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  • MinOct03
    03-24 04:49 PM
    I just replied to your another post on State chapters.
    we have some activities going on related to meeting lawmakers.
    Please send a PM to Paskal for details.

    google Group name is iv-mn-mw

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  • cgs
    08-21 10:42 AM
    Please refrain from pushing OP to post employer details on public forum. Let it be OP�s weapon of surprise. I wish OP has contacted an attorney for fighting his case. If this is going to be an out of court settlement, then we shouldn�t expect complete details as well. OP's story should be an eye opener for all of us(Employees and Employers).

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  • lordoftherings
    07-16 11:38 PM
    Just imagine what will happen to the market flooded with EADs. Job market for H1Bs will totally be down. No US companies will hire H1Bs if they get somebody with an EAD. Tonnes of Junior developers and S/W testers will in the market driving the billing rates down even further. It's better to pack up and leave. I have heard from one of the forums here that an estimated 500K people will file this month since all PDs are current. EB-3 mexico + phillipines togther alone will be close to 300K. God help the Job market.

    Also minimum wait time will be 500K/140K ~ 4 yrs before they get to process your GC. Add to that the time for namecheck backlog 2+ yrs. So total 6+ yrs before getting GC........


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  • lp2007
    11-10 03:21 PM
    I haven't got my FP either, No SR opened.
    My case was transferred from California to Nebraska. My lawyer said that could be the reason for the delay

    PD: 05-Dec-2002


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  • coralfl
    07-04 03:36 PM
    attorney fees+mail service: $3174 (Attorney already cashed the check)
    Medical cost: $268
    photos: approx $60
    I missed work: 2 days
    Wife missed school:1 day

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  • itstimenow
    07-27 06:38 PM
    Anyone know when they plan to post it?


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-31 11:59 AM
    How long is the USCIS taking to issue just receipt notices!!??

    This makes you wonder if Anything in the USCIS is actually FIFO

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  • nandakumar
    02-14 07:06 PM
    I live in south bay and would definitely like to join.


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  • kart2007
    05-17 11:23 AM
    I stay in an apartment OK. One day my neighbour (living downstairs) was crying with his wife and a small kid. You want to know the reason--NO PAY FOR 2 MONTHS!!!!. All his hard earned money was finished paying rent, OK and his kid was sick. No money, nobody to ask. His contractor said WAIT, WAIT and nothing else.

    In that case its better to go to India and lead a much better life than staying in this pathetic state here.

    Obviously there's no meaning for an immigrant to stay here away from his home country to be trested almost like an uneducated person.

    Living like this is not only bad for one's self respect but is also certainly illegal for the employer.

    Its people like this guy why companies liek Infosys etc abuse the visa program and pay less to guys they bring from India to US.

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-27 04:10 PM
    Though I want to feel sorry for you I cannot. Between all the things you have written I was trying to find one small indication to know that you are sorry for what you have done. I did not find one. You are arrogant enough to blame the immigration laws for not permiting you to come to the US, but never really looked into your own flaws for flouting drug laws.

    Besides, this is a forum for legal employment based immigrants. You may hardly find any resource here that will help you with what you want!

    My husband and son are being discriminated against for having an Alien wife and mother.

    If an Alien deported with drug-related offences of more than 30 grams of Marijuana, like me, solicits a Non-Immigrant Visa to visit in the U.S. at the same time my husband or son solicit an Immigrant Visa for me to remain in the U.S. with them, the Alien will be granted her Non-Immigrant Visa and my husband’s or my son’s request will never be acknowledged.

    This is our story: Everything we ever learned from the U.S. about truth and justice is suddenly being deprived of any meaning by the U.S. itself. The hardest part for us is believing that everything we’ve based our lives on – the American way, has no merit.

    I was deported from the United States of America on February 18, 2005. I lived there nearly 30 years since I was 20 months old, when my mother crossed the Rio Grande into the country with me illegally. I was given an opportunity to become legal under the NACARA law but was to afraid of being deported like Maricela Soza was under the same law and didn’t go through with the entire process. I have both a husband and a son who are U.S. citizens but I am permanently prohibited by Immigration law from immigrating to the United States, while at the same time I am allowed to visit. Due to my drug-related offence of more than 30 grams of Marijuana. It’s Immigration law’s contradicting policies which I find disturbing.

    U.S. Immigration is concerned with their citizens’ welfare but it is denying my husband’s and my son’s requests to have me back by their side for good. Although Immigration law will value my wish to receive admission into the United States. Needless to say I prefer returning, immigrating and remaining in the country by my family’s side. That’s not taking into account the fact that I am still homesick and continue experiencing culture shock in Nicaragua. What the Department of Homeland Security is doing to my family and I is cruel, inhumane and unpatriotic. No free country’s government has any business deciding how families should be formed or whose personal choice is agreeable or not. Like that of my son’s and husband’s choice to overlook my shortcomings and begin our lives over together again.

    The 212(d)(3) Waiver allows a visitor’s visa into the U.S. to be issued to an Alien like me if I show evidence of rehabilitation such as becoming a practicing professional with a U.S. job offer. Sometimes with lone proof of a bank savings account, school registration and satisfactory travel record. On the other hand there isn’t one waiver available for United States Citizens who wish to rebuild their lives with an Alien deported for any drug-related offence of more than 30 grams of Marijuana. Not only are my son’s and my husband’s needs being ignored but my needs are being placed before their own. An act I dare name TREASON.

    How much more is the United States citizens’ welfare secured if an Alien with an undesirable drug history enters the United States merely to visit and not to immigrate? Shouldn’t all United States citizens’ needs and rights within and from their country – such as my husband’s and my son’s, come before any Alien’s need or right to receive admission into the U.S., including my own? Also, shouldn’t Family-Based Immigration take first place over “Alien travel” for any reason?

    I regret to say it’s these types of injustices with devastating consequences to the recipient’s and his/her immediate relatives’ personal lives remaining raveled, much more unacknowledged that play a large role in the cause for conflict concerning disloyalty toward the U.S. and unpopularity of the U.S. among U.S. citizens and foreign nationals inside and outside of the United States. I trust that once this oversight is brought to DHS’s attention they will not knowingly continue punishing my husband and my son for loving me, an Alien who once stumbled while attempting to survive in the U.S..

    I’m afraid to imagine how many individuals involved in cases like my family’s and mine go on thinking that the U.S. is a bad country for having the audacity to pass judgment on them. I’ve had to believe there’s a glitch somewhere in immigration law caused by simple human error. I can’t accept that the U.S. I grew to know as a loving, Christian country with caring values is intentionally causing my loved ones and I grief. It goes without saying that as much as the United States has a duty to protect its citizens it also has a duty to be equally diplomatic toward foreigners and not continue persecuting the one or the other long after any condemning sentence has been exacted and executed. I know the United States of America will do right by my son, my husband, me, and the rest of its citizens and foreign nationals in our predicament.

    We want the 212(d)(3) Non-Immigrant Visas Waiver made into an Immigrant Visas Waiver for Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens to make sure United States citizens receive competent protection from the Department of Homeland Security and adequate protection from the United States of America.

    My husband and son believe a Waiver should be available to me and I believe their Freedom Of Belief civil liberty is being violated because their belief is being discriminated against. My needs are being placed before their own. I am not able to immigrate to the U.S. because immigration law doesn’t allow me a Waiver enabling my husband or son to claim me successfully. If I had a Waiver available to me they wouldn’t have to be at this crossroads making their case public in the courts, therefore their Right To Privacy is also being violated as a result of their belief being discriminated against. I couldn’t live with myself if I don’t speak out, they’re attempting to do the same for me. We don’t want to cause any problems, we just want to move on with our lives.


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  • yabadaba
    01-28 02:51 PM
    We got FP notices for me & my wife on 01-25-08. Finger printing date is Feb 6th, 2008. Same date, same time for both of us. Just perfect!

    We filed our I-485 application/EAD/AP on July 6th, 2007.
    Ours is a transferred case (NSS-CSC-NSC).

    Did not open any service request.

    Looks like they started processing transferred cases.
    People who have been waiting should be getting their FP notices now.

    Contributed $300 so far..
    i think it depends where u r.

    on friday when i went for my code 2 fingerprinting for my ead, i was the only one there for greencard/ead type biometrics.

    everyone else, atleast 50-80 people were there at the same time for their N-400 (citizenship) biometrics.

    i think they are processing the citizenship applications with full speed to lower the 18 month processing timeframe. everyone over there was a pre July 31st filer, when the citizenship fees increase took place.

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  • leoindiano
    07-10 11:56 AM
    i have used this link to express my anger and frustration.
    GOD is watching !
    but we cannot just not keep watching.

    Just sent this message....

    Lou Dobbs Sucks. Please stop his false propaganda on H1B. Get your facts right. Know the program before you talk about it. H1B is given for 3 years and have an option to extension for every 3 years. Nobody is overstaying their visas. They are extending their visa.


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  • gchetna
    09-08 07:12 PM
    When you change jobs after 485 Filing, is it necessary to change with an EAD or I can get an H1B transfer. I may get laid off, and EAD has not come yet and I don't have the time for EAD to come through. Can I transfer H1B while 485 is pending for less than 180 days without it affecting 485. I will make sure that job duties are similar and I am fairly certain that employer will not revoke I-140. My assumption if that I need to be working on H1B or EAD to maintain legal immigration status and there can't be any gap between the two employments.

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  • a1b2c3
    10-11 01:41 PM
    I know one of my friends got his GC in April this year EB3 India, PD Aug 2001.
    So they did approve some cases, very few though.

    Is this something to be concerned of, Absolutely. USCIS should release the monthly statistics of approvals in each category.

    We need USCIS to publish
    a. Future projections - projection of monthly cutoff dates every quarter
    b. Historical data - A histogram of 485 approvals in the last quarter based on PD buckets (May-June 02 would be a bucket).
    c. Case updates like NC clearances and so on, without having to go through infopass and waste everyone's time.
    d. Timely updates on processing times for cases like I-140.

    Given that the three databases are being consolidated into one, I don't think it should be difficult for USCIS to publish this data.

    You can't just say "Hey, we made every category current in July 07, now the dates are going to go into 10,000 B.C?"


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  • gcstudent
    08-12 03:39 PM
    In my opinion all this 5 months, 6 months rule applies only if you have not waited at any step. Like in EB1 where you can go thru the whole process in an year.. However if they made you stick to the same employer , same position for 10 yrs (maan i.e 1/4th of your working life!!) you can always have a strong argument even if USCIS decides to do something. I think those who got "freedom" , you have worried enough.. now it is the time to "go out" and enjoy!!

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  • admin
    02-16 09:41 AM
    Once again CA is leading the way for the rest of us to follow. Thanks for posting the detailed minutes of the meeting and the follow up.

    Everyone, please note how easy it is do it and how much effect it has.


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  • diptam
    08-20 09:50 PM
    I understand your mental condition because my Labor was also traded in market during 2004... Dont take any impulsive step by reading forums ! Make sure you 've correct docs and stuffs before letting employer know that you sued them. Remember they can revoke H1B anytime showing completely different reasons.

    Also remember you have to pay for your lawyer - this is not going to be a 'class action' or any 'criminal trial' that you be will assisted with lawyer.

    I'm not discouragaing you to complain against wrong-doers but be ready before cracking down on them.

    Good Luck !

    No, they stopped responding to my emails from last month.

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  • sapota
    10-11 05:02 PM
    bcos I was there stuck at BEC with no result in sight for 4 years.

    My advice would be to file for another LC through PERM ( I know its hassle) & file it in the EB2 category if you are eligible (even if your company might not sponsor the 2nd labor, you should probably foot the bill). This way, you can retain your old priority date & file in EB2 sooner. Or maybe wait & watch how the cutoff dates progress ( I think EB3 will surely move to 2003 soon (early/spring 2008) for India.

    I know that its not easy looking at all the threads talking about starting company using EAD, buying homes, recpt. number, AC21 etc. when you missed the boat to file I-485. But hang in there. When one door closes, another one opens.

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  • django.stone
    11-06 03:43 PM
    If there is a fire in the house regardless of how you arrange furniture at least some of it will get burnt.
    So stop giving advice like these and focus on extinguishing the fire.

    I was not giving advice. I was clearly requesting "Please guys, let's not fight" and trying to divert the conversation to a logical discussion about horizontal spillover helping I & C. My conversation with him did end in a civil manner.

    In the mean time a random passer by like yourselves comes along and stirs the pot again, when the fire was just about to be extinguished. If you don't like my argument, debate it, we all love good debates here and most often we learn from each other. Don't just attack. My only and last post on this topic.

    09-09 03:24 PM
    You are right, the PMP doesn't really fit too well with more contemporary software development methdologies of today. But the book still adds some value in that it still talks about the basic fundamentals of planning, executing and monitoring - which are activities practiced in all industries.

    I did get some additional value by reading up on agile project mgmt. Its more software dev specific.

    Asking an architect for an opinion on proj mgmt is a waste of time. There usually is a sharp divide between their perspectives (i've been on both sides of this debate). Technical architects usually feel mgmt is a bunch of fluff, which many times it is, but a lot of it is still "essential" fluff :)

    07-08 05:16 PM
    This is an excerpt from Ron Gotcher's website that addresses a possible outcome for these bills:

    "As far as I know, they only had sub-committee hearings, but that is where the real work is done. The sub-committee takes testimony from interested parties and gathers other evidence related to the subject matter of the bill.

    Legislation generally only goes to full committee when it is going to be forwarded to the floor as free standing legislation. In this case, no one really expects any of these bills to be presented to the floor for a vote, so the full committee is not bothering with them. Rather, the sub-committee has taken in relevant evidence and let everyone have their say. Now, if they can find an appropriate vehicle, they can attach some of the proposals from the various bills and try to get emergency relief passed."

    Is there any update on three bills in house. I have checked the hearing schedule for all committees and there seems to be no hearing scheduled for any of these bills. House is in session till September 7 and after that District work period and convention shows, which leaves us with just 4 weeks from now and after that It reconvens from September 9 with target adjournment date of 26th september and i m pretty sure no congressional rep will like to cast vote on any bills before going into election....

    Prospects seems bleak now... Is there anything we can do...any last attempt that is required? If so...Let us all know...

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