jobs. But rule is that the new job should be in the same field as the old one.

    Can i change my job from a biological researcher to a biostatistician? My current job is in the field of biology, which involves lots of experiments. If I change my job to a biostatistician, which is like a programmer, do i still qualify the "similar filed" rule? thanks for your help!

    biostatistician job position can involve analysis of biological data. That qualifies you still as a biological researcher. Biological researcher is a very very very broad term working from bacteria to human genetic diseases; deep sea fish to suspected life forms in asteroids and space debri (astrobiology). It is basically a straightforward description of what you are going to do as a biostatistician and justification of how this will still qualify you as a biological researcher. That makes it very much job specific: if you are going to use statistical methods to analyze GE's cat scanner machine performace it would not be biological research, but if you are going to use some statistical methods in analyzing cat scanned body images and tie your analysis to clinical conditions it would. If you could post both your current job description in your gc application and the prospective biostatistican job description as you see, I can try to help you.


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  • Shirdibaba
    11-03 11:54 AM
    Hi, we have approved EAD and I 485 Pending.When called to find about the case they send the leter which says---
    The status of the service request is: ur case is on holf becoz u appear 2 b inadmissible under the current law.Rather than denying ur application based on inadmissibilty,we r placing ur case on hold while the dept of homeland sec considers additional xcercise of the Sec of Homeland security's discretionary xemption authority.Such an xcercise of xemption might allow us to approve ur case"........................PLS ADVICE .What happend to ur case?What did ur lawyer advice.I have taken an appt. wt my lawyer but he is out of town and seems it will take sometime...

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  • ashishgour
    05-29 08:37 PM


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  • sunny1000
    11-02 11:19 PM
    If Republicans control the House, they will be too bitter because they can't repeal the Health Care Reform, and will not let CIR pass in 2011. Best hope is 2012 now. Obama could have easily passed CIR in past 2 years, instead he focused all his efforts on health care..

    Dems were no good either...they could have easily worked with Bush to pass it in 2006/2007 but, they screwed it up by going with the points system and the "path to citizenship". Again, in 2008 they had all 3 chambers but, the hispanic caucus held the bill hostage. CIR will never get passed as long as there is that "path to citizenship" provision, in the upcoming congress. So, in reality, there is no CIR...now or ever.

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  • sujan_vatrapu
    11-03 11:15 AM
    Dug the hole for 8 years, expect prosperity in 18 months!!!!

    we can argue both ways, democratic party was not rejected because of the economic mess, even today lot of voters are angry at bush for the mess, the issue here is WH is completely out of touch with the main street, why spend 2 years on health care when ppl dont have jobs to afford basic necessities, the less we talk about stimulus the better, ppl dont like someone who don't listen and arrogantly say what ever they do is for the good without showing any progress (hmmm, reminds me of bush but hell dint we vote for change?) or say voters are ignorant,

    bush is not the whole problem, democrats are in the majority since 2006 and look at the deficits since then, wars costed US trillion dollars which is less than annual deficits under the current president, i agree he does not own the deficit problem completely but he dint help to fix it either, bush dint sign "glass-seagall" act which caused the whole mess in the first place, clinton was the one who pushed the initiative "housing to minorities" and his administration wanted to push it through freddie and fannie and the rest is history,

    point is demonizing one of the parties is not going to help, both contributed to the mess and neither of them has bigger share


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  • pappu
    01-11 06:04 AM
    Pls let us know if you have participated in the campaign:


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  • mariner5555
    11-20 06:32 AM
    Giving speedy Green Cards to July Visa bulletin cases will ease the Housing Crisis in US.

    Above statement implies, housing crisis is because of not issuing green cards.

    BTW, I don't have english blood in me ;););)

    your implication is wrong ..you can imply anything from a statement.
    the reason I support the above initiative is because it is the most cost effective approach. immigration will/does help housing since americans already have houses and they have fewer or no kids. so immigrants constitute a sizeable chunk. a person I had met once told me - as long as you make money for yr bosses and managers they will do a lot for you (we were talking about filing for GC's) - with the same approach if you include builders and car dealers - you could get them to support IV. but my view is since our community is so divided and selfish ..nothing will ever happen because of us. whatever good happens will be because of USCIS mistakes or else we will get GC's after the long wait


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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-27 05:44 PM
    Xtended Computer Attachment Syndrome (XCAS). Like AIDS, it doesn't have any known cures - Big Medicine doesn't have anything it can sell to protect you from it or help you overcome it if you are in fact "infected" with it.

    It can be cured with determination and will power - you just need to get out more... :) - in other words, get a life.


    I think some of the people on this forum should be diagnosed for click�O�mania. Basically what it means is developing impatience and restlessness qualities as a result of using computer and mouse over an extended period of time. It makes a patient believe that results should be expected within few minutes after initiating any activity just like the click of a mouse does. Examples are on-line credit card payments, rental payments, electricity, telephone, cell phone, cable bill payments, money transfers to name a few. Over period of time when you the patient gets used to these habits, he tries to extend the same logic to other walks of life. Expect results within few minutes. What the click�O�maniac does not understand is certain things in life requires some amount of time in terms of weeks and patience to complete. Even though he/she knows that USCIS is going to receive about � million applications by Aug 17th and receipting of 485 applications is going to take long time, he/she can not resist pressing F5 button on bank statement URL, USCIS press room URL, immigration voice URL, on line case status URL, email account URL and what not URLs. So, someone is trying to contact CSR every day about the receipt status, verifying if checks are cashed or checking LUD on previously approved certifications on hourly basis, it is not his or her fault. Culprit is this undiagnosed disease. If untreated, he/she may be desperate for the finger print notice date in near future. After the finger print notice date, it may be FP notice acceptance date or LUD on case status.

    If treated, he realizes that how deep he went into this GC well and how far is away from life on earth and thanks his stars for not remaining as a frog in a well.

    How to treat: Do your karma and do not expect results.

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  • viper673
    03-22 11:29 AM
    what happens if I had interfiled with a new I-140 EB2 (currently pending) and now my original approved I-140 EB3 became current?

    Will USCIS adjudicate based on either I-140?

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  • ramus
    05-29 05:25 PM
    Its all valid if CIR doesn't become law in current form... To oppose this we need to send web-fax /send fund and invite our all friends..

    Once you done with web-fax please update web-fax thread with your comment..
    Thank you so much.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am a new member

    My PD is 02/01/2005, my labour cert got approved in 03/01/2006,

    I applied EB3 I40 on 05/18/2007 and got approved on 05/23/2007

    Considering the scenario is my I140 invalid?

    10-28 12:40 PM
    You are one of the Proof. YOu need that... finally. See How you blabber for yourself.

    Well I can't keep arguing with some m*r*n who keeps making false statements with no facts or statistics to back it up. I assume anything you say is likely false.

    03-22 08:34 PM
    Anyone interested in meeting the lawmakers around Philadelphia, please respond or send a PM..

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