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  • mallu
    12-03 04:13 PM

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  • PD_Dec2002
    09-01 10:04 PM
    H1B + GC holders pay SS + Medicare (??) for which they are entitled only when they become citizen.

    Here are the SS eligibility requirements: http://permanent.access.gpo.gov/lps4345/11001.html

    Based on this, GC holders with 40 work credits (that is, 10 years of US work experience) and reside in any of the 50 US states are eligible for SS, if they satisfy age and other requirements. So one doesn't need to be a US citizen to get SS benefits.

    It's a different story that by the time, we all become 65, the SS coffers will be empty. Of course, I wish no one is in a position where they need SS to survive.


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  • Kitiara
    02-07 09:36 AM
    It's one up in Gloucestershire... I used to visit it a lot when I went on holiday with my parents when I was young. Can't remember the name of it though.

    Was always mad about castles. Loved the whole medieval thing.

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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-03 03:15 PM
    I know so many people who got approved in EB2 with MCA degree. I don't know a single person who got denied with 3 yearc BSc + 3 Year MCA.

    Now you know one. I see a few - maybe 1 or 2 each year. There is a lot of documentation to show USCIS approves this and it should do fine if properly handled with an MTR.


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  • delax
    08-06 01:02 PM

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  • matreen
    08-15 04:36 PM
    Is there a way you can get me a sample letter from employer?

    My private email is mateens@hotmail.com




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  • skp07
    10-08 02:07 PM
    we saw the status updated this morning atlast. Hopefully will get the card soon in hand.

    My wife's EAD renewal was e-filed with a receipt date of june 6 th, almost 120 days, still waiting. Got biometric notice for july 1st and finished it.After 94 days called 1-800 to request expediting the case on sep. 11 th, they sent a RFE asking for I-94 copies and stating biometrics were not transmitted to them and needed information on that, along with enlarged copy of photo ID.
    Responded to RFE with a receipt date of sep. 25 th and no updates till day.
    Called on 9/3 asnd raised a 2nd SR for expediting. AS her EAD expired on oct.1st and was given 1 week to produce new EAD by oct 10 th by her employer.
    WE were hoping for some miracle by monday:confused:

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  • CADude
    07-17 12:24 PM
    You has incorrect infomation. Your Receive Date is a factor but PD is also a big factor, if limited number available.

    If two person has submitted their application. One has PD 2001 and RD June 10 2007 and other had PD Jan 2006 with RD May 1 2006.

    USCIS 485 Processing Date: June 15th 2007 and Visa Bullitin has "C"

    Still PD with 2001 will get the the number first before PD 2006 case.

    485 RD < USCIS 485 Processing date and PD < Visa Bulletin date
    Order by PD desc

    hope this help

    I am not sure of this but from studying data, I get the impression that the GC are given out on a FIFO system based on when USCIS receives your I-485 (assuming it clears NC) and NOT PD date



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  • Googler
    02-28 04:07 PM
    The fine print matters as always:

    "A portion of these cases are both outside normal processing times and have an FBI name check that has been pending for more than 180 days."

    They'll define normal processing times in some weaselly way of course -- like that random date they show in the processing time charts. It is not the normative 6 months timeframe, since the statement implies that an application that has a current PD and has been pending for 180 days (cos its name check is pending for 180 days presumably the application has been pending 180 days) can be "within normal processing times."

    So current PD + 180 day pending namecheck = 47K.

    And current PD + 180 pending namecheck + outside "normal processing times" = 10K.

    The 10K is from the Ron Gotcher post on Imminfo (http://immigration-information.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14035&postcount=1).

    Note that the TSC processing date for EB I-485 moved back to April from May 24, 2007. So the flood of applicants from June are certainly not "within normal processing times" even if they fell out of the BECs and have an early PD, and have a namecheck pending >180 days.

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  • arc
    09-05 04:11 PM
    - best place to stay, hopefully in proximity to the rally start point
    - best return flight time to get back
    - do I need to rent a car?

    Which Airport are you planning to fly from?

    Anyone from San Jose?


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  • h1techSlave
    04-10 02:25 PM
    If any one is meeting law makers from Maryland, I am also interested.

    Thanks guys,

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  • nozerd
    01-05 02:07 PM
    So jsb if congressman and Ombudsman doesnt work either is there anything which will work ? Can one actually go physically to the Service Center and ask to speak to the PRO (Public relations officer) or something ?


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  • andy garcia
    06-05 04:34 PM
    well this memo is taking it one step further than the last memo -

    it is saying that the I-140 must be approved before determining portability. which means most likely if you file for portability and your 140 has not been approved then USCIS will be forced to look at your 140 petition and approve it.

    You are interpreting as: It must be approved when in reality it means that It should have been already approved in order to make a decision on portability. They can not be forced to approve your I-140 just because you are changing jobs.

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  • gcisadawg
    04-21 10:36 AM

    2+ 3 you are mentioning is where +3 = three year degree program like BSc / BCS/ BCom programs offered in India. Here I think we are discussing 3 year DIPLOMA program the eligiblity for which is 10th grade. After finishing this program in some universities you are waived 1st year coursework for the degree program in same field. So for regular people it is 10+2+4 to get a bachelors where as people taking the diploma route it is 10+3+3. So in this case of our friend his 10+3 is equivalent to completed only 1st year degree program. the +2 overlaps with what he has studied in +3 and the +1 in commerce will not be counted in coursework.

    Anuj: What subject was your diploma was it a management diploma or engineering diploma? What was the eligiblity for the same? Was the institute reputed like does it have an entrance test? If yes do you know their acceptance rate? Might help in preparing a case

    That is exactly right. 10 + 3 yr diploma will wave the first year in 4 year B.E.
    In 10 + 2 + 3yr diploma, mostly 11th and 12th grade are redundant.....So, it is only equivalent to 10 + 3yr diploma....

    When we were in Engineering after 10+2, we had students who joined us in second year (of a 4yr degree) after completing 10 + 3yr diploma....Our class was benefited tremendously by their practical/industrial experience.

    I believe OP has a very difficult case and I dont see a way to get around this.

    One thing OP can try is apply for a Masters degree in US from a decent university with his credentials. If he has an admission offer, he can then submit that to USCIS to prove his credentials. US Masters require 12+4 years.


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  • GCaspirations
    10-03 10:30 PM
    How do yo uknow ur app moved from nsc to csc etc.. when you havenot got anything...other than just the lud on uscis website...
    can u pl clarify?

    I got transfer notice. Also LUD on the website.

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  • bekugc
    07-19 11:11 AM

    i guess i mispelt the statement, my response was to his idea of seeking an Emergency appointment.

    ofcourse, just normal rescheduling is absolutely do-able.

    i think our friend is trying for Emergency so that wife can get appt in chennai only.


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  • ebizash
    10-03 10:32 AM
    Thats great! Sorry I have been down with Flu and that why could not reply to your earlier questions about LUD on 10/1. I have not received any LUDs since 9/29. Hopefuly I will see some action in next week or so.

    Just a quick update on AP Case- Today the e filed application got approved The total time it took is about 10 days from filing to approval.

    e filed on Sept 23 and approved on Oct 2

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  • gc_waiter56
    05-15 11:41 AM
    because of the abuse of H1 & L1 by these companies, people who have actual job offers in U.S are not able to apply for H1b. These companies do a kind of visa gouging wherein, they get H1b approved and stamped for all the people they have on payroll in their offshore centers whether they are needed here or not and then, send them when they projects. This is nothing but visa gouging by this companies and abuse of the intent of H1 & L1. Although the bill has gone too far and tried to penalize everybody but instead it should look at stopping the visa gouging

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  • garybanz
    11-02 04:25 PM
    I will repeat again that I said earlier.

    Again, do not quote some lawyer's opinion on this issue from his/her website.


    The law seems to have changes due to AC21, I don't think we can get any actual data of any one who got his GC after AC21 and has already converted to citizenship.

    It would be really great if IV can contact USCIS and get an official guideline on this topic.


    10-02 12:51 PM
    I applied in NSC 485/EAD/AP on July 27th. The case was transfered to CSC. 485 Application was then transfered to TSC from CSC but EAD and AP are being processed in CSC.

    12-29 01:38 AM
    I tend to agree with your interpretation that "NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE" refers to those beyond 140K. The language of law is always beautiful, isn't it?:)

    Anyhow, I still think it merits a deeper investigation and consultation with attorneys.

    INA 202 (a) (5) (A)
    EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter.

    Please read the above section carefully. The additional visas mentioned above refers to visas in excess of 140k visas set by the annual quota; i.e. it refers to recaptured visa numbers, IMHO.

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