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  • franklin
    08-22 03:09 PM
    My understanding was that once the 485 is filed, you go by RD. It doesn't matter what your PD is...

    Does anyone know what the legislation is?

    It DOES matter what your PD is. USCIS apparently does process FIFO according to your Receipt date - BUT ONLY IF YOUR PRIORITY DATE IS CURRENT will you get a visa number assigned (i.e. approval of said greencard).

    I say guestimate, because in reality - its all speculation, because not even USCIS knows how many current applications they have. I'd have to say it is more like 1 million pending applications.

    Don't assume that your PD being "old" helping at all. Let's play a quick hypothetical game...

    Picking some numbers (and I think I'm being REALLY conservative here). Say there are 40k EB applicants from India a year.
    Let's even say that 10K of them are EB3 (inc dependents). EB3 India PD as of April this year was May 2001.

    So... a PD of 05 means that there are 40k EB3 India applicants in front of you. That alone, and not including EB1 and EB2 that come before EB3 category, is about 4 years quota of greencards.

    I'm ROW, EB3, PD 2004 and AOS was filed June 2007 (I got stuck at BEC for sometime) - my situation is comparatively ROSY compared to other nationalities with a similar PD - but I anticipate that I'LL be lucky to wait 3 more years. You can bet if ROW with early 04 will take about that time, India will take YEARS longer.

    And that is why I'm here, telling everyone to stand up and go to DC.

    Without significant change, it will be a LONG LONG wait still, despite the security of AOS being filed. Can you wait 3 years longer for a decent promotion, or change of career? How about 5, 7 or 10 years? I can't - so I'm flying 3000 miles to be in DC :)

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  • yabadaba
    11-08 11:56 AM
    The people who wants to be a part of American Society should first definately be a very open minded towards all cultures and social trends.
    Other thing to be Indian or representing Indian traditions is not a crime but certainly every time barking against anything Indian may certainly be a crime as it is a clear indication of closed door or prejudicial mind towards one particular country and culture. Americans do not mind if one shows that he is Indian now and want to become in American future. Although they prefer that AND that is why they label Jindal as Indian-American although he born in USA. If there are majority Indians on IV board, it is not a crime but it is obvious. Some of my chienese friends on IV board may start thread for wishing chienese festival, I bet most Indians on this board will welcome and same goes with Muslim friends on IV board. Starting and wishing EID MUBARAK thread (By the way that is also a Indian tradition..And I am proud of that too) is not a crime and by now if nobody started it does not mean other people may not welcome it. If you are a Muslim, start the thread for EID Mubarak, I will be the first to welcome that step. You want to be American,, right? Then first start learning open mind and start respecting the culture of majority IV memebers first. If you would not start that now how will you settle yourself in cultural pot of the world?

    If you are an Indian citizen right now take control over your inferiority complex and get over it because if you do not respect your culture or your tradition what guaranty would be there for Americans that you would respect American traditions in future. Even Americans are not fool. And how dare you pretend that people form China and other countries just stop supporting IV as they just see few threads celebrating Indian culture? So stop this bullshit now otherwise I may have to request moderators to ban you.

    By the way Happy Diwali to you and your family.
    As usual you twisted my point to make it out that I dont have any "cultural values," as you define it.

    I think chandu and paskal in their subsequent msgs got my point exactly that we should promote happy <festival> of all regions/traditions rather than focusing on the majority one.

    That would promote IV's agenda rather than distract from it.

    Its people like you with your misguided "cultural values" that are the cause of problems around the world. You are like the Indian version of ALIPAC.

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  • EndlessWait
    02-25 12:37 AM
    Change the language and target too. I am thinking to draft a letter to send Home Builder Assoc and Car companies that I am not able to buy Home and Car because I am not getting loan. I need a car and home as I am paying rent every month around 1500. I am willing to pay 25% down and have credit score more than 700. No any kind of violation. Paied off first car loan. I am experienced enough to find another job in such bad economy. The only thing that I dont have is GC for which I am waiting for last 8 years. If I get GC probably I will get good loan faster and cheaper. If you lobby for us for GC probably not only me many other immigrant will get loans.

    Never ever mention that it will improve economy.

    Waiting for comments.

    I am surprised...why IV is not raising this.. The fundamental issues of EB immigration wont' be solved until CIR happens and that could take forever. No one cares about immigration right now.. The only thing that can provide immediate relief for EB immigrants is if we express our desire to buy houses(unable to do so becoz of lack of GC).

    Wakup IV!..where art thou'

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  • clockwork
    02-06 07:52 AM
    Could you please update your profile, like priority date, EB category etc? Is your case in TSC or NSC? Is your priority date current? what is the reason you approached congressman?
    This may give us more insight into your case.

    you mentioned, you changed job using AC21. SOC code same. Is there any salary difference?
    Is this a consulting job?

    Finally, Do not worry about denial....if the case is strong, you can always fight legally. Wait for denial letter then open MTR/appeal.


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  • aadimanav
    07-17 08:07 PM
    In US Congress, following two are Senators from California:

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (D- CA)
    Senator Barbara Boxer (D- CA)

    I think the senators which you mentioned are from CALIFORNIA STATE SENATE (State Government).

    Try the following websites


    Hi aadimanav,

    Yes, They are from California. They represent the district I live in.

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  • amitkhare77
    12-30 11:56 PM
    true, my green card was filled EB 3 Software Engineer, today I am an architect, jumped 3 level up . I dont know why you can't get promoted.
    You can still get promoted while on H1B just don't give up hope. If you're not getting promoted even if you're performing well, then there's something fishy going on with your employer.


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  • redgreen
    04-02 08:56 PM
    USCIS(*) will not publish any more visa bullettins and cutoff dates as there are so many people at IV predicting it.

    Here is my prediction: Dates will be current soon.

    * Actually they never published it!

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  • dontcareanymore
    03-18 04:46 AM
    You may have trouble entering the country. There was an article on this very subject on murthy.com . You may search for the article with the key word.

    From what I remember from that article, misdemeanors are not considered as inadmissibility, but the catch is, if the crime is a "felony" but ruled "misdemeanor" that could be treated as ground for inadmissibility. The shop lifting was given as an example of such case. I don't mean to scare you , but re-entry may not be your only issue, I think I485 approval may also be an issue.

    I am sure I must have missed some thing in paraphrasing and recollecting the article, but you could search for the original article.


    Disclaimer : I am not a lawyer. This is just my opinion based on my recollection of reading some thing online on a general topic. You are probably better off discussing your specific case with a qualified attorney.

    Need your valuable advice on this serious issue. Involved in shoplifting case, got arrested and plead guilty. Served the community service, and paid fine. Got the �Court Disposition Document� which states that I am all clear. My status is I-485 pending and have EAD, AP documents.
    1. Is it safe to travel to India and come back on AP?
    2. What are the possible chances that visa officer may not let me into the USA?
    3. Do I need to carry any letters from my criminal attorney explaining the situation?
    4. Any one in similar situation, please update me on this?
    5. Please list of documents I need to carry during my travel

    Please reply and post your valuable opinions/suggestions/advices.

    Appreciate all your inputs.

    Have a nice day!!!

    Thank you,


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  • kalyan
    04-25 09:02 AM
    I am open to all these except Sweeping Roads . If we do that then lou and other anti people will project us as Mexicans

    The following are various ways to express some one�s dissatisfaction/agony and draw some one else (Government/Media/Public) attention.

    1. Daily Fasting : One or more people would sit for fasting from 6 AM to 6 PM. One group would pass on the fire to next group.
    2. Continuous Fasting : One or more people would sit for fasting 24 hours a day. Such people should not have health issues like Blood Pressure, Gastric Trouble, Sugar, insulin deficiency, Heart relates issues. This may cuase arrest.
    3. Protesting : Conduct a rally with group/mass of people with immigration ply cards and banners.
    4. Wearing Black Ribbons : People would wear/put a small black ribbon on their shirt pockets (Upper left side of the chest) and attend duties. We can draw people attentions. Such ribbon should have white color immigration slogan printed on it.
    5. Distributing Flyers : Distributing Flyers/Handouts to people in respective areas.
    6. Banners : Display banner/show outs in the Traffic Island Medians
    7. Flower Campaign : Sending Flowers to respective people, also called Gandhi giri.
    8. Silent Sitting : Sitting in front of USCIS silently (no talk).
    9. Silent sitting in front of Senators house: Group of people should sit (kind of protest) in front of respective state senators. We can draw maximum MEDIA attention.
    10. Sweeping Roads : A group of people would sweep roads by wearing immigration slogans jackets.
    11. Organize Blood Donate Drives : Interested member would donate blood (We should explain to media, why we are doing so).
    12. Rally in All Major Cities : Conduct a rally in all Major cities (where we have at least 100 members) at the same time.

    We still have various other ways to express our dissatisfaction, however, they are little rude and could cause more issues.

    We should choose couple of ways from above to express our dissatisfaction. Members, feel free to add and delete from above list.

    P.S: We need prior permission from local authorities

    Looks like we have to some thing big at this Christmas season.

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  • aadimanav
    08-21 11:47 PM
    Any idea how many years will it take for APril 04 priority case (EB3/India) to get the 485 approval? Since I filed more than 3 years ago, I am telling my family and friends in India it will take 3 MORE years....


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  • ngopalak
    06-13 12:55 PM

    The case is not in his wife's hand anymore. As soon as the police came on site the case is People Vs Terriblething. Only thing is that the DA may be a little weary of pushing too much if his only eye witness (the Wife) does not want to push the matter.


    You really really need to consult another lawyer who has better relationship with the DA.


    i AGREE ..you should find another lawyer the DA respects

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  • gsc999
    04-26 10:24 PM
    I was debating the fact that we need to ask India government to device some sort of parity between Capital acceptance from U.S. firms. It takes us, who respresent Intellectual capital, 5 to 6 years to get some kind of permanent residency in U.S. and that too in a grudging manner. Why do U.S. MNCs demand immediate clearence of their projects and complain about delay etc. If you look at comparative delays, Indian system is still light years ahead of so called efficient American system. Its just that we need to look at things from a correct perspective. Monetary capital needs to be treated at par with Intellectual capital. Just a thought.


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  • logiclife
    05-29 12:54 PM
    I tend to disagrees with your comments, firstly please dont call this a stupid event, as a lot of young students strive to win this competition. In order to lead you have to follow, I have come across some smart ass Indians who love to talk and give directions, but they miss whole chunk of substance in their directions. (I don't mean to target you or disrespect any one else up here).

    Your commments on parents motivating their childeren to strive for success in their lives, their is nothing wrong in that, would you rather have them go smoke dope and jerk around to waste their time? I am indian and proud to be, , above all proud that my parents pushed me to excel and do better with the opportunities granted to me.

    However it is some desi companies who brought in the trend of lying and faking to get thie ways. But believe me , they dont get much further in their lives. I am glad strict restrictions are imposed on these companies, and the type of consultants they bring on board.

    Is it fair that the person doing Masters from this country be put in the same boat as a fresh of boat from India?

    Good Luck!

    The famous quote is: You can only fool me once!

    I would further say, what is the difference between you and anti-immigrants in this matter ? You are saying that certain class of people should be kept out of the job market and you have your reasons. Since you are probably US educated, you want those who are non-US educated out of competition. Do not give me the BS reason that those with non-US education are the only ones that fake their resume. As far as faking the resume goes, or bragging goes, its up to the individual. It could be anyone, including Presidents that fake resumes or pad it with embellishments.

    The anti-immigrants are saying that they were born here so those who were not born here should be kept of out the job market to reduce competition (and spur wage inflation, which they would call fair wages, but its really wage inflation, the kind that drowned GM and Chrysler).

    Would it not behoove you to say that the decision of who should be hired and who shouldn't be hired must be deferred to the employers and not the Government or any other special interest ? As an employer, are they not the most capable party here to make that decision and evaluate their options ? Shouldn't people who create wealth (employers, businesses) have the prerogative to decide who they want to hire to help them create wealth ?

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  • singhsa3
    08-13 10:25 PM
    Good job Macaca. Just one thing though, it looks like 1M includes all pending AOS and not just EB. Please see http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/cisomb_annualrpt07__June_11_2007_section3b_backlog s.pdf

    Employment Based (EB) Green Card (GC) Numbers Situation

    The yearly EB GC quota is 140K. This includes visas for spouses and children. On an average, it is given to ~ 60K families.
    Each country is allocated 7% (of 140K) GCs with almost equal distribution for EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 plus any unused visas from other countries. Each country gets approximately 9800 GCs (~4K families).
    The Ombudsman estimates submission of 500K-750K (yes 500K) AOS applications between June 1 and August 17 2007. Most of these applications will be from India and China.
    According to Ombudsman's 2007 report, there were ~1M AOS applications pending as of March’07.
    So far EAD renewal has been taking ?? months. With the additional applications it will take ?? months and we will have to apply for renewal after ?? months.
    The security check backlog appears likely to get worse, if a new immigration bill is enacted as millions of undocumented immigrants would also apply for legalization.
    If you were unmarried at the time of filing, you will need to continue on current status (e.g. H-1B) otherwise you cannot bring your spouse.
    USCIS is a self-funded organization i.e. it runs on fees it receives and is short on resources.

    What do these numbers mean?

    There will be 1.4M+ AOS applications by Aug 17 which will take 1.4M/140K = 10+ years. That is, priority dates (PD) will remain retrogressed for several years.
    Those who could not file their I-485 now will now have to waitttttt…..
    Due to resource constraints, security checks may take years.
    Once PD becomes current, it takes on an average 1 year to 3 years to get approval.
    Endless cycle of EAD renewals and Advance paroles.
    If working on EAD and for any reason, if any of your EAD gets rejected, you will need to stop working, In other words, need to leave your job.
    You need to be in the same position with same job responsibilities for an indefinite time period otherwise you Green Card application will be rejected.
    EADs are valid for one year and several employers (and rightly so) view it as a temporary permit and hence reluctant to hire you.
    Once PD becomes current, it takes on an average 1 year to 3 years to get approval.
    So virtually you have three options: a) Struggle for several years b) Leave the USA c) Join us.

    Legislative Efforts

    EB Immigration reforms do not find enough support on the senate floors (Failure of SKIL, STEM etc Bills). As a matter of fact, it does not even get enough support to make it debatable, let alone final voting on the bills.
    IV grassroot effort (flower campaign and SJ rally) was a very important reason for retraction of July Visa Bulletin.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-18 03:47 PM
    The guys a joke...wonder why he stops at "Consider a typical Anchor Immigrant who comes from a developing nation and has three adult siblings" he should say typical anchor immigrants have 15 siblings and anchor immigrant gets a GC and USCIS presents the entire clan with GCs on the spot... US will be teaming with immigrants blah..blah.blah... I am more surprised by the naive people who believe in him and contribute, by overreacting to his nonsense.

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  • visli_com
    09-11 05:45 PM
    Yes , I bought house,2007. PD aug2003 EB3


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  • 485Question
    10-24 12:04 PM
    Keep us posted.


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  • ufo2002
    09-15 12:59 PM
    Its very interesting to read about people�s different perspective about same thing we are all after.. lets ask ourselves.. honestly why we do want GC and I am sure we all would have multiple reasons for this in our subconscious but would not like to bring it to forefront because it would only undermine our own ability to fight it or make life more stressful.. but end of the day we all want this card.. for me I want it mainly for security and peace of mind�lets look at the different situations.. these might be extreme but we all might have thought about these situations atleast at some point in the recent past� .. and especially the people in the seventh year

    1. You are in your seventh year� and you loose you job�.what is the first thought that comes to your mind.. I got to pack and leave .. pack your home of seven years and all your possessions you collected, in two suitcases of 50lbs each and leave�forget the Flat Screen TV,, forget all the electronics and the two cars you love ... just list them in craigslist �

    2. You have home which you bought with so much pride�what do you do? ..List it.. make a desperate sale in this falling market.. loose a ton of money and leave�and don't even talk about all the silk plants..floor lamps.. the furnishing,, they are for the yard sale on the Saturday..

    3. You have child whom you love and have plans for them.. love the school.. are an active member in the PTA � all of sudden what you do.. pull them out of school, move them from the only culture and the country they have known the only President they know is Bush and the only national anthem they have learnt is "The Star-Spangled Banner"�to another place where they don�t even understand the language forget the culture, national anthem etc..

    4. Think about your spouse.. they have adopted themselves to this lifestyle.. probably felt lonely when you moved here 7 years but now like it.. its time for them to move back�why because your don�t have a GC

    5. Forget the Golf and Tennis you enjoy so much here �it was all a very good dream..

    1. You are educated.. have a masters, have a professional degree.. but have been in the same position and department because of your long wait for GC, what happens� the fresh college graduate or the dumb blond who joined two years back and whom you taught how to log into the network is now your peer and you are still on the same desk doing the same job getting the 2% raise and working even more hard..so that you can keep you job..with a new dumb boss.. who thinks you are so dumb that you have been in the same job for so long time..
    2. All your batchmates are doing great..some of them are now sweating to be VP�s having risen by changing jobs �. You are still years away from that situation.. what do you do.. stop attending alumni meets and envy the mails in your yahoo groups from people..
    3. Seven years in US.. you have made your professional contacts.. and have a social network.. in which you invested your time and effort.. loose your job in the seventh year.. and all these contacts are nothing but an occasional international long distance call in future..

    Last but not the least� flight back home to your country is not going to be as smooth as the flight to US was seven years back.. back home look for a job..learn the whole new professional culture �and then set up a new home,,new school for kids�.why because we could not get a GC.. which was not in our control.. and because some stupid insane guy sitting in cave 10K miles away decided to terrorize the people in America in 2001.. and make life difficult for all the people..including people in H1...

    We might all go back to our home country one day.. but the ride back home would be much more pleasant and happier of a choice we made and not because we did not get a GC�

    Good Luck and lets keep up the effort... :)

    I just did No. 2!!! Yes, sold my home off recently and now living in apt. I am single and no family so I am more flexible when it comes to leaving the US. Also, because I have been in my field of work for 10 years and feeling a little bored with it and wanna go back to uni to try another field, but don't want to do it in the US in case I lose my job and then have expensive bills to pay.
    With that GC, at least I can feel more secure, will have the ability to find a local employer while going to college, etc.

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  • sunpost
    10-08 04:20 PM
    What is your EB category?

    When i checked my status online, i saw that there was a LUD on my pending case on 10/7 and 10/8. Wondering there is a LUD, I called the NSC and the person on the phone told me that the case is being reviewed by an officer.

    My question is that if there are no numbers available, then why would there be a LUD on the case status. So has anyone else seen a LUD on their cases as recently as after Oct 1, 2008????

    MY PD is March 2006
    Filed 485 in July 2007.
    RD is Aug 2007.


    03-09 01:51 PM
    We haven't been able to even get 12,000 in donations yet for advocacy days...

    Next time someone questions IV's efforts, I am going to bluntly ask them if they contributed or came for the advocacy day event. If they did neither, we do not need their 2 cents of free comments.

    05-15 12:03 AM
    Yes you are right. We need patience till you get your GC...I know its hard but there is no other way but swallow that pride. Its very hard to do that..speaking of which this anti-indian guy who sits next to me at work was making life horrible for few weeks. Things are sorted out now... I have a great Manager.
    I really feel sorry for Neelima's family... wish I could have helped them.

    Can you explain how you sorted the issue ? I had a similar issue once though on a lower scale. I let it simmer down without actively working the issue.


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