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  • dhesha
    08-20 04:22 PM
    I would like to know How to file a complaint about labor fraud? I just found out that my employer didn't file 485 for me and instead he used the labor for someone else. Is there anyway I can file a complaint? I have no other option except to wait until the dates are current again. I paid all the expenses for labor, 140 and 485.

    Is he Narendra Mandalpa a.k.a Nick? Yes he does all this fraud all the time and I heard that he got Jail also but unfortunately he got only 20 months and may be he is back and started doing this again?
    Or who knows how many Nicks are there in this country. All of these bastards should be deported back to their countries. Sorry to be so harsh but I couldn't fine better word then this for these kind of people in this country.

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  • ssdtm
    09-14 12:35 PM
    I noticed it after I made payment via credit card.....so it was too late to make any corrections.

    But I am yet to send the supporting documents to USCIS to adjudicate this application.

    What should I do:
    1) Send letter, explaining the correct DOB, while sending all other documents
    2) Wait for RFE
    3) Revoke this and file another

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  • chanukya
    06-03 05:39 PM
    Let's make it to Rank 2 or 3 in Batlle Royale.

    spread the word ....outside IV also....

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  • jgh_res
    06-26 03:23 PM
    Dude, You are looking at not getting a RFE based on the pics. Not that picture people or JCPenny takes great pics and make u look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.
    :D :p
    I got 2 RFE's for pictures only. Those are the only 2 RFE's till date for me.
    I had real bad experience with digital pics. But there are many people who didnt have any issues. So it is all your luck.

    If you have RFE, it sets u back by 2 months for the approval.

    Just my 2 cents.....

    My experience with Picture People was ok - fair, I guess those are fine pictures as per USCIS specifications, but nothing out of the ordinary. 14.99 for a set of 4 pictures. Set me back about $80 for 3 sets of 8 pictures.

    But my own pictures came out better and are as per specifications. The question is whether to take a chance in case i missed anything or to go with Ok-Fair pictures from Picture People. decisions.. decisions... damn.. retrogression


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  • tselva
    11-10 04:31 PM
    The following is my prediction....

    Employment- Based

    All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed
    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01DEC06 22MAY06 C C
    3rd 01APR05 01DEC03 01FEB02 01MAY01 22JAN05

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  • Libra
    09-19 07:51 PM
    there were 2000 registered members and their families and late comers.....

    any idea how many came to the rally?


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  • pd_recapturing
    08-11 05:25 PM
    Can anyone tell what will be the status of a person who has used AC21 , and does not get the EAD renewal before the existing EAD expires ? Assume 140 has been approved, 180 days has been passed and got the EAD renewal receipt.
    I am exactly in same situation. Based on my research, you need to stop working on the day your EAD gets expired if your new EAD has not been approved. EAD renewal receipt notice is not going to help. I would stop working if this situation arrives.

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  • genius
    04-14 06:47 PM
    Desi consultants should be heavily fined or shut down if they get caught in filing multiple petitions. Why doesn't USCIS take reasonable steps to avoid these kinds of fraud. i hate it when desi consultants hire people from business background and file a H1B for them as a DBA's or programmer analysts or QA's....!!!


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  • McLuvin
    03-04 11:05 AM
    EB3-I is a lost hope, i dont think there will be any movement for next 2-3 years. Year 2001, 2002 and 2003 had 185K H1Bs and even if we assume 100K being used by India and all of them applied for GC -(half of them in EB3 to be optimistic). The number would be 50K/year just primary applicants. So, to advance from 2002 with 50K applicants would take---you can guess. There are only ~4000 visas/year for EB3 India.

    Yeah I can understand... Well certain things defy logic.... Hope is all life is about :)
    I am not trying to sound preachy.... com'on man we do go to casinos even knowing that the probability of winning is acute...

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  • rameshvaid
    06-02 02:12 PM
    Two from our family.
    Called up the 202... .... number. Got fwded to Senator Boxter's office. Although she isn't a supporter yet, but talked to her office and left a message for the Senator asking for her support.


    Pls. forward the link to your family and friends..

    Excue me for misspelling your name.."MICOFROST"


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  • jonty_11
    08-22 11:57 AM
    how abt concentratingon items at hand....Rally, Contributions...etc
    rather than sulking over what we already know will happen.

    Lets make something HAPPEN....support IV !!!!!!!!

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  • shana04
    02-12 04:44 PM
    I TRansfered my H1 B Visa first time in the August 2006 from Company A (GC Sponsering Company) to Company B.

    Everything went good.

    Last year in March i did transfered my H 1 B to Compnay C from Compnay B

    and i July last year i applied for my I 485, and got my EAD in Sep 2007.

    Now the total 180 days have been passed am i eligible for AC21 and if yes then what are the formalities to get AC21.

    Also Compnay A has told me earlier that they will revoke my I 140 but i do not have any means to know wether they did revoke or not, how do i know if they revoked my I 140 is there any way to find this out.

    Your Help Will be a big Help for me

    As you said I 485 filed + 180 days. So you are out of danger.

    1. You can check if your I 140 was revoked using your LIN number for I 140 if you have one
    2. To safely use AC21, find out your job title, job description and salary mentioned while filing your I 485
    3. Your I 140 should be approved
    4. then you can use AC21 with H1B transfer or with your EAD. I would advice to use AC21
    5. your sponsoring H1B employer should mention the same job title and job duties as it is mentioned in EVL (employment letter) while filing your 485
    6. If you have hired an attorney he would then send a AC21 letter(just a formal letter) with your new offer letter, with your 485 receipt number and 140 number (if you have).

    That should take care about your AC21.

    Good luck.


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  • mmj
    04-28 08:05 AM
    Yeah - I should have clarified that when I said most - I was refering to people whose PD is before 2006.

    not "most"!! only few have a wait of 3-4 years, most have a wait of over a decade....the numbers of applications pending at AOS stage at USCIS is scary

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  • zoozee
    08-28 03:49 PM
    Gdhiren:Can you please send me your email id mine is zoozee4@hotmail.com
    I am flying from San Jose to Dc for the rally.Can you please post me the threads for the hosts for accomodation in DC.

    Folks, really great. I am around DC and coordinating the Pickups/Dropoffs. Please PM me your flight details if you need to be picked up from the airport or dropped off to the airport, don't be shy, we will make every efforts to accomodate your needs. There is also a separate thread if you need accomodation (we have several hosts).

    Thank you guys for flying all the way from west coast.

    PS: Waiting_4_GC, I have your flight info.


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  • jungalee43
    02-16 05:30 PM
    Mr. Murali Bashyam
    To contact Murali Bashyam, please call 919-833-0840 (Ext 28) or send an email to mbashyam@bashyamspiro.com.

    I met Mr. Murali in a seminar arranged by IAFPE in Raleigh, NC. (I had some role in arranging the event.) He gave me his business card in the event and we shook hands.
    After a few months Raleigh News and Observer reporter Karen Reeves contacted Mr. Murali for a story on EB immigration problems and he directed this reporter to me through IAFPE. And then I directed Karen to IV.
    More than one year passed after this event and I changed employer. I was not sure about the letter that I had written to USCIS about employer change and I called Murali's office and got his appointment.
    This was after the fact of changing employers. Murali went through the documents and told me not to worry and I most probably would recieve an RFE. That I did. He did not charge me a penny.
    Then in last one year I really went through trauma of two RFEs and complete insensitivity and arrogance of my company's lawyer. I wrote e-mail to Murali three times in last one year and everytime he got back to me in one business day. All this at no charge at all.
    I owe Murali a lot for his moral support and legal advice to me from time to time.

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  • sandy_anand
    11-10 11:49 AM
    I think I have joined IV in last 3 years or so...
    Donated money once & have called congressmen & senators many times ...

    Could someone please tell me -

    What has been achieved by IV till date? I know we all meet elected reps, officials in washington dc ..... but I am interested in end result like not wasting visa numbers , implementing spillover & along these lines.

    I have asked few friends to join IV but then if they ask me for IV accomplishments - i can't count any....

    If IV has accomplished its objectives, then there is no need for any of us to join. But anyway, the following might be listed...hope this helps.

    Immigration Voice Achievements

    1. September 2009. Streamlining of Security Screening Process for Foreign Scientists: DHS reduced the wait times for Visa stamping in foreign consulates to 2 weeks. A successful campaign was run by IV members. http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum16-iv-agenda-and-legislative-updates/654080-iv-update-good-news-for-people-stuck-due-to-security-checks-while-waiting-for-visas.html
    2. September, 2009. Successful completion of FOIA campaign: After filing hundreds of FOIA requests USCIS released the data of pending applications on their website. http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum16-iv-agenda-and-legislative-updates/630599-iv-update-on-visa-numbers-and-foia-data.html
    3. 2008: Admin Fix campaign. 2 Year EAD announced by USCIS for all that have filed AOS.
    4. 2008. Successful introduction of 3 bills in the House by Rep Zoe. Lofgren. This included elimination of per country limits Bill on which no other organization or business interest had ever advocated until that time. Immigration Voice successfully advocated these bills, brought in co-sponsors and received support from other interests for these bills.

    Title: To recapture employment-based immigrant visas lost to bureaucratic delays and to prevent losses of family- and employment-based immigrant visas in the future.
    Sponsor: Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] (introduced 4/23/2008) Cosponsors (31)

    Title: To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the per country level for employment-based immigrants and to end the spill-over of unused immigrant visa numbers between employment-based and family-sponsored categories.
    Sponsor: Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] (introduced 4/29/2008) Cosponsors (24)

    Title: To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to authorize certain aliens who have earned a master's or higher degree from a United States institution of higher education in a field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to be admitted for permanent residence.
    Sponsor: Rep Lofgren, Zoe [CA-16] (introduced 5/13/2008) Cosponsors (34)
    5. September 18, 2007
    1. DC Rally: Thousands of high-skilled immigrants march in the US Capital!
    2. Lobby day: IV volunteers attend close to 125 meetings with lawmakers� offices to lobby for congressional intervention
    3. Paid Advertisement in the Roll Call- the newspaper that covers the Capitol Hill
    4. Media coverage: New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo, BBC, OC Register, Business Week
    6. July 2007 Visa bulletin reversal
    1. IV breaks the good news!
    2. Flower campaign

    i. USCIS takes note of the flower campaign

    ii. Media coverage: Business Week, Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, Others, Video coverage

    3. San Jose Rally

    i. Media coverage: Business Week

    3. CIR 2006: Manager's amendment
    1. IV lobbies to ensure that this amendment contains favorable provisions for high-skilled immigrants
    2. The amendment was PASSED, although the bill itself did not survive
    4. Access to lawmakers
    1. IV is in close contact with Hon. Rep. Zoe Lofgren�s office on several issues related to Employment Based Immigration
    2. IV closely worked with Hon. Rep. Zoe Lofgren who played an instrumental role in bringing about reversal of July Visa Bulletin
    5. Contact with USCIS. IV was the first one to bring news of the July 2007 Visa Bulletin reversal
    6. IV Spokesperson invited to conference at top US University
    7. Only organization FOR high-skilled immigrants BY high skilled immigrants
    1. Most visited site by high-skilled immigrants in the
    2. Number of registered members has risen from 50 to 25000 in less than 2 years! The following are approximate figures:

    i. 1/2006: 60

    ii. 2/2006: 600

    iii. 7/2006: 4500

    iv. 1/2007: 7500

    v. 7/2007: 15000

    vi. 8/2007: 20000

    vii. 11/2007: 25000

    viii. 07/2008: 30000

    IX. 09/2009: 36,810


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  • leoindiano
    08-07 03:22 PM
    PD : Nov 2004
    RD : July 25 2007
    140 Approval : Oct 2006

    Anil, Your receipt number start with EAC****?

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  • a_yaja
    12-14 01:35 PM
    For how long is USCIS issuing the EAD & AP these days?

    My EAD got approved in 54 days. Online status went straight from Initial Review to Card Production Ordered. I got the CPO email last Friday (12/10/2010) - still waiting for the card. Not sure about AP as I did not apply for an AP this time.

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  • GCA
    05-15 01:39 PM
    That was a great post from "snathan" and a very touching one as well. Thanks dude.

    I see few comments saying otherwise and even pushing "snathan" to pull back his original post. But the way I see it, "snathan" never adviced or forced it on anyone. There are always good and bad things everywhere and upto the matured minds to see what to take and what not to. But to deprive someone of that piece of advice or information or a story for that matter, is what I would term it bad.

    Well, if this arrived too late for someones current relation, it should definitely help the next one. After all life doesn't end until the last breath.

    Also thanks to Mbhai too. Though meant to criticize, still had the "snathan" posting in quotes. Otherwise many like me wouldn't have had the chance to read his post. Again I am not saying Mbhai and rest others who criticized did anything wrong. They again free to share there opinion but could have avoided pointing directly to someone ( no harm ). All here are matured enought to see whats good/bad and what to take/not.

    No harm intended against anyone in this post. Take it all easy guys.

    08-09 05:24 PM
    I think these memos might have been dissected a thousand times, but here they are:

    Continuing validity of I-140: http://www.uscis.gov/files/pressrelease/I140_AC21_8403.pdf
    AC21 guidelines: http://www.uscis.gov/files/pressrelease/AC21intrm051205.pdf

    It's clear that the stress is on "intent". If at the filing of I-485, both the employer and the employee had the intent, it's fine. The only restriction is, one may not be looking for "same or similar" job at the time of I-485 adjudication. Why this restriction is even there is beyond me. It doesn't clearly state how much time after the adjudication, you should not be looking.

    Of course, the lawyers seem to be on the cautious side. Read the last sentence under intent in the following site (AC21: Changing employer while waiting for pending adjustment of status (http://www..com/greencard/adjustmentofstatus/changing-employer.html) ). It says that ...theoretically, USCIS might be able to revisit the adjudication of I-485 and initiate revocation processing.
    This inference is without any attribution.

    Then again, I couldn't find a single case where the I-485 was revoked because of suspected fraud in "Intent". We do need clarification from USCIS on this.

    05-29 04:43 PM
    Guantanamo may be kept open just for us .... and they will charge us $5000/$10000 per extension which is due per year ;)

    I thought Guantanamo was being closed soon. They might ship us to detention centers in Afganistan or Iraq. :D Hope they have more high tech jobs there.

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