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  • sachuin23
    04-21 12:54 PM
    A Quick Question.

    Can parents stay here for 5 1/2 months go back for say a month or two and come back again for 5 1\2 months? Would this pattern be suspected during visa renewal?

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  • agiridhar
    04-28 10:50 PM
    Point based system!!!! Is this is joke???? Tell me this is not true and this is just a bad dream, please!!!!

    Let�s see what a point based system has done to people..... Whom do we have here, a doctor, an engineer and one MBA. OK!!! Lets see what Point based system did to these guys -




    No offense to anybody from Canada. I am simply trying to illustrate the rationale about the GREATEST IDEA OF THE CENTURY, THE SILVER BULLET, THE FINAL FRONTIER TO ALL IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS - "point based system"!!!!! Oh really???

    guess they are talking about the point system for the people who are here in US and not for the people from other countries to come here.
    feel free to confute or comment

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  • chanduv23
    07-09 12:11 PM
    I am not saying that it is working on the USCIS. We dont know yet coz the flowers start reaching there tommorow. If it is working on USCIS, we would know by the end of the week. Not now.

    But it is working on the media.

    What I am saying is we are getting a good amount of attention from a lot of newspapers - which is important to create more awareness on the plight of half a million law abiding immigrants and the backlogs they are facing.

    Make it as visible as possible in the most peaceful manner. Thats the idea here. I think we must keep the flower campaign going and encourage more members.

    I sent mine out on Saturday and is scheduled tomorrow.

    Folks - employers, lawyerss. etc... everyone have backed off. AILF lawsuit is a fragile attempt, we are on our own


    Get as much media attention as possible. Get international media attention. Let Chinese, Indian, Australian media be all over this .....

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  • ramus
    06-28 12:12 PM
    Does this indicate that all dates will be 'C' in July?

    Starting July 2, USCIS will no longer allow petitioners to file their I-140's under the premium processing program.* This is expected to be a temporary measure; starting August 1 petitioners will be allowed to file their*I-140 cases under the premium processing program.
    The USCIS' press release can be accessed here: http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?docid=22772


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  • STAmisha
    09-15 10:58 AM

    Have some backup like Canada/Australia/Singapore. Atleast you will continue the same quality of life with little lesser pay and continue with life

    India is an option but the $$ amount for outsourcing is getting expensive and US is finding new options in China/Eastern Europe/Isreal/Phillipines, I'm not sure about future. I know this is just thestarting but in some time the tide may turn and India might loose in the race (hope not).

    Currently India is booming heavily and I HOPE it sustains the pace!!

    The common things we need to worry in India is the dreaded exposure back to STONE AGE culture (especially for women) and some common problems like pollution, too many people everywhere ...

    Meanwhile sit back, relax and enjoy your life and forget what will happen tommrow. Take it easy and everything will be allright

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  • anai
    04-03 10:16 AM
    I am suprprised if IV is working towards abiltiy to file 485 and hard country limit...Just want to know how IV is working towards these 2 items...
    If any of these two wont show out in coming bill,..then I would say goodbye to IV..because all other items in bill were there without IV;s interaction....

    Can somebody calrify if these options will anyway include in this bill..by means of ammendements...

    This is like someone in Sri Lanka saying that "if I don't get a blanket within 12 hours of the Tsunami, I will quit the Red Cross."

    How about thinking, "if these items don't show up in the coming bill, I will become a more active member and work towards getting these items to show up at the next opportunity"?

    It is probably not a good idea to treat our voluntary organization as if it were our butler. We're all part of this; we didn't "hire" IV to do this job for us.


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  • go_guy123
    07-02 11:27 AM
    If DOJ agress what is being done based on country of origin is unjust, in what way can they help?
    Can they ask congress to act? can they order USCIS to recapture lost visas?

    DOJ does not ask congress to act. They directly give orders to executive branch that is USCIS in this case, based on their judgment..

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  • RamBihari
    02-15 05:49 PM

    i have 3 yrs degree + 1 yr pg diploma. I have been working in industry for past 17 years, and don't think any degree or even doctorate would add much to my qualification for the job that i am doing.

    I am currently filed in eb3 category, and new company i am changing job to are ready to refile my gc. But they won't file my gc in eb2 category, as i don't meet the 4 yr bs requirement.

    My son will be in the highschool in 4 years, and i don't want to spend a lot of money on getting ms to myself. But for the gc i am looking for fastest and cheapest way to get ms program. I have no idea how it works, what qualifies me for a degree, what can i get credits for. Any inputs would be appreciated.




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  • CaveMan232
    10-22 12:52 AM
    Yes, I think I have one thought - WE'r SCREWED!!!

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  • sidbee
    01-14 08:42 PM
    `Sec. 245B. (a) In General- The Secretary of Homeland Security may adjust the status of an alien to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence if the alien--

    `(1) was physically present in the United States for a continuous period of not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date on which this provision was enacted and has maintained continuous physical presence since then.

    This if i am reading and understanding right may not be too bad. Let me kow if i am missing anything......

    I think its only 1 time amnesty to all aliens who were present 5 years from date of enactment of this law, if it becomes a law.


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  • msp1976
    04-09 12:57 PM
    The idea is excellent. You go ahead. I'll follow you shortly afterwards.

    I second that...
    or..third that...

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  • smisachu
    08-30 09:51 PM
    our immigration department told me that as per USCIS regulation they can not apply earlier than 6 month of expiry date


    No, I am positive. My H1 was expiring 9/21/2007. I applied on 01/05/2007. Received 3 year approval in April 2007.


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  • xyzgc
    10-16 03:43 PM
    Well said! This is exactly why even I hate such ppl...If they're real patriots they have sooooo much to do in their countries and for their countries. Why migrate elsewhere and contradict themselves like fools? The pblm is...they dont have a clear direction...Like they say "...Na Ghar Ka Na Ghat Ka" (dont belong to a home nor waterside) :D

    buddysinfo the muslim terrorist sympathizer is back with a vengeance! :D this time using this original id. good good good.
    what's cooking buddysinfo? 26/11 repeat??

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  • gc_dedo
    10-05 11:19 AM
    Who is GOP?


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  • lost_in_migration
    09-20 12:31 PM
    Well said... right on bulls eye.
    I regularly visit IV and to my dismay "July 2 filers - Receipt Tracking" thread stays in the top 5 updated threads throughout the DC rally planning period. Many people on this tracking thread are not seen on any other thread :confused:

    Previously those people were on VB thread ... now those people have got a promotion... those people are now on tracking thread:(

    Simmer guys - sorry to cause ripples here.

    By "those people" I mean the people that come to the forums only to either track which mail room boy signed for a package, or argue about who bad the inactivity of movement on a Priority Date movement would be.

    "Those people" are not here to contribute, they aren't here to help anyway. They aren't interested in meeting their lawmakers, or attending a rally.

    In all honesty, "those people", who are busy tracking not predicting probably don't give 2 hoots about bulletins anymore, they are content with 10 years of EAD / AP renewals but doing nothing to change that.

    Its a gross generalization, of course, but I apologize if people took that as offensive. Sometimes the truth is a little annoying.

    I was working at the rally for 4 days, and was checking the forums in my spare time still. Those tracking threads sure looked very active throughout the whole thing, despite a comparative hand full of IV members were working very hard to actually make change.

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  • PresidentO
    04-02 01:11 PM
    Gulti mentality was something that guy(malibuguy) was talking about . Thats what i meant by Gulti mentality . I just started with a simple question "WHATS THE MOTIVATION FOR CONTRIBUTION(MONEY AS WELL AS TIME) FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T APPLIED FOR GC " !! Was that offensive ? I don't need answers for specific questions. I just need to know what IV is all about ? ? BTW, i have balls to ask anything to anybody if it makes sense(immigration officer is not making rules) .

    Can you enlighten us what exactly is the so called mentality? oh well dont worry. We know what it is and it is your obtuse vision of certain community. Just because he does not think being on H4 is hell and just because he asked you to look around on the forums for an answer, you utter ethnic slurs and paint a whole community as one that lacks pride?? So much for your education and your work at the world's largest SC firm. If you read the mission or goal statement for a second on IV home page, you would have figured what IV is mainly working on. On the motivation Q, sitting at home itself is a motivation. What else do you need to get out there and work for a provision that will help your family and many others to come. you guys can work on the issue and get a provision that wil help your family and other families in the future from the inability to work or else you can continue bitching and moaning about how it is a loss of self esteem, which IMO is lack of self esteem. Choice is yours

    Please stop hijacking the thread with useless ethnic slurs and equating H1 with slavery. Enough I guess you got the answer to your Q from the man himself and others too.

    Malibuguy post 1

    I agree we should keep the momentum going and achieve 10K this month as well.

    My contribution of $25 Using the Donate Now button

    Malibuguy post 2

    We should try and get at least $500 today to get the momentum going.

    Malibuguy post 3

    Zen, the point is very simple. If you believe in this organization and what it does then you will donate knowing that IV needs the money to lobby for you, me and everyone else who is part of the community.

    Lobbying is a very sensitive issue and it is not always possible for the persons involved to give you daily updates. Rather disclosing too much before time can have the opposite effect with people interested in lobbying against our interest mobilizing more aggressively.

    Also bills are introduced all the time and there is not always enough time to hold funding drives to lobby for and against those bills. Moreover lobbying with the congress and senate is an on going effort and will require resources anyways.

    However if you feel you want to be in the thick of things and know everything that is going on, then I guess joining your state chapter and being an active member can help you get some additional info. I believe volunteering your time is a lot more useful for the community than only money and if you can do that, all the power to you. I for one try and make my contributions to help those guys who are taking the pains to do all the work which benefits all of us

    Malibuguy post 4 (direct response to you)
    Not sure why you would generalize all H1b holders as experiencing hell - I for one did not. Anyways if you take the time to browse the forums you will find the answer to your question.


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  • guy03062
    03-01 12:05 PM
    Words are not enough to applaud efforts by IV volunteers. I sincerely hope & pray for its successful outcome soon and all of us benefits and end our GC journey soon!

    Also I have contributed second time. Again thanks for your genuine efforts. Please keep it up!!

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  • n2b
    07-21 10:16 PM
    EB2 July 2nd 9:00 AM delivered

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  • ivgclive
    10-02 07:00 PM
    Unless somebody explains it to me in clear terms, it appears to be discriminatory.

    I am planning to write to Indian Ambassador (Meera Shankar) and complain about this less preferential treatment to Indian citizens by Indian government for OCI. I suggest you guys do the same.

    Template below...

    Meera Shankar
    Embassy of India
    2107 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
    Washington D.C. 20008

    Subject: OCI for children holding US passport with both parents holding Indian passport

    Dear Ms Shankar,


    I am writing this email to bring to your attention a very important matter. We have a son who was born in USA. He currently holds a passport of the country of his birth (USA). I and my wife are Indian citizens with Indian passport who currently reside in ABCDEFG. While researching whether we should apply for PIO or OCI for our child, we found that OCI option is not available for our child. OCI in my opinion is a better option for our son than PIO because of the 180 days limitation on stay in India for PIO card holders and various other benefits.

    What I was appalled to find was that if I and my wife both held a non-Indian passport then our son is eligible to apply for OCI card. I find this policy to be very discriminatory to foreign born children of parents who both hold Indian passport and citizenship. I would like you and other policymakers to revise this policy and allow children born in foreign countries to be eligible to apply OCI card as long as any of their parent was or is an Indian citizen.


    Yours sincerely,
    Your name
    Your address

    Dont' worry, IT WON"T WORK.

    Instead group together, plan to lift/extend the 6 months registration for PIO to few years will work.

    You only miss the voting rights, which you may not worry(!!!) about lot.

    01-22 10:26 AM

    Thanks for the response.

    Not to offend anybody. but if you take a look at the sample of this thread as you can see the topic of discussion has moved from an action item to statistics estimate.

    I admire IV and all its administrators, because grassroots efforts are never easy. IV along with its admins, has definitely had done a lot of hard work to reach to this stage.

    At the same time, I would appreciate all senior members, and whoever reading this to keep the discussions more as a follow-up on action items.

    Irrespective of statistics and the decision-makings of USCIS, it is very evident that some form of law changes must occur to clean-up this GC process.

    As step 1 is bring an awareness among senators/congressmen and including the president that there is a problem that exists. I think this must be the only focus now to bring the problem in front with all the other problems that exist right now in front of the american politicians.

    Again my 2 cents.

    04-11 07:13 PM
    I just signed up for 20$ Recuring contribution.


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