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  • EkAurAaya
    05-13 05:16 PM
    This whole discussion is really silly... I'm glad IV leadership is not self centered, atleast from what i see they think about the community on the whole.

    Lets put all these fruitless arguments to rest... the ROW vs India/China, Nurses vs Others, EB1 vs EB2 vs EB3!

    I'm EB3 India and I have no one to blame but me for being in EB3 (I'm certainly qualified to be in EB2 but I chose to stick around with the same company for the very reason we all are here on this forum... i.e GC)

    For those who think its unfair... rather then sulking about it... do something and move to EB2 if you cant wait any longer... or at least support IV in their efforts.

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  • singhsa3
    05-13 10:29 AM
    Take it easy!, EB2 India is going to meet the same fate next month. Based on our recent discussions with DOS.
    I and many folks in this forum have seen very few approvals for this category. How come USCIS says that this category is over subscribing the visa quota. Why they are moving un used visas to EB2 (no offense) why not for EB3?

    We need IV help in this area.

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  • caydee
    05-28 04:57 PM
    Good points, only thing to add is not all innovations can be brought to notice to relate to a single employee ...most of the times we as employees are part of systemic effort that is innovating. It would be wrong to say that H1-bs are not contributing towards innovation ........

    Good point. Very rarely can an invention be attributed to a single person. These days it is invariably a group effort.

    By the way, why are we deviating?

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  • insbaby
    03-09 03:19 PM
    Next time someone questions IV's efforts, I am going to bluntly ask them if they contributed or came for the advocacy day event. If they did neither, we do not need their 2 cents of free comments.

    There is a limit for anyone's patience level and Pappu seemed to have reached that level !

    The 'troubles' are not enough and still in the 'comfort' zone. There is nothing much you can do about that.


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  • coolvigo
    11-05 01:21 AM
    I have read lot of articles on money transfer.....and all said money can come from India only if it is for education or medical reasons. ....... we need to show proof for the same too....

    Anyway, whoever was able to do it.....good for him :-)

    I found a guy here who is giving me his dollars in US in exchange of rate of Rs40=$1. I am losing some money in this transaction.....but I guess....I will have to take it :(


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  • sapota
    09-22 09:28 PM
    Sorry, but I don't agree. This can get annoying. Sending flowers was a different thing a super brilliant idea...but bath-stoppers...where will the USCIS Director forward those?

    He can send it to 'habitat for humanity' if he wants


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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    07-25 02:19 PM

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  • GotGC??
    06-28 12:39 PM
    makes sense...they are expecting alot of 140/485 combine filings in July and by issuing this bulletin they have stopped people from filing 140 in PP

    When I saw the huge movement in June followed by the July bulletin, I'd thought to myself - it's a question of time before they suspend/terminate the 140 PP. The PP demand would come not from people who are filing 140/485 together (because that would be only people who just got the LCs) but rather people who had already applied 140 but not 485, or those who 140 is pending but 485 got current.

    This change could at least benefit those who have a "normal" 140 in the pipeline, but that's doubtful because I'm sure these resources would get sucked into the tsunami of 485s in July.

    The fact that it says they'll reconsider this after Aug 1 suggests that they do not anticipate too may 485 filings in Aug => chances of retrogression in Aug bulletin is now higher, if it does not retrogress mid-month!


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  • heywhat
    08-27 02:00 PM
    our immigration department told me that as per USCIS regulation they can not apply earlier than 6 month of expiry date


    You can apply H1 extn earlier than 6 months. Mine was expiring in Sep 07. I applied on Jan 5th 07. Got 7-8-9 year extn in March.

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  • muthiahmerchant
    06-21 05:24 PM
    My wife has a H1 since oct 2006 till date she hasn't worked and hence has no pay stubs. her passport has a F2 visa. I want to convert her visa to H4. Her employer is asking for 6k to generate 3 paystubs for 3 months. I dont want to pay so much. if we go to canada to get H4 stamping will they ask for her pay stubs or just my pay stubs are enough.

    Is there any chance of rejection. also can I go to canada for stamping or do i have to go to home country.

    is there any site or posting that explains the process of applying for H4 in canada.

    Thanks for any help


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  • Suva
    05-10 11:31 AM

    If someone is looking for a Masters just to upgrade to EB2, any accredited program will do. Verify the accreditation (of school and program) using the link which I posted earlier

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  • mbawa2574
    09-06 12:02 PM
    It's just bad luck to get that kind of CBP officer. It's upto you to ignore this or escalate it. In my opinion behaviour of CBP officer was wrong.
    If you want, You can write letter to Commisioner of CBP about the incidence, following is the address :

    That IO must be a knucklehead who just hates "Specific type of people" or someone who does know the f** he is doing. I have entered using AP at Boston. San fran, Seattle and never had problems. Only once they asked me for EAD/a valid H1 petition and that was just a question.


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  • spicy_guy
    07-03 06:29 PM
    Dear Mr. President: Immigration Reform Won’t Be Enough To Stop The Brain Drain (http://techcrunch.com/2010/07/03/dear-mr-president-immigration-reform-won%E2%80%99t-be-enough-to-stop-the-brain-drain/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Techcrunch+%28TechCrunch%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher)

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  • GCAmigo
    05-24 09:07 AM
    If no CIR no relief for legal also. This bill with minor amendment is much better than statsuquo
    in the long run, it is going to be extremely BAD/HARD for skilled immigrants..
    I couldn't confirm it but from what I understand, the dual intent will no longer be valid on H1 ie A H1-B holder cannot have an immigrant intent. Does that mean, they cannot file for a GC, while on H1? Also, as consulting would be severely restricted, how many of the H1s will be able to find Full-Time Jobs?

    As we read more into the Bill, the 'hidden' intent is becoming clear..
    Restrictions & more Restrictions..


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  • webm
    05-22 11:32 AM
    you know, they posted August 29 for I140 at Texas, i predict it will magically move back to, lets say, July 28.

    Then it's a forward movement..move back is retrogress.

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  • JunRN
    12-19 01:09 PM
    You will also see "Approval notice sent". It means the card is on the way to your mailbox.

    I feel for all of you whose EAD is not yet receive. When my EAD was pending for more than 90 days, I wrote an email to the Ombudsman. I don't know if it helped or not. I just got RFE notice 4 days after sending the email. After replying to the RFE (photos), I got my EAD with no problems.


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  • natrajs
    09-12 07:39 AM
    They published it early so that who have not planned to join rally can make late plans. Friday would have been very late.

    Come on folks , Show up in large in DC on Sep 18th

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  • getgreened2010
    10-18 12:56 PM
    Can anyone tell me how to open an SR so that I can expedite my application on the basis of financial loss. I have applied for AP in august 2010 and I have travel plans in 1st week of December. Thanks in advance.

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  • suresh.emails
    12-11 08:04 PM
    The following are various ways to express some one�s dissatisfaction/agony and draw some one else (Government/Media/Public) attention.

    1. Daily Fasting : One or more people would sit for fasting from 6 AM to 6 PM. One group would pass on the fire to next group.
    2. Continuous Fasting : One or more people would sit for fasting 24 hours a day. Such people should not have health issues like Blood Pressure, Gastric Trouble, Sugar, insulin deficiency, Heart relates issues. This may cuase arrest.
    3. Protesting : Conduct a rally with group/mass of people with immigration ply cards and banners.
    4. Wearing Black Ribbons : People would wear/put a small black ribbon on their shirt pockets (Upper left side of the chest) and attend duties. We can draw people attentions. Such ribbon should have white color immigration slogan printed on it.
    5. Distributing Flyers : Distributing Flyers/Handouts to people in respective areas.
    6. Banners : Display banner/show outs in the Traffic Island Medians
    7. Flower Campaign : Sending Flowers to respective people, also called Gandhi giri.
    8. Silent Sitting : Sitting in front of USCIS silently (no talk).
    9. Silent sitting in front of Senators house: Group of people should sit (kind of protest) in front of respective state senators. We can draw maximum MEDIA attention.
    10. Sweeping Roads : A group of people would sweep roads by wearing immigration slogans jackets.
    11. Organize Blood Donate Drives : Interested member would donate blood (We should explain to media, why we are doing so).
    12. Rally in All Major Cities : Conduct a rally in all Major cities (where we have at least 100 members) at the same time.

    We still have various other ways to express our dissatisfaction, however, they are little rude and could cause more issues.

    We should choose couple of ways from above to express our dissatisfaction. Members, feel free to add and delete from above list.

    P.S: We need prior permission from local authorities

    Looks like we have to some thing big at this Christmas season.

    01-14 08:18 PM
    USCIS does not process cases in PD order, because they can't. Thousands of files they receive, are sequenced in order they receive them at Centers. They claim that cases are processed in order they receive them. For them "Receive Date" is not what you see on your receipt, it is the date they physically received the case (thus if case is moved from one center to another, meaningful Receive Date is the date it was recieved by the last center). You see this data online status as "...we received (or transferred) your case on ...".

    PD critieria is limited to certain countries only. Therefore, by and large, "cases are processed in order they are received..." works well. However, for India, China etc. where PD cutoff has to be factored, it is used merely to decide to work or skip a file (when seen in the receive date order). If PD cutoff date is very restricted, they will have to skip a lot of cases, which slows them down. That's the reason every July they ask for wider PD cutoff dates so that they can consume a lot of visas, as they don't have to skip that many cases.

    This process is a mockery of the PD cutoff dates, but that's how it works. If you sent your case on June 28, 07, with July 2, 07 as the printed Receive Data on your receipt, but the case where it finally rested, was entered in their database on Oct. 28, '07 (with a Notice Date soon thereafter), you case will not be looked at, no matter what the PD cutoff date is, unless all cases received before Oct. 28, '07 have been reviewed.

    Disagree, the reason you see lot of cases with (older PDs but later RDs) still awaiting approval is because when the PDs were current these cases were still not ripe (e.g: they were waiting name check clearance).
    Some of them became ripe after the visa numbers were assigned to cases with later PDs and the visa numbers got over.
    There are multiple queues in the system with a backlog at each queue, so some out of order processing cannot be ruled out.

    If a PD of EB2-I 2003 is still pending, its because it was stuck in some other queue before it could even be assigned a visa number and by the time it cleared that queue, the visa numbers were all gone.

    Bottomline, if your PD is not current, you won't be assigned a visa number, no matter what and if it is current it doesn't mean you'll immediately be assigned a visa number, unless of course your case has cleared everything else. With the reduction in FBI name check processing time and the BECs, one can hope the process is much more streamlined.

    The main problem with USCIS is lack of proper prediction. If there are very few ripe cases currently in the pipeline, they immediately open the window too wide, not understanding is that there is deluge of cases with older PDs that will *soon* become ripe. That is where everything goes wrong - their prediction is either too conservative or too liberal.
    However, I disagree that PDs cutoffs are not honored.

    02-01 09:03 AM
    I am trying to submit my FOIA request to get copies of I140 and PERM.
    I have not applied for my I485
    Where and how do I get my A#?

    Ask your attorney.

    FYI..might help you..My attorney is so tough on providing information to me, So I said that I need the alien # to file an online AR-11, the attorney did not refuse. :)

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