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  • ponnuswamyp
    10-19 01:22 PM
    eFiled on 07/28 at NSC
    Soft LUD on 08/30 after sending support docs.
    No Approval yet.

    Status changed today - Card/ Document Production

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  • gk_2000
    08-02 04:18 PM
    I may have lost it there for a bit, I agree. Obviously you are obsessed with me to the point of ignoring my main points and attacking me for the minor ones. If you read the thread, iskantem and I continued our conversation after that.

    My points again :
    1. The diversity argument is flawed when it comes to skilled immigration, especially when we have most of the grad schools here filled with Indian/Chinese students. This is what I was explaining to "iskantem" and why especially when you are talking about less than 0.05% of the population it doesn't make sense.
    2. We don't even allow anyone over here to have an alternate opinion on an issue. In terms of IV activity, it is almost 100% Indian. However 60% of the EB3 backlog is not from India! Now why don't we see these 70000+ ROW guys participating here I wonder! Let me tell you why. Its because a lot of us actively discourage them from participating whenever they have an opinion contrary to ours (read India). Now I maybe guilty of losing it a little there, but I still made an effort to reach out and explain the flaw in the diversity issue he was mentioning rather than mount an all out attack/ignore him right away/stick my head in the ground.

    Well, of course since you are so obsessed with me and also with getting reds (if you notice I didn't give you any) you may have missed them. Happy that you got me? And happy you didn't get reds? Good, enjoy your day. Please let's get back to the issues now. Peace.

    LOL. I got "snookered" there. But to my credit, I didn't vent a red on you either.

    For the record, I don't mind the red's I "earn". But as you also observed, you get that for free around here by the dozen. And I can't ignore it when people act childishly

    There is no doubt the policies are flawed, foolish or whatever. But I maintain that screaming out to another person/s in a forum is of little good. Agreed that your arguments have weight, but they should be made to the right person at the right time. So let's wait for the next letter-writing event and we can participate in writing the draft..

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  • santosh08872
    07-22 04:25 PM
    E-Filled on 06/23/08
    Received receipts and FP.
    FP 07/19/08
    Status : Received and Pending

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  • invincibleasian
    01-31 12:43 PM
    I dont care about the fees. anything under 1000$ for 485 filing is cheap. I am happy they are in the process of eliminating substitution since this will reduce lcs. also higher the fees lesser the abuse of the system where one employee makes different employers file for h1s and gcs. I fully support the hike!


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  • chanduv23
    03-26 11:49 AM
    Have they mentioned it on their website? Usually DMVs like CT etc.. mention on website that they need a Employment verification letter, as a matter of fact, they don't even accept paystubs they just want employment verification letter.

    Folks - my advice is : Please do not argue with the department. Ask them to post their new requirement on their website so that you don't go there and get disappointed.

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  • dc2007
    08-23 01:29 PM
    Hi All,

    I don't know if you all know about the ranking of a person or not. There is a sign of "weight balance" at the top right of each post adjacent to the green/red arrow. You can click and disapprove the comment.

    If you don't like plassy's or anybody's else comments, please do that so that others people in this forum should know about that.



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  • matreen
    08-15 04:35 PM
    In the letter from the new employer include the following (start date, title, job description, salary and position type):

    This letter is to verify that Mr. Cool Dude (SSN: ) has been employed by our company as a full-time employee. He has been working with us since Oct 32, 1666 as a Full Time Gamer.

    Mr. Dude's primary job duties include:

    Put Bulletized description here

    Mr. Dude is compensated with an annual salary of $xxx,xxx. The postion is for permanent at will employment and we have continued interest in employing Mr. Dude.

    I trust that this letter would assist Mr. and Mrs. Dude in adjusting their status to a permanent resident as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Joe Employer

    As far as docs are concerned add the following with the EVL:

    Your covering letter
    AC21 Yates Memo
    3 latest paystubs
    I-485 receipt

    that would be it ;)

    Is there a way you can get me a sample letter from employer?

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  • bidhanc
    03-21 02:15 PM
    I am in NYC. Shall we team up?
    Yes, we should.
    I am a little late on this "meet the lawyers" drive.
    Do we have any more people around here from NY?



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  • JunRN
    07-16 11:29 PM
    Who told you that you will get EAD/AP in three months. Nothing will prevent USCIS to develop backlogs in EAD/AP too now. "Oh there were so many filed in June/July so that we can't process them that fast anymore...":cool:

    Atleast we can get Interim EAD after 90 days, can't we?

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  • ak_2006
    11-25 01:46 PM
    Hi Pappu and IV Sr.Members,

    Thanks for the updates and hard work.


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  • sroyc
    11-30 12:18 AM
    People with '01/'02 PD's getting GCs before the rest is a bad thing because .....?

    One minor side effect is that India EB dates might further retrogress because still there a lot of folks with PD 2001,2002 etc pending namecheck clearance.

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  • tdasara
    01-31 03:16 PM
    Well $900 for 485 includes AP/EAD (unlimited) and this would avoid the hazzle of renewing it with fee every year.


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  • nk29
    08-05 12:32 PM

    I agree with Eb3Retro... My husband did his PMP Certification on his own.. he used a couple of pmi guides that he bought from amazon.com in addition to the PMBOK book. he worked on this certification for 3 to 4 months and passed it. It is possible. It is quite useful according to him if you want to lead teams. No need to spend money on this training.


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  • solaris27
    07-22 08:03 PM
    but for safer side try to work for 6 months .



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  • undertaker
    05-17 06:26 AM
    What is the white man's (Europeans and others) visa to America then? I don't see any other ways people can come here on the same conditions as the H-1B visa.
    Lol, it happens to be no visa!Most Europeans don't need a visa to get in this country and if they want to, they just stay back.....since they are are the same color as the majority they do not caste doubts or suspicions as much as the 'brown man' does....I don't think the majority of European immigrants to America came with any papers whatsoever......and lets not forget that before '65 race-based immigration was the policy.

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  • pd_recapturing
    06-19 03:21 PM
    What if you apply 485 on your own and then, employer fires you just because, you did not abide by his rule. What would happen in that case ? I guess, in most of the cases where employer is creating problem with 485 filing, ppl might not be wanting to go on their own due to above mentioned problem.


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  • GCWhru
    08-07 08:49 AM
    PD : Sep-2004
    I-140 Approval Date :July 2007
    I-485 Received Date : 07/30/2007
    Name Check Cleared: No Idea.
    Gave Finger Prints.

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  • eilsoe
    02-05 01:58 PM
    WOHOO!!!!! :P:P:P

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  • willigetgc?
    07-09 12:45 PM
    Recently saw few of our members receiving green cards..... Congratulations to all of you.

    I hope that you will continue to come to the IV site, and help us folks still stuck in the process.

    In the meanwhile, please do share the reality that is still a dream to many of us...

    10-27 04:32 PM
    The service request is usually a waste of time. They will send a generic response to everyone when case is pending w/o visa numbers. I and almost all of my friends received a response that additional information was needed for processing your case and hence additional delay blah blah.. I think this guy just decided to use security message for your responses. I wouldn't worry about it. If you want to really check this, you can definitely make an appointment at local office and talk to the IO there. But it was even a bigger waste of time in my case. The IO at local office looked at his system/systems and told me that if it is a green card application its faster(just another month or so) and if it is a h visa there is a few month delay:confused: Go figure..

    11-07 02:50 PM
    How do we know what the status of Name check is, or even if your case is submitted for NC?

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