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  • ronhira
    07-08 06:13 PM
    That might be customary in your Mexico. :D

    i figured u won't have a clue that this is a quote form the founding father of The United States of America - Ben Franklin.

    hey.... how would you know?

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  • ganguteli
    06-01 04:12 PM
    I cannot imagine how educated illiterate IV members are. You think voting on some site will get the bill passed? I agree with Fresheb2 that this is a waste of time. You guys are only promoting some new site. This site will capture your email addresses and send you marketing material. If you read about the site owners, they are commerical companies and they seek to make profit from this site. Do not be fooled that someone will send your bogus votes to congress and the bill will be passed. The site only aims at generating awareness among US citizens about congress and bill. They probably got some grant or decided to make money off this idea and started this website.

    How about I also start a website and create voting on it and ask everyone to vote. Will it help a bill pass?

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  • redcard
    09-15 08:34 AM
    What kind of job is that that pays $$$ an hour? LOBBYING ? :)

    working for Halliburton ?? or being an immigration advisor :)

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  • user1205
    02-20 05:27 PM
    I have the same feeling. With the move to Jan 2005 and the new rule about namechecks I think the numbers will get used fast for ROW.
    The only people that will not be able to take advantage of this are the ones with old PDs from BEC that filed 485 and 140 in the June-August madness and are waiting for the 140 to be approved.

    I presume that ROW would be significantly impacted by this as India & China would not benefit a lot from it now because of PDs being badly retrogressed. I'm afraid that this has the potential of exhausting EB3-ROW row numbers for the rest of the year. Am I wrong to assume this?


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  • espoir
    07-10 08:36 AM
    Media is a double edge sword. Lets not jump or resort into these activities and hurt IV agenda. Media can spin things around and you will be aghast at what is reported and what the truth is. We are not completely done with flower campaign. In my opinion it has now gained momentum and we have to make sure media presents our cause in a right way. And that we get a positive coverage.

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  • GC_dd
    10-28 02:25 AM
    if there is demand for some skill it will be given 50 times the salary of others.. if somebody wants to migrate he will find ways.. now being IT worker is best way to migrate to developed countries. He is trying to set expectation right but in wane.. people will go where they get best value for their time.


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  • ashshef
    11-02 03:48 PM
    I guess might as well as pitch in.
    EB2I - 0-2 week movement forward.
    EB3 - Has anyone ever been able to predict these? Does even USCIS have any idea where EB3 should be?

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  • BharatPremi
    11-15 12:18 AM

    Congrats that you got it somehow. I also took a Infopass on Nov 7th and status changed to "Doc Mailed" within 2 Hrs of Infopass Appt ( spooky :eek:)and we both discussed about meeting Senator's office if it doesn't come in 7 days.

    Looks like time has come for me to meet Senator/Congressman... Today is Nov 14th and in 7 days the mailed doc didn't come. I dont have any lawyer.

    Shall i go waste a day and meet Senator or wait for some more - Kind of in a dual doubt and confusion :confused:

    I would wait for one more week. Since you do not have lawyer, USCIS has to send you the papers. If within one week nothing happens, Go for one more infopass.. Best Luck.


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  • Kitiara
    02-11 07:11 AM
    I voted for Kit because I liked the style, would ahve been better bigger but still cool Awww, thank you. :blush: Gives me a grand total of five votes. :beam: Don't think I'll be beating you quite yet though, Soul...

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  • diptam
    08-01 01:14 PM
    yabadaba also said that his reached 7:30 am but no Receipt so far that means FIFO dont work. Does USCIS has a special affection for guys between 9 to 9:30 ? or may be the clerk working that time was hyper active :rolleyes:

    Its difficult to comment anything generic on USCIS

    USCIS mail room received it at 7:55AM on July 2.


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  • shirish
    02-13 11:46 AM
    I received LUDs on my 485 and my wife's 485 and my H1 (Which was recently extended) and Already approved 140.

    I have not used AC21 or any thing that would change any thing in my case.

    So i guess LUDs may not be tied to AC21 use.

    I received a soft lud on my H1B approved in Nov 2007. All other cases do not have any LUD. I guess it is just the system touching these records as routine maintainence.

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  • new_horizon
    06-18 12:33 AM
    I fully support this!!!


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  • god_bless_you
    12-04 07:05 PM
    India has PPF/PF and that money will go in you PPF/PF account, its not a black hole, infact it pays the highest interest and its secure. its very easy to get money out of your PF account. i took it out of my PPF account before i came to the US and promptly spent all :)its another topic that SS repatriation will never be approved, especially retroactively.
    I do not know in which city of India you took out your PPF.,
    But I heard you have to pay atleast 5% to get PPF back in Hyd.,
    Hope corruption will not be that high by next 20 years in India!!

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  • gc28262
    07-29 01:18 PM
    Like it or not, USA want diversity;), they not want to be a second Indian, Asian, Mexican, African, European etc country.
    And one way to try to manage this is by country limits.

    Country limits is just a disguise for racism. !


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  • pom
    02-10 03:01 PM
    Originally posted by Guig0
    how come we have more votes than posters? :-\ Maybe Eilsoe cheated? :evil:

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  • sameer2730
    11-21 09:12 AM
    And if it plays by money may be have an auction for GC ... highest bidder gets it first ;)

    There is a seperate quota for that as well. 1 million invested and you will get a GC.


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  • somegchuh
    12-05 05:25 PM
    Would you mind sharing the process of getting the PPF from your old employer in India? i.e. what kind of forms do I need to request? What kind of documentation is needed etc?

    I closed my PPF account twice and never paid a single paisa. The second one I closed when I was in US and got the forms here through my old employer and Signed and send those form back to that employer , they filed it, Don'y know if they attached "NOC" but I got all of my money (close to INR80K) in 2 or 3 weeks at my home address in India.

    I guess no one needs to pay money for to PPF in any state all you need tyo do is follow the proper instructions, It's as good as in any bank.

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  • webm
    06-05 02:09 PM
    I am not tracking approvals rate as such. But if, CIS hasn't used as many numbers have DOS reported, then as Ron suggested, dates will move forward for EB3 Ind.

    Forward movement sounds good..but even with PD current(May,June VB's) folks are just sitting and waiting..just like me..:(

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  • thomachan72
    04-14 03:24 PM
    I read through this proposed legislature and there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
    your valid drivers license is clearly mentioned as one of the acceptable proof of legal status. you need to be arrested or there should be obvious reason to suspect ilegal presence for the law official to ask proof of legal status. Why is that of any concern? That is perfectly normal in a legal society. You dont have to walk around with your 797 or 94s all you have to carry is a valid drivers license. Even if you dont have a license you will be given a chance to proove your legal status or inother words the decision is not made on the spot.
    Again for those unfortunate who are here ilegally this law might become an issue. But we might end up seeing inflation as a result of these crack downs. More industry particularly packing/agriculture might migrate oversees. Anyway we will wait and see.

    02-02 11:07 PM
    Contact him. he is Texas Senator & very prompt in his replies and quick followup with USCIS.

    10-29 02:28 PM
    If you are replaceable then you have false claimed in your application that no American is available for your job. It defeats your H1B and Green card application. America invites H1Bs and gives them greencards not because they are paying taxes but because employers prove no american is available for our job and we have unique skills for job. 'Best and Brightest' is we are and USA needs us. Without us the economy will be more bad.

    You must be dumb. Did you read the whole sentence and if you cannot comprehend what I am trying to say, you must be incapable of understanding it. I said in TODAYS WORLD. The world is changing very fast. GC process takes 10 years now.
    I am sure whatever technology you are working on, there are 100 more people capable of filling that position as of now. So, even your so called skilled position can be filled within few days. USCIS interprets even today, what the conditions were at the time of filing. Not what the current job/wage or labor market conditions are.

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