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  • nk29
    08-06 11:22 AM
    I am not totally sure but this is how my husband earns his pdus..he is a volunteer in the local PMI chapter and he also presents some Project management papers. Also the local Chapter will have some monthly meetings or networking meetings where you can earn PDUs. He is also teaching PMI classes through the chapter. All these without any costs. So find a local chapter in your city and that should help you.


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  • delax
    08-06 01:02 PM

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  • wolfpok
    01-20 09:26 AM
    Our letters are in the mail. Updated the poll yesterday. Who is next? :)


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  • lazycis
    01-04 10:54 AM
    The guy should keep his mouth shut. If the USCIS finds out about two wives, more likely he will be deported under 8 USC 1182(a)(10).
    As for getting a visa for a girlfriend (unmarried couples), that's out of the question as well. You have to provide a marriage certificate.


    federica nargi bikini. Elisabetta Canalis vs Federica Nargi - VidArena Video Match - Page 18
  • Elisabetta Canalis vs Federica Nargi - VidArena Video Match - Page 18

  • satdal
    11-26 09:13 PM
    Our receipt date is 9/10. No FP notices yet. Got EADs and APs well in time.
    I opened SR for myself on 10/11 and my wife on 10/16. Exactly after 45 days, today I got 2 letters from them. There is no logic in what I see in them. Here are they:
    Response to my SR: Our review indicates that this case is actually within our processing time. We regret any misunderstanding.If you don't recv a decision or notice of other action within our current processing time, check our website or call cust service. All returned documents will be re-mailed.
    Response to spouse's SR: The status of the service request is :
    Biometrics must be taken at the ASC in your area. When an appt. becomes available you will be notified by mail when and where to report. Please allow 4 months to receive your appt for biometrics.

    Finally the real twist ..... We had an infopass appt at Dallas center last week.The IO asked me the purpose of the visit and I had informed her about our cases. She looked at our cases and said that our files are not yet opened. I was confused and upon my request to explain in detail, she said our files were not assigned to anyone and are with TSC. She suggested me to call USCIS Natioanl Cust serv and ask them to send a request for the files to be opened. I have never come across/read such a scenario. I got further confused and was wondering how come we got EADs and APs when our files were not "opened". There was no clearcut answer for that. She advised me to call them and quote that we visited Infopass and they advised us to call USCIS asking our files to be opened. I am not sure if this works or not.

    But the greatest relief came at the end of the appt ....both of us got cleared in the background check. I am assuming that background check and name check are one and the same. Friends,Correct me if I am wrong.She said as of Oct 18th, we were cleared.
    Looking at all these things, I am not sure how the process is taking place !
    I haven't called USCIS yet as I thought that I would wait till 45 days are over since I opened SRs for FPs. Now it's over and I just got the responses for the SRs today.


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  • amitbhatia76
    09-05 06:02 PM
    why the letter says 765 copy when the application is for 131/AP?


    The Immigration Officer,
    (processing center address)

    Re: Application for Travel Document.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is (YourName), I have e-filed for Travel Authorization Document (I-131) receipt number XXXXXXXXXXX. I need travel document to travel to India in the month/year to attend marriage/or some story.

    I am eligible for travel document based on pending 485/AOS receipt number xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Attached are the supporting documents. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.

    Documents Attached:
    I-765 Receipt Notice
    Passport copy
    I-94 copy
    I-485 - Receipt Notice
    Previous Travel Document copy
    Drivers License copy


    I- 485 Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXX


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  • leoindiano
    06-01 09:05 AM
    In your comments, please mention the taxes you pay for counties, cities apart from state and federal.

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  • GCAmigo
    12-21 09:31 AM
    Atleast someone is hearing our voices.

    Does H4 to H1 conversion counts H1B numbers right?
    YES it falls under the dreaded cap!


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  • jfredr
    08-31 03:38 PM
    Good Find

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  • howzatt
    07-19 02:32 PM
    Please cite the source for the claim that an applicant has some sort of a choice about the skin test. I disagree with your claim for the following three reasons.

    (1) See instructions to form I-693 (the medical form): http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-693.pdf "Applicants two years old or older will be required to have a tuberculin skin test."

    (2) Also, while this next link is less authoritative than USCIS's link above, see this page on murthy: http://www.murthy.com/news/n_tbtest.html (dated mid May)

    (3) Note also the USCIS memo (dated April) that went into effect by mid June:
    This states that, unlike earlier, petitions filed without initial evidence are more likely to be rejected than to be RFE-ed. (See towards end of first page). "To avoid denial, USCIS urges applicants and petitioners to file complete
    applications with all of the required initial evidence. The initial evidence for each application and petition type is clearly listed on the form instructions and in the regulations."

    As always, please read the instructions to the forms. Most questions will have answers there.

    And if the original poster found any of the answers in this thread useful, consider contributing to IV.

    Thanks Anai for providing the confirmation!


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  • amitjoey
    01-31 12:55 PM
    Guys - why is the Hike in immigration fees conciding with strong opposition to funding of the Iraq War.....These funds may well go to Iraq....as Bush is not able to garner support for additional funding from congress.

    I do not think they can use it for IRAQ. But in the past, when INS was one Department, they have used it for border control and all for deporting illegals and all other such activities.

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  • freeindia
    06-20 08:20 PM
    I strongly support this campaign.
    Also, I would check with my friends about their support.
    Would it be a good idea to mention the costs/efforts involved in this visa stamping tours.
    Especially, all dependents including infants/kids need to go either to canada or India forcing to loose 3-4 days of vacation.
    Neither of party's ( US gov nor Visa aspirants) are gaining any benefit.


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  • shree772000
    05-17 12:16 PM
    First of all make a complaint about the employer to the INS that he is not paying... and make decision, US is not your entire life. If you have confidence you can do anything anywhere in this small world.

    We have skills and ability to make many more countries like US.... We have to beleive it....

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  • rajakannan
    06-27 08:13 AM
    This is by far THE MOST RIDICULOUS suggestion on this forum I have come across.

    Sorry man, this wont work for ANYONE out here. We have been waiting since TWO AND A HALF Years to file and now you want us to wait for 15 more days only to realize that USCIS may actually yank the rug out under us. I mean think about it, we will all feel like MONUMENTAL FOOLS if that happens. Try explaining THAT to your spouse who has been waiting for 2 years or more to apply and get an EAD. I know mine would KILL me if i even suggested that to her ;)

    Most of us are concerned about short term goal of getting the application to uscis as quickly as possible , but think of the end result of whether your application be accepted if we rush, the uscis can come back and reject at any time from any date as it happened to Eb3-other workers. In any case there is a very good chance that your wife will kill u ;)


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  • Lisap
    09-03 01:24 PM
    My PD is Aug 2005. My employer by mistake sent the 485 application on June 27 and USCIS received on June 28. Today Aug 21, I received the rejected 485 full package back. Employer is following up whether it can sent back. Anybody has any idea of any luck in this case, or has to wait till dates are current again?:mad:

    Has there been any updates on your case?

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  • eb3_nepa
    12-04 08:06 PM
    I'll belive it when i actually SEE it happen. Rediff and TOI report all sorts of stuff that is sometimes far from the truth. Remember when the bill was introduced in senate and was being debated, they published that the H1B increase bill has been passed! Let us get official word that this has happened and we can be happy after that.


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  • sravani
    05-22 04:25 PM
    This Jan 1,2007 date is another Joke by this lawmakers. These undocumented workers came crossing the border without any port of entry evidence. How can they prove they came before or after that date.

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  • qualified_trash
    12-13 03:50 PM

    Don't take it otherwise... I will NOT do anything against anybody.

    That previous person (whose name was mentioned on this approved labor) already had left this employer in 2004...so there is no one getting hurt if this employer is offering me that labor.

    - My question still remains : Is it necessary to go for labor substitution to use this approved labor (showing the name of old consultant)... OR ... Can it be possible to file I-140 straight with my profile against this labor....?

    Hope you now understand my points & will give me sincere advises.

    waiting for your help....

    speak to a lawyer and stop responding to people on this thread!! everyone pontificates. all the people who are screaming from their rooftops here about ethics etc., would readily accept an offer of reusing a previously unused LC if their employer gave them the option.

    just my 2 cents.

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  • sgupta33
    01-11 01:47 PM

    05-17 04:56 PM
    Yes, I told so many people the same when they asked me "what to do". And left it upto them.

    So I assume you told this to your neighbor who lives downstairs :D

    01-19 08:05 PM
    Posted letters to President and IV today. Contacted my company HR on friday, they expressed support, but i am not sure if they will mail a letter.

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