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  • BharatPremi
    05-29 08:07 PM
    .... Indian kids are winning. ....

    No. American kids are winning.. None of them are Indians. :)

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  • pbuckeye
    07-01 11:21 AM
    In this admin fix initiative we are working on other possible good provisions that are possible.

    Is the following (or can it be) a part of the Admin Fix Initiative? :-

    Allow I-485 filing and/or obtaining EAD,AP benefits when I-140 is approved irrespective of priority date being current. This will help many of us who missed the July 07 boat.

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  • iwantgc
    10-10 03:24 PM

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  • shreekhand
    08-25 01:01 PM
    I only meant if you have the native country license already or if you can get it remotely. Leaving the US for the express purpose of getting you native country license would be an overkill...as you would agree :)

    Unfortunately, I can't leave the US for the following reasons
    a) AOS pending
    b) H1 expiring soon
    c) Won't get any vacation time as just joined a new job.


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  • eb3retro
    09-26 03:38 PM
    Please follow this format everyone to let know about your AP filing details..

    Service Center - Nebraska/texas etc
    Method of filing - efile/paper
    Filing date - ???
    Received date -
    RFE if any - date and details
    Approved / denial date


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  • 485_spouse
    10-04 02:25 PM
    Which center did you apply and where did you send the supporting documents?

    Did you send it to the address generated on the receipt?

    Sorry for not replying earlier.
    We applied to NSC. Documents were sent to address generated on the recipet.
    As I wrote earlier, EAD was approved which was sent in the same folder.

    How do we create 'expediate request'? we are not planning to go out this year.
    How do I connect to IO directly? Service Reps are the call center are useless!!


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  • GCBy3000
    07-25 03:42 PM
    Dont forget to consider 20K members of IV and the poll participation is 1-2%. So this poll is just for fun.

    DELIVERED ON 02-July-2007 447 71.18%
    DELIVERED AFTER 02-July-2007 181 28.82%
    Obviously those polls are not going to get you anywhere.
    its a waste of time and effort to come up with numbers because nobody will ever be able to come up with the right numbers including USCIS. So whats the point. Just have a kingfisher and chill. Please close this thread

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  • sertha1
    06-25 09:08 AM
    I sent you a private message. Could you please respond?

    H1 was approved some time last year and H1B started from 10/1/2006.


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  • coopheal
    10-07 11:18 AM
    Could be -ve too .We will all be surprised if we see a +ve movement.

    We have been watching VBs ever since Jan 2005 when priority dates were added.
    . 1/1/2005 10/1/2008
    All - C 1/1/2005
    CH - 1/1/2002 10/1/2001
    IN - 1/1/2002 7/1/2001
    ME - C 7/1/2002
    PH - 1/1/2002 1/1/2005

    ROW has shown some progress, but CH, IN, ME is behind what was in 2005. Thats almost 4 years after re-introduction of priority dates.

    We need a solution now.

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  • spicy_guy
    06-04 03:02 PM
    On a lighter note- "motorize"... at the DMV?

    Haha... Typo.... Anyways, any idea on my original question?


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  • EndlessWait
    02-24 09:22 PM
    You mean to say sell US real estate for GC/citizenship? I don't see this going very far. I can see anti immigrants waiting for this one. Best is to lobby using aides of big corporations, developing relationship with lobbyists who already have connections, hiring lawyers, developing strong case, donations in election campaigns etc. All of this needs loads and loads of money. Are we ready to donate to IV and build strong lobbying group for our cause? That is the only way to change our current situation.

    Sending flowers, sending pizzas, sending all these proposals will only fall on deaf ears. Congress understands language of money to pass laws, Rest of the country/orgranizations understand language of laws/court.

    For those who think assisting US economy by buy houses (for pending GC applicants) is like selling a GC are just plain dumb! No wonder why we dont have a resolution to the 10 yr waiting that's been killing EB immigrants, is because ppl like you, who love to take pain want others to live through this for the lifetime.

    People have been waiting for 10+ years here waiting to get GC, waiting patiently, waiting so patiently that we are getting mentally sick waiting and waiting. How do u think the quota system is ..its not fair in the first place for EB immigrants when we are already here on H/L visas... . So dude pls stop ur bull shit and dont discourage by coming up with ridiculous statements "You mean to say sell US real estate for GC/citizenship?"

    We the prospective, EB immigrants want to settle here. Its more than a home here already if you are living and paying taxes for 10+ years.. We just want to buy a house and a permanent visa status is only going to help. Its a win-win situation for both sides....
    We are not looking them to sell GC for houses to ppl who are residing outside. This is a relief mechanism for ppl who are waiting and waiting and just plain waiting here in the EB queue!

    Ok.. now go and think..do u enjoy pain or want to do anything about it!

    I would strongly urge IV to take this and would be willing help and have a dialogue with any state/congress representative they want me to.... How do u think it wont' fly. US govt is spending and bailing out trillions of dollars to help cure this cause. If we buy houses, it is only going to help the cause. Most of us have good credit score and can afford to buy houses, this will only help the very thing that the govt. is trying to stabilize.

    I'm surprised, how come IV is not aggressively pursuing this. What better way to help everyone here. If they want to address the fundamental issues they certainly can, but this the immediate focus and like quota recapture, will provide immediate relief to decades long wait for applicants!

    So pls stop disparaging the effort. Its a good cause for both sides.
    We want to be a permanent resident and contribute to US economy. So help us god!

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  • mybid2003
    08-26 11:03 AM
    Unfortunately, I can't leave the US for the following reasons
    a) AOS pending
    b) H1 expiring soon
    c) Won't get any vacation time as just joined a new job.

    I am in a similar situation. My 8th year H1B expired in May. 9th Year extension is pending. No receipt yet on 485/EAD/AP for Julay 2nd filing.

    Fortunately my license is expiring next year.


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  • ivdude
    10-02 02:34 PM
    You are correct. The rules must have changed recently. I wonder what made them make that change, Now children of US citizens (who were once Indian citizens) have an advantage over children who has both parents as Indian citizens. Weird.. isn't it?

    Damn..even our own Indian govt discriminates :( . Kids of parents with Indian passport are suspicious..

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  • paskal
    12-17 02:48 PM
    With all due respect, the probelem I have with volunteers is that I don't think amtures can pull a job this big, you've got to have profesionals, somethng like a compain maneger.

    I admire the courage of your guys, and think the goal is fantastic. But the way it goes, I don't see how it can be achieved.

    I've learned a great deal about immigration from the forum here. I very much appreciate it. I try to give back by answering questions others may have. I think IV has been doing a great job serving as that capacity.

    But you guys want do something bigger. Well, you have faith in it, I don't, at least not now, neither many others. Maybe that is why you are still asking for money and volunteers.

    we have professional lobbyists. and they cost the erath.
    and that is why we need contributions. as long people "don't believe" we don't succeed. it's up to you, it's your issue as much as mine. professionals cost a lot of money, and this thread is quibbling over 20 and 50 bucks. anyway who is the knight on the white horse coming to rescue us? it's just us buddy, and we have to do our best. i like your analytical thinking. we need you to join in and help. any number of volunteers is less imho...


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  • hopefulgc
    09-05 02:18 PM
    "A valid reason to obtain an AP can be for leisure, visiting family, business and countless others"



    Most people has very misconception about "parole". It is not a free/flexible travel document like visa. As a AOS applicant, one should not leave US till it is approved/denied. One MUST present in US during AOS. The parole is only for any emergency purpose; which is similar to prisioners. As USCIS is flexible, in approving the AP, the people don't realize the travel limitation of AP. They are travelling on AP for vatation/fun etc.. As per law, the AP is not intended for it. The CBP officer was right in asking the legitimacy of the travel. The AP document clearly says it is based on "humanitation" admission to retrun after an emergency travel.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-10 09:20 AM
    Lets not hope for results just act. If Gandhi could drive Britishers out of India using this approach, USCIS is also made of human people and sure they will do something to lessen our pains.

    The British were a bit smarter;). Here we have problems explaining to the average American (which include the officials of our Senators and Congressmen), the difference between h1B and Green card. Everytime I send a fax to the Senator regarding the Green Card, i get a reply about how they do or do not support H1Bs.

    In this whole flower sending campaign, we want the message to be LOUD AND CLEAR. Gandhigiri alone did not drive the British out of India and even if it did, let us not forget in that case the British were on Indian soil, here we are doing Gandhigiri in another country ON THEIR SOIL!!


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  • aadimanav
    08-22 12:21 PM
    just a routine bump

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  • diptam
    08-22 02:07 PM
    hey aadimanav,

    If the legislations dont change - my estimate would be even more than 7 years (come on they already have 500k pending app before this 300k July2nd boom). In USCIS term It doesn't matter where you stand in line out of that 800K folks. The NSC july 2nd filers are speculated to be transfered to TSC almost 2 months down the line and no one has guaranted that our Original Receipt date of July 2nd be kept intact - How do you logically map this ??

    What Franklin said very logical - very realistic !


    I like your word: "guestimate" (Guess + Estimate) i.e. tukka (hindi word)

    Well, I don't think I am at the end of line of 300,000 people. There must be lots and lots of people whose priority date is after April 2004 might have filed. This includes 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    So I think 3 years is intelligent guess. But who knows I am just trying to make myself happy and trying to stay positive.


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  • sanju
    11-15 01:39 PM
    here is what i suggest:
    create a yahoo group or blog..and have ppl publish the name anonymously of the desi bloodsuckers...some kind of activism is required..instead of coming on this board like some ballless buggers and crying like babies...grow up and take back ur life...bytch..;-)

    btw..i am not in IT so..i dont have to deal with suck suckers.. i have read so many posts abt this.. i am fed up..

    I guess H1Guy wants to report this to DOL, which is strides ahead of merely creating some yahoo group and "cry like babies" in that yahoo group. He wants to take concrete action, but you are suggesting to continue to discuss anonymously on some forum. I am confused :confused:


    10-05 10:37 AM
    This is a very good development. And this time, they are not talking about a complete overhaul of the system. Just increase H1B visas and increase EB visa numbers.

    Hope this is a less bitter pill for the common American populace to swallow.

    08-27 03:12 PM
    Oregon DMV is little lenient on this matter, but they see only the expiry date on Passport visa stamp. Oregon will issue license till one year after expiry date on the Visa stamped on passport in conjunction with the H1 extension approval notice. So all these original H1 extension approval will not be considered if passport visa stamp expired more than a year. We have to go to Vancouver, B.C to get visa stamped and come back.

    California accepts the I-94 extensions in the H1 extension approval notices (That's 3 years back, but they keep on changing rules every month and the California DMV services are not fast enough). Also some times the information from USCIS will be hanging if you have extensions. But if you go out of country and come back with fresh I-94, the information is validated within 5 minutes electronically. DMV staff are more considerate in California.

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