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  • pani_6
    09-10 12:22 PM
    If you join as a PM somewhere ...you need to be aware of things line earned value, risk register, critical path, management reserves, contract change control system, stages of team formation, types of Org..etc..etc..which is common terminology for PM's..so unless you want to join as a PM and blink you want to get certified..

    Most manager jobs require this certification ...like you would go to a dentist to deal with problems with your teeth...not that a general physican cant do it..but a dentist specailises in teeth care..just like it PM is a separate proffession..I have seen MBA getting PMP ceritified..

    For a Reason ..among all the certs ...this is the 1st or the 2nd most sought after..in the world..

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  • tdasara
    01-31 02:23 PM
    Conversative estimate..

    if 100,000 of them file for 485 USCIS would get $90 million!!!

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  • vijayrudra
    07-19 02:38 PM
    have PM'ed ya

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  • CADude
    05-29 04:58 PM
    We have to send BIG "THANK YOU" card who wrote this bill..:cool: It has written by NumberOne or Far Left Democrats or What?? Some one is smoking crack/pipe when writing :)

    Posting this since almost every thread has the question about the cut-off date after which all LCs or I-140s will be invalidated.


    Excerpt from "http://www.ilw.com/articles/2007,0530-endelman.shtm" posted earlier, the cutoff date is May 15, 2007; NOT May 21 2007. (Thanks to "cnag" for finding this link).

    ... ...
    Wait, there is more! The end of employer-sponsored immigration and the inauguration of the points system do not take place at the same time. No kidding, there are two different dates when the old is no good and the new becomes available. If you can contain your excitement and read the finer points of Section 502(d)(1) of S. 1348, you will discover that the point system does not take effect until the first day of the fiscal year following enactment, unless (and there always is one) this is less than 270 days. What then? Not to fear. In that case, the point system does not "go live" until the first day of the FOLLOWING fiscal year. Keep reading! The point system in clause (1) is made expressly subject to clause (2) which has few surprises in store. It is not for the uninitiated or the faint of heart. These tender souls should protect their blood pressure and keep on reading. Pursuant to Section 502(d)(2), only those employment-based immigrant petitions on Form I-140 filed before the introduction of S. 1348 on May 15th will remain valid and serve as the basis for an immigrant visa after enactment. So what, you say? Well, suppose that President Bush signs the bill on September 10th 2007. That is the date of enactment. Now, the points system waits until October 1, 2008, the first day of the second fiscal year following enactment. From September 10, 2007 until October 1, 2008, over one year, we will have no employment-based green cards! You heard me right friend, no employer sponsorship based on anything after May 15th 2007 and no points system. This is Pat Buchanan's dream come true- an entire fiscal year without any green cards being issued on the basis of employment!
    ... ...




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  • GC_2008
    11-20 08:17 AM
    This thread is interesting... US is headed to a economic slowdown currently (everyone knows that), and Bernanke (the fed chairman) and others are working hard trying to guide this country to a "soft landing". Some foriegn banks/investment firms have already withdrawn US market from their investment lists/porfolios, and this will get worse for this country. Japan went through a major slowdown in the 90s and it took them more than a decade to recover. As funny as this post can be, but US will have to look at every angel to stablize their economy, even in a small scale. This does not isolated to housing only. Issing green cards to highly skilled immigrants can only better this country, not worse. After all we put greencard into good use and I believe most will agree on this.

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  • gcsim
    06-05 09:33 AM
    For all Eb3s along with EB2s with PD after April 2005, the movement in the coming visa bulletins wont be much encoraging unless the new Obama government does something significant about employent based category or immigrationvoice does a fruitful lobbying. The doings of something by obama government to employment based category is not in our hands. The only thing we could do is to help IV and help ourrselves by contributing to it to reach its financial target for better lobbying. Or else wait for the Visa Bulletin every month with great hopes, sorry dreams, for your PD to become current, and satisfy with your EADs for years ahead

    Just a query how did you came up with the date of April 2005.


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  • Guig0
    02-03 06:58 AM
    now i�m ashaned coz i don�t have any vote at all :(

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  • dtekkedil
    07-06 03:34 PM


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  • desi3933
    07-19 12:17 PM
    I have a similar question that has been bugging me for some time and hasn't gotten a clear answer. Here is the details and not sure if there would be any problem to I-485.
    1. My wife came to US on H4 in Dec '03 which is valid up to sept' 06. Given I-94 reflecting same.
    2. Traveled outside US on H4 twice and each time got new I-94 till Set' 06.
    3. Applied for H1B and got approved for adjustment for status from Oct' 2005 with I-94 at the bottom of approval notice. H1B approval notice and I94 is valid till sept' 2008.
    4. Employer (consulting firm) insisted on getting SS number before searching for projects so applied for SS# and waited.
    5. After delays received SS card in March' 06.
    6. Found a project soon, but the start date was from June ' 06 and 'officially' joined the company from June' 06.
    7. Employer asked for a signed letter from my wife that due to health reasons, she is joining two months late - not sure if it is purely for their safety or ours?.
    8. Continuous paychecks since jun '06
    9. Haven't traveled abroad after getting H1B approved.
    9. Applied for I485 together in June' 07 with me being direct beneficiary and wife being derivative. Submitted all documents i., passports, I-94, approval notices, w-2, tax returns, employment letter etc for both.

    So the question is not getting paychecks or not joining the company immediately can cause any problem to her I485? I read some where that It is not a problem for H1B AOS as person is not required to join the employer immediately after getting approved for H4 to H1B AOS and it is a problem only if entered the country on H1B and not receiving paychecks in between.. Is this true??

    Also, it says on DOS website that employee-employer relation is critical for H1B and employee can be on vacation, sick, out of pay etc. Not exactly sure what it means by relation.

    Person, if in USA, has 30 days to start working for H1 employer after CoS approval date. One more thing, one can start working after applying for SSN without waiting for getting actual SSN.

    It seems that she was out of status.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • ssdtm
    12-12 01:35 PM
    For EB3, 16 days are not significant. But what is significant that there were many 245(i) cases. Around 26,000 alone from April 26 to April 30. So crossing that barrier is a significant move.

    While this generates some hope, one should note that PBEC and DBEC are giving ads most of which in high probability 245(i) cases. Does that mean while labors are being cleared, dates have moved without taking into account that when recruitment instructions are done for such cases, they will be in the queue. If that happens, EB3 instead of moving forward will move backwards.

    Not a pessimitic view, but based on logic.


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  • reddy77
    07-03 02:25 PM
    My Expenses :
    Medicals - 600
    Shots - 80
    Gas - 100 (total of 600 miles)
    Attorney - 1300
    Affidavits - 30

    took my wife to medicals and travelled 150 miles (total of 600 miles) couple of times during her last month of pregnancy - priceless.

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  • sixpockets
    07-02 04:59 PM
    Medical exam = $400
    Birth certificate=$100
    Cancelled trip to India = $600 (me + wife)
    Postage = $200
    Lawyers fee + Filing fee = $6000 (me+wife) paid by company, wont pay next time.
    Mental harrasment = no formula to calculate
    Impact on career = massive


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  • Devils_Advocate
    07-22 11:34 AM
    u know what i think, doggy, doggystyle and devils_advocate are all the same person, or they are anti-immigrants who are teaming up. admin may want to look at them closely... i would.... others can keep an eye on these guys too....

    u know what i think, you're a paranoid schizophrenic ( having someones else name doesnt help your cause either:p )

    I think Pappu has had enough correspondence with me to know whether i am an anti or an anti-exposer :)

    I seriously think you folks need to get a grip over yourselves, it quits being funny and turns ridiculous after a while.

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  • probe
    11-01 11:11 AM
    You wait for 120 days and make umpteen calls to USCIS. Finally you get your EAD which is valid only for 10 months eventhough your priority date is predicted to be in next Ice Age.
    If you want to correct the mistake done by USCIS go through some more pain and hassles or suck it and shell your hard earned money to renew after 10 months.I guess no one in USCIS cares for shoddy service they do.


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  • v7461558
    07-17 09:56 AM
    Looks like it took it a bit to propagate across USCIS servers. Or else, they put it up and took it down, then put up again.

    With the EAD at Nebraska officially being at 112 days (zero movement since June 18 processing times release), it is no surprise they don't respond to expedited/interim EAD requests anymore when it goes over 90 days. Will we have to file mandamus suits on EAD soon?

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  • jkays94
    07-09 12:00 PM
    It was for about 2 minutes. The first time this issue got TV coverage I guess.

    Anyone captured it on video?

    CNN had a 30 second clip on it on "American Morning" on July 3rd.


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  • GCard_Dream
    12-13 03:53 PM

    Your logic is beyond me. On one hand you seem to disagree with the practice of labor substitution but on the other hand you are more than happy to provide the recipe for it. Are you for it or against it. Or may be you are just trying to help an IV member.

    It may be legal but should be discouraged to say the least.

    Other than that, you will find a lot of hatred from this forum as what you are doing is very much inflaming since you are cutting in line -- legally so -- but still, its cutting in line. So dont be surprised by that.

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  • pcs
    06-18 08:31 PM
    Can we send official letter ( with all sad stories ) from IV and we can call these guys on behalf of IV


    Let us try to give these guys some job....

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  • gsc999
    05-22 03:51 PM
    Lol, Agree with this. We need to include this amendment in the agenda :D
    We have been model "future citizens" by paying all our taxes, abiding by civic laws and meticulously making sure that we never get out of our precarious H-1 B visa status. This is how we are rewarded. This isn't a "grand bargain" it is not even an "amnesty" as many anti-immigrants are labeling it, this is worse, it is a "travesty." Bravo US Senate, you just proved that playing by the rules is such an unAmerican trait. We learn that from your grand bargain. Better late than never. We know now what to do.

    On a different note. We could request these senators to introduce an amendment that will create a new category of visa called "H-2-Z" visa for people who give up on getting a green card based on employment based system but may find it easier to refile under Z visa category by becoming illegals.

    07-22 01:43 PM
    E-Filed: May 30th, 2008
    FP: June 28th, 2008
    EAD Status: Pending:mad:

    08-07 09:56 PM
    Give up your green card and go back to India. You got your green card and still crying.

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