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  • BharatPremi
    11-08 12:32 PM
    BharatPremi is my "IV person of the Day" - I see a lot of energy in his posts, and yes yabadaba, everyone must loosen up a bit, and look at the positive in every message.

    BharatPremi's response was also appropriate and was a stronger version of our responses :)


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  • pointlesswait
    12-30 09:38 AM
    nut job...

    that dude must have had some cheap vodka...when he wrote that article.

    Please ignore if it has already been posted. This article looks interesting considering the current economic and immigration situation


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  • youfool
    07-20 01:30 PM
    PD EB2 July 2003

    Reached on July2nd

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  • Michael chertoff
    07-31 11:37 AM
    Why not EB2-I July 2007...

    Make it

    EB1 India Unavailable
    EB2 India Current
    EB3 India Current


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  • GCBy3000
    07-25 03:42 PM
    Dont forget to consider 20K members of IV and the poll participation is 1-2%. So this poll is just for fun.

    DELIVERED ON 02-July-2007 447 71.18%
    DELIVERED AFTER 02-July-2007 181 28.82%
    Obviously those polls are not going to get you anywhere.
    its a waste of time and effort to come up with numbers because nobody will ever be able to come up with the right numbers including USCIS. So whats the point. Just have a kingfisher and chill. Please close this thread

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  • GCHope2011
    07-02 06:44 AM
    Obama is probably the worst President we have had in history OR may be his advisors are to be blamed. All they want to do is stop and punish business and then get votes by giving illegals free stuff. Legal residents spend at least $10-20K to remain legal and these freaking democrats want illegals to pay $500 and get citizenship (not even just GC).
    Vote out all democrates in the coming elections. GOP is the only party that cares about America - not just for short term votes.

    When you complain about latino or hispanics - everyone says this is not only about hispanics....many other nationalities are illegally here....but then only hispanic cacacus gets a meeting with Obama to push their illegal agenda forward.

    NO AMNESTY - yes, we can!

    What is this crap about immigration laws splitting families - how are the laws splitting families? Why can't the illegal resident in the US go back home to their family and the issue is solved. We don't need JPL labs or NASA to get involved (not rocket science).

    We can deport 11 million illegals by enforcing CURRENT immigration law and arresting and heavily ($50000 or extra jail time) for employers that employ illegals - knowingly or unknowingly. The burden should be on the employer to find out. Slowly, without jobs latinos (yes, the majority of illegals) will start leaving...going back - self deportation.
    While we may have our personal views on the efficacy or effectiveness of the US political system and the politicians, we should refrain from using this forum to cast aspersions on individual actors and parties in the system or painting them with a broad brush. No system is perfect, and the US politics and the political system is no different. On the whole, it does seem to work better and in a more civilized way than in other countries most of the times.

    We are an advocacy forum and need the support of everyone in the political system for our cause. Bad mouthing people certainly does not win friends who can help us.


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  • dilipb
    06-23 04:15 PM
    Hi dilip,

    Where do we get the A# from ?

    Look at your current EAD !!!!!
    It has that A#

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  • tooclose
    08-11 10:01 AM
    Very Disappointment for me.....as i missed it with couple of days.

    Visa Bulletin for September 2010 (http://travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5113.html)

    I'm not sure if they are going to move dates in Oct or not...

    Don't quote me on this... I am not trying to give you false hope ... but this is what I see in one of the documents...

    Check 3rd and 4th page.

    I was in the same boat with 05-MAR-2006 PD (Aug VB)

    Good luck !!!


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  • gcnirvana
    09-22 03:27 PM
    Called first 10 in NeedHelp's list. Will call the rest shortly.
    People...please call...its NOW or NEVER!!

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  • gg_ny
    03-18 11:41 AM
    One intelligent posting amidst the cacophony. Keep it up. Sometime back one of the admin wrote about tightening the belt, holding on to ride this wave of market trouble. I wonder whether someone knowledgeable could create a thread (or add to one that exists) about this mess, mechanisms that led to it and how it is going to affect the slaves, pintos and the rest (of iV) in the next 12 months? An intelligent discussion for a change. While the Fed chairman reads the letters, emails and warnings from pintos, slaves and co. lounging by his swimming pool, sipping his martini (of course, according to the p, s & company, while market is burning), we can read something useful about the economy to prepare ourselves for the worst...

    Btw pintos, my shares went up a bit 'cause my employer was not the Bear but Chase ;-). Sorry to have disappointed you.

    Dude; not that your idea is bad, but don’t come up with assumptions that the fed chairman is clueless!! He has been handling the crisis extremely satisfactorily. So far he has proved to be a good chairman and similar to Greenspan and Volker.
    You have to understand derivatives and structured investment vehicles to understand what the economy is facing. The risk of sub prime CDO's has been spread thorough out the credit markets. Just imagine Bear Stearns which has a head quarters building in NYC worth $1 billion was sold for $236 Mil. Yankees pay A-Rod more than that. This will tell you how the valuation of derivatives has depleted cash flow and liquidity of a wall street titan which had stood through the great depression, 2 world wars, market crashes in the 1970's, 87, 01 and recessions in between.
    Google "Long term Capital management (LTCM)" and study their history you will see what derivatives are capable of. Warren buffet calls derivatives "Financial instruments of mass destruction".

    So the man is faced with such a mess, don’t insult his intelligence by making unwarranted statements.


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  • kavita
    07-02 12:40 PM
    To make an impact, we need in the order of 50,000 to 100,000 letters with their personal US address on it. Anything less doesn't hold any water..

    From what I remember, when we wrote to President Bush, only 5000 letters were sent.
    I dont think a number like 50,000 could ever be reached.

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  • de2002
    04-07 02:34 PM
    I dont know why whenever someone pull this post everone will read. "Hope" is the only attracting force behind it. As long as "Hope" exists we all will be participate in this game......
    Be positive we will also have a day); I wish it to be happen by this year.


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  • felix31
    04-26 05:47 PM
    Great job IV team,

    I am so glad about this article - and I am circulating it among my friends at my school..

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  • mhathi
    10-05 03:22 PM
    "AMPLIFICATION: The above Washington Wire item on the letter from House Republicans to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of an immigration bill to "help and retain" high-skilled workers refers to legislation that would increase the number of H-1B visas and green cards for high-tech and other skilled workers. The question in the WSJ poll referred to a separate effort, pushed by President Bush, to revamp the immigration system and provide a path to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally. The item wasn't intended to imply high-skilled workers are illegal immigrants"

    They just updated with the above correction....:cool:

    Awesome Job, Guys! We did it again...


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  • vishwak
    08-11 08:46 AM
    sorry to hear that, when is your PD.

    Hopefully from October 2010 the date stay as it is. Did you checked the cut off data it does show 0 requirement prior to 2006.

    Its 26May. I don't think they will move something in Oct right???

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  • where_is_gc
    07-10 12:07 PM


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  • ianlock
    09-13 12:40 PM
    I think it was a pun, arse-ole => stinks !! :-)

    sorry i didnt realise.


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  • h1techSlave
    03-10 08:43 PM
    Sure, your point is very much valid. What I understand from the Freakenomics experiment and EB3I behavior with respect to IV is that only a few folks have the perseverance to go all the way from D to B.

    Take 100 folks with C grade and give them the $50 offer for B. May be 80% will reach that goal. (I do not recall the actual results of the experiment).

    Take 100 folks with D grade and give them the $50 offer for B. Ideally we should see 80% of folks improving their grade to a C (one level up). But in real life only may be half as much (40%) will actually improve their grades to a C.

    Interesting experiment, and I can see that is how human beings respond sometimes.

    However we are guaranteed something in return when we TRY to do what we believe in, regardless of the odds as we see them: the satisfaction of DOING something about it, and a real shot at getting what we want.

    Easy to try it. Pick anything, literally anything about your life you want to change (from changing your job to losing weight to calling up your parents more frequently).

    Then WITHOUT THE FEAR OF FAILURE, do something about it. It will either work out, which will be terrific. Or it won't... maybe you don't success at that job interview after all, or you still put on weight. Even then, the satisfaction that comes from having TRIED is yours to keep! (Personally, I have found this to be more motivating for trying those things again, as opposed to the hopelessness that results from not trying and then seeing things not improve.) And of course, since failure is only one of two possibilities that there can be, you do succeed 50% of the times that you try honestly!

    In case of IV's efforts including the upcoming Advocacy Day, that is exactly how I feel.

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  • p_aluri
    11-14 02:33 AM
    You are on H1-B starting your approval today(i.e OCT 2007 in your case)

    if you leave USA, you have to get it stamped on your H1-B.

    So you may need to have paystubs.

    If you enter on H4,your H1-B will be abandoned and you no longer can work on H1-B.

    Again, I am not a lawyer, please talk to any attorney for further clarifications.

    I am on H4 for past 2yrs. My H1 is valid since Oct07. I want to travel to India in Dec this yr. I have few questions:

    1. I haven't started to work. So, what is my status as of now, after my H1 being aproved and valid since Oct1 2007?

    2. My H4 is valid till Mar 2008. If I want to travel to India in Nov end and come back in Dec, do I need stamping on my H1 from the consulate.
    If YES then:
    Do I need to show any pay-stubs?
    I NO then:
    a. At the port of entry what status is I am supposed to declare?

    b. If I enter as an H4 then does that invalidate my H1 visa?

    Plz help!!

    12-31 11:28 AM
    If you have applied for 485, you can get DL extension for 1 year based on receipt notice of I-485

    03-19 10:49 AM
    I have to agree. One has to be extra careful in such matters as it is a tendency of the "majority" to always point fingers at the "minorities" by generalization. What some may think of as advice in a shoplifting case could be very easily misinterpreted as "support" in the eyes of the antis.

    Moreover, the OP has not once been apologetic to his actions rather he is trying to rationalize his actions by accusing everyone of stealing office supplies.

    I have stayed away from answering to his post as you can already see!

    Just because OP steals office supplies ( his bad habit of shoplifting) he is accusing all immigraants. I take offence to that and when someone asks others to make a choice to marry a hooker or a shoplifter wife as a defence to that shoplifter. How crazy is that?

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